10 Best Fabric for Embroidery in 2021 (Updated Information)

Embroidery fabrics are available in different brands, thread counts, and linen, cotton, and blends as well. Normally you can do embroidery on any type of fabric, but some are better than others for embroidery.

Especially your selection of embroidery fabric will depend on what you want to do and which embroidery technique you’re using. If you love to do embroidery, then you’re in the right place, because today we’re going to talk about the best fabric for embroidery that you’ll find in fabric stores.

best fabric for embroidery

If you’re new in this sector, it will be a hard task for you! I think when you trying to find out which is the best embroidery fabric, it will make your head pain.

But I hope this content will make it much easier for you to select the perfect embroidery fabrics. So, If you want to learn more about embroidery fabric, then please read the full article.

Top 10 Best Fabric for Embroidery Reviews:

Number 1: Aida Cloth

Aida cloth is the most popular and perfect choice for most beginner embroiderers, and it’s good enough for both hand & machine embroidery. It’s inexpensive and available at most fabric stores and craft stores.

Its easy to-count square pattern makes this fabric very popular with cross stitchers. But also, this cloth can be used for counted thread, and surface embroidery, or Assisi embroidery techniques as well. 

Typically, Aida cloth is woven with grouped fibers forming easy-to-follow squares in the fabric. Its fiber content can be linen, rayon, or cotton.

Aida cloth is available in many different types on the market- from 11count to 22count. Also, it’s available in a wide range of colors.

Many people used 14count Aida cloth is the best fabric for hand embroidery. There’s a little problem with Aida cloth, which is some of the specialty stitches or cutwork embroidery can not be done on Aida cloth.

But this is very good and perfect for cross stitch work. So, before you purchase Aida cloth, just talk to the shopkeeper or if you buy online then just carefully read the product description.

Final Tips:

Overall Aida embroidery cloth is one of the most used and most popular embroidery fabrics. And this is not expensive and perfect for the beginner.

So, if you’re a beginner you can purchase Aida cloth for your embroidery works. But anyone can be used Aida cloth for embroidery.

Number 2: Even-Weave Fabric:

Evenweave fabrics are suitable and perfect for embroidery. Typically, tightly woven Evenweave fabrics are best and perfect for surface embroidery work (hand embroidery).

On the other hand, loosely woven Evenweave fabrics are suitable for counted thread, drawn thread, and pulled thread embroidery techniques as well. 

Additionally, the fiber content for Evenweave fabrics can be cotton, rayon, silk, wool, linen, polyester, or a blend of these and other materials.

They’re available in different types of colors, and thread counts range from 32count linen to a more rustic 18count as well. And it’s one of the best fabrics for machine embroidery!

Final Tips:

Overall Evenweave fabrics are the perfect fabric for embroidery. If you want to do hand embroidery, you can purchase tightly woven Evenweave fabrics, and loosely woven for fabrics other types of embroidery projects.

Number 3: 100% Linen Fabric: 

100% linen fabric is another perfect option for doing embroidery. Linen fabric is a plain weave and even weave fabric as well.

Many people use linen fabrics for embroidery. If you like linen, you can select linen for your next embroidery project.

There’re many different types and thread counts of linen fabric available on the market, such as Belfast linen [32count, it’s perfect for delicate embroidery], Cork linen[19count], Cashel linen[28count], Dublin linen[25count], Edinburgh linen[36count], Etc.

There’s one disadvantage of linen fabric is that it’s expensive than others. But if you have enough budget, then you can select linen for your next embroidery.

Final Tips:

All in all, linen is an ideal item for doing embroidery on it. If you like linen (If you don’t worry about the cost), then you can select linen for your next embroidery project.

Number 4: Canvas for Embroidery:

Canvas is another material that is used for an embroidery project. This is suitable for different types of embroidery projects. There’re different types of canvas available on the market. 

Final Tips:

Canvas is suitable for doing embroidery work. So, if you love canvas, buy it for your next embroidery work. 

Number 5: Hardanger Fabrics:

This Hardanger fabric is 100% cotton fabric. It’s an Evenweave fabric with 22count. Hardanger fabric is woven with a double thread, and it originated in Norway, and each double thread group is counted as only one.

This fabric you can use for cutwork, blackwork, Hardanger embroidery, and counted thread embroidery techniques as well. But if you use this fabric for cross stitch, it will word over two thread groups which result in a count of eleven squares per single inch.

You not going to find this fabric in a different type of color, because it’s available in a limited section of color, but it’s perfect.  

Final Tips:

Hardanger fabrics are another high-quality fabric, that is used for embroidery projects. If you think this is suitable for your next embroidery project, you can purchase it.

Number 6: 100% Cotton:

A hundred percent cotton fabric will be a great option for you if you wanna stitch on a patterned fabric. Cotton fabrics are available in different types of colors.

Final Tips:

Overall, if you want to do embroidery work on cotton fabric, you can do it. I hope you’ll have a good result.

Number 7: Cotton & Linen Blend:

Linen & cotton blend fabrics can be used for embroidery work. They’re not bad, they’re suitable for embroidery. I show one of my friends used cotton/linen blend fabrics for doing embroidery. They’re soft and available in a wide range of colors.

Final Tips:

All in all, I can tell you that if you want to do your embroidery work on linen and cotton blend fabrics, you can do it without worry.

Number 8: Silk:

Silk fabric is one of the most beautiful and great choices for dressmaking and some other home decor. From a long time ago, people doing embroidery on this fabric. But it’s quite difficult than on even-weave fabrics.

You should use the sharpest needle you can find with a very small eye because the big needle can leave holes.

Final Tips:

Silk fabrics are not the perfect fabric for embroidery but still, you can try it, I hope it will work. There’re so many different types of silk fabrics available on the market. 

Number 9: Flour Sack Towels:

Flour sack towels can be used for embroidery. Especially, flour sack towels made from a fabric that is traditionally stitched on. If you would like to do your embroidery on different types of material, you can try flour sack towels.

Final Tips:

I show some people used flour sack tea towels to do embroidery on it. So, if you like to do new things, you can try flour sack towels for your next embroidery projects. You may like them.

Number 10: Satin Fabrics:

The satin fabric is used for making dresses but also can be used for embroidery, this is not the most popular for embroidery, but still, you can try it. If you want to do your embroidery on satin fabrics, just purchase the quality satin fabric, not the cheapest one.

Final Tips:

All in all, satin fabrics are not the most used embroidery fabrics, but you can do your embroidery on satin fabrics. Just make sure that you purchase quality satin fabrics for embroidery.

In Conclusion:

Choosing a fabric for embroidery projects is a little bit hard task, but after publishing this fabric for the embroidery article, your job will be much easier. And also I hope now you can easily select the best embroidery fabric for your next projects.

Important Note: All the information was collected from Google and some other search engine. So, if you think I missed or didn’t included something, just comment below, I’ll try to fix it

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