How to Catch The Scissors

So you can direct a class of plastics it is very important that you experience your before what you are going to teach. In this blog post, you'll learn how to catch the scissors.

So, if you wanna learn more about how to handle & catch scissors, read the full content.I Hope this content will help you a lot and guide you on catching scissors as well.

When We are Going to Do a Job it is Very Important to Have The Right Tools:

You can not write well with a badly sharpened pencil or with a Boli that does not write well, because it cannot be trimmed with bad scissors.

Scissors for children are not toy, should be good, that cut well. Check the scissors of your students before sending to cut, if you are not able to cut with them you can not demand that they do it.

How to catch the scissors

I have done a study in several schools (public, private and private) to children from 1st grade to 2nd grade of ESO and I have come to the conclusion that children do not know how to take the scissors. I can assure you that this happens between 85% and 90% of children.

In these pictures, we can see how the children put their thumb in one eye of the scissors, and the index finger in the other, This is not correct since they do not leave any finger that serves as a guide for the cut.

We are Going to See Other Pictures in Which The Children Take The Scissors Well:

How the children put their thumbs in one eye of the scissors and the ring finger and heart in the other leaving the index that serves as a guide free.

In The Following Picture, The Child Leaves Out The Index and Middle Fingers:

This is the most correct way to catch them, although sticking a finger, two, even three (but never the index) will depend on the size of the scissors hole.

The finger throw inside an eye of the scissor

The index finger out, always out of the other eye, and inside the heart and the cancel.

If the child is left that works with a scissors for left handles (try your hand to cut with the left and you will see how difficult it is to do it with a right-handed scissors or better cut with your right with left-handed scissors, very difficult ...!

When the position is correct you must place the scissors in the line and not close them until the scissors are not properly placed, only then I close them to cut.

We must cut very slowly, it is very important to repeat it to the children several times, we work very slowly, the craftsmanship requires patience, and the cuts must be very small so that they fit as well.

When the child dominates the straight line we go to cut circles, starting with large circles and then cut smaller ones.

In following entries I will propose trimming exercises.

I would like to thank all the teachers who have helped me by collecting data in their schools.

Tell me your experiences, your opinions, if your students take the scissors and an exercise that you cut, I like to learn from my classmates.

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