How to Wash a Synthetic Wig With Fabric Softener: Easy Way

Your synthetic wig can lose its original quality and beauty after a certain period. But you can keep that in a suitable condition for a longer time by taking care of them properly. Clean-up is a way that you can implement to enhance the lifespan of your favorite wig.

There are many ways to clean synthetic wigs and one of them is using a fabric softener. The softener can bring the ultimate styling to your wigs. No matter how expensive your synthetic wig is, a flawed maintenance procedure can make it look harsh.

How to Wash a Synthetic Wig With Fabric Softener

Also, the maintaining methods seem super confusing to many people. Fortunately, we’ve got to know about these fantastic tips that anyone should follow who is having trouble with washing and cleaning their wigs. Fabric softener works as a supreme quality treatment on your wigs.

Well, do you have any idea how to wash a synthetic wig with fabric softener? No worries, stick with the article, and you’ll get every essential detail regarding the process.

Is it Safe to Wash Synthetic Wigs with a Fabric Softener?

Well, this would be the ultimate popular question when someone suggests washing their synthetic wigs with fabric softener? The first and clear answer would be yes.

Yes, you can rely on fabric softener when it comes to your synthetic wig. Synthetic wigs are made with synthetic fiber. So, fabric softeners are going to be the ultimate spa for your wig. It calms down the frayed fibers of the wigs. And this thing is responsible for making your wig look like a mess.

This is more like conditioning your hair. But make sure you’re not washing the human hair wigs with fabric softener as these wigs will definitely require proper shampoo and conditioner use.

But when you’re using a synthetic one, just relax. You’re going to save many bucks here. The most irritating issue is stiffness. The fabric softener deals really well with this particular issue. You are going to get a squeaky and clean wig by using this thing. For better results, you can even mix up some laundry detergent too.

Now that you’re assured of the safety and good result, we can move forward with the cleaning procedure.

How to Wash a Synthetic Wig With Fabric Softener: Step by Step

Many people throw their wigs in the garbage for being stiff. If you’re one of them, we’ll suggest you hold on to that and collect some materials for giving that another shot. It would be your ignorance that is making the wig wasted so early.

Make Sure You’ve Got All These Materials and Tools:

Hopefully, you’ve got all these in your house. Let’s jump directly into the washing procedure. You can follow the direction step by step:

Step 1:

First of all, you have to make the right mixture. Here, you will need to take a basin. Make sure you’ve cleaned the basin properly to fill it up. Fill your basin with cold water and mix some fabric softener in it.

Try to comb the wig in the basin and take all the specks of dust out. You can use your fingers for a better and smoother outcome. Mix the detergent according to the basin size. An excessive amount of detergent can damage your hair. Make sure that you have mixed the ingredients properly.

Step 2:  

Keep the wig in the mixed water and rinse it properly. It will be a much better option if you keep the wig in the water for one hour at least. If the wig is too stiff, two hours would be enough. In general, for a better result for any condition, one and a half hours will be fine.

Step 3:  

Now, take some cold water and rinse the wig properly. It makes sure the wig has not got any drift particles or detergent existing. Use your fingers to make it straight.

Step 4:  

Now, it’s time to get the wig out of the water. Here, you should be gentle to complete the process. Don’t use any harsh cloth or towel to remove the water from the wig. Be gentle, take a soft cloth and wrap the wig softly. It will help you to eliminate water portions from the wet synthetic wig.

Step 5:  

Now, it’s time to dry out your synthetic wig. For this, you can exert your regular hairdryer. But make sure that you’re using the cool mode to avoid any damage to the wig. If you do not own any blowdryer, just try to keep it hung overnight. This will make your synthetic wig dry naturally.

Well, these are the easy five steps that one should follow while washing their synthetic wig with fabric softener. These easy procedures have given many a satisfactory result while cleaning their wigs. We have some other tips for you for a much better result. Let’s take a look at them.

Follow The Tips:

  • Don’t use hot water while cleaning or washing the synthetic wig. Hot water makes the wig turn weaker.
  • Never comb wet wig to make it straight. The suggested way is using your fingers and blowdry to make the wigs straight and properly dried. Once your wig is completely dried, you can go for combing and styling it.
  • Always try to brush the wig and make it smoother before you make it wet. Once you’re putting it into the water, it is way beyond making it straight.
  •  To avoid the laundry smell from the synthetic wig, pick a fabric softener that comes with some natural fragrance.
  • If you are styling your synthetic hair wig after washing, try to do it all in the lower heat range. This will keep your wig safer.
  • While you’re styling or combing your synthetic wig, try to avoid rubbing and twisting it. This will make the wig go weaker in no time. You can rub and twist it if the wig has a particular shape. But pushing it in the opposite direction might make it damaged.

You may find so many similarities with the human hair care routine. But remember you’re dealing with fibers here. So, you can’t use the same natural hair cleaning procedures for cleaning the synthetic wig. Your careful actions make the wig much better and lively for the next long time.

How Often Should I Wash Synthetic Wig?

It’s quite confusing when and how often one should wash their synthetic wig. This one really doesn’t carry any specific answer. Your lifestyle and way of wearing will vary the answer to this question.

You should always notice when and how long you’re wearing the wig. But please give it a quick wash before wearing it. This thing will keep the wig clean, ready to style, and smooth.

If you are wearing it occasionally, try to wash it once every four weeks. If you’re not dealing with any dirty or polluted environment, it is not bad to go for six weeks without washing.

The environment will also play a big role here. If you’re coming from somewhere that carries smoke, bad odor, or heavy specks of dust, try to give it a wash as soon as you get back home. It’s really important to keep your wig clean as well as odor-free.

The key is you shouldn’t wear your wig for more than 30 days without washing. It will make the wig stiff and ugly.

Can You Wash Your Synthetic Wig with The Washing Machine?

Many of us may have a query if we can wash our synthetic wigs in the washing machine or not. The answer would be a big NO.

No one should think of washing the wigs in a washing machine, and we understand that the wigs are made of fiber. But the washing machine will take the entire procedure too fast and harshly. If you don’t hate your synthetic wig, keep it away from your washing machine.

If you don’t have sufficient time, just try to give the wig a fast blow-dry. But hand wash is a must for your wigs. You have to implement the entire washing procedure slowly and gently.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How Do You Use Fabric Softener on a Wig Without Washing?

Answer: If you want to use the fabric softener on your hair, you don’t have to wash it always. Just pour some softener into a spray bottle. And you can spray it properly over the hair. This will keep the hair conditioned and prepared for the desired styling.

Question: How Long Should You Soak a Synthetic Wig in Fabric Softener?

Answer:  You should soak your synthetic wig properly in the water for 30 minutes at least. If the wig is too stiff, you can increase the time. Actually, it all depends on the current condition of the synthetic wig.


Fabric softener is undoubtedly the life savior for your dirty and stuffy synthetic wigs. If you use it in a proper way, the wigs will look super fancy and healthy.

This guide has explained the right way to wash synthetic wigs with fabric softener and hopefully now, you’re clear about the entire procedure. For an expected result, try to follow the directions next time you wash your synthetic wig.

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