How to Clean a Fabric Steamer at Home: Step by Step

I think you’ve got a Fabric steamer or you’ve heard about it. Fabric steamer, Also known as a clothes steamer. Do you know? Fabric steamers need cleaning when the flow of our steamer begins to thin or stops altogether.

We use water-based products to clean our fabrics with a steamer. As with water-based products, Fabric steamers need regular maintenance to ensure a long-lasting and productive life. Would you like to learn how to keep safe and clean a clothes/fabric steamer? Read this article. In this article, I’ll show you how to clean a fabric steamer at home.

How to clean a fabric steamer

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So, if you want to keep clean your steamer & learn more about how to clean steamers, read the full content. I recommend you to clean your clothes/fabric or garment steamer at least once a month, But if you use your steam commercially then clean your fabric steamer once a week.

Learn More About How to Clean A Fabric Steamer: Step by Step

Things You’ll Need:

  • Distilled water.
  • White vinegar.
  • Bucket.

Clean Your Fabric Steamer Step by Step

When your fabric steamer needs cleaning, Clean step by step. Follow my guide to clean your steamers easily at home.

Step Number 1:

At first, remove the remaining water from your steamer. If your fabric steamer has a drain or release valve, Unscrew(open) the drain valve and then allow the excess liquid to drain into a sink, tub, or toilet, After that close the drain valve.

But if you see there’s no drain valve in your steamer turn your fabric steamer over and allow the water to pour out completely and return the steamer.

Step Number 2:

Make a cleaning solution from distilled water and white vinegar. Simply Take a bucket, Put two-part distilled water and one part of vinegar into the bucket and mix it well.

Step Number 3:

Once you’ve made your cleaning solution, Fill up the water reservoir of your steamer with a cleaning solution (What you’ve made with distilled water and vinegar). Close the water reservoir, Plug in the steamer and then turn it on. 

Step Number 4:

Run the steamer until half of the cleaning solution has been used up. Also, keep track of how the steamer working.

Step Number 5:

Turn off your fabric steamer and unplug it. Wait for half an hour to allow the remaining cleaning solution to sit in the reservoir or wait until the steamer has cool off. Pour out the remaining cleaning solution from the reservoir.

Step Number 6:

Now use clean water (you can use tap water) to rinse the cleaning solution from the reservoir, after that refill it with pure distilled water and plug in the machine.

Step Number 7:

Turn the machine on and you should, allow your steamer to run through half the distilled water, This will remove any remaining vinegar from the steamer.

Step Number 8:

Almost you’ve done the job, This is the last and final step, Remove the remaining distilled water from the reservoir.

Leave the reservoir open and allow it to dry completely. After you’ve dried your steamer, store it.

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Some important tips:

  • Don’t allow your fabric steamer to run without water. If you run a steamer without water, you’ll damage the steamer.
  • Don’t put additives in the reservoir any time (salt, perfumes, and dyes will clog and corrode the machine).
  • Always Try to use distilled water or demineralized water in your fabric steamer.
  • Clean your steamer occasionally.

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Final Words

I hope this article will help you to clean your fabric steamer. Don’t leave your steamer without cleaning for 2/3 months. Clean your steamer once a month to keep your steamer in top form. 

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