How to Recover Fabric Kitchen Chairs: Step by Stey Guide

How to recover fabric kitchen chairs or dining chairs at the home-The easy way you can do it yourself. I’ll make sure to give you all the details about how to repair/reupholster fabric kitchen chairs.

Recovering/Reupholstering a fabric kitchen chair with fabric is an easy and simple way to update your kitchen without the cost of buying a new kitchen room fabric chair.

how to recover fabric kitchen chairs at home

When you’ve done it, you’ll surprise yourself. A new piece of fabric can make your fabric kitchen chairs very nice and stylish. The method is even easy enough to update your look based on the season or holidays.

How to Recover Fabric kitchen Chairs with Fabric: At Home

Some Tools and Supplies Needed:

If you are Planning to recover your fabric kitchen room chairs with fabric at first you have to get some tools and supplies to finish your job nicely. Having the right tools on your hand-make your job a lot simpler.

Choose The Right Fabric:

Before you start, you have to pick the right fabric for your kitchen chairs. Upholstery fabric is the best fabric for use on furniture or all kinds of seats,

You can buy cotton or vinyl upholstery fabric. This is far thicker than other majorities of the fabrics found in the market. Purchase enough fabric to cover your all chairs. Now you can move forward to do your job step by step.

Remove The Seat Cushion from The Chair:

Turn your chair upside down, now you can use your screwdriver or drill to remove the seat cushion from the chair. Most chairs have about four screws.

All the chairs are not the same, every chair looks different but I believe you’ll manage to do it nicely.

Remove Staples

You can use a staple remover or knife to loosen the staples that holding fabric and dust cover down. Push the edge of the knife under the staple and wiggle it to loosen it from wood.

Now you can use pliers to grab the loosened staples and remove them from the seat cushion.

Don’t push the knife in the direction of your hand or Body.

Cut The New Fabric:

In this step, you have to use scissors, a tape measure, and a marking pen to measure your chair seats. Measure the top of the seat and don’t forget to add 3/4 inches to the measurement all around the seat cushion.

Or you can use the fabric you removed from the seat cushion as a guide. Mark the fabric with a marking pen and you can cut the new fabric.

Cover or Reupholster The Seat with Fabric:

Lay your seat cushion upside down on top of the new Fabric piece. Make sure not to lose any of the stuffing. You have to completely cover the top side of the seat cushion, as well as all the sides. 

Staple and Secure The Fabric: 

This is the most important step. Pull up the fabric and over one corner of the cushion and staple it several times. Take the opposite corner and pull the fabric very tight before stapling the same way.

Starting from the corners, Pull the fabric and staple it. Make sure the fabric is lying tightly across the seat cushion. Staple the same place the staples were you removed, now you almost did the job.

Put The Seat Cushion Back to The Chair:

Finally, you’re in the last step to make ready your fabric kitchen chair for your kitchen room again. Put your chair back together the same way you remove it.

Put those screws back into place to secure the seat cushion. Make sure the frame of the chair and all the legs are tight before you finish.

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If you follow this guide for how to recover fabric kitchen chairs at home, I hope you’ll be able to recover your fabric upholstered kitchen/dining chairs.

To keep safe chair fabric and long-lasting performance, Always try to clean your kitchen chair fabric seat the right way.

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