The 10 Best Rotary Cutters for Fabric & Quilting in 2021

Welcome to our top 10 best rotary cutters for fabric & quilting reviews feature. Are you searching for the best fabric rotary cutter, but you don’t know which one to buy for your next Sewing or Quilting project?.

If so, then read the full content, and purchase one for your next project.

best rotary cutter for fabric

Our researching team spent more than three days picking the top-rated rotary fabric cutter for you. We hope this content will help you to have the perfect rotary-cutter for fabric.

We’ve tested 20 products, and then we pick 10 rotary cutters to review which are the top-rated on the market in 2020.


Top 5 Best Fabric Rotary Cutters

Top 10 Best Rotary Cutters for Fabric, Sewing, Quilting, and More

1. Fiskars 01-005874 Rotary Cutter for Fabric, 45MM, Gray

Fiskars is one of the most popular rotary cutter brands. Fiskars 01-005874 is the first one on our list, which is the top-rated one that you can buy right now for your quilting and sewing project.

This Fiskars 45mm cutter is perfect for both right-handed and left-handed people.

Fiskar 45mm best rotary cutter

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Additionally, it has a curved, and loop handle design which makes this cutter fit your hand and improves control, and lets you keep the cutter in your hand when you rearrange your materials.

Its 45-millimeter blade is coated with a titanium coating which makes this cutter good enough to cut multiple layers of materials.

This is one of the most popular rotary cutting tools for leather and fabrics out there on the market. It’s very ideal, and perfect for cutting leather, multiple layers of fabrics, foams, and batting. 

So, if you want a rotary cutter to use on thicker materials just like embroidery fabrics, and some other thicker materials, you can give it a try to this product.

Final verdict:

Fiskars is a trusted brand, so if you really want a quality fabric cutter you can buy it, promise you this fabric cutting tool will save your time, and you’ll love it.

Some Great Features:

  • It has an ergonomically designed handle
  • The titanium coating makes the cutter blade harder enough
  • Anyone can easily use it
  • Easily cuts thicker materials
  • It’s a heavy-duty cutter

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2. OLFA RTY-2/C 45 MM, Rotary Fabric Cutter

This is the second rotary cutter on our list. Olfa RTY-2/C comes with a 45mm sharp blade.

This is one of the top-rated rotary cutters available on the market. The product got 90% positive customer reviews. Its contoured handle allows its user to have comfortable cutting.

olfa 45mm splash rotary cutter- best fabric rotary cutter

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This cutter makes changing the blade very easier by removing the washer and nut assembly. When you want to release the blade, just you have to slide the blade lock which is on the back of the handle. And locking is similarly very easy.

If you use this product, you don’t have to waste much time on changing the blade, which is very nice.

Additionally, it has an integrated groove at the head of the cutter which helps to prevent fingers slippage. The product comes with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the product.

Final Verdict:

All in all, this is a great rotary cutter that you can buy. If you want a high-quality rotary-cutter that is inexpensive and heavy-duty, you can buy this one without any doubt. The user of this cutter loves it, hope you’ll love it.

Some Great Features:

  • It’s cheap
  • Company gives you a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use and change the blade
  • This is lightweight
  • Perfect for both small and large project
  • Very easy to carry

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3. Fiskars 60 mm Premium Comfort Loop Handle Fabric Rotary Cutter for Quilting- Heavy Duty

Another great Fiskars rotary cutting tool on our list, but is the large rotary cutter.

This cutter comes with a 60 mm blade that has been coated with titanium, and this is one of the perfect cutters for quilting. This cutting product is perfect for both right-handed and left-handed users.

fiskars 60mm fabric rotary cutter

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With this cutter, you can cut multiple layers of cloth, paper, and fabrics. Its soft-grip comfort handle gives you additional comfort and also keeps you away from fatigue.

The cutter blade can be assembled on either side of the cutter, which will increase your vision. The product is inexpensive, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Final Verdict:

If you’re searching for big, heavy-duty, and inexpensive rotary cutters for quilting, this one will be a perfect pick for you. Overall, this cutter is perfect for all types of quilting, sewing, crafts projects.

Some Great Features:

  • Very hard blade
  • Design is user-friendly
  • It’s good enough for large quantities
  • Its handle is comfortable and very easy to grip
  • Also, Its blade can be assembled on either side of the cutter

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4. Premier Blades 45mm Top Rated Rotary Cutter for Quilters- Commercial

This Premier blade 45mm rotary cutter for sewing/more is an all-around fabric cutting tool that creates immaculate, accurate, and precise cuts with its premium titanium coated steel stainless 45mm razor-sharp blade. Premier blade 45mm cutter comes with extra 5 blades, these cutter blades can cut very quick and fast.

With this, you can do straight cuts, curves, and corners easily. 

Premier blades 45mm rotary cutter for quilters

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Its safety shield easily locks the blade when you don’t use it. Its comfortable handle is specially designed for both right and left hands.

This product has the ability to cut multiple layers of fabrics at once. There’s another good thing about this product, the company gives you a money-back guarantee. This is perfect for quilting and cutting fabrics, leather, paper, and much more.

Final Verdict:

Overall, this is the top-rated cutter for quilters, but also it can be used for sewing, card making, scrapbooking, and some other DIY project as well. So, if you want a new fabric cutter, you can try this one, hope you’ll be happy with this product.

Some Great Features:

  • Its blade is very sharp
  • Easy to hold and use
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Comes with extra five blades
  • Can be cut through almost all materials
  • Very easy to replace its blade

5. Gingher, 45 mm Rotary Cutter- High Quality

Gingher 45mm blade rotary cutter is another high-quality rotary cutting tool on our list.

This sharp rotary cutting tool is made from top-grade high-quality tungsten steel.

This product is perfect for all types of projects, including small, medium, and heavy-duty projects as well.

gingher 45mm rotary cutter

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Its easy-grip handle has a non-slip grip which provides you the kind of comfort necessary when you work with heavier fabrics.

Also, this unique design cutter is specially designed for both right-handed and left-handed people.

Doesn’t matter which hand you use for holding a rotary cutting tool while you cut your materials with a rotary cutting tool, this product is suitable for both right-handed or left-handed users.

This product is perfect for cutting multiple layers of fabrics, felt, paper, and more. Its thumb-activated lock secures the cutter blade when you don’t use it, which means that this is the safest option.

The product is a great option for those people who need a unique designed heavy-duty rotary cutter.

Final Verdict:

Our team found that almost 80% of users were happy with this cutter. So, if you want a heavy-duty rotary cutting tool, you can check it out.

Some Great Features:

  • It is well constructed
  • Its blade is very sharp
  • It’s safe
  • This product provides fast, easy, and precise cutting
  • It’s perfect for both small and large fabric cutting projects

6. Fiskars (195210-1001) Classic Loop Handle Fabric Rotary Cutter for Sewing

This Fiskars 195210-1001 classic loop rotary cutter is another great cutter, which you can buy right now.

It comes with a 45mm premium steel-made blade. The blade will stay sharper than others for a long time.

You can use this cutter for cutting multi-layered fabrics, vinyl, felt, paper, and some other sewing, quilting, crafts materials. Its classic loop handle will naturally fit in your hand when you cut your materials.

fiskars 45mm classic loop rotary cutter

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The user of this product will be able to assemble the blade on either side of the rotary cutting tool, and that provides high discernibility of the cutter blade for both left or right-handed people. Also, this cutter has a lifetime warranty.

Final Verdict:

This cutter is another top-rated rotary cutting tool, which you can purchase for your quilting, sewing, and crafts project. The product comes with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Some Great Features:

  • It’s inexpensive
  • Stays sharper for a long time
  • It’s heavy-duty
  • Fit for all ( right and left-handed people)
  • Perfect for all types of crafts, sewing, quilting projects

7. Arteza Rotary Cutter for Quilting- Professional Grade

Arteza is another great rotary cutter brand out there on the market. This Arteza cutter is one of the high-quality and perfect picks for quilters.

It has a 45mm blade, and this product comes with six extra blades. And its blade stays sharp for a long time.

Also, this cutter tool has a safety lock, which will protect you from any unexpected accidents. 

Arteza 45 mm quilting rotary cutter

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Its ergonomically designed handle with a soft handle will give you extra comfort when you work with it.

It’s the same as our other pick, the cutter is perfect and fit for both left and right-handed people. With this product, you can cut nylon, leather, cloth, fabric, paper, etc.

Final Verdict:

This cutter is another great item for quilting. So, if you want to buy a great quilting rotary cutter, you can buy this product.

Some Great Features:

  • It comes with six blades
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Very safe to use
  • Quite cheap

8. OLFA 45mm Deluxe Handle, Quilters Rotary Cutter

This deluxe handle cutter is one of the top-rated rotary cutters for quilters. The Olfa deluxe handle cutter comes with a 45 mm blade, which is made out of tungsten steel.

This 45mm deluxe handle cutter can cut up to 6 layers of fabrics at once.

Both left-handed and right-handed people can use this cutter. Its ergonomic handle will bring comfort when you cut your materials.

Olfa 45mm deluxe handle rotary cutter

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Also, it has a dual-action safety lock. So if you pick this one you don’t have to think about safety, because it’s safe to use.

This is a heavy-duty cutter for quilting and sewing tasks. So if it’s time to change your cutter, you can check it out.

Final Verdict:

All in all, this is one of the great cutters for quilters out there on the market. This will be a perfect option for those quilters, crafters, and tailors who want a heavy-duty, high-performance rotary-cutter.

Some Great Features:

  • It comes with an ergonomic handle
  • It’s cheaper
  • Heavy duty
  • Cuts up to 6 layers
  • Comes with excellent blade

9. Evergreen Art Supply Rotary Cutter, Perfect for Quilting, Sewing Scrapbooking, Seamstress, Tailors

This Evergreen rotary cutter comes with a 45mm blade, which is titanium coated ultra-sharp, and very easily replaceable.

It’s perfect for cutting leather, fabric, paper, sewing, and seamstress tailors as well.

Evergreen art supply, 45 mm rotary cutter

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If you’re looking for a rotary cutting tool for flawless cuts, then this is the tool you can buy for your next project.

This product you can use for straight cuts, corners, curves, it will give you sharp cuts without the rough edges the cutter comes with a comfy grip handle, which is perfect for both left-handed and right-handed people.

Also, it has a push-button safety lock, which means you can open the cutting blade when you working and you can close the blade when you not working with it.

There’s another good thing about this product, that is the company offers you a money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict:

Overall, it’s faster, cheaper, and heavy-duty, And it will beat your fabric cutting scissors.

So, if you’re looking for a new rotary cutter, you can give it a try to this product. We don’t this it will disappoint you, Hope you’ll love it.

Some Great Features:

  • It’s cheap
  • Its blade replacement is not difficult
  • This is perfect for right and left-handed people
  • Comes with an ultra-sharp titanium coated blade
  • It has a money-back guarantee

10. Fiskars (197980-1001) 28 mm Blade Stick Rotary Cutter- Affordable and Cheap

Fiskars 197980-1001 28mm is a good option for those people who need a rotary cutting tool for a small project.

Its premium quality steel (28mm) blade stays sharper for a long time, And its alignment markings allow it for correct positioning of the blade guard.

Fiskars 28mm rotary cutter

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Also, its slide button extends the guard for safety, and also its high-grade cutting blade is durable.

Its hassle-free blade exchange is 100% perfect for replacing the blade and immediately resuming the cutting activities as well.

This is an ideal option for cutting thick materials, including foams, batting, and multiple layers of fabrics as well.

This item is specially designed for both right hand and left. This means you can use this cutter with your left, or right hand. And this product comes with a lifetime warranty.

Final Verdict:

All in all, this is the popular rotary cutting tool for small, and medium projects. So, if you’re looking for a 28mm, you can buy this cutter.

Some Great Features:

  • It rolls easily and smoothly
  • Easy to replace the blade
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Can be used with both right or left hand
  • It’s very cheap

Best Rotary Fabric Cutter Buying Guide: 

Things to Consider When You Buy a Rotary-Cutter:

1: Handles:

The handle is an important thing to look at when you buy a rotary-cutter. Additionally, you’ll find a straight hand and curved handle cutter.

Decide yourself, which handle you like, if you like a straight handle, then buy a straight handle. But if you don’t like a straight handle cutter, then buy a curved handle.

2: Blades:

Rotary cutters for fabric come with several different blade sizes, Most commonly 18mm, 28mm, 45mm, 60mm in blade size. The smaller blades (18mm, 28mm) are perfect for a small project. Medium size blade (45mm) is perfect for both small and large projects. And the large size blade (60mm) is perfect for all types of your sewing and quilting project.

So, before you buy a rotary-fabric cutter, check the blade size. If you want a rotary cutter for a small project, then purchase 18mm/28mm.

But if you want a cutter for both smaller and larger projects, then you can go for 60mm.

3: Safety Latches:

Did you know most of the rotary cutters have a safety latch, that moves back and forth to expose the blade or keep the blade covered?

You’ll find several brands that make rotary-cutters with automatic closures. So, when you select a rotary-cutter, read the product description to make sure that the rotary-cutter has a safety latch.

Rotary Cutters Safety and Tips for Avoiding Accidents:

Rotary-cutters help us to cut fabrics and assemble quilts and do some other projects in a short time. But when you use the rotary-cutters, can cause injuries if you don’t follow some basic safety guidelines. Don’t be afraid to use a rotary-cutter, even if you’re a new rotary-cutter user, just follow these basic safety guidelines which are listed below.

1. Keep Your Rotary Cutter in a Safe Place:

Always keep your rotary-cutter in a safe place, you must make sure your kids can’t find it. Only take it out when you want to cut fabrics and other materials.

2. Keep New Rotary Blades in a Safe Place:

Here also same, just keep new rotary blades in a safe place, where your kids and pets can’t reach. And don’t open the blade’s packaging until your rotary-cutter needs the blade replacement.

3. Replace Your Rotary Cutter Blades Carefully:

When it comes to replacing the cutter blades do it with care. Especially, rotary-cutter blade replacement techniques are slightly different from one to another.

But many rotary-cutter blades are replaced by removing a nut and washer to access the old blade. And then repeat the process after slipping a new blade in place. You must do the process with care, and handle the old and new blade carefully too. Because an old blade may not cut your fabrics, but it can cut your hand.

4. You Must Keep Your Cutters Safety Shield Closed:

You must get into the habit of closing your rotary-cutter safety shield closed every time, when you put your rotary-cutter down.

If you don’t close, leave the safety shield always open I promise you, that one day you’ll brush your hand with it and you’ll get cut.

So, don’t forget to close the safety shield when you put down your rotary-cutter.

5. Dispose of Rotary Cutter’s Blades Carefully:

Even used (old) rotary-cutting blades are sharper than knives and used rotary-cutter blades can cause serious injury.

Most of the replacement blades are in plastic containers. So, keep the containers, and put your old used blades in them for disposal. But if you don’t have plastic containers, warp your old blades in layers of heavy paper. And before you disposing of it, carefully surround the paper with thick tape.

6. Don’t Use a Cutter as a Screwdriver:

You must use your rotary-cutter only for cutting fabrics, and materials that can be cut with rotary cutters.

Sometimes when we need a screwdriver or small hammer, but we don’t see nearby a screwdriver or hammer, the first thing we grab is what we see nearby. I recommend you not to use a rotary-cutter as a screwdriver, or a hammer.

7. You Must Always Rotary Cut Away From Your Body:

You should always roll your rotary-cutter away from your body. You must never attempt to cut with a rotary-cutter backward towards yourself because it’s too dangerous for you. So always cut fabrics away from your body.

8. Always Keep Your Fingers Away From The Ruler Edges:

When you cut your materials with rotary-cutters, always make sure that you put your fingers away from the ruler edge to avoid any accidents.

9. Always Cut Your Materials with Rotary Cutters When You Stand Up:

Don’t try to cut your materials when you set them down. If you set down and try to cut with a rotary-cutter, may you can’t hold the rotary-cutter or ruler currently in the right position, it can lead to accidents.

10. You must always use a rotary ruler and a rotary mat:

Don’t use a normal ruler, always use a rotary ruler and rotary mat when you use a rotary-cutter.

Frequently Asked Question About Rotary Cutters:

What is a Rotary Cutter?

Answer: A Rotary-cutter is a tool, that used for cutting fabrics and other similar materials. Especially crafters and quilters use the rotary cutting tool regularly.

Rotary-cutters have a handle and circular blade, and the blade of the rotary-cutters can rotate according to the user’s needs. And rotary-cutters are a great alternative to fabric scissors.

What are The Best Brands for Rotary Fabric Cutter?

Answer: There’re many rotary-cutter brands available on the market, but we recommend you to buy Fiskars, Olfa, or ginger rotary-cutter. Those three brands are the best.

Is Rotary Cutter Blade Replaceable?

Answer: Yes!! You can replace the blade.

Where to Buy The Rotary-Cutter?

Answer: You can visit your nearest fabric store, quilt store, craft store, or you can buy online.

How Much Does cost a Rotary-Cutter?

Answer: Don’t be worry about the price of a rotary-cutter because rotary cutters are not much expensive, they’re affordable. You can click on the “Check Latest Price Button” to find out the cost of a rotary-cutter.

What Size Cutter is Perfect for Sewing and Quilting?

Answer: Rotary-cutters come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Additionally, Rotary-cutter blade sizes 18mm, 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm are the most common on the market. A small rotary blade is perfect for a small project, so if you don’t want to cut too much fabric you can buy a small size.

Large size 60mm blade is perfect for a large project, but if you want a rotary-cutter for both small and large projects, you can buy a 45mm rotary-cutter.

Which Rotary Cutter Should I Buy?

Answer: We’ve reviewed the top 10 rotary fabric cutters. All of them are perfect for cutting different types of fabrics, so read the full review and pick one for your project.


We’ve listed the top 10 rotary cutters for fabric, sewing, craft, quilting, and more in this article for your needs.

These rotary-cutters are the best on the market right now, and customers are happy with these products.

Hope now you can buy a good rotary cutting tool for your next project from this rotary cutter reviews page.

And also this content will save your money, and your time too. Keep well! Have a good one! See you soon with another topic!

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