Can You Dye Polyester Curtains? Find Out How to Do It

Polyester curtains are highly recommended because of the easy-making process and long-lasting ability.

Can You Dye Polyester Curtains

But when it comes to dye, polyester curtains are very difficult to dye. So, can you dye polyester curtains? Yeah, it’s a little bit hard, but you can do it! If you want to dye your polyester curtains, you need to purchase dispersion dyes (dispersion dyes are specially designed for polyester fibers), and you have to dye the curtains in hot water.

Don’t be worry about the process, because in this blog post, we are going to show you how to dye polyester curtains step by step.

Can You Dye Polyester Curtains?

Well, this is a big question, and the answer is a big “Yes!”. By following some simple steps properly you can do that.

Before dyeing polyester curtains, you need to select a chemical dye that reacts with synthetic fibers. 

There is some class of chemical dyes used for polyester fabrics, and these are called dispersion dyes. Usually, dispersion dyes are made out of dyeing synthetic fabrics, and not working well on natural fabrics.

Also, keep in mind, you need to use dispersion dyes in hot water to dye polyester curtains, cold water not going to work. 

To get the best results, you should use dyes that are made for polyester fibers, and use the hot water dyeing method.

What is The Best Dye for Polyester Curtains?

There are different types of dyes available in the market proclaiming themselves best. Nevertheless, you need to choose a suitable dye that can provide you the best result.

best dye for polyester curtains

After analyzing customer reviews we recommend the Rit DyeMore Liquid Dye, and this is one of the best dyes for curtains. This dye can be used in fabrics with around 35% polyester or more. 

In addition, you can do some changes in color as it is a pre-mixed liquid. This dye can ensure an exceptionally vibrant color. 

How to Dye Polyester Curtains: Step by Step

Dyeing Polyester Curtains

1. Select Your DYE

As polyester curtains need a special kind of dye, you need to play a picky role here. You must choose the dye which can color your curtains perfectly. Rit dye more liquid dye is best overall. Purchase it and use enough quantities. 

2. Prewash Curtains

Your used curtains may include dust & strains. For setting the color perfectly you should pre-wash it before dyeing. Dip your polyester curtain in warm water. Regular detergent or a small quantity of liquid soap can be added to clean your curtains.

3. Boil Water 

Curtains are heavy & broad in size. So, you need a big tub for dye. Boil around 10-liter water for 15 minutes in a large pot. Put the water in a tub.

4. Add Ingredients and Test The Color 

Add dye to warm water & stir it in the tub for 10 minutes. Ensure that dye is equally mixed with water. 

Before using color in your curtains make sure this color is your desired one. For testing this you need a white piece of paper or carton. Test its staining ability by scooping a little quantity and pouring it on the white paper or carton.

5. Rinse & Wash

Rinse the curtains continuously in warm water, and then gradually in cooler water, until you see the water run clear. Wash gently using your hand. Then let it dry outside or in a dryer.

Can You Dye Sheer Curtains?

Can You Dye Sheer Curtains

Yeah, You can dye sheer curtains too. Just you need to be more tricky & careful here. But before starting the dyeing process, you need to choose the correct dye regarding the fabric.

How to Dye Sheer Curtains with Tea Step by Step

1. Tea Selection

There are different types of tea. You may get confused about which can be best for dye. Well, let me clear your confusion.

When you intend to dye you may need deep color. And black tea can ensure a deep color. 

But teas that are light in color don’t work well this term. You can use loose teas or tea begs for dye. Teabags are more preferable as you can measure them easily & this process is less messy.

The size of the curtains can give you an idea about how many tea bags you need. You have to use enough water for covering the whole curtains and the number of tea bags depends on the amount of water you need.

Generally, you’ll need 4 tea bags for 1 liter of water. If you want a dark color, you must add more tea bags. 

2. Heat The Water and Add Salt 

You need a big pot for boiling water. Add some salt in water & stir. 2 tablespoons of salt is enough for 1 liter of water. Salt will help to set the color. Let this water & salt mixture boil fully.

3. Wet The Curtains 

As you know, a wet curtain is needed for setting dye color. Try to clean all dust & remove strains.

4. Dip Curtains on Tea Liquor and Soak

Dip sheer curtains on tea & soak until the exact color comes out of the tea. Long time soaking can bring good color.15 minutes is enough for the tea to soak. Keep your eyes on the water to see the new color of curtains.

5. Rinse & Dry 

Pick up the curtains from the tea bath, using the tongs or wooden spoon — the water may still be hot. 

Rinse it with cold water, you may add an ice cube here.

Don’t keep it too long and don’t rub it otherwise the color will be faded. You can use the dryer or keep it outside to dry

6. Iron The Sheer Curtains 

After drying you can see wrinkles on curtains, so iron them smoothly. Heat can help to set the stain but don’t heat much, color may fade.

One more reminder, regular washing is not good when you want to preserve tea staining longer. Wash often using hand rather than a washing machine 

How to Dye Sheer Curtains with Food Coloring: Step by Step

You can use food coloring to dye polyester since it’s a fabric material. Though food coloring is a temporary dye, you can use it on a regular basis.

But the fact is, you have to use food coloring after every wash. Let’s know about how to dye sheer curtains with food coloring-

1. Know Material and Choose The Color 

When you intend to dye your curtains you should keep in mind that fabric material matters here. All colors are not perfect for all materials. Cotton, wool, cashmere silk, and polyester can absorb color properly but you need to select a long-lasting color. 

There are different types & different colors of food coloring. You must pick the right one for your curtains. 

2. Prewash 

Before applying the dye, wash your sheer curtains properly. Wet curtains are needed for dye.

3. Dip Curtains in a Mixture of Water & Vinegar 

Place your curtains in the big tub. Then add water & vinegar equally(1:1)). Soak it for around 30 minutes. 

This pre-soak process prepares the curtains to accept the dye better than going.  Straight to water and food coloring. In addition, the vibrant colors will come by doing this.

4. Soak Curtains in Food Color 

After the vinegar soaks, dip curtains in water and food coloring. Dump out the water/vinegar mix. Gently wring out your curtains. Then use water depending on how bulky the curtains are and 10-15 drops of food coloring. 

Mix the water and dye in a large tub and place your wrung-out curtains into the new mixture. You can add more drops of food color to get the desired color.

5. Mix More Food Coloring to Create a Variety 

There are 4 basic food coloring; blue, green, red, and yellow. If you want to create differences you may mix all colors with water. Then soak the curtains again so that you can get an exceptional color. Keep your curtains for 20 minutes in the mixture.

6. Put Curtains in a Resealable Bag for a Long Duration

Drug out curtains from the mixture and put it in a resealable bag for 8-10 hours. A resealable bag makes the dye react with the fabric faster, which will give you a more vivid and longer-lasting color in the end.

Final words

We hope now you know how to dye polyester curtains at home! So, what are you waiting for? Just follow our instructions given above and dye polyester curtains in different ways.

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