How to Paint a Fabric Chair at Home Step by Step

May you have old fabric chairs at your home. If you have old ugly or outdated fabric chairs then you've come to the right place! Maybe some people will tell you to buy a new one or re-upholstery them. If you want to re-upholstery or you want to buy a  new fabric chair, but both of these will be expensive for you. Do you know if you want you can decorate your chairs with paint? Easily you can paint your fabric chairs and make them new and stylish. In this article, You will learn how to paint a fabric chair at home.

How to paint a fabric chair

You'll Need some Tools and materials for painting fabric chairs:

When you want To paint your chairs at first you have to get/ purchase some tools and materials. Here is the list of tools and materials.

1. Fabric paint/Acrylic paint

2. Fabric medium/Textile medium

3. Paintbrush

4. Bowl/Paint tray/ Bucket

5. Spray bottle

6. Plastic sheet

7. Painter's tape

8. Sandpaper

1- Gather all tools and materials:

Buy fabric medium, Fabric paint/acrylic paint, Paintbrush, Spray bottle for warm water, Plastic sheet, Painter taps(if you do not want to paint all over the chair), And bowl/paint tray.

You can buy from your nearest fabric store or online. You can buy a few bottles of fabric paint medium and fabric paint/acrylic paint(You can ask shopkeepers! How many bottles of paint and paint medium you need for one chair?).

2- Prepare your chair:

At first, You have to prepare your chairs to move forward. I recommend you to clean your chairs fabric before you start painting because you need a clean surface for paint.

So you have to remove dust or dirt from your chairs to make ready for painting. You can use a vacuum or steam cleaner Before you clean read the cleaning code and clean properly.

3- Choose the right place for painting:

After you have cleaned your chair pick a place for painting your chair where dirt and high winds won't get to it.

When you found a place take your plastic sheet and place it on the ground neatly, Then you place your chair on top of the plastic sheet.

4- Mix your fabric or Acrylic paint and paint medium:

Here you have to use a bowl or paint tray or bucket, The right ratio of the mixture should be 2 parts of fabric paint/acrylic paint to 1 part fabric medium. Put paint and paint medium into the paint tray/bowl or bucket and mix it well.

Note: When you buy fabric paint you must ask shopkeepers, Is it ready to paint directly or you have to mix paint medium. 

If they tell you it's ready, Then you don't have to use paint medium. But if you use acrylic paint, You have use paint medium. If you put one-ounce fabric medium add two-ounce paint.

5- Wet down your chair fabric: 

Now use a spray bottle to wet the fabric. It helps paint to go on smoother and thinner coats. But you can paint without making wet your chair fabric. 

6- Use Tape your chair(optional): 

If you don't want to paint all over the chair take the painter tape and cover all the trimming of your chair. Cover anything that you don't want to paint!

7- Start painting:

Grab your paintbrush and start painting your chair, This is the most fun, And interesting part. Do not dab too much paint into one area, because fabric absorbs the paint very fast and quickly.

So, you don't have to worry about light areas, you will need to do a couple more coats once again when it's dry.

8- Allow your chair to dry completely:

Once you've finished your first coats of paint, let the paint to dry completely for a few hours. If you painting inside the room, it will take quite long to get dry.

9- Now use one last overcoat:

When the paint is dry, Go ahead to make the last coat of paint medium paint, then check the paint and make sure paint is right.

Paint your chair again, This time you don't need lots of paint because now your chair fabric doesn't absorb so much. And then once again, allow your chair to dry completely.

10- Use your sandpaper on your chair:

After you've done painting and drying use sandpaper, Take your sandpaper and start sanding the rough areas of the chair to smooth it down or take it down.

11- Use Iron to set the fabric or textile medium:

When your chair fabric is completely dry and after you using sandpaper, use a clothing iron. Iron your chair to set the textile/fabric medium. I recommend you, do not use steam and iron it between low And medium and do not put your iron in one spot for a long time.

Final words

Now your fabric chair is ready to use. I hope now know how to paint a fabric chair and also you have some ideas to decorate your old fabric covered chairs, And this article will help you to save some money. Hope you'll do the job perfectly.


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