What are The Best Scissors? That I Usually Use The Most?

Hello everybody! how are you? I am here, kicking with the new camcorder with which I have done for the video tutorials and the sewing courses in which I am working.

I have been doing an intensive study of this aparejo for several days and I still resist the very "join", if mine is the sewing machines, it is clear. In this article, I'll show you what are the best scissors

What are the scissors

And between reading the instructions that go and which is coming. Today I am going to talk about a cachibache essential for sewing and without which we could not do practically anything: the scissors.

Many of you are sure that you are more than familiar with these tools that give us life, but as in everything, within the scissors. There is a great variety according to their use and the taste of each one.

Today I'm going to show you the scissors that I use the most and with which I can not spend half a day without putting their hands (my little ones).

Scissors of My Love

The first of all and that sticks 90% of the time in my hands or hanging to my neck, in the most dwarfed of the family: the thread cutter.

This little piece is the best thing to cut the threads while you sew and all the leftovers that are left lying around. These must always be very close, in fact, I not only have one but 5, lest I get lost all at once and go into crisis.

The second ones are the dressmaker's scissors. These scissors already have an interesting size and are mainly used to cut fabrics, or at least in my case.

They are comfortable and have a certain weight which prevents them from moving too much while following the cut lines marked on the fabric itself.

I also have several. The one you see in the picture is the IKEA version. I've had them for a few months and they still work, so -for the moment- there is no complaint.

Besides the fact that the handles are covered in rubber has its one because it prevents Your fingers are shattered when you've cut for hours, or at least in part.

In third place are the classic scissors (those of all life, come on), which are available in many sizes, according to the needs of each one. One of the ones that I usually use is this little one, it's comfortable and for details, it is the most practical.

The fourth position is also occupied by very small scissors, but very much yours, the blunt-tipped scissors. These pointless scissors are great for when we work with delicate fabrics. By not having a point they do not hook or cut what they should not cut.

I adore the gauze, I give a lot of trot to these scissors. Especially in finishing like the repulgo, as I showed you in one of the videos of the YouTube channel that resists me so much. If you want to see it, click here.

And the last, but not least, is the scallop scissors. This is still one of the scissors that I use the least (in relation to the previous ones). It's also a queen of the crown, because it is a good, but good, good scissors ....

In this case, it is of the Palmera brand (one of the best ones) and I am sure that this scissors will be with me forever. There is no more to take it to realize. 

What is it used for ? This type of scissors, which cut in zigzag, are designed to prevent the fabrics from fraying, so that cutting the fabrics that we will use for accessories, or even dresses with lining ( the part that remains hidden) with these scissors, we will avoid the overcasting of margins and we will be able to go faster. They also come in handy for crafts, you know!

These are my girls, now it's your turn to talk to me about yours: what are your best scissors in the world?

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