10 Ideas to Make an Original Headboard (Step by Step)

If we have to choose the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom, we would all agree that it is the bed. Its style and decoration is the key to bring personality to the room. If you want to mark style, you can not miss a headboard in your bed. Have you already thought about how you want it? We collect different ideas to encourage you to do it yourself. In this article, we're gonna talking about 10 ideas to make an original headboard.

10 ideas to make an original headboard

You can be as much a DIY expert as you are starting in this world, in this selection, you will find ideas adapted to all levels of difficulty and for all tastes.  Feel proud to look at your headboard, because no one will have the same, you will give a unique touch. Do not miss these 10 ideas to make a headboard!

ten great ideas to make headboards

1. Economic headboard with cardboard

If you are looking for an economic idea to brighten up your room, the key is to use cardboard for the headboard. It's very simple, you just have to cut the desired shape on the cardboard and cover it with the printed fabric you want.

Follow the basic technique of upholstery and finish the final details with decorative nails. Just fix it is to the wall with nails!

2. DIY wooden headboards

They have become popular thanks to the pallets, from which you can take advantage of their wood to make designs as original as these. Step by step is not complicated.

For a more professional finish, it is convenient to treat the wood with paint or varnish. You can decorate it with letters or some adhesive vinyl.

3. Padded headboards in a patchwork style

Make an elegant headboard with this technique. Simply, it consists of upholstering squares of plywood on which you stick foam rubber and coating it with fabrics of different prints with the help of a stapler. Look at the result!

4. Quilted headboard with a lot of glamors

If your bedroom is defined by a glam decoration, this headboard is perfect for you. Instead of upholstering squares, as in the previous case, you have to upholster a sheet of wood with the dimensions you want your headboard to have.

When you have it ready, it only remains to put decorative nails following the same pattern, as if there were diamonds drawn.

5. Rustic esparto headboard

Combining rustic elements with modern ideas is fashionable. If you opt for this type of decoration, these ideas will surprise you.

The first is as easy as hanging an esparto rug on the wall of the bed. The second is to cover the wall with placemats of the same material creating this effect.

6. Recycled headboards with doors and windows

Something that we are passionate about is the world of recycling. Everything that seems to have no use, can always be given a second life, as is the case with these wooden doors or these windows that serve as a headboard. You can give them a more vintage touch with chalk paint in pastels.

7. Create your headboard with paint

If you do not have a headboard, you can paint it! One technique is to paint the wall of the bed of one color, paste strips of masking tape randomly, paint with another color on top, and then remove the tapes.

The result is very original. Another idea is direct with paint draw the shape of the headboard.

8. Place a shelf as a headboard

If you want a lighter decoration, another option is to place a shelf in the headboard area. On it, you can put photographs, pictures, garlands, ... You must be careful with the height, because if you put it too close to the head you may give a blow when you get out of bed.

9. Decorate the headboard with photos or pictures

If you want results without much difficulty, this is your choice! A way to fill the space with pictures or photographs that you can shape, such as this heart. You just have to know how to hang a picture, very basic!

10. Headboard with textiles

The idea can not be simpler! It consists of placing, as a headboard, a bar on which to hang multiple options. From cushions, lace strips and even macramé curtains. You just have to install a bar and that's it.

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