How to Get Blood Out of Fabric & Clothes Step by Step

If you want to know how to get blood out of fabric? And work as quickly as possible with these fabric items to save your fabric or clothes.

The bloodstains are a true nightmare since they’re one of the most complicated to remove from any type of tissue. If we want to achieve it, it’s important to know how to act at all times, otherwise, we could worsen the situation and make it impossible to completely clean the clothes.

how to get blood out of fabric

An example of this is that the stain should be treated immediately, preventing it from drying, impregnated in the fabric and its removal is more difficult. Beyond this, there’re a number of tricks and solutions that we can use in our home when our white clothes get stained with blood.

In the following article, we’ll give you a series of tricks to remove blood stains on white clothes, as well as home remedies and products that you can use in these circumstances.

The bloodstains are really difficult to remove but with this article, you’ll see that implying bloodstains is much simpler than you thought. In it, we give you several methods to remove blood stains from different surfaces and materials, and the cleaning products you’ll need.

The best thing you could do is to remove the stain before cleaning and drying the stained article, but if this doesn’t work out, don’t worry, there’re certain methods to remove dried blood from fabrics and bedding. Here are some tricks we use in our cleaning company.

How to Get Blood Out of Fabric & Clothes

As the bloodthirsty protagonist of the Dexter series does, the ideal is to clean the blood immediately if you don’t want to leave a trace … However, if you’ve been overlooked and find yourself with dried blood spots, we’ve the solution.

Step 1:

Apply hydrogen peroxide on the stain. The first step in cleaning dry or fresh blood spots is to apply hydrogen peroxide, one of the most effective home cleaning products.

The reason is that it eliminates the microorganisms by oxidation, that is, it “burns” them in some way, and also whitens clothes, one of the most popular homemade cleaning tricks.

Step 2:

Leave the hydrogen peroxide on for a couple of minutes. Pour plenty of hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain and let it act for about 2 minutes. This will disinfect the tissue and, at the same time, soften and bleach the stain.

Step 3:

Soak and rinse without rubbing. Then, soak it in a bowl with cold water, so that it softens even more, and rinse it, but gently, without rubbing it vigorously. This prevents the stain from spreading further.

Step 4:

Wash the garment with neutral soap. Once you’ve rinsed the garment, apply a little neutral soap on the spot where the stain was to finish removing any remaining debris. Rub well so that the soap penetrates the tissue. And wash the piece as you normally do, but with cold water.

Hydrogen peroxide can bleach, weaken or stain certain fabrics, it’s best to test a small and larger area of the stained garment. If in doubt, skip the first two steps, leave it in cold water to soak directly for a while, and then apply neutral soap, rub and wash normally.

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Tips to Remove Blood Stain from Fabric and Clothes

The sooner you can treat the bloodstain, the better your chances of removing it. As the stain occurs, use cold water, since otherwise the bloodstain will be fixed.

To remove blood stains from delicate items, make circular movements with a sponge when applying laundry detergent by hand.

Never use a dryer. If after following these methods to get out blood stains and wash the garment in the washing machine there’s still some blood left and we use the dryer, it can remain permanently attached to the garment due to the effect of heat and will be impossible to remove.

The only way to know for sure that a bloodstain has been removed is to see how the fabric looks when it’s dry.

The key is to use real soap, that is, detergent not derived from petroleum (such as dishwashing products).

In addition to hydrogen peroxide and soap, you could use carbonated water. Soak the stain in carbonated water for 30 minutes. If any blood-stain remains for fabric, it will be light yellow. Then, you can treat the yellow spot with a regular stain remover.

For difficult stains on resistant fabrics, saturate the stained area with a carpet cleaner before putting it in the washing machine. Then wash with detergent and cold water. This should eliminate the most impossible bloodstain.

It’s best to do it before it dries. However, if you can’t apply it immediately, you could use cold water to keep the blood stain moist.

For hard non-porous surfaces, it will be more efficient to saturate the blood stain with a mixture of 10% bleach and water and clean it, which will disinfect and clean at the same time.

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Don’t use warm or hot water, but the stain will remain forever since hot water permeates the blood protein in the fibers. If you want to wash the garment in hot water, first completely remove the stain in cold water.

Never mix ammonia and chlorine, but it will form dangerous gases.

If the blood you’re trying to clean is not yours, be careful as you may be at risk of infection from any disease transmitted through it such as HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), hepatitis B infections, hepatitis C, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia.

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Final Words:

Always remember and read the instructions when you’re using this method of getting blood out of fabric. It’s also a good idea to try the method of hidden tips before treating a large area.

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