The Best Fabric for Your Sofa or Armchair! Choose The Right One

Sometimes a simple decision, such as choosing the fabric for your sofa or armchair, can become a difficult and complicated task. Especially, when you lack information and don't know the fabrics well or you don't know which one is best suited to your needs.

best fabric for sofa

Well, today we're going to talk to you about the different types of fabrics that are most recommended for upholstery, to help you to make your choice easier, and less complicated, and when you know the one you like. Get in touch with us and we'll send you totally free to your home, Samples of various qualities, so you can see colors and textures better and check their quality more closely.

How to choose upholstery fabric for sofa or armchair

When you choose the fabric for your armchairs or sofas, you have to take into account, Who will use it and how you'll use it. 

For example: if there're children at home, if there're pets, if any of the users have allergy to polyester, if you live in a colder or warmer area and above all and very important.

You have to look at the Martindale Test, which measures in cycles, the resistance to friction that tissues have. 

This test consists of rubbing with sandpaper or wool the fabric, to a considerable pressure and thus it's possible to be known, the amount of rubbing or seated will hold.

Therefore, a fabric that has 50,000 Martindale cycles, can hold 50,000 frictions.

Imagine how many times you can sit on your sofa, so you know, the more cycles a fabric has, the stronger and more resistant it will be and the more battles it will hold. 

A Martindale over 30,000 cycles, this is already a very resistant fabric for your sofa or armchair. If you still have any questions, contact us and we'll help you in your choice.

Types of fabrics for upholstery

Currently, there're a many type of upholstery fabrics on the market for upholstery, but we're going to focus our attention on the most recommended for sofas and armchairs.

Cotton, king of fabrics

The cotton unlike other tissues is a natural fiber that has a high resistance to tearing, flexible, cool and comfortable, doesn't accumulate static electricity and is a sought-after material in warmer areas.

A very important factor to take into account when we choose this fabric is that it has to go Sanforized, which is a pre-wash process to which the fabric is subjected, Because thus when you have to wash it at home, don't shrink.

One of the few disadvantages that it tends to wrinkle, but in short, that gives it a touch of naturalness and comfort.

The chenille, soft and pleasant

This type of fabric, usually a mixture of Polyester, Acrylics, and Cotton. This is a very adaptable fabric, pleasant to the touch and stands out for the softness that it provides to the sitting.

Chenille doesn't wrinkle, it brings warmth and for its excellent value for money. It's one of the most popular fabric and demanded by customers.

The canvas, strong and resistant

The canvas is a type of fabric widely used in upholstery and especially in sofa beds, as it's very resistant and durable, enduring wear and doesn't wrinkle, the price-quality ratio is excellent.

Velvet, glamor, and elegance

In addition, to soft and pleasant, velvet, is a gift for the eyes, is the ideal fabric for those who seek a sophisticated and elegant touch for your sofa or armchair comes again stomping and is creating trend.

It has a texture that conveys warmth, and today you can choose from a wide range of colors that facilitate the decoration of the home.

Microfibers, all-terrain

Lately, it's one of the most requested upholstery fabric for sofas or armchairs. It's a synthetic material, compact and very resistant.

This type of fabrics has good support and the aesthetic result is quite attractive. It doesn't wrinkle and it's more resistant to stains and liquids than the rest of fabrics. 

There's a great variety of textures and some of them imitate the engraving of the natural or aged skin and a great majority of them has an anti-stain treatment. So, this is a good option for your great sofa.

The leatherette or synthetic leather

This type of fabric is 100% synthetic and although its purpose is to imitate the skin. There's nothing to do with it.

It's usually used a lot, because it's cheaper and although at first. It offers a pretty good appearance. This is very impractical, since It deteriorates easily and is very hot.

Skin, comfort, and durability

This is one of the most expensive upholstery materials sofas or armchairs, previously associated with a more classical decor. 

But today can coexist perfectly with the most modern and avant-garde a white sofa of skin placed in any room, will provide a very elegant and personal touch and one in aged leather, a plus of nobility and elegance and kept in good condition, can last longer than one of cloth.

In addition, to the fabrics we offer on our website, we've a wide range of fabrics and leathers so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs and you can ask us at any time, advice or free samples.

At Idea Home we're here to help you, we select our products and we test them so that your purchase is safer and more reliable.

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