Ten Headboards That Give Everything

Is your bedroom small? Does it have little light? Do you want to gain warmth? Achieve it without reforms. See how these ten headboards that give everything & they are able to get more than you imagine.

ten headboards

A double headboard with integrated lights

Its function is to frame the bed and make it stand out thanks to the color gradient. The large headboard hides the electrical installation and integrates two points of light on each side of the bed.

One is a lamp that gives a general light and the other, a flexible lamp to read. The small headboard is painted a light beige, which allows using any color in the bedding, and makes the bedroom look brighter.

headboard manages to give warmth to the bedroom on its own. You can ask the carpenter to use slats from the same parquet that covers the floor. This headboard is from Cado.

From wall to wall

This headboard is made of chestnut wood and is designed by Era Carroll. Its placement saves the pillar that divides the wall and becomes a point of support for paintings and flowers. Integrates two articulated hoses.

An XL headboard

A wood-clad wall can become the most decorative headboard for a small bedroom. It does not occupy and gives warmth. In oak, it is a good choice.

Headboard and side table

You do not need night tables because with a structure of 25 cm deep you can support lamps, books ... And the effect is very linear and harmonious. This headboard is made of maple wood and is signed by Toya Trias de Bes.

Grid on wallpaper

If you like printed papers, a grid headboard is a great choice, since being light balances the visual weight of the wall and will give it a very personal romantic look.

The one in the photo is from the Rotaeche & Santayana studio.

The romantic classic

The entertaining headboards dress and give warmth. If you opt for a capstone and curved shapes, in addition, you will give a more feminine air to your bedroom.

Its sinuous shape and the comfort of the fabric make it one of the kings of romantic style bedrooms. This is from Laura Masques.

Discreet and useful

If you choose a headboard in the same color as the wall and the bedside tables it will become an element of the most discreet and practical.

If it's also a work like this, it will add a support surface for details such as the mirror, which duplicates space and light. It's from Jeanette Transit.

Beyond the headboard

An original solution for mini dormitories: it places a mirror with window form. If there are none in the bedroom, at least it will approach what it could be.

And if there is one and the mirror reflects it, it will add a lot of depth and multiply the natural light.

Upholstered, the option that never fails

Because it decorates, gives comfort and does not go out of style. The best thing is that you choose a smooth fabric and, only if your bedroom has a lot of natural light, like this one, you can use a dark fabric.

To install it, it hangs as if it were a painting. It is screwed to the wall and, as a rule, does not reach the ground. It should protrude about 70 cm above the bed.

The price will vary depending on the fabric, the measurements, and the finish. One like the one in the photo you can find it from € 100.

They dress Yes, the headboards dress. Just take the test and see how a bedroom wins when you put a headboard. But of course, anyone is not worth it.

It has to maintain logical proportions with space, have some coherence with the rest of the decoration -or, failing that, contrast knowing that it will immediately become the protagonist- and help you. Of course. Help you get what you need in the bedroom and what you should not give up.

There are those who seek to be stylish and give character to the bedroom, who want to multiply the light, gain warmth, extra support surface ... For each of them, there is an ideal headboard. We just have to decide what we want to be the first in our bedroom, and dive among the many possibilities.

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