How to Clean Fabric Softener Dispenser: 4 Easy Ways

A dirty and clogged fabric softener dispenser might cause significant issues in your washing machine. This part of your machine requires apt cleaning after a particular time.

Proper cleaning will keep the machine smooth and working at its best. Moreover, a filthy and unclean dispenser can grow mold or bacteria in its inner side that cause damage to the valuable fabrics.

How to Clean Fabric Softener Dispenser

Depending on your uses, the possibility of the dispenser being clogged can be varied. However, you must be conscious if you’re cleaning it correctly or not.

The cleanup steps are effortless if you follow the proper procedure. Some essential tips can make the entire cleanup process super easy.

Here, we’ll mention how to clean fabric softener dispenser step by step. Stick with the article to grab something helpful.

Understanding the Basics of Cleaning

How you should clean a fabric softener device will depend on the machine type and your material preferences. There are two different types of dispensers. One of them is removable, and the other one is irremovable.

With the removable dispenser, you can take it off and do the cleaning. On the other hand, the irremovable one can be cleaned with only hot water and then wiped out properly.

You can use various types of materials to clean fabric softener dispensers. Effective cleaning can be performed using detergent, bleach, laundry detergent, baking soda, or vinegar. You can pick up the one that is easy to get.

However, you might want to know the procedure in detail. No worry, here we’re going to mention all the methods step by step.

How to Clean Fabric Softener Dispenser?

There is not only one way for cleaning procedures. So, we’re describing a few methods that are easy and effective too. You can pick one that suits you most.

Cleaning the Dispenser with Detergent

Cleaning your dispenser using detergent, fortunately, takes a little effort and less time. The dispenser might get clogged with the soap, detergent powder, and fabric softener. You can clean that with some easy steps.

Materials you need: Toothbrush, warm water, and detergent.

The steps are kere:

  • First of all, you should entirely open up the lid of washing machine. 
  • Next, find the dispenser and separate that from the machine. The dispenser location will vary depending on the washing machine structure. You can check your washing machine manual for a guideline here. Mainly these are situated beside a detergent/ bleach dispenser. 
  • Now, if you’ve found the dispenser, you need to remove that off, stay gentle and pull the part smoothly out of the device. If the dispenser in the washing machine is irremovable, it will make no difference. Just let the dispenser stay in the place, and you go to the next steps.
  • This is the key step to follow. You need to take the warm water and mix it with detergent. Throw the mixture in the dispenser and keep it stable for 10-20 minutes. Then, take the brush and use it to clean the existing dirt.

These are the easy steps that you’ll need to follow while cleaning the dispenser with normal detergent. Don’t forget to give a final check on the dispenser. Make sure it has been cleaned properly and you didn’t put an extra spot on it.

Cleaning the Dispenser with Bleach

Do you know bleach is one of the most efficient materials to clean different parts of a washing machine? You might not need to purchase any extra cleanser if you’ve got some bleach. Let’s check what things you’ll need and the steps for cleaning your dispenser.

Materials you need: Warm water (1 gallon), a bucket, 1 cup bleach, ¼ cup dish detergent (liquid), and cotton cloth.

The steps are here:

  • Firstly, prepare the mixture. Take a bucket and pour warm water. Then you should take one cup of beach along with ¼ cup liquid detergent. Don’t take any excess amount of material as it can make the mixture too strong.
  • Now, like the previous method, you can find the dispenser and take it off. If the dispenser is irremovable, let it be. You can clean them in both ways.
  • Next, you can pour the dispenser with the mixture. This cleansing mixture will soak all the extra dirt. You can spread the cleanser on the softener dispenser for about 10 minutes.
  • Gently shake the dispenser filled with the mixture. This will clear out all kinds of specks of dirt and grimes stuck in that equipment.
  • Once the 10 minutes have passed, you can wipe out the dispenser. Use a dirt-free cotton cloth for cleaning it properly.
  • Finally, please give it a final check and dry that dispenser properly.

These are the steps you have to follow while cleaning the dispenser properly, not too tough but need your careful move.

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Cleaning the Dispenser with Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergents are another efficient material you can use to clean your dispenser, and the entire procedure is super easy and quick as well.

Materials you need: Warm water, cotton cloth, laundry detergent, a bucket.

The steps are:

  • You should start with preparing the mixture. Just take the bucket and pour some warm water. Grab one cup of laundry detergent. Shake the bucket for correctly mixing the ingredients.
  • Now, detach the dispenser if your machine has the removable option. 
  • Then, you should pour all the mixture into the dispenser.
  • Use cotton cloths to rub all the extra dirt from your dispenser.
  • Give your dispenser a final check and make it dry before reinstalling.

You can apply these steps easily to clean your fabric softener dispenser. Take care of all the existing grime on your dispenser. Laundry detergent seems one of the handiest and effective materials to work for cleaning things.

Cleaning the Dispenser with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Fabric softener dispenser cleaning gets much more accessible with baking soda and vinegar. These are the ingredients you must be having in your kitchen. But did you know that cleaning a washing machine dispenser with baking soda is magical?

Materials you need: 1-gallon warm water, white vinegar (2 cups), baking soda, and a bucket.

The steps are:

  • Like other methods, you need to make a good mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda. If you can’t manage baking soda, you can skip this. Just shake these ingredients all together.
  • Put the dispenser in the mixture. Keep the dispenser in it for about 10 minutes until you see the dirt are coming from the surface.
  • Take a brush and wipe off all these extra specks of dirt out of your dispenser. Stay gentle throughout the entire procedure.
  • Wipe the dispenser with warm water and let it dry out. Don’t forget to give a final check after the cleansing.

These are the ultimate few steps you need to follow while cleaning the dispenser for fabric softener with baking soda and vinegar. This mixture is the most potent ingredient to take off all dirt so quickly. Not only this but also baking soda can remove the odor too.

Make Sure to Follow the Following Tips

Well, people make some tiny and silly mistakes while washing their fabric softener dispensers. These tiny mess-ups can create a real hassle for your machine. In that case, some tips can help you to clean up all the dirt properly.

  • Don’t forget to wear hand gloves when you prepare the mixture.
  • You should maintain an appropriate timing to keep the dispenser in the mixture like 10-12 minutes. This is important to get more robust and more effective result.
  • Although, the powder detergent might not stand as the most effective one. Powder detergent makes the dispenser clogged many times. So, choose the liquid cleanser correctly if possible.
  • Be aware of not using too many detergents. This will create a clog in the dispenser. 
  • While using the toothbrush on the dispenser, try to avoid scrubbing. You need to stay gentle here to clean it properly.
  • After cleaning the dispenser with your newly-made mixture, don’t forget to give it a warm water wash. This will remove all the existing specks of dirt that you might overlook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is it safe to pour vinegar into the dispenser?

Answer: Yes, definitely it’s safe to use vinegar. Using them in an adequate amount properly will clean the dispenser. Moreover, vinegar will make the dispenser more whiten.

Question: Can I use vinegar and laundry detergent together?

Answer: This is not wise to use vinegar and laundry detergent together. Mixing them can create a dangerous reaction. However, while cleaning your dispenser, you can use them separately, one after another.

Question: Will baking soda damage the washing machine?

Answer: No, if you use baking soda in a proper way, and yes, when you use an excessive amount of baking soda that can cause a clog to the dispenser of fabric softener. But this ingredient is great to remove odor too.


Cleaning the very useful fabric softener dispenser is not as tough as you think. This article has mentioned various methods that you apply for effective cleaning. Hopefully, now you know the right way to clean a fabric softener dispenser. Try to follow the steps and tips you learned from here for a better and effective outcome.

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