Why You Should Plant in a Fabric Pot?

Whether you're growing plants indoor or outdoor, fabric grow pots offer an environment not possible in a metal or plastic containers. The air flow through the sidewalls does wonders for the root system of anything you want to grow.

Always, it stops the problems of root bound plants, increases their ability to use nutrients and more.

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You can purchase fabric grow bags/pots or you can make grow bags from fabrics. In this article, I'm going to tell you why you should plant in a fabric pot.

So, read the full content to learn more about fabric grow pots or fabric grow bags.

Why Garden in Fabric Pots?

Here are some great reason why more growers i mean gardeners are switching to fabric pots. So, read these 7 reason and if you think fabric pots are the great & healthier for your plants then start your indoor  or outdoor gardening with fabric pots!!

1. Promote air pruning of the roots and prevent roots circling:

In the standard plastic gardening pots, roots grow outward and eventually hit the impenetrable walls of the pot, leaving them with nowhere to go. They begin to spiral one another and choking each other out and becoming root bound. 

It leads to stressed out plant, stunted growth, and a smaller harvest. Fabric pots, the roots grow outward and when reaching the side, they naturally pruned by air and light instead of traveling down and circling.

2. Improves root structure and mass:

When roots become air pruned by the fabric, your plant's begins to shoot out the new feeder roots. The increases in root mass provide more area of root matter that can uptake water and nutrients. As a result, it allows your plants to grow bigger.

3. Aerate the root zone regulates temperature:

Breathable fabric allows oxygen to aerate to the root zone from all the sides. The oxygenation helps beneficial microbes in the fabric pot soil thrive and contributes to a healthy rhizosphere, as the Breathability and evaporative cooling help to keep the temperatures low.

4. Prevents the over-watering:

Fabric pot provide excellent drainage on all sides, that's why the roots don't get over-watered and drown. Over watering is also one of the main reason for mold and pathogen, so sufficient drainage is very crucial to prevent it.

5. Can be used in the hydro system:

Water can get in and out. Fabric gardening pots work well in ebb and flow systems, allowing to penetrate the bags and be absorbed by the medium.

It allows growers to use a soil-less medium in a hydrogen system without any threat. Fabric planter pots or bags make growing foods possible where soil condition is poor. Fabric aeration pots make gardening possible, where it did not have been before.

6. It's completely mobile:

Fabric container/pot is flexible, so you can easily fold up and store them. If you want you can move it to the different place around a yard if sunlight reaches certain areas at different times. 

Since fabric aeration pot/bag/containers has made their debut into the hydroponics industry, they buzz in grow rooms around the world.

7. It's reusable and easy to store:

If you grow vegetables like tomato, potato in your fabric garden bag. After you've done, just wash them, it's flexible so fold it and store in a dry and cool place, You can reuse them.

Final words

Fabric pots makes easy to garden in a small place, Indoor or outdoor. If you're planning to do a container garden or already you do in a plastic bag, just switch into fabric grow bag/grow pot for better results. 

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