10 Best Top Load Washing Machines (Buying Guide in 2020)

Hey folks! Welcome to our top 10 best top load washing machines content! Now, we both know the most boring chore to do is the laundry.

With all the smelly underwear and murky dresses, you would not want to spend eons there. Well, that’s where the hero of the day comes to the rescue-Washing machine!

Personally and based on reviews, the best type of machine to buy is the toper load washing machine. Why? It is time-efficient and as the name implies, clothes go in from the top.

All you need to do is dump the smelly clothes from the top and forget them for the next hour or two. 

FRIGIDAIRE Top Load Washer White 44

Unlike the front load washing machine, you don’t need to squat to put the clothes in. Just drop and go!

The next question that would cross your curious minds is, “Which one do I buy?” Seek no more, for what you search is about to be given to you.

Let’s delve right into the 10 best top loading washing machines for you to buy.

Top 5 best top load washers

top 10 Best Top Load Washing machines reviews

Before we start write this review content, we've checked what was the best top load washers in 2019, and 2018 as well. And now we provide you this top 10 list for 2020!!!

So. if you want to buy a Top Rated top loading washing machine, then read the full content and select one or you can pick one from our top 5 list!

1. ZENSTYLE Full Automatic Multifunctional most reliable top loading washing machine

With over 83 top ratings, the ZENSTYLE is close-packed and light in weight. More so, it comes with the multi-function of washing and spinning your clothes. 

Its unique honeycombed shaped inner tube has a total capacity of 10lbs at a go, which enables you to wash a lot of clothes each time.

Amazingly, this top loading washing machine has a 13000RPM motor with a frequency of 60Hz to ensure it does a thorough job while doing your laundry.

Its automatic design allows you to set it and leave it to wash and spin leaving you with a choice of doing other things while your washer does the whole boring chore.

Other properties that make it significant are its space, time and energy-saving features.


  • It is portable
  • It is space-saving
  • Time-efficient
  • Great capacity for clothes
  • Multipurpose function
  • Easy to clean tub
  • It is very quiet


  • It is not designed for the US user
  • The tube may leak
  • It may need retightening for each time it is used due its plastic nature

2. Homelabs Portable top load Washing Machine

The HomeLabs washing machine comes with a deluxe feature known as the multi wash cycle. With 5 cycles, washing has never gotten easier. 

The settings help to make sure your clothes are washed at the right tempo.

As well, it features a rust-resistant drum for carrying up to 6lbs, key for small laundry.

For homes with limited space, this top-load machine is the best option.

Therefore, this top-load washing machine dimensions measure 17.7 length x 18.1 widths x 31.5 height, all in inches allowing it to fit into bathrooms or wardrobes. Useful in apartments, dormitories or anywhere with little space to space!


  • Best choice for small homes
  • Has roller wheels for easy movement
  • Easy attachment to faucets and sinks
  • Quiet and energy saving
  • Blue LED display to aid in using the machine
  • Multiple cycles for washing


  • Can’t contain too many clothes at a go
  • Isn’t suitable for large laundry
  • Vibrates a lot and often crashes

3. Giantex Portable Compact Fully Automatic  top loader Washing machine

Surprisingly, the Giantex top load washer comes with a whole 8 pounds washing capacity. 

Apart from the fact that it is a portable machine, due to its small nature, it also requires minimal space for storage, which is a huge solution to tiny-spaced houses.

To buttress, the top load washing machine has 5 cycles to choose from of which include: wash-rinse, rinse-spin, soak-wash-rinse-spin, wash, wash-rinse and spin.

Also, it has a different setting for the input of water at 16L, 23L, and 30L using the wash push-button.

The automatic function performs multi tasks like draining out the dirty water leaving with a vast choice of other things to do while it does its work.


  • Contains 5 wash cycle and 3 water-input options
  • Accommodate 8 pounds of clothing at a time
  • Automatic mode drains dirty water after washing
  • Compact in nature and saves space
  • Time efficient


  • Adapter doesn’t sit deeply into the water inlet hose
  • The lint trap doesn’t work effectively
  • The water hookup hose may not be suitable for your home

4. Panda Compact Top Load Washer

This little fella here has off-the-roof features that will blow your mind. Kicking off with its large size, it can contain up to 11 pounds of cloth, reducing the trips made during the laundry.

As well, you’ll never have to worry about insufficient water supply because this top loading washing machine contains a pulsator that generates strong and weak water flows.

Interestingly, there is a control lock option to prevent accidents in case you have toddlers around. Great, isn’t?

Now, you don’t have to worry about leaving your kids home while the Panda is at work.

In conclusion, the Panda Compact washer leaves yet a lasting impression on the consumers with its extraordinary features.


  • General control locks to prevent minor accidents while washing
  • There is a pulsator to increase the water pressure
  • There are six (6) washing cycles


  • Water sensor might be faulty
  • The drain hose may be damaged upon arrival
  • The configuration of the washing program needs to be checked

5. Barton Full Automatic Compact Washing Machine 

Although the Barton automatic washer has a little capacity with 7.7 pounds for clothes, the manufacturer’s left us a little Christmas gift way too early.

With its combo wash, spin and drain, it has up to nine wash programs!

Moreover, this top loader washing machine is made up of a high-density body and upgraded motor, increasing its shelf life.

Also, it is mobile and adaptable to small spaces. With its multi-purpose control panel, it has water level selections to moderate the water pressure. 

Generally, the Barton washing machine is a powerful cleaning tool that leaves your clothes sparkling clean and smelling elegant, hence, don’t belittle it at all.


  • LED display on the control panel
  • Built-in drain pump
  • Nine washing programs to select from
  • High shelf life
  • Easy to move about and space-saving


  • If it is damaged upon delivery, you will pay more than its cost to return
  • The buttons are a bit rigid
  • The power cord is quite short
  • The drain hole requires a flat surface to function maximally

6. RCA RPW091 Top Load Washing Machine

A striking feature that catches the eye is that it is ultra-quiet with less than 72dB.

More so, it is not quite complicated in connecting it to a water source. With its quick-connect sink adapter, assemblage has never been easier.

Generally, the RCA washer contains the basic functions of a regular top load washing machine such as; LED display panel, multiple wash cycles, 0.90 cubic feet carrying capacity, a steel drum for strong durability and rollers for easy movement.

Asides from all these, it has an operational speed of 800RPM and a delay start button for your preference.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick-connect sink adapter available
  • Ultra-quiet operation sound
  • Multiple wash cycles
  • Rollers for easy movement


  • There is no guaranteed warranty if it is damaged
  • The shelf life is low
  • There may be leakages during use
  • It might malfunction right from your doorstep

7. Giantex fully automatic washing machine

Closing in with the ZENSTYLE, Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine has bagged 10 pounds carrying capacity with built-in barrel light.

The barrel light mainly serves as a protection for human eyes and skin. 

Its sensor prompts it to come on when the lid is opened for approximately 5 minutes before going off again. Also, it is easy to use even when the lights are turned.

Meanwhile, inside the drum, there are germicidal UV light present to deep clean the clothes and sterilize bacteria, hence killing them. 

Moreover, there is an essential feature I want to bring to the notice of you, distinguished reader. The violent shaking experienced during a wash cycle has been taken care of by Giantex.

Amazing, right? That’s not all. As the imbalance adjuster shifts the contents inside to gain balance, the feet adjust to make sure the machine is on level ground, hereby working synchronously to ensure stability. 

To end, the top loading washing machine automatically disconnects power supply after 10 minutes of inactivity, therefore, accounting for the safety of the household.


  • Multiple programs to choose from
  • Imbalance adjustment available
  • Adjustable feet present
  • Barrel light to illuminate machine even if the surrounding is dark
  • Germicide UV light to disinfect clothing


  • Improper handling may lead to a damaged product on arrival

8. SUPER DEAL Double Combo Twin Tub Washing Machine 

As the name implies, the Super Deal twin tub is a real hot deal that you shouldn’t sleep on. First of all, it is built to stick around for a long time.

The high-density plastic body, aluminum pump, and updated motor see to it that it does just that. In as much as it is space, time and energy saving, it also minimizes the amount of detergent used for washing, hence, saving you a few dollars.

When it comes to multitasking, the twin tub takes it all. It is divided into two compartments with one for washing and the other one for removing the unnecessary water.

The other one, being the spinner, has a carrying capacity of 17.6 pounds when combined with the washer.

Perfect for those on a low budget as it does all that the dry cleaning service will do and saves energy. You don’t even need to worry about your small sink because its hose has been programmed to drain water with intermittent pauses.

Majorly, the super deal twin tub is the best deal you can get for a small home. Not only does it have a large capacity to carry out your large laundry but it does it quietly in quickly.

With an in-built timer, you can set the time you want each cycle to take. Plus, this top load washing machine comes with a 2 cycle deep rinse to ensure your clothes are completely detergent-free and safe for the skin.


  • Thoroughly rinses out your clothes
  • High shelf life
  • Washes and spins out excess water at the same time
  • Cost-efficient
  • Prevents flooding of the floor by intermittent removal of excess water


  • The spin-dry does not completely dry the clothes
  • The hose is not as long as the manufacturer advertised
  • The drain tube is not long

9. FRIGIDAIRE Top Loader Washer- White, 44-1/4" H

This particular top load washer performs more than expected. Most buyers who have used it said that it completely filters out the dirt and brings out squeaky clean clothes.

Most of all, this top load washing machine doesn’t cost a fortune to replace any damaged parts and the cost is not outrageous.

Also, it has a sensor that detects the clothes in the tub and how much water will be needed to wash it.

Even though it is perfect for small spaces, it is spacious within, accommodating more clothes at a time. To buttress, it is relatively quiet and doesn’t jolt around while working.


  • It is very efficient
  • Its MAX FILL button is very functional and automatically fills water
  • The machine works quietly
  • It is worth the price
  • The wiring is included and connected


  • Delivery and installation may be delayed

10. Speed Queen TR3000WN Top Loading Washer

The speed queen is the washer you would never have regrets on. Although it consumes gallons of water, it brings out the clothes spotless.

It doesn’t make any noise at all and its price is not off the roof. More so, it is great for home use because its services are 100% equivalent to dry cleaning companies.

The 26 inch top-load washing machine comes with a 10-year warranty on major components. This means that you don’t need to worry about where to get replacements for damaged parts. 

The manufacturing company will get that fixed in no time at all. 

Most importantly, it contains an agitator that kicks start the machine. Unlike other machines which have been reported to have functionless agitator, this one works properly with the machine.


  • It washes clothes efficiently
  • It is very quiet
  • It has a 10-year warranty on most parts
  • The machine comes with an agitator


  • It consumes too many gallons of water
  • It increases the energy bills
  • It has no LED display of any sort

What is the best top load washing machine?

The biggest advantage of these appliances is precisely that you don't have to bend down to put your clothes inside.

You don't have to be an old man for this task to cause back pain. So in my case, I prefer to have the door up and ready.

Of course, that is not enough to guarantee that the machine will work very well. There are some details to see before buying one of these kits. For example:

Washing programs: It is important to check that you have options for cycles of different duration. If you don't mess up your clothes too much and you're in a hurry, it's better to have fast cycles.

Revolutions per minute: At higher revolutions, the pieces will be drier when going to the clothesline or the dryer. Between 1,000 rpm and 1,300 rpm would be good to avoid spending too much energy on drying.

Capacity: The number of kilos it supports will help you clean larger loads of clothes. It all depends on the time in the week you have to do the laundry and the number of people in the house. Between 6 and 8 kg is a good capacity. There is also 9 kg but that probably increases the price.

Size: Don't forget to check how much space you have for the top load washing machine, even with the door up, just in case you place some things on top.

Color: White is the most common, although there are options in other shades to match. Of all the ones that at the time I had to review to choose, this comparative list I assure you brings together the 5 best top load washers on the market today. You can take a look and it will serve as a guide.

Types of washing machines

In the market, we can find front loading washing machines or top-load washing machines. Both differ in their size, capacity and Front-loading washers have become very popular in recent times.

They are characterized in that the door is at the front. Its dimensions fit very well into small spaces, hence its popularity.

Washers with the top door are called top load washers. These washers are just as effective as front-load washers, only with the advantages of not having to bend down to get clothes in and out.

As for the dimensions, its size is narrower, which makes it fit anywhere, in addition, its size does not influence its performance since in general, they are quite fast in completing the cycle.

How to prevent clothes from knotting or twisting?

Surely you have experienced the frustration of seeing how the clothes you have just finished turning into a mountain of coiled fabric in a way that only a magician can untie.

That moment when you do not know whether to sit or cry or laugh can be avoided by taking into account these tips:

1. Avoid mixing heavy items with light items, such as jeans with flannels.

2. Choose the correct load according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Avoid putting too many or too few items in the washing machine.

3. Make sure you set the right water level for the load.

4. Never wrap clothes around the shaker

5. Make sure the wash water is not too hot for the fabric.

Relationship between load and water level

For the washing machine to work properly, we must follow the manufacturer's instructions and one of the details that should not be overlooked is the water level, both to save detergent and to be kind to the environment so that the washing cycle develops correctly.

1- We recommend trying to match water levels and load size as much as possible.

2- Load dry items loosely, try not to exceed the top row of holes in the washing machine tub.

3- Using too much water can cause poor washing performance due to a lower proportion of detergent.

4- Using too little water can cause poor rinsing, lint problems, wrinkles and excessive wear on fabrics.

5- Try to wash the same type of materials together. For example, do not wash lint-producing fabrics with fibers that attract them.

Buying guide for a top load washing machine

Think about the capacity

A single person or a couple who wash often will not have a very large laundry basket. This type of consumer can buy a 10-kilo capacity washing machine to meet their needs.

The capacity of the washing machine is something important for consumers. Some prefer to wash small loads more often, others wait until the end of the month to wash everything at once. Your washing habits determine how much load will be necessary for your home

Fewer washes per month can save water, gas, and energy, but loads increase in the end. In addition, the user should have enough clean clothes for several weeks while accumulating enough dirt.

Increasing the load requires more capacity washers that will use more resources. So it is important to find a balance between the capacity and the type of washing machine so as not to spend more money on the washing.

From above or from the front?

Top load washing machines have a barrel with a corrugated wall that, due to centrifugal movement, generates friction between the clothes and the wall to clean it.

This causes clothes to wear and create specks, so it is necessary to buy extra filters to keep the washing machine clean.

Drying clothes is usually a little slower, and they tend to consume more energy, but thanks to highly energy-efficient washing machines we can forget about the issue of consumption.

The front-loading ones use the gravity of the water to their advantage: they lift the clothes so that they fall quickly into the water and thus the washing occurs.

This allows clothes not to tangle, water and detergents to pass better between the pores of the fabric, there is no wear of the clothes and no speck occurs.

A clothesline or a tumble dryer?

If the space to put a clothesline is too small, you can supplement your washing machine with a gas dryer. These have a better drying process, they do not use as much energy or gas.

Round and round

The number of revolutions per minute or "RPMs" allows you to get an idea of how dry your clothes will be thanks to the centrifugation of the washing machine in the final stages of a wash. A good spin speed would be 1,600 rpm.

Energy efficiency

The washing machines are subject to the EU regulation on the energy label, which details the electricity consumption in both washing and spinning and the water consumption for each washing cycle.

The label reports the energy efficiency level of the appliance with respect to the standard type through classification with letters from A to G and degrees +, ++ and +++, with A +++ being the most efficient and respectful with the environment and the G the least.

Choose those with the energy label letters, A +++, synonymous with saving water and electricity.


If you have children at home, it is important that you check that the washing machine has a safety opening and closing to avoid accidents.

It is proven that the noise, movement and shape of the washing machine generate a lot of curiosity among children; in fact many boys have hidden in that place playing either alone or with other little ones.

Some tips to avoid accidents in these useful but dangerous appliances would be:

A- Do not operate the washing machine with wet feet or in conditions of electrical storm.

B- Perform regular preventive maintenance of the case.

C-Never lose sight of your child while this device is working.

D- Never allow a washing machine to be operated by a minor.

How to use a top loading washing machine

If you just bought your first washing machine, you will naturally have a lot of questions about how to get the best results from it; maybe you're even worried about how to use it correctly.

Don't be afraid, we've compiled tips on how to do laundry in a top-loading washing machine.

Automatic washing machine

Using a fully automatic machine is easy. You just add the laundry and detergent through the top-loading drum of the washing machine and then select the correct setting for your washing and the machine will do the rest.

The secret here is to read the care labels on your clothing: these indicate the temperature of the wash and the composition of the fabric, which will allow you to select the most relevant wash cycle.

As a general rule, dark clothes should be washed at a low temperature and white clothes can be washed at higher temperatures. Any delicate or woolen clothing will benefit from a low temperature “hand wash” cycle.

Semi automatic washing machine

To wash clothes in a semi-automatic washing machine, you must do the following: add your dirty clothes and detergent to the machine drum, fill the drum with water at the temperature you have, see the instructions of the machine (to know how much water to add), performs the wash cycle (a large load will take longer to wash than a smaller load).

After the wash cycle is complete, drain the dirty water using the hose, fill the drum with fresh water, and turn on the "rinse" cycle. After the "rinse" cycle, the clothes will be completely clean. Now you will need to dry it, either in the dryer or hanging it.

After you have finished using the washing machine

Leave the machine doors open so that the inside of the drums can air dry. A layer of mold can form on the drum walls if they are left damp for a long period of time.

Programs for delicate fabrics

The "soft" settings have a slower spin speed and do not shake the laundry as fast as regular cycles. These settings should be used for garments on which the label reads: "hand wash" or "delicate." They should only be washed with cold water and mild detergent.

Normal wash

Normal wash cycles can be used for stronger fabrics like cotton or polyester. Use hot water (60-90 ° C) to wash white clothes. Colored clothing should be washed apart from white clothing and at cooler temperatures (30-40 ° C).

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Where is the filter for a top-loading washing machine?

In order for a top loader washing machine to function properly, it is advisable to clean the filter regularly.

Depending on the model, it could be in one place or another. Typically, it is located either on the bottom of the appliance, behind the baseboard, or inside the drum.

In both cases, when you remove the filter, make sure that you then put it in properly to avoid water leakage.

Q2. Is a front or top load washing machine better?

Both top-loading and front-loading washers have advantages and disadvantages. Hence, when choosing one or the other, it is necessary to assess the needs of each one.

Top-loading washing machines stand out for their comfort, as it is not necessary to bend down to insert and remove clothes. In addition, they are generally cheaper. For their part, the front-loading ones are characterized by greater water and energy savings compared to the previous ones.

They also tend to have a larger capacity than the top-loading ones. In short, both have their pros and cons, so the final decision will be up to the user.

Q3. How to disassemble a top-loading washing machine?

Sometimes it may be necessary to disassemble the washing machine when something goes wrong. Typically, it will hardly take a couple of screwdrivers to remove the cover and some trickery.

Of course, it is only recommended to disassemble it when you have the certain technical knowledge, otherwise, it is best to call the repair service.

Q4. How to install a top-loading washing machine?

Installing a top-loading washing machine is very simple and can be done in easy steps. First, you should place it in optimal space. Fix the supports of the washing machine until it is stable and level.

Connect it to the water supply, making sure that the hose fits correctly to the water tap. Finally, connect the other hose to the drain at the height indicated in the instruction manual.

Q5. How to open a top-loading washing machine?

The doors of top-loading washing machines are generally easy to open. Note that there is a handle to open it without complications. Typically, little effort is required to open the washing machine.

If, after washing, you notice that it is difficult to open it, wait a few minutes, since it is most likely that the cycle has not yet finished and the door is locked for security.

Q6. How to transport a top load washing machine?

The weight of the washing machine will depend on the model, the load capacity, etc. In the market, it is possible to find these household appliances with capacities of between 5 and 15 kg of capacity, which means that some will be heavier than others.

Some models are equipped with accessories that facilitate transportation, as well as a shock-absorbing base to prevent suffering.

If the washing machine is not too heavy, you may be able to move it between two people. Otherwise, you can use a special cart to move these types of heavy items.


It has been a pleasure folks to come to the end of this journey but that is not where it ends. We have been able to see the best deals of top load washing machines for the year 2020. However, we still need to pick the winner.

Who will it be? What do you think? Based on all we said it looks like the SUPER DEAL TWIN TUBE WASHER is the winner. 

Do you agree? It does double the work in the same period making our lives much easier. We all know the saying that goes to every advantage, there is a disadvantage.

So, do not expect a perfect product just hope for the best and that is what we have been able to decide today. I hope you enjoyed this review! Till next time!

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