The 7 Best Carpet Deodorizers for 2021 (Buying Guide)

A clean carpet creates a noticeable difference in the home environment—anyone will notice the home carpet first after entering the house.

Stinky carpets create a terrible impression of the guest during their arrival.

You can choose a DIY or the professional one; there're plenty in the markets.

Glade Carpet & Room Refresher

 top 7 Best carpet Deodorizers reviews

 1. Glade Carpet & Room Refresher 

You can alternate Glade Refresher with a baking soda DIY solution. In addition to that, it contains fragrance. That is to say, along with removing the bad odor, the cleaner will eventually add a pleasant aroma.

As for the flavor, clean linen is the most popular one. You can also get the Fresh Scent, Hawaiian Breeze, and Berry Splash one.

There're no extra ingredients or any other essential oil to mix to prepare the mixture. The deodorizer is ready-to-sprinkle. You don’t even have to think about its storing problem.

After sprinkling, make sure to wait for a couple of minutes before you vacuum. Note that you have to sprinkle it on a dry carpet. The company advises not to sprinkle on wet/damp rug.

The raw ingredients are Sodium Silicoaluminate, Calcium Carbonate, Fragrance, and Benzyl Benzoate. So, made sure you take perfect safety precaution before using and avoid children, pets until vacuuming.

key features:

1. Best carpet freshener for pets
2. Clean carpet
3. Removes odor of pet, cooking, dampness, mildew, and smoke
4. Add fragrance
5. Raw ingredients are Sodium Silicoaluminate, Calcium Carbonate, Fragrance, and Benzyl Benzoate.
6. Manufacturer: Glade
7. Rating: 4.5 / 5


  • Best carpet odor eliminator
  • Comes in different fragrance
  • You don’t need to wet the carpet
  • No extra or further mixing
  • No storing problem


  • Doesn’t allow you to use on damp/wet carpets

 2. ANGRY ORANGE Pet Odor Eliminator spray

Angry Orange is the best carpet freshener & the best carpet odor remover in the market. The product is quite promising in terms of service and has never dissatisfied the customers.

The product works like hell on car interiors, driveways, kennels, garbage cans, litter boxes, grass & yards, and pillows.

Angry Orange is such a fierce deodorizer when it comes to pet stains. It removes the urine odor and adds a pleasant natural scent of intense Orange.

Unlike Glade, you can spray it on the wet/damp carpet. Spray the deodorizer directly on the cat urine, dog pee & solid waste. You don’t have to mix anything.

Don't apply the stuff straight to your domestic pet, or don’t use it in a steam cleaner. Don’t even use it in your diffuser.

This deodorizer is versatile and allows you to use it for multi-purpose. The stuff works great on carpet, wood floors, driveways, tile, litter boxes, pens, grass, and more.

Angry Orange deodorizer is such mind-blowing stuff. I am sure that you'll eventually fall in love with the deodorizer if you give it a try.

key features:

1. Disinfectant oil of Orange
2. Citrus freshness
3. Two times extra-powerful
4. No mixing
5. Manufacturer: Chempace Corporation
6. Brand name: Angry Orange
7. Rating: 4.5 / 5


  • Natural scent of Orange
  • Wood flavor
  • Customer’s preferable one
  • Multi-purpose


  • Maybe sensitive to cats and birds, so keep them away along with your children

3. Carpet Fresh carpet refresher

Though you care about your pet, you hate the odor they bring to your carpet. Carpet fresh has unique formulae, especially for pet odor.

Carpet Fresh will bring out all the bad odor from your rag and add a pleasant scent.

It has light-airy foam formulae that evaporate after direct spraying on the carpet.

The evaporating formulae don’t keep any other residual particle but pleasant smell. Like the Glade deodorizer, this one also comes in several fragrances.

Though the smell isn’t everlasting, it lasts for hours. I don’t like to use the powder one that requires vacuuming when I am in a hurry. The foamy technique is quite good for the time-saving purpose.

But I have used several foamy products. All of them don’t work well as the Carpet Fresh. Many of them need vacuuming and leaves some sticky residue.

So, I always prefer using this one in times of a hurry. Again, this is good in terms of price tag, scent, and application method.

key features:

1. Odor eliminator
2. Deep penetrator
3. Best rug deodorizer
4. Manufacturer: Carpet Fresh
5. Rating: 4.6 / 5


  • Light
  • Quick-drying foam reaction
  • Great odor remover
  • No vacuuming
  • No stinky residual particle
  • Liquid form


  • Not safe for pet contact

 4. Resolve Pet Expert

Resolve is one of the best carpet deodorizers. It not only works as an odor remover but omits the pet messes in one application.

The cleanser’s powder and foam combo deep penetrates the carpet and fight with stains like urine, feces, and vomit of pet.

The stuff dries in a few minutes and doesn’t keep you waiting. It's light, and the foam reaction avoids leaving any residue.

The direction of use says to shake perfectly before use and spray the deodorizer in a sweeping motion. Such motion will spread the foam evenly and clean neatly.

Though the item is pretty much amazing, caution is mandatory. The product will be flammable under extreme pressure. Temperature above 120 F will be dangerous.

Don’t even freeze. Avoid contact with the eye or internal organs. In case of accidental contact, wash thoroughly with clean water. If the condition is out of control, immediately look for a doctor.

key features:

1. 5x formulae
2. No ground-in dirt
3. Visible result in the first application
4. Stop odor technique
5. Pet expert
6. A power combo of foam and powder
7. Manufacturer: Carpet Fresh
8. Rating: 4.6 / 5


  • Safe for pets
  •  Extra powerful
  • Visible results
  • Large area coverage


  • Little bit pricey

5. NonScents Odor Eliminator- Pet and Dog Carpet Deodorizer

It isn’t a matter of concern about what your carpet is made of.

It can be nylon, acrylic or olefin; Non-scents deodorizer will give a full performance and leave you speechless.

The stuff destroys all kinds of odor regarding urine, smoke cooking, sweat, mildew, and others.

The deodorizer offers you a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. There're some conditions for use, though the condition proves that the stuff is reliable.

You need to keep the powder for four hours before vacuuming. The step is mandatory for successful cleaning. In case of stubborn odor, let the powder sit for overnight. The good point is that the stuff will kill further odors for the next 30 days.

Non-scent is biodegradable with the organic form of chlorine and derived from table salts & amino acids. The organic form proves that your carpet is free from any harmful residue. So, your pet and children are safe.

Buyers like me don’t like any new scent, even if it's good enough. The product will not leave any irritating smell and give a natural environmental feel.

The product claims that your odor will disappear, not the money. They allow you to return the stuff in full for any cause or no cause at all.

The direction to use- use ¼ of the powder over the cat litter in the litter box. Let your cat use the box. For perfect results, wait for a day. The material also allows you to use the powder while changing or after changing the litter. Scooping the solids on a regular term would be great for maximum control over odor.

key features:

1. Remove odors with future protection
2. Especially for pet owners
3. Biodegradable
4. Manufacturer: NonScents
5. Rating: 4.1 / 5


  • Easy-to-use
  • Works on most carpet
  • Powerful
  • Safe
  • Long-lasting
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Leave for four hours to overnight (in case of tough odor)

6. Arm & Hammer Carpet Pet Fresh Odor Eliminator

Pet Fresh eliminates the odor along with dirt by baking soda strength and pleasant scent.

The power of the deodorizer is more than the ordinary one due to the combo of Oxi-Clean Dirt-fighters.

Vacuuming is a must. But the noted point is the stuff contains vacuum booster technology.

That is to say; the stuff loosens 25 percent more dirt & pet hair than the vacuuming alone can do.

In the end, all you'll have is fresh, clean carpet along with the long-lasting scent.

key features:

1. Vacuum booster
2. Long-lasting fragrance
3. Made-in-USA
4. Works well on pet debris & pet dirt
5. Also eliminates the smoke odors, mold & mildews
6, Manufacturer: Arm & Hammer
7. Rating: 4.5 / 5


  • Clean
  • Maximum freshness
  • Reduce your tiresome vacuum work


  • FDA hasn’t evaluated the dietary supplement statement

7. Xion Lab stain & odor eliminator spray

The product claims that it doesn’t cover the odor but eliminates it. There're some deodorizers out there which immediately covers the odor. But this one is an epic!

The product attacks the dirt and odor at the molecular level to vanish them. No repeat of application will follow; once is enough.

Are you new with the term molecular odor-control?

This deodorizer is a perfect blend of Bio-linking and natural free-enzymes that causes a change of molecular structure of odor. As a result, the smells become undetectable by the human nose.

The enzyme is so powerful in digesting organic waste like urine, feces, blood, milk, vomit, wine, coffee, or any other pungent-unpleasant organic matter.

Though the product is powerful, it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals and is safe for living beings.

The material is available in a quart-sized container or gallon. The company has full faith in its production, so does the user.

key features:

1. Deeps into the molecular level
2. Bio-enzymatic
3. Odor remover
4. Manufacturer and brand name: XIONLAB
5. Rating: 4.5 / 5


  • Works faster
  •  Safe for pets, kids, and eco as well.


  • Little bit expensive

Carpet Deodorizer & freshener buying guide

types of carpet Deodorizers:

The types of deodorizers are two. One is a powder, where the other is a spray. Many people ask that which would be best between powder and spray. The answer depends on the one using.


In the case of using carpet powder deodorizer, vacuuming is the additional step that you need to follow every time of application. 

This technique doesn’t allow you to keep the solution in carpeting as it's not sprinkle-&-go liquid. 

If you're ready to consider the vacuuming part of the process, then the powder deodorizer would work great for you.


The other type is carpet deodorizer spray. For the once enough-application sprayer, all you need to do is let it dry.

As for the versatile sprayers, you can use the deodorizer to fight bad smells and use several exteriors as you want.

Specialized one helps you to remove all kinds of odors regarding pet-related ones.

Some other kinds of sprayers are there that need little more hard work like- applying, dabbing with a damp cloth, using carpet cleaning equipment.


The article, “best carpet deodorizer” has enlightened you with the most sale and excellent deodorizer. I will pick the best three products to lessen your confusion.

Customer choice:

Carpet Fresh & Resolve Pet Expert are the two well-rated products that customers mostly recommend.

Well-known one:

Glade is the most sold-out item. The company seems quite promising. Along with removing the worst odors, it adds a pleasant scent to your carpet. The deodorizer advises spreading the powder on dry carpet. In an ordinary sense, you don’t have to dampen the carpet. That’s good, isn’t it?

Editor’s choice:

Xion Lab stain & odor eliminator is the one I loved the most. It has never disappointed the users. I can hardly find any of its cons. In addition to that, it's a biodegradable one; not only is the solvent bio-degradable, but also the container is recyclable.

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