How Long Is a Bolt of Fabric: Length, Width & Cost

Most of the time, fabric materials determine how long is a bolt of fabric. In general, it can be 40 or 100 yards. When counting in meters, it can be 37 or 91 meters. 

How Long Is a Bolt of Fabric

The bolts of fabrics are arranged in racks or shelves in most fabric stores. Yes, fabrics are generally sold in bolts. Bolts are basically a commercial unit of measurement. This term is considered standard in industries for selling different materials including wood, canvas, and obviously fabric.

A fabric bolt is also known as a fabric roll as well. These two terms, however, do not carry entirely the same meaning. You will know gradually how long a bolt of fabric can be and complete detail about it.

Talk in detail, we need to discuss everything about a bolt of fabric. Its length, yardage, width, and others will be discussed so that next time when you go for one, you have proper knowledge of all the relevant things.

How Long is a Bolt of Fabric – Its Dimensions

The dimensions of fabric bolts are highly variable. Depending on the size, quantity, quality, machinery, thickness, and manufacturing, the bolts come in a variety of dimensions.

Length of a Fabric Bolt

Nonetheless, it comes with a standard length of 40 or 100 yards, or in meters, it is 37 m or 91 m. But depending on the fabric material, the length size can fluctuate. Like in the case of a canvas bolt, traditionally its length is 39 yards or 36 m.

Width of a Fabric Bolt

The width of bolts usually depends on the fabric materials as well. while the cotton bolts come with a width of 42 inches or 1.067 meters, the wood bolts are manufactured with 60-inches or 1.524 m width. So, you can see the differences. These measurements may also vary if you measure in square yards.

Nevertheless, the width of a fabric bolt is generally 45 inches or 60 inches. If you measure in centimeter the amounts are 110 cm and 150 cm respectively. Again, if you consider the standard measurements, it includes 36”, 39”, 41”, 42”, 44-45”, 48”, 52-54”, 58-60”, 72-108”. Among them the most common widths are 45”, 54” and 60”.

A Bolt of Fabric Comes with a Label!

Yes, if you do not know, the cardboard of the fabric bolt comes with a label on it. So, if you read the label carefully, you will get each information regarding the bolt and fabric as well. But unfortunately, many of us do not know how to read a fabric bolt.

Well, you will find the information written on the end of the bolt. It shares the information written below.


This is the first thing should notice on a bolt label. It says the width of the fabric it is holding. As we mentioned earlier the width can be 44/45-inch or 58/60- inch. Most of the time, the fabric is folding in half on the bolt. So, from the outside, you do not see the actual width of it. You see only half of it. So, you need to see the width if you want to select the right yardage for your task.

Material and Content

It shares information about the fabric type. It will say if the fabric is made of pure cotton, wool, or other fabric materials. Even if the seller does not make you sure about the fabric content, you can know by seeing it. Like if it says 100% cotton, that means the fabric is made out of pure cotton.

Manufacturing Country

The bolt also says where the fabric belongs to. That means which country has manufactured the fabric that you are buying for your upcoming project. It will also ensure the authenticity of the fabric.

Take Care

This is another element that is written on a bolt label. Though it is also described inside the garment tag, for a quick overview you will get it on the bolt as well. That way you will know what kind of care your fabric will need.

Fabric Design and Item Number

With the fabric content, you will also see the fabric design mentioned on the bolt label. There are wider ranges of varieties available for fabric including Fig Tree Quilts and all. With the design, the item number is also included by the manufacturers.


A fabric bolt also comes with a price tag on it. It mentions the regular price of the fabric according to per yard. To deal with the retailer, you should keep eye on its price. The retailers sell the fabrics with a coupon and offer sales as well.

So, these are the basic information that you will find in a fabric bolt label.

Including the points, the label also says the color of the fabric, full yardage on the bolt, fabric lines, and all. However, the amount of information actually depends on the manufacturers. But the basic information like material, price, and width is always included.

The Processes of Fabrics Folding on a Bolt

The width you see in the bolt is half wide of the fabric. This way the fabrics are folded in the bolts. Since knowing the yardage of fabric is important before buying, you should keep this point in your head. The folding, however, depends on the fabric material as well.

Like wool fabric is folded with its right side and consequently goes inside the fold. In the case of cotton fabric, it is folded from the other way around. Sometimes you will discover some mends on the fabric. This is done intentionally by the manufacturers to keep the bumpiness on the wrong side.

Or, half of the time you can understand it seeing the selvage and their tenter holes. British English is also known as selvage. It is the edge of fabric that is generally self-finished. It saves the fabric from fraying or unraveling. Selvages from woven fabric boast an edge that is wrapped in a parallel way in the bolt. But you will find unfinished selvages in the knitted fabrics.

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How to Estimate Yardage of Fabric on a Fabric Bolt?

From our previous talk, you have learned that a bolt of fabric has a label on it. It says all the important information you should know about the fabric. Now if you do not know, some stores all sell fabrics that are rolled on wooden dowels. Instead of a label, these rolls have a hangtag on them. Here, the hangtag contains all the basic information.

Now to ensure if your desired fabric bolt has enough fabric yardage on it, you have to measure it. You can estimate it without even asking the help of the cutting table girl. All you need to do is count the fabric layers. If your chosen fabric is made of burlap or cotton then the one-yard will come for two layers. It is because the fabric materials are medium heavy.

Fabrics that are way thinner including lace or silk, three layers of wrapped fabrics are measured as one yard approximately. These tricks are applicable for rectangular bolts only. Unfortunately, on a roll of fabric, you cannot apply this trick.

Are the Fabric Bolt and Fabric Roll Same?

Many people even shop retailers think fabric bolts and fabric rolls are the same. they even use the terms interchangeably. But the truth is they are not the same. whereas in a fabric bolt, the fabric is folded in half, a fabric roll comes with fabrics that are placed in full width.

Fabric bolts are flat cardboard structures with a center core. Most of the bolts have an average fabric from 40 yards to 100 yards. On the other hand, in a fabric roll, it comes with a typical fabric range of 50 yards to 200 yards. Some are, however, come in larger dimensions are well. Fabric bolts also come in smaller yardages from 5 to 50 yards depending on the cost and fabric thickness.

Moreover, mostly the home sewing fanatics and enthusiasts buy fabrics from the bolts of fabric in a retailer shop. Hence, the fabrics are arranged in a way that you can count the layers of fabric and estimate its amount.

But fabric rolls are intended for shipping purposes. They are shipped from the manufacturing mills to the home furnishing agencies and major markets. Since the fabrics are rolled in a cardboard tube with full width, you will not find any fold line. That is why it is hard to count on them. Also, some of the rolls of fabrics are so heavy and large that only a forklift can lift them.

So, now can simply predict that there is a subtle difference between a bolt of fabric and a roll of fabric. However, the best way to shop for the right fabric is to clarify all doubts before buying. If you want to buy a whole bolt of fabric for any of your projects, make sure you choose the fabric that is good in quality and feels great on hand. Only then you can make a better investment.

How Much Does a Bolt of Fabric Cost?

There is no specific answer to the question. The price can be different based on the quality, size, and manufacture as well. Let’s consider this example.

If a fabric bolt contains 15 yards long and 44-45 inches in width, it may cost you $82 to $87. But for sure, this is not fixed. Different parameters cause to change the rate as we said earlier.

Wrap Up

When buying fabrics or selling them, this is very important to have adeptness about all relevant things to deal properly. Knowing how long is a bolt of fabric is one of the crucial points also.

The guide above should clear you about the overall dimension and label of a fabric. That knowledge of fabrics may be required many times in your life.

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