How to Choose The Fabric to Upholster Your Armchair

Deciding which fabric to cover your chair with is one of the most important choices before making a purchase. There're many options in the market and several factors that you have to take into account. But don't despair, we help you make the best decision. In this article you'll learn how to choose the fabric to upholster your armchair.

You already have in mind the model, the measurement, the color and how the legs are going to be. All right! But with what fabric will you upholster your new chair?

choose the fabric to upholster your amrchair

This is one of the most important decisions you are going to make before buying the sofa that will give your home a unique style. Before leaning towards one of the many fabrics, in particular, you have to ask yourself - and answer yourself - some important questions about how you are going to use your chair.

Who will use it? Are the boys going to use it? And the pets? Is there someone in your house who is allergic to polyester? Are you looking for a cool and warm fabric? Will it have intensive use?

When you've already looked in the mirror and answered all these questions, then you are ready to choose which fabric to cover your chair with. Armchairs Europe has a wide variety of fabrics and colors . But, as we said before, this is not just an aesthetic decision.

With what fabric to upholster your armchair.

These are the main options:


Chenille fabric is one of the most popular choices. It's a mixture of polyester, cotton and acrylics. It offers durability and resistance, is easy to clean and wrinkles little.

It's also pleasant to the touch and warm. This is a great option for you, if you want to reupholster your armchair.


Formerly it was a pure cotton fabric. Today it's mixed with synthetic fibers to facilitate cleaning. It's a very soft to the touch genre.

We recommend it for armchairs that are not going to be subjected to intensive use. As it's a delicate fabric, a silicone-based anti-stain process is applied which waterproofs the yarn.


It's the oldest and most known fabric in the world. It was used by the great civilizations of history, such as the Egyptians and the Phoenicians.

It's a resistant and totally natural fabric, with a smooth finish and pleasant to the touch. Suffer more wrinkles, but it will give personality and character to your armchair. It's also very light and fresh.

last words

Hope this content will help you to choose the right fabric for your armchair, because now you know How to choose the fabric to upholster your armchair,

Now that you know with what fabric to upholster your armchair, we invite you to visit our store to choose your next sofa. Read more, painting a fabric chair

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