12 best fabric shaver, lint removers reviews in 2019

Hello Everyone!! How are you today? Hope you're doing well!. Are you looking for the best fabric shaver or best sweater shaver?. If you are looking for fabric shaver, lint remover, fabric fuzz remover, fabric pill remover or sweater shaver, then you're in the right place. Today we're going to talking about the best fabric and garment shavers.

Fabric shavers (also known as a sweater shaver, lint remover, fabric fuzz remover, fabric pill remover). Fabric shavers are simple tools with an important job, to remove fuzz, pills, lint from fabric and clothing.

Especially, they are very useful for those people who wear clothing that attracts lots of fuzz/lint, pill or who has pets which shed.

best rated electric fabric shaver

Your sweater starting to look a bit fuzzy? Or got those annoying pills appearing on your clothes? If your answer is yes, don't be worry just simply run a fabric shaver on your clothes, get them to look like new again. Also, they work great on drapes, upholstery, carpets, and blankets.

When you choosing and buying the most effective fabric shaver for your fabrics and clothes, just keep in your mind that shavers for fabrics generally come in two types: 1. Electric fabric shaver & 2. Manual fabric shaver.

But if you're not sure which type fabric shaver you need, then just think about what kind of treatment your fabrics/garments require and how delicate is your items.

Gleener ultimate clothes shaver

A best manual fabric and garments shaver tends to be more gentle on fabrics, and come in bladeless varieties that are extra gentle on delicate fabrics.

Especially, they don't need batteries to operate. And manual fabric shavers won't run out of juice, doesn't matter how often you are using them.

On the other hand, the best electric fabric shavers are typically more efficient and faster. Additionally, they come in a wide range of blade sizes and speeds.

top 5 best fabric shavers

Best fabric shaver reviews in 2019:

Doesn't matter which shaver you choose and buy, electric or manual, professional quality or affordable.

Your fabrics and clothes will get benefit from it. We've added best manual and electric fabric shaver for you in this list.

1- Beautural best electric fabric shaver, pills, lint, and bobbles remover

Beautural fabric shaver is an electric fabric/garments shaver. This Beautural fabric and garments shaver is an effective way to revive your fabrics and garments without you having to spend lots of money.

It provides several options and setting so that you can have the right shaving experience for each type of fabric and garment.

Its large blade surface covers a lot of fabric at once, which is enable you to remove lint, fluff, and pills in a short amount of time.

You can remove fabric lint, fluff, bobbles, pills for all type of fabrics and garments such as blankets, sweaters, jerseys, upholstery fabrics, curtains, and many more.

This shaver will finish your job very fast with your less effort. It's safe for you, your kids, and your materials. 

This battery operated fabric shaver comes with a cleaning brush and a protective cap as well, you can easily keep it clean and in good shape for your future use.

Final verdict

Overall this is a great battery operated shaver for fabric, and it is safer on your any types of fabrics and clothes than other battery operated fabric shaver out there on the market.

So, if you're looking for a best fabric pill shaver that is simple, safer, effective and affordable, then Beautural portable fabric shaver will be a great option for you.

           What we did like?   

1- It safe for us, our kids, and materials

2- This shaver affordable

3- It comes with money back guarantee

4- It has heights adjustable spacer and it's removable

5- This is battery operated, so it can be used outdoor or indoor

6. Easy to clean

7- It comes with a protective cap

          What we don't like?  

​1- Battery not included

2- Really don't have any other bad things in this shaver

2- Gleener ultimate clothes and sweater shaver, fabric lint and fuzz remover, best manual shaver for fabrics

Gleener clothes, sweaters, and fabric shaver is a manual shaver and lint remover. So this fabric shaver doesn't need a battery or electric when you remove fuzz, lint, pills from your fabrics and garments.

This is a 2 in 1 fabric shaver it can be used both as a lint brush and as a fabric shaver. The product comes with an ergonomic design, which adds convenience and comfort on use.

Also, it has three shaver edge which is interchangeable to maintain its performance. 

Its ergonomic handle and 3 interchangeable shaving edge you can easily and gently exfoliate pills, with this manual shaver you can remove fuzz, lint, bobbles, from all types of fabrics including wool, cotton, fleece, and cashmere, without damage.

Also, you can use it on your couch, sofas, upholstery, and it can be used on synthetics fibers such as microfiber, spandex, and polyester as well. And you can remove pet hair with this shaver from your fabrics and garments.

final verdict

This is the best manual fabric and cloth shaver. Which doesn't need batteries or electric, so you can use it anywhere.

So, if you want a good quality manual fabrics and garments shaver, this product will be a great option for you.

           What we did like?

​1- It has 3 fabric safe edge

2- Doesn't need a battery or electric

3- Can be used outdoor

4- This is 2 in one fabric shaver

5- Comes with ergonomic design

6- Available in multiple colors

            What we don't like?

1- It's slower than electric fabric shavers

2- It requires multiple passes to Defuzz perfectly

3- House of wonderful wonder lint, the best electric sweater shaver

House of wonderful wonder lint is one of the best rated electric sweater shavers on the market.

This best sweater shaver powered by electricity, which means you don't need to give any effort for changing batteries.

It comes with 2.5 inches shaving head and 5-watt powerful motor.

Also, this sweaters and fabrics shaver comes in a beautiful design and quality as well. It has a great handle that gives you comfort for your hand when you use it.

This high-quality fabric shaver is safe to use. It's a very good option for delicate fabrics such as linen, woolen, lycra, sweaters, and cotton. 

Also, this shaver works perfectly on furniture fabrics, drapery, sheets, curtains, and much more fabrics and garments materials.

final verdict

You can see overall this is another high-quality fabric shaver. If you don't like other shavers, you can purchase this one. This is a good option for those who want an electric fabric shaver, which shaver is very convenient and easy to use.

             what we did like?

1- It's easy and convenient to use

2- Domes with great design

3- Product is high-quality

4- It has a money back guarantee

5- This product Includes spare blades

6- The shaver works great sheets and blankets

           what we don't like?

1- It doesn't have replacement batteries

2- It's not perfect for outdoor uses

4- AlwaysLux Easylint, professional sweater shaver, best lint, bobble, fuzz remover for fabrics, upholstery fabrics, and clothes

If you're searching for best lint remover, then AlwaysLux professional lint shaver would be a great solution for you.

This is one of the best lint shavers out there on the market. AlwaysLux Easylint lint shaver is ideal for removing bobbles, fuzz, pills, lint from different types of fabrics.

This product perfect for all kinds of furniture and garments such as neckties, scarves, yoga pants, wool and cable sweaters, blankets, lycra, linens, bed sheets, curtains, drapes, duvets, couches, sofas, chairs, and much more.

It comes powerful 5-watt motors and a 2.5-inch fabric shaving head. The product uses both power adapter and batteries, and also this shaver uses stainless steel precision blades, which helps to quickly remove lint, fuzz, and pills from fabrics.

This fabric lint remover is one of the only sweaters and fabrics shavers on the market which offers replacement blades. And also, this product comes with a zipper storage case where you can store the unit when you are not using it.

final verdict

Overall, this is the best lint shaver and fabric shaver. And this is a perfect option for those who looking to keep their furniture and garments looking great.

             what we did like?

1- It works great on all types of fabric

2- It has both option batteries and electric

3- Blades can be changed

4- Can be used indoor and outdoor

5- Comes with a zipper storage case

6- Company gives you a money back guarantee

             what we don't like?

1- Little bit expensive

2- Eats batteries fast

5- Evercare best commercial fabric shaver

Evercare fabric shaver is also a battery operated fabric shaver. It's a little shaver which can remove pilling, fuzz, and lint from fabrics and garments.

This is powered by batteries so its convenient to use anytime and anywhere.

From this shaver, you'll get good performance in removing fuzz, pills, and lint from all kinds of fabrics.

Also, this fabric Defuzzer offers convenience as well. This little fabric shaver has easy to remove bin which enables us to clean it easily.

And, Evercare fabrics shaver comes with a grip handle that adds extra comfort when you use this shaver.

final verdict

This is a great fabric shaver, it performs well on all types of fabrics. It is perfect for those who searching for a fabric shaver that can be used anytime outdoor and indoor.

So, this little fabric pills remover, fabric shaver can be a great choice as well.

             what we did like?

1- It is easy to clean

2- It can be used anytime, and anywhere

3- This product has handle grip

4- It provides great performance

             what we don't like?

1- It's not a heavy duty

2- Its bin is small

6- Gleener on the go, portable lint remover, and fabric shaver

This is another manual fabric shaver. If you use this one, you don't have to think about electricity or batteries.

If you like and want a manual fabric shaver, this product can be a good solution for you. 

It removes pills, lint from garments and upholstery gently and quickly with its Two In One shaver and lint remover.

The product comes with 3 interchangeable edges that safely Defuzz coats, sweaters, sofas, fabric pillow cases and different types of fabrics, including wool, cotton, fleece, polyester, cashmere and many other more.

Gleener on the go is safe and easy to use on any types of fabrics. This manual fabric shaver will be a great option for those who want to have a manual shaver.

final verdict

If your fabrics and garments get pills, lint, fuzz and you want to remove those bad things from your fabric to make your fabrics and garments great again, you can purchase this fabric shaving product.

           what we did like?

1- It doesn't require electric and battery

2- Can be used anywhere

3- Very easy to use

4- Safe for all kinds of fabrics

            what we don't like?

1- It's not faster

2- Its handle not perfect

7- Home it, professional clothes shaver, fabric lint, fuzz, and pill remover

Home it fabric shaver is an electric fabric shaver. This product uses a 2.5 inches shaving surface for safely remove all the lint, pills, and fuzz from fabrics and garments.

Also, it has a great grip handle and that allows you to move the shaver in direction on your fabric materials.

This shaver is so versatile and it can be used on clothing, carpets, curtains, upholstery, and much more to remove fuzz, pilling, and lint.

It is safe for use on clothing and fabrics because it shaves only top fuzz. So, if you use this fabric shaver over your fabrics and garments you don't have to worry about damage.

final verdict

It's another quite good fabric and clothes shaver. So. if you are searching for a fully electric operated fabric shaver you can try this product.

             what we did like?

1- This shaver is  very easy to use

2- It has a grip handle

3- It comes with a 2.5 shaving surface

             what we don't like?

1- Little bit expensive

2- It's not perfect for outdoor uses

8- Philips GC026 premium electric fabric shaver, lint remover

Philips GC026 Electric premium quality fabric/cloth shaver, sweater shaver, and lint remover, it is one of the great and high-quality shaver for fabric. It's very small in size, but it performs very well.

This fabric shaver is electric but battery powered fabric shaver.

It comes with a very simple design, and its white and blue color combination adds extra beauty to its design.

It's a great option for blankets and sweaters.

You can buy this fabric shaver, fuzz and lint remover as a gift for your friends and family members who gets fuzz, lint, pills on his/her clothing and other fabrics.

final verdict

This Philips GC026 electric fabric/sweater shaver highly recommended for outdoor use.

It can be your next fabric shaver because with its performance and features you will be happy.

           what we did like?

1- Comes with classy design

2- Can be used outdoor

3- It's powerful

4- This is very portable

5- It can be used on different types of fabrics

             what we don't like?

1- This shaver very small in size

2- It comes without a handle

9- Conair best fabric Defuzzer, battery operated fabric shaver

Conair battery operated fabric/garments shaver has average size for increased portability.

This fabric shaver machine works fast in removing pills/fuzz in garments with the help of its three-setting depth control feature. It very safely removes fuzz, pilling, and lint from fabric/cloth.

It has detachable lint catcher which is a great feature too, and it will enable you to remove pill, fuzz, lint in its storage area easily.

Also, it has a comfortable grip handle, its grip handle works very well. Especially, this Conair fabric shaver grip handle is very comfortable to hold and it will give you comfort in your every use.

This fabric shaving product available in several colors, such as orange, purple, blue, white, black pink and lime green. Overall, this is another good fabric shaver/Defuzzer, and it surely gives us many choices.

final verdict

This Conair battery operated fabric shaver/Defuzzer quite small in size, but big in work and performance.

Overall it removes pills, lint, fuzz very safely. And this is a battery operated device so you can use it outdoor anytime anywhere without electricity.

             what we did like?

1- It runs safely

2- Very easy to clean

3- Can be used anytime anywhere

4- Very comfortable to use

5- Works fast

6- It comes with a large shaving head

             what we don't like?

1- It will take a little bit more time for large garments

2- Its Battery finished fast

10- KOODER rechargeable fabric shaver, sweater shaver, and lint remover

KOODER rechargeable fabric shaver, lint shaver, and sweaters shaver.

This shaver is an electric rechargeable device, and it can be used outdoors without any hassle.

So if anyone searching for a shaver for fabric which is an electric rechargeable and can be used anywhere anytime, this shaver might be a great solution for them.

This little shaver for fabric comes in average size, and its large suction adds up convenience when you use it on your materials.

Additionally, this is good electric rechargeable fabric pill remover, and this fabric and garments shaver also features protection, safety, and precautionary measure to your fabrics because it automatically stops its function when you take off the net cover.

This fabric/clothes shaver suitable, and good for use on pilling and lint surfaces. You can use this electric fabric shaver on your sweater, coat, scarf, glove, and many other fabrics and garments materials.

final verdict

All in all, this is quite good fabric/clothes shaver. This product doesn't have a handle. It comes in a blue color which is a great choice for a fabric shaver.

Also, its performance and design make it an excellent choice.

             what we did like?

1- It is rechargeable

2- It's safe to use

3- Large suctions

4- Can be used anywhere

           what we don't like?

1- No handle

2- Its single charge doesn't last longer

11- Just-F-Care electric rechargeable garment and fabric shaver, lint remover

Just-F-Care Electric rechargeable fabric and sweater shaver might be small in size, but it works well with almost all types of fabrics.

It comes with an adjustable shaving head. Its highly adjustable shaving head lets you fit it to the different shape of fabrics.

This product uses a 2 inches blade for precise, and effective performance in removing lint, fuzz, pills from fabrics.

Especially, it perfectly removes lint from clothing and keeps your clothes looking great and new. Just-F-Crare works efficiently on suits, cardigans, skirts, hats, gloves and much more.

This is an electric rechargeable handheld fabric lint remover, it's work faster and easier than a lint brush. It's an electric rechargeable device so you can able to use it outdoor as well.

You can keep your clothes fuzz, lint, pills free with this fabric shaver. The product comes with a spare rotary blade, cleaning brush, and 2 power cord that you can keep your lint remover clean and powered up.

final verdict

This electric lint shaver is a simple device, but its performance very well. And you can use this device anytime and anywhere. So, if you want a good quality lint remover, you can buy it.

             what we did like?

1- It's rechargeable

2- It has an adjustable shaving head

3- It is safe for general fabrics and clothes

4- The product is lightweight and travel-friendly

           what we don't like?

1- It's a bit low quality

2- Don't have a handle

12- Es Unico fabric & sweater shaver | sofa, clothes, furniture fabric Defuzzer & lint remover

This Es Unico fabrics and sweater shaver is an electric device that works great for removing fuzz, pills, and lint.

Es Unico fabric shaver makes your garments look new again, also it works great on bedding, curtains, couch, and all types of fabrics.

It's a fully electric garments shaver. There is no battery and charge needed for this shaver.

Just you've to plug it in its electric cord when you want to shave lint, fuzz, pills from your clothes and fabrics.

final verdict

This is not a high-quality fabric shaver, but it will work equally. Just make sure, when it heats up you cool it down to room temperature before you start on it again

             what we did like?

1- Easy to use

2- Comes with a little brush to clean its blade

3- Quite cheaper

4- It has a handle

             what we don't like?

1- It's not usable for outdoor

2- Shaver Heats up fast

What is fabric shavers?

Fabric or clothes shaver (also known as a fabric lint remover, fabric Defuzzer, pills remover) is a handheld device (fabric shavers are available in two types, 1. manual & 2. electric) that allows its user to remove fuzz, pilling, lint on a fabric/cloth/garment without damaging the fabric fibers.

Fabric shavers work much like an electric razor with a round, and rotating head. They have a spinning blade and a guard that keeps the shavers from actually cutting into the fabrics.

Those fabric shavers can be used on different types of fabric made items, such as carpet, curtain, bedding, fabric sofas.

But they mostly used for removing lint, fuzz, pills on garments especially those clothes, sweaters, hobbies, upholstery that made by wool, cotton, angora, cashmere, Etc.

A fabric shaver can remove fuzz, pills, and lint from your fabrics and garments and make them look new.

What are the best fabric shavers, best pill remover?

Here are the best electric fabric shavers

1. Beautural best electric fabric/sweater shaver, pills, lint, and bobbles remover

2. House of wonderful wonder lint, the best electric sweater shaver

3. AlwaysLux Easylint, professional sweater shaver, best lint, bobble, fuzz remover

4. Evercare commercial fabric/cloth shaver

5. Home it, professional clothes shaver, fabric lint, fuzz, and pill remover

Here are the best manual fabric shavers and lint removers

1. Gleener on the go, portable lint remover, and fabric shaver

2. Gleener ultimate clothes and sweater shaver, fabric lint and fuzz remover, best manual fabric shaver

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Who needs fabric shaver?

Really, it is not uncommon for Anyone to throw away an item of garments/clothes the time it being to pill. A pilled cloth can look dull and even too messy.

Every year Americans throw away around 10.5 million tonnes of clothes and garments, those unwanted clothing are cluttering our landfills. This is bad for the environment and also costing individuals a big amount of money.

So, if we use fabric shaver, we can remove pills, fuzz, lint from our clothing and keep them looking good.

But if you don't want to use those clothes which are pilled, just shave the pill away with fabric shaver and donate them,

those unwanted clothes might help poor people. Which means all of we need fabric/clothes shaver to keep our clothes and fabrics nice and great.

Why pilling occurs on our fabrics or garments:

Especially, pilling occurs when an area of garment or fabric is regularly rubbed against. And the most common parts of our clothes to pilling are those areas that suffer the most abrasion (such as the armpits and the collar, the set of the pants). Because these areas are regularly come into contact with and rub against.

And some other items like sofas, chairs, and overcoats, little groups of broken fabric fibers on their surface get chance to start pilling.

Also, when our clothes go into the washer and dry, they naturally against one another and start getting pilling.

The solution for clothes/fabrics pills, lint:

May you find there are different ways available to remove pilling from fabric and garments. But the best effective solution is to shave with a fabric shaver.

You can shave your clothing and fabrics with a manual or electric shaver in order to remove lint, and pills from your clothing and fabric-made items.

final word

Hope our little effort will help you to choose and have the best lint removers and best fabric shavers. 

Now you can easily keep your clothes, fabrics, and garments nice and clean and look new and fabric shaver will save your money as well. See you soon with another helpful topic, take care bye, bye.

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