The 10 Best Car Fabric Cleaners in 2020 (Updated Info)

Welcome to our best car fabric cleaner reviews & buying guide content. Today's beautiful moments are tomorrow's beautiful memories.

So we create beautiful moments you need traveling, camping, visit tourist area and spend some time with the favorite person and visit a favorite place.

When you going to any place and travel you need some gear which helps us easy to travel or spend time. So you need your car net and clean.

car fabric cleaner

Although car seat made from fabric which are seems pretty durable and it goes through a pretty rough life cycle, so you must be given a little care and attention that ensure longevity.

So you need to clean your car seat and need to buy the best fabric cleaner for car seats (car seat stain remover).

If you want to have a weekly cleaning schedule for your car at home and even sure clean the car when the car looking a bit dirty then you need the good car interior fabric cleaner.

Using the car fabric cleaner to remove stains and odors in your car which can be finished and it will be far easier to use.

The best interior car cleaner is Meguiar’s G9719 fabric cleaner for cars which helps us professional deep clean of the car seat and car fabric. For the other car seat fabric cleaner, we recommend the Adam’s auto interior cleaner.

Best Car fabric seat cleaner or the best car upholstery cleaner needs to be able to clean, remove stains and odors which keep it clean your car inside.

So we recommend that top-level products ensure maximum safety.

top 5 car fabric cleaner

Top 10 Best Car Fabric Cleaners & Stain Removers reviews 2020

The inside of your car is where you spend your time driving but some people will neglect for good clean.

And you spend hundreds of dollars to clean inside the car. But before using a best car seat cleaner, you will ensure that the car has been vacuumed thoroughly.

The spray cleaner isn’t clean can induce scratches and not be effective. So we highly recommend buying a vacuum for car fabric that’s come at an affordable price.

You can visit here to read more about our upholstery cleaner machines for cars reviews content!

The car fabric cleaner will become very quickly clean and remove all spots, dirt and bad odors.

Now we write down a list of the best car fabric stain remover that is simple to use and works effectively clean dirty, stains and bad odors.

The 19 ounce is sufficient for a deep clean all the fabric in the car inside. It is also great for you to keep on hand and use any spot cleaning and when you notice spills or dirt beginning to build up. 

Now you get a lovely fresh odor and no sticky or greasy residues. We recommend this product because price wise we are well in the mid-range and expect to drop round 10 bucks.

1. Meguiar’s carpet & best car upholstery cleaner

The Meguiar’s is another cleaning product on the market which we like to see here at car seat fabric clean.

This is the premium product will be one of the best products they have brought.

This professional car upholstery cleaner product that is designed and get to work on deep stains and odors. 

It is also work formulated to be fast. So you don’t have to spray because this smell is good and go away and read war & peace, then come back and finish the job.

This car upholstery cleaner works start lifting stains and dirt straight and that is a very handy feature. The 19 ounce is sufficient for a deep clean all the fabric in the car inside.

It is also great for you to keep on hand and use any spot cleaning and when you notice spills or dirt beginning to build up.

Now you get a lovely fresh odor and no sticky or greasy residues. We recommend this best auto upholstery cleaner because price wise we are well in the mid-range and expect to drop round 10 bucks.

Key features:

  • Dual purpose sprayer for general use or spot cleaning.
  • Dries quickly without any residue.
  • Fast-acting foam.
  • It is ideal for car cloth seats, carpet, and headliner
  • Best upholstery cleaner for cars
  • It is one of the best cleaner for car seats

2. Adam’s car seat interior detailer- best car interior cleaners

If you want to clean your car carpet, car fabric, leather, and plastic inside the car,

Adam’s interior detailer is perfect. It comes on the market in several different sizes and different scent.

You can get leading automotive technology which this car interior cleaner is able to stay clean for a long time.

The Adam’s cleaner made with advanced polymers that are not greasy but it works well and removes unwanted odors.

Overall, It is the best car seat interior cleaner for fabric, leather, and vinyl that lasts far longer than other cleaners.  

When you use Meguair’s interior car seat cleaning products, its work well but if you used this product you are able to achieve a professional finish to your car inside.

Key features:

  • Eliminates dirt, body oils and stains
  • Dust resistant and anti-static
  • Advanced UV protection
  • Used dual purpose spray
  • Ideal for fabric, leather, and plastic
  •  Top choice of scent
  • Odors kill the unwanted smell
  • One of the best cleaner for car interior

3. Car Guys super cleaner spray for cars seat

The Car Guys super cleaner is one of the best car seat cleaner on the list.

When we see the Car Guys name cleaning products we hard not to sit up and we get to pay attention.

This product comes with a premium price tag that’s are most expensive on the list.

However, it is getting a pretty remarkable cleaning product and the main feature is that it is safe to use on every surface inside the car and you can use the exception of glass and instrument panel screens.

The Car Guys product can clean all plastic, upholstery, fabric, leather, vinyl and glass panel screens.

Not only gives fresh but also it is formulated to dirt and grime clean on a molecular level, so you can soak into a stained material, it can really get to work and clean deep level.

It also doesn’t leave behind the oily surface it works deeply and it is instead formulated to wipe away without a trace. So the only thing that it leaves behind, in fact, is a lovely and clean surface.

Key features:

  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • Non-Greasy finish
  • An effective cleaner that’s dirt & grime
  • It works leather trim, plastics, and fabric
  • It is one of the best cloth car seat cleaner on the list

4. Tuff stuff multi-purpose foam cleaner- car fabric seat cleaners

The professional car fabric stains remover, Tuff stuff foam cleaner maintains works great.

It is a strong foaming action which removes grime and dirt inside the car with ultra-efficiency. 

This product is very effective on array surfaces but it is really one of the perfect car seat cleaners.

This is great because being a foam product that’s fantastic cleaning action when you spray.

This best stain remover for car upholstery gives us to deliver solid results for applied on harder material such as plastics, vinyl, and fabric that’s work effective all around cleaner. 

According to regular users, the Tuff Stuff foam cleaner going to your seat restoring your automobiles to good as new status. But some users do complain about the less than satisfactory results.

Key features:

  • Powerful foam based cleaner
  • Works Multi-surface cleaner
  • Great on carpet, fabric and floor mats
  • One of the perfect car seats cleaners
  • Solid, all around cleaner
  • It is a perfect car upholstery stain remover

5. Chemical guys carpet & upholstery odor eliminator

Chemical guys is an international manufacturing company provides premium quality care products.

The company considered to be one of the most specialized car seat fabric cleaners. 

The product made especially for car fabrics and the manufactured inbuilt biotechnology and remove grime and dirt at a molecular level for the deep cleaning process.

At the same time, it’s remarkably mild, No abrasive cleaner like bleach or ammonia. The built-in odor eliminator uses regularly and adding their own unique bouquet of aromas to the fabrics. 

Lastly, the price is less than 12$ in a pack of beer and delivers a solid performance against old stubborn fluid marks.

Key features:

  • Deep cleaning biotechnology
  • No toxic chemical like bleach or ammonia
  • Specially formulated for upholstery
  • Automobile care product
  • One kind of shampoo
  • It is one of the best stain remover for car seats

6. Black diamond carpet spot remover

Black Diamond carpet spot remover is another fantastic value product, which comes in a 1-quart size bottle for around $10.

It is great to pick up if you are looking to stains cleaning fabric that maybe works better.

This remover designed to tackle both old and new grime. It’s you can use safely in a car inside or domestic like sofa and chair.

It is well equipped to tackle a number of car gear like coffee and pet stains.

We know that it provides a professional clean but still safe to use around children and pets because this spray can be used down the car inside without worry about airing this product before your passengers climb inside.

Moreover, it is a chemical formulation, the black diamond remover is perfectly clean of tackling different types of spills inside your car like coffee, ice cream, and pet odors.

Other hands a few users have complained about discoloration but they applied on lighter shade upholstery.

Key features:

  • Affordable price
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Safe, Non-toxic formula
  • Can be used many types of carpet and fabric
  • One of the best product to clean car seats

7. Turtle Wax Power Upholstery Cleaner for cleaning car cloth seats

Turtle wax upholstery cleaner is a renowned great products company that manufactures one of the high quality car upholstery cleaners on the market on a budget.

If you tell any drivers, it will work properly that ketchup, coffee, and oil are the common types of stains. 

This turtle wax cleaner can be handle all of stains. Turtle wax can be used on fabric, vinyl, Plastics, and car carpet to remove stains and odors with ease.

This car upholstery cleaner comes with a triple action formula that helps clean, deodorizes and safeguards for spots and deep clean. 

Additionally, the Turtle wax bottle packed with a micro-scrub brush that really works scrub of the car inside the area for deep clean.

If you used a regular basis the cleaner is good to rid your car of least three-year-old stains and it eliminates bad smells and stains. The car upholstery cleaner works to stop them quickly reappearing

Key features:

  • Powerful stains eliminator
  • Detachable scrubbing brush
  • Safe to use in the range of fabric types
  • Triple action formulated
  • Affordable auto upholstery cleaners

8. Armor All OXI Magic Carpet and Fabric Cleaner

The first thing to note this is that of No-nonsense car upholstery cleaner or car fabric cleaner which have a credible reputation.

The OXI Magic upholstery cleaner can make the most stubborn stains magically.

This car upholstery cleaner works great because it functions with potent oxygen based action to all ground stains.

This upholstery cleaner is formulated works deep cleaning and can be removed to tackle a range of typical car stains like grass, cola, coffee, and motor oil.

It works well with powerful oxygen-based stains even ground.

Additionally, the armor OXI cleaner designed for cleaning carpet, fabric, upholstery, vinyl, floor mat, and others.

However, some users complain about this product but it’s not effective for water-based stains.

The car upholstery cleaner are more powerful and expensive but its decency affordability and gives us reliable performance.

Key features:

  • The trusted brand for car care
  • Works on a variety of materials
  • Large size but small price
  • Tackles deep, ground in dirt
  • Restores dull and dirty fabric
  • Not as effective on water-based stains

9. Blue coral automotive upholstery fabric cleaner 

If you find upholstery, fabric, carpets, floor mat heavy stains cleaner, then this blue carol cleaner could be the best for you.

It is made for specifically formulated to tackle a wide range of stains which you may possible that you are never going to get rid off.

Blue coral car fabric cleaner is very effective on coffee, lipstick and other difficult stains like blood. It can easily remove the stains and odors.

You get in the stiff brush to really help you to get the product deep into the weave upholstery. It really removes the tackle serious baked in stains.

If you want to regular users, the product we suggest and save them your car seat. Moreover, the blue coral cleaner is not very effective for removing pet odors.

Key features:

  • Effective on a range of stains
  • It works on all soft fabric and car cabin
  • Built-in brush cap on the ground stains
  • Weight 1.5lbs
  • Affordable and odor elimination
  • Not effective on deep stains

10. Mothers 05424 car carpet, fabric & upholstery cleaner product

You have never seen your car carpet and upholstery cleaner, this mother carpet & upholstery cleaner is one of the great product on the list.

The carpet cleaner is tough enough to pull out the stubborn stains remove and marks that carpet, valor, cloth, vinyl, and sheepskin which being pH balanced and keep safe.

It is not just for car carpet it’s work on stains in home and other and the big 24oz trigger spray bottle you give when you buy.

If you want to clean your vehicle’s inside you can be thorough vacuuming, hit the seats, floor and dash and everywhere.

The only exception is headliner which is a bit trickier clean. It makes the job go faster which soft and natural bristle brush all interior surfaces.

You can get satisfaction guaranteed. The manufactures liability limited this product replacement or refund purchase price.

Key features:

  • Trigger spray bottle for use
  • The cleaner can use home stubborn stains
  • Safe to environmentally
  • Regular use and provides long lasting
  • Easy to apply

car fabric & upholstery cleaner buying guide and questions

That completes our top-rated car fabric cleaner list on the market right now. But once you have decided which one of the best for you and you know how to use the best product to clean car seats.

Read our handy guide and get some tips and tricks that combined with the perfect car fabric or upholstery cleaner that’s will help to leave your car fabric looking best.

How to properly clean your car fabric

If you want to clean your upholstery of car fabric, especially the seats may seem like operation.

If you lost waste a lot of time and energy but you couldn’t get a potential car seat cleaner after all its help you.

Here is our guide to the easy to clean your car seat fabric and get the very best upholstery cleaner for cars you have selected.

List of quick tools:

1. Bucket of clean water

2. Vacuum cleaner

3. Brush

4. Sponge

5. Microfiber towel

Finally, start the popping the brush onto your vacuum cleaner, then it to deep clean all the loose pieces of debris-fumbled and remove pet hair, Cheeto dust and anything else that need to get rid off.

The next stage is used to deploy car fabric cleaner you have chosen and it makes a big difference if you have gone for a foam based cleaner or liquid cleaner.

Remember that before you proceed, just try the cleaner on a piece of fabric that is out of sight. Most of these cleaner is pretty mild and they are designed for use of different surface and materials.

If it’s foam, you should need to work into the surface with a brush or hard sponge where attention to heavily stained areas. If you used a spray, liberally coat the surface and gently scrub at any kind of stains.

When you used the bucket and fresh water which help your fabric work to remove any dirt and excess cleaning product. 

That’s really, you get car fabric clean naturally air dry, you should lovely clean seats all the time.

What type of car seat fabric is the easiest to remove stains?

There are many parts inside the car that is going to dirt fastest are carpets, floor mats, and other particular seats.

The seat in your car is the most become dirty for the simple reason that’s don’t like you and your passengers. Your passengers aren’t like dirty. So we need to clean your car seat.


leather car fabric seat easy to clean, hard wearing but not cheap. They have own special cleaners and have all the tools needed. 

That's why lots of people say "don't get leather car seats"


It is easy to clean than leather car seat fabric. It can be wiped down most of the time.

If you live in hot weather, vinyl seats can feel like sitting down on the face of the sun and it will be loss approximately 95% your body weight which sitting in traffic.


Most of the car has a fabric seat. They are very comfortable, looking nice and have a nice color and compliment cabin design and they are pretty comfortable on the sit on both heat and cold weather.

Which fabric is easy to clean? Even vinyl has leather’s wipe clean ability without any waxes and any conditioners.

It is also an awesome material to sit on. For everyday use fabric is better than leather and vinyl. It is pretty comfortable in most weather and it’s easy to clean too. And provided a good quality car fabric cleaner.

Tips for removing stains from car fabric or auto upholstery

If you believe that most of the car fabric cleaner used to clean car seat or car fabric. Drivers are regularly spilling coffee and other sprayings that’s arterial blood all over the cars. We are not doing that.

But the manufactures highlight they clean these cars because they are recognized as the serious stain that’s are a pair of the shift.

The main fact they clean these really tough stains that means that most stains can be clean easily. Now we write down a few tips to make it easier still:

1- Don’t leave it because remove the stain as soon as possible.

2- Don’t scrub because when it is still wet, blot a stain with a kitchen towel or something else that’s are help us remove spillage as possible. Scrubbing point will just stain spread.

3. Apply car fabric cleaner, for best result use fabric cleaner.

4. Always clean wipe down with fabric and fresh water.

Here's car fabric cleaner guide and questions

That completes our top car fabric cleaner list on the market right now. But once you have decided which one of the best for you and you know how to use the best product.

Read our handy guide and get some tips and tricks that combined with the perfect car fabric or upholstery cleaner that’s will help to leave your car fabric looking best.

Pleasant scent

If you have successfully cleaned and remove stains or odors from your car seat fabric, there will be a distinctive smell as a result of using this cleaner.

You can use many brands offers various smelling car seat fabric cleaner and that’s great fun. When testing this cleaner, we buy some of there other cleaners.

We also them most of the people like the good pleasant smell and we highly recommended that you try them out for your selves.


There are so many cleaners available for the car and you can spend hours cleaning your car and using various products. 

But, if use the correct & best car fabric cleaner products, the product will  help  you massively to get your car seat clean very fast & easily and avoid any disappointing results.

If you have finished the clean, we recommend you get a new car air freshener to maintain the pleasant smell. 

The car always dirty but cleaning it on a regular basis with the best car upholstery cleaner. Now you can buy best car fabric seat cleaner and you get it far less stressful.

There are many types of cleaner have on the market but we recommend that you combine car seat fabric cleaner for the perfect finish inside your car. 

By the way, we suggest that you need a dedicated carpet cleaner such as Meguiar’s auto upholstery cleaner. The more seat cleaner for car as Adam’s interior detailer for the fabric or leather.

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