How to Connect a Sectional Sofa: Step by Step Guide

Having loose sectional sofas give a messy look to your house, and even the edges and corners can become dangerous for pets and children. 

how to connect a sectional sofa

So, you must know how to connect a sectional sofa, even if you have a personal mechanic to deal with it. Once you own it, you must understand the fact.

Learn More About How to Connect a Sectional Sofa

There’re many methods of connecting the sofa; let us discuss a few of them.

Side-Locking Brackets:

Arrange the pieces at the beginning by leaving some details between them. You’ll work on that gap later. Standing in front of the first two parts, push the sections together, making the first lead line up with the second. Lifting the male side and line up with the female side. Now, lowering the area, lock it in place.

Ultimately, the process is to raise the male end and seal it with the female end. Follow the process for the other sectional, making the particular form a single piece.

Do the process from the opposite end configuration. If you keep lifting orderly, then the weight will be heavier for you to elevate.

In a word, connect every two sections and then combine all of them to make one.

Bottom-Locking Brackets:

In this step, you’ve to place the sectional as you’ll configure it. Give a 1-foot space between each of them.

Take the first two parts, pulling out each of their sides’ brackets by feeling along the bottom part. One will look like a two-pronged fork where the other is a single metal piece. The latter may look fix instead of swiveling out from underneath.

After adjusting the first two parts, you’ll see that the bracket has aligned. Hold the single-prong frame and push forward the other edge by lifting slightly, if needed. The other stand is a fork-style bracket.

Keep pushing the bracket till you hear a clicking sound. The sound confirms that they’re in place, and you should stop. Some models sound click once on being secured where the others say twice or thrice. Look at your instruction manual for the information.

Repeat the process to connect all the sectional parts and make them one. You don’t have to repeat it in an orderly manner. You can have your way.

Shoe Connections:

The initial is the same as the above two. That is, line up the shoe sectionals; the edges should butt against one another. These kinds of joints or connections are for connecting more than one relationships with one.

Depending on your model, you can have two L-shaped sections, one L-shaped and other short branches, or a series of straight sectionals. The shoes can even sit as a single platform or run along two long planks.

Lifting the first sectional and placing it on the other platform, line up the section’s feet with the connector’s hole. You’ve to take the aid of a friend in this lifting.

Connect the entire section with the process. Modular furniture needs this kind of connection more. As you progress, you may need to put armrests into the unit to construct the entire sofa.


The connection of sectional sofas varies according to models. Some models use a T-style slot, where some have bolt style. It’s better to go through the instruction that came with your product. If you don’t get the terms, search it on the net by writing the model name.

Final Words:

By now, you know a few tactics of how to connect sectional sofa. Even then, there’re countless linking tactics depending on the model you own. Reading through the manual helps in a lot of ways.

You can also check the videos that your manufacturer provides on the net to guide you. The mentioned methods are some of the most used and popular connecting tactics.

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