How to Clean a Fabric Steamer at Home: Step by Step

How to clean fabric steamer

I think you’ve got a Fabric steamer or you’ve heard about it. Fabric steamer, Also known as a clothes steamer. Do you know? Fabric steamers need cleaning when the flow of our steamer begins to thin or stops altogether. We use water-based products to clean our fabrics with a steamer. As with water-based products, Fabric … Read more

How to Make a Pillowcase: Step by Step Guide

how to make a pillowcase

As a newbie, learning to make basic pillowcases can be a great way to initiate. Pillowcases are easy to make, and as you level up, you can invent all the decorative ways to be more funny and interesting. Here I will discuss the very basic way to learn how to make a pillowcase and then … Read more

How to Clean a Shower Curtain: Step by Step Guide

How to Clean a Shower Curtain

Shower curtains tend to become dirty and uncleaned over time due to soap scum, mold, & mildew. Most of the shower curtains are machine washable. However, some of them instruct only hand wash. In that case, rubbing the curtains manually using warm water and baking soda will do. Read the article till the end, and … Read more

How to Recover Fabric Kitchen Chairs: Step by Stey Guide

Recover fabric kitchen chairs at home

How to recover fabric kitchen chairs or dining chairs at the home-The easy way you can do it yourself. I’ll make sure to give you all the details about how to repair/reupholster fabric kitchen chairs. Recovering/Reupholstering a fabric kitchen chair with fabric is an easy and simple way to update your kitchen without the cost … Read more