How to Get Oil Out of Fabric & Clothes Step by Step

Just like me, sometimes you or kids may spill oil on your fabrics, upholstery, carpets, & clothes, and you may think you can’t use those items & they're ruined. But did you know that you can remove oil stain from your fabric, clothes, upholstery? If you know, that’s fine. But, even if you don’t know, you don’t have to worry about it. You can able to remove oil stains from your clothes, fabrics & upholstery with your household items. Because, in this content, I’m going to show you how to get oil out of fabric, carpet, cloth & upholstery

how to remove oil out of fabric & clothes

Tips for getting better results

Always make sure to act as quickly as possible. When you get oil stains on your clothing like shirts or other clothing items or fabrics, remove it as soon as possible. If oil stains set on your items, it will be hard to remove. So, always try to remove oil stains from your materials as soon as possible.

learn how to Get oil out of fabric & clothing step by step:

Things you’ll need:

  • Paper Towels
  • Powder (Talcum powder, baby powder, baking soda)
  • Liquid Dish Soap or shampoo
  • Spoon
  • Toothbrush
  • Warm Water
  • Laundry detergent
  • Hair spray or WD-40

Start the job step by step:

Here’s step by step guide for removing oil from clothes & fabrics. So, read it & try this method if you get oil on your clothing items.

Step number 1: Blot oil from your fabric or clothing items as soon as possible:

When you get oil on your clothes or fabric, take paper towels and blot the oil with paper towels as much as possible. Make sure that you don’t rub the oil-stained area because if you rub the stained area, the oil will be spread.

Step number 2: Find out your clothes or fabric cleaning tag:

Before you wash your item, at first read the cloth or fabric care tag to figure out how you can treat them. If your fabric or clothing item is dry clean only, then take it to your cleaners.

On the other hand, if you see your item is not dry clean, then try to find out if your item is machine washable or hand washable. Also, for drying, can you use a dryer or you have to hang for air dry.

Also, another thing, if your items are required washing in cold water, then wash them in cold water don’t use warm water.

Step number 3: Now apply the powder to the stained area:

Take your baking soda, talcum powder, or baby powder. And then shrink the powder over the oil-stained area and then wait for 30 minutes. The powder will absorb the oil from your item.

Step number 4: Scrape the stained-area:

Now you have to use your spoon to do the job. Take your spoon and gently scrape the oil & powder, and then powder off your fabric or clothes.

Step number 5: Scrub the oil-stain with warm water & soap:

In this step, you have to use warm water, soap or shampoo & spoon. Dish soap can be colored or clear, so if you use dish soap, make sure you select a dish soap that doesn’t leave moisturizers.

At first, rinse your fabric or cloth with warm water after that apply a few drops of shampoo or liquid dish soap to the stained area. And then scrub the soap into your item with your toothbrush. After that, rinse your item with warm water.

Step number 6: Wash your item:

If your item is machine washable, then just you can put it into your washing machine and wash it as normal you do. Also, your garment care tag will tell you whether you can use warm water or cold water. But if your item is hand washable, then take it for hand wash.

Step number 7: Dry your item:

For drying, you can use a dryer, or you can hang your item for air dry. If you put your item into the dryer & your item remains stains, the heat can set the stain again on your item, so you may need to air dry your item.

Step number 8: 

After you’ve dried your item, if you see stain remains, you can remove it by using hairspray or WD-40. Spray the WD-40 or hairspray on the stained area and wait for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, wash your item as usual you do. But if your fabric or garment is delicate, then don’t use WD-40.

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Remove oil stains from your upholstery & carpet:

Things you’ll need:

  • Paper towels or Old or new Clean towels
  • Baking soda, Talcum powder or baby powder
  • Spoon
  • Soap & water or Solvent
  • Bowl Or Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Clean Rag

Start it step by step:

Step 1: Blot the oil from your upholstery or carpet as much as possible:

Take paper towels or an old clean towel, and then blot the oil from your carpet or upholstery. Continue and as much as possible bolt the oil. Make sure that you don’t rub the area with your towel; rubbing can easily spread the satin, so avoid it.

Step 2: Apply powder on the stained area:

You can use Talcum powder, baking soda, or baby powder. Sprinkle the powder on the stained area and then let it for 20 to 25 minutes.

Step 3: Now scrape powder away from your item:

Once you’ve waited enough time, take your spoon and then use your spoon to scrape the powder away from your item. After that, if you see oil remains on your item, add some fresh powder to the stained area and then wait 20 to 25 minutes and repeat this step once again.

Step 4: Blot the stained area with a soap solution:

At first, make a soap solution, to do this add four cups of water (not warm water) & Two cups of liquid dish soap in your bowl or bucket, and then mix it well.

Once you’ve made your soap solution, dip your clean rag into the soap solution and then blot the stain with your rag. Continue the process until the oil stain is removed.

Step 5: Now remove the soap solution with a clean and damp sponge:

Now you have to use your sponge, at first, wet down your rag with water (cool water). After that, press your rag to the stained area to remove the remaining soap solution from your upholstery or carpet. Do the process until all the soap solution has gone.

Step 6: Remove the excess Soap solution or liquid:

Now use a clean towel to remove the excess liquid or soap solution from your item. To do this, blot the wet area with your clean & dry towel and do the job until you think it’s enough.

Step 7: Allow your item to dry completely:

Before you use your item, allow your item to dry well. Simply leave your upholstery or carpet for air dry. Once your item completely dried, then use it again.

Final words:

I’ve done the job for you, now your turn. If you’ve got the oil stain on your clothes, fabrics & upholstery, don’t wait, remove it by following my guidelines as soon as possible. If this-how to get oil out of fabric content help you, please share it on your social media.

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