How to Make Tea Towels From Fabric at Home Step by Step

A tea towel (kitchen or dish towel) is one of the most important stuff for a kitchen! To keep clean your kitchen & drying dishes you may use kitchen or tea towels. But have you ever tried to make your tea towel at home? Hello everybody! I’m David Johnny & today I’m gonna show you how to make tea towels at home!!

Sewing a tea towel is not a hard task, but figuring out how much fabric and which fabric you need is the difficult & hardest part of making tea towel. 

how to make tea towels at home

Tea towels must be made from absorbent materials (fabrics). You should skip man-made fibers such as polyester fabrics).

Linen & cotton fabrics are the natural fibers and number one fabric for tea towels, so you can use linen fabric or cotton fabric for absorbent and soft tea towels. Also, you can select linen & cotton mix fabric to make your tea towels.

What is the perfect size of a tea towel?

The perfect & standard size of a tea towel is 18×28″, but if you want you can make a little bit bigger or smaller than this size.

Additionally, if you wanna make your own tea towels, you can do it from 1 yard 54″ wide fabric at home. To do this, cut the 54×36″ fabric into quarters to equal 18×27″.

When hemmed, you’ll have four tea towels (measuring about 16 1/2 by 24 1/2 inches), which is the perfect size of a tea towel as well.

Just remember, if you plan to make custom printed tea towels, just plan to make the design fit the 16 1/2 by 24 1/2 area so that you’ve enough room for the hem.

Make your tea towels step by step

Materials & Tools you will need:

  • Linen or cotton fabric (1 yard makes 4 tea towels)
  • Sewing Machine ( Or needle for hand sewing)
  • Fabric scissor (Or rotary cutter & ruler and mat)
  • Iron & Iron board
  • Sewing pins
  • Matching Thread

Sew your tea towel step by step:

Step number 1:

At first, zigzag or serge cut edge and then prewash your fabric. After that, press with your iron and fold your fabric into quarters.

Step number 2:

By using your rotary cutter, rotary mat & ruler square up the serged edges. Once you’ve done that, trim off as little as possible on both folded edges, do it gently don’t be hurry.

If you’ve bought 1 yard 54″ fabric, now you should have 4 identical rectangles (4 tea towels).

Step number 3:

Now fold and press (press with your iron) the first side up with a 1/2 inch. And then fold over again and press it.

Step number 4:

Now you’ve to do the same what you’ve done to the first side, fold & press the next side up with a 1/2 inch, after that fold over again & press.

Step number 5:

In this step, you’ve to open the pressed folds on the 2nd side and then fold the corner up to the press fold line.

Step number 6:

Now simply refold the 2nd side and you should press the first fold.

Step number 7:

Once again refold the side, by creating a folded mitered corner and then press and pin it to make secure. Just repeat this step & step 3 around the remaining sides & corner.

Step number 8:

Now sew all the side with your sewing machine or do it by hand sewing. You’ve done.

Final verdict:

I hope this how to make tea towels blog post will help you a lot on making new tea or kitchen towels. When you make your tea towels, do it gently don’t be hurry.

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