Top 10 best fabric softener reviews of 2019

If you are looking for how to keep your clothes soft and silky as freshly bought I will recommend the best fabric softeners, and I will answer some questions that you probably want to ask me, what are the advantages of using fabric softener? Can I use fabric softener with all my clothes? What types of fabric softener do I buy?

Downy Ultra April Fresh Liquid Fabric Softener

With my 15 years of experience in repairing washing machines and refrigerators, I learned a lot about the use of fabric softener, in my workshop I constantly washed the clothes of all the neighbors to try the washing machines.

It is not an easy task to choose which Conditioner Softener to buy without information, with all the offer that’s on the market, so we select the 10 best fabric conditioners/softeners value for money and taking into account the customers with their assessment, of the best-selling Amazon USA, to make it easier for you to choose.

Top 10 best fabric softener reviews and buying guide

The Downy Ultra April Fresh Liquid Fabric conditioner is one of the best fabric softeners on the market which works against discoloring, stretching and fading protection of your clothes and all fabrics.

This softener protects the fabrics from wrinkles and fuzz while adding that freshness and softness that are looking freshly washed clothes.

The Downy Ultra softener is a list of great products with this smart fabric softener and earning another spot on our list. 

Never worry about this softener because these pouches provide freshness for your fabrics for a significant amount of time and it is easy to pour pouches provide a long-lasting fresh scent in your clothes up to 6 weeks.

This softener is also very easy to use and compatible with both front and top product on the list.

The Downy Ultra Smart fabric softener is available on Amazon in a set of 3 pouches, this fabric softener is easy to pour out and it’s small and compact packaging.

It fights static wrinkles and clings that provides a long-lasting fragrance that keeps your clothes smelling fresh at all time.

Key to features:

  • 1
    Protects clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz
  • 2
    Downy pouch easy to pour and easy to store
  • 3
    Comes from 3 sets of pouches
  • 4
    Fights static cling and softener fabrics
  • 5
    Long-lasting scent about 6 weeks

The Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener is the most well-known fabric softeners on the market. This product is available in a pack of two bottles.

The snuggle is high-quality softener and soothing ingredients, it’s providing ultra-soft, ultra-fresh garments.

Snuggle fabric softener gives your family’s clothes softness and 30 days freshness that will love everyone.

The blue sparkle scent is very attractive and fresh, clean blend of white floral and bright green citrus scents to your garments.

Key to features:

  • 1
    Snuggle’s original blue sparkle scent that’s fresh and clean
  • 2
    Using softener can provide better softness
  • 3
    Soft musk for comforting and long-lasting freshness
  • 4
    Safe for standard and HE washing machines
  • 5
    Comes with 50-ounce bottles

The Sunggle Exhilarations Liquid fabric softener is 96 loads of washing fabric softener. It comes packed with a special ingredient that leaves your fabrics and fabric keeps soft and fluffy.

The 32 loads of fabric softener can provide up to 96 loads of washing.

This product safe for HE washing machines, and this formula helps in the reduction of wrinkles and keeps your clothes soft and snuggly.

These are available on the market in a pleasant cherry blossom and rosewood scent and fragrance for last right up until the next wash your clothes, this is a long-lasting capacity that’s not many softeners out there possess.

Key to features:

  • 1
    Infused with ingredients
  • 2
    Cherry blossom scent
  • 3
    Leaves clothes snuggly soft
  • 4
    The scent lasts from wash to wash
  • 5
    Safe for all high washing machines

If you want to free from perfume, the Downy Ultra Fabric Softener is a sensitive liquid fabric softener that is perfect for all clothes.

There are a few fabric softeners that have been tested by dermatologists and certified as safe and healthy for sensitive skin.

The softener has a formula that can provide three times the softness as compared to other fabric softeners and it’s come with packed with many other benefits.

This product works instance and use it garments from fading, discoloring, and fuzz and keeps them looking good like as new. It helps to condition the fibers present in the garment and protecting them against machines washing.

Key to features:

  • 1
    Safe for sensitive skin
  • 2
    Free of dyes and perfumes
  • 3
    Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested
  • 4
    Softener help prevent stretching and fading
  • 5
    Compatible with HE machines and fight pilling and fuzz

Snuggle plus super fresh liquid fabric softener is loaded with special ingredients to block and fight unpleasant bad odor.

This softener comes with a long-lasting fresh fragrance that is strong and fresh. 

It works odor eliminating technology helps to remove bad odor and smell and release fragrant scent onto your clothes.

The liquid super fresh fabric softener keeps your clothes leaving them silky smooth and snuggly. Moreover, this fabric softener 95-ounce bottle can provide you with up to 90 washing machine loads.

Key to features:

  • 1
    It works plus odor eliminating technology
  • 2
    Snuggle ever fresh scent
  • 3
    Long-lasting freshness and static reduction
  • 4
    Safe for a standard for HE dryers
  • 5
    Includes on a box of dryer sheet

If you find a unique fabric softener that’s crafted and put together with some of the best ingredients, Mrs. Meyer’s clean day fabric softener is one of them and it is softening agents from plants, cotton and special essential oil that provide ultra-fresh garden-like fragrance.

If you want to extra softness and fluff to your garments and clothes, Mrs. Meyer’s clean day is effective.

This softener works against static cling and helps in making ironing much easier.

Key to features:

  • 1
    Makes for easier ironing
  • 2
    End annoying static
  • 3
    Just 2 capfuls per rinse cycle
  • 4
    Contains softening ingredients from plant sources and cotton
  • 5
    He compatible

Snuggle Laundry scent booster fabric softener made with a special combination of floral fragrance and lavender essence providing ultra-freshness to your fabrics.

This softener each packet includes fragrance boosters for 56 loads and it works great on all kinds of clothes and fabrics, including sportswear and sleepwear.

This fabric softener available in a handy, no mess packing, it can easily to machine washable and left to work its magic, keep it soft, fragrant, fluffy garments.

Key to features:

  • 1
    Sweet floral scent and soothing lavender essence
  • 2
    Great for all kinds of clothes
  • 3
    Before adding your laundry simply place a scent pac into the washer
  • 4
    Scent boosters are safe for all washing machine
  • 5
    Including HE

Keep your clothes fresh and bouncy, the Bounce outdoor fresh softener is great on sheets too.

It is uniquely designed and made with high-quality ingredients, the fabric softener helps to remove the overall number of wrinkles and help to resist lint and hair.

It is also controlling the static cling in your clothes to an impressive standard.

This product is last but not least, the softener comes with a fresh outdoor scent that keeps your clothes and sheets feeling new look and invigorating.

Key to features:

  • 1
    One 240 count box
  • 2
    Helps reduce wrinkles
  • 3
    Controls static cling in fabrics
  • 4
    Helps repel lint and hair
  • 5
    Softness fabric and color safe

The Purex dryer sheets fabric softener are available in any sizes on the market and it is a very affordable price.

Moreover, it is not only affordable price but also they get a job properly and leaving your clothes tremendously soft and fresh. This fabric softener even freshens things around the house.

Purex is another familiar name in the laundry product, this is a strong contender among laundry products are powerful scented dryer sheets. The dryer sheets provide a long-lasting freshness your clothes and you can choose from multiple scents.

If you freshening up your clothes, the Purex scented dryer sheets can also be used to freshen up many areas of your home like as your laundry room, closet or even a bathroom.

The Purex fabric softener sheets do more freshen your clothes or various areas of your house. It is also working to prevent static from sticking to your clothes.

You can get 40 sheets for just under 2 dollars on Amazon and they have well-rated 4.5 out of the 5-star product that works well to provide a long-lasting scent and softness to your clothes. If you are a person with sensitive skin, you may want to use care with this product.

Key to features:

  • 1
    A refreshing scent
  • 2
    Reducing static cling
  • 3
    Keep your house smelling fresh
  • 4
    Take care your sensitive sk
  • 5
    Long-lasting freshen

If you are looking for natural, environmentally-safe and reliable fabric softener, the Ecover fabric softener is great for you. 

These are freshened and softens clothes gently without the use of harmful ingredients. It also made from recyclable material.

Most of the people like the typical fabric softener that makes your clothes smell and feel good but you don’t use the abundance of chemicals listed in the ingredients.

Finally,  the fabric softener provides the scent and touch you love without harmful chemicals.

We know that the Ecover liquid softener comes out with the fantastic and earth-conscious fabric softener. This morning fresh scent softener are available and make them your clothes smell fresh and clean.

When made from a biodegradable formula of plants and minerals fabric softener provides your clothes static cling.

The Eco-friendly softener is free from the harmful chemical that could damage your clothes or your skin. Although this product isn’t a wide range of scent, you can still feel great using it.

The product comes with a plastic bottle which isn't damaged anyway. This Eco-friendly fabric softener is available on Amazon and 4 star out of 5 ratings and works great.

Key to features:

  • 1
    Contains 32-ounce bottle of liquid
  • 2
    Plant-based liquid fabric softener
  • 3
    Helps to reduce static while softening and freshening fabrics
  • 4
    Made with plant-based and mineral ingredients
  • 5
    Bottle made with recycled plastic

What are the advantages of using Fabric Softener?

The goal of the fabric softener is to make the fabrics silky, soft, with the feeling of freshly bought clothes, did it ever happen to you that when drying with a towel it seems that you are passing sandpaper, yes

Fabric Softener in addition to leaving soft clothes and freer fibers helps reduce friction, wear, and static electricity.

The smoothness with which it is left helps dry faster with fewer wrinkles and ironing will be much easier.

In addition to all the softness that leaves us with a very pleasant aroma in the fabrics, in this case, we have to be careful that for people with delicate skin comes conditioner softeners without flavoring or coloring, hypoallergenic.

Always keep in mind that we must use a good quality detergent that makes our clothes arrive at the time of the softener in the last rinse in good condition.

Summarizing, the advantages of using softener: softness, easy ironing, less wear, aroma, antistatic, dry faster since the caked fibers are not breathed less.

What can I use fabric softener with all my clothes?

The Conditioner Softener creates a film about the fabrics that give it that pleasant softness but that film has its cons that we must take into account in some clothes.

We all want to have very soft kitchen, dish, tea towels or any other towels, but it is one of the fabrics to be careful because the film that the Softener creates with constant use reduces the absorbent capacity of the towel, can be used alternately, say 1 yes 1 no or better 2 no 1 yes

Other clothes that are not recommended, or use with caution:
  • 1
    Sports clothes with absorbing technology
  • 2
    Sleepwear pajamas nightgowns made with fire retardant fabrics
  • 3
    Waterproof fabrics
  • 4
    Microfibers designed to absorb
  • 5
    Please in all cases read the garment label

What types of fabric softener you can buy?

Here I leave you the recommended ones that I select analyzing from the best-selling Amazon USA, based on my personal experience, good user ratings, well-known brands, good prices regarding quality and performance.

Some tips for choosing the best fabric conditioners/softeners

If you are looking for high-quality fabric softeners that will provide you with the best results while respecting the skin of all the members of your family, even the smallest ones who tend to be more sensitive to cleaning products, here are the Points to keep in mind to find the perfect fabric softener.

First of all, you should value the perfume or the smell of the softener that you are going to choose. We do not recommend selecting fabric softeners that have very strong odors because, in the end, we will end up boring them.

Also, you should not select very artificial softeners that can damage the skin with its perfumes or fragrances. Secondly, you should assess the level of concentrate that the softener that you are going to choose has.

Concentrated softeners have the same effect as normal ones, but take up much less space, which is undoubtedly the best options. Many people believe that as less product is applied the effect is going to be smaller but this is false because concentrated softeners certainly have the same effectiveness as normal softeners.

You should also worry about always choosing the right dose. In the containers of the softeners it usually tells you how much you should apply in each wash and how many washes you will be able to do with that softener, so before choosing one or another product check this point to be able to select the softener to wash the clothes that you most agree.

When using the fabric softener try to follow the advice of the manufacturers because in some cases it will surely seem to you that putting more fabric softener will look better but this is false and all you will do is a waste product.

Also, you should always select fabric softeners that include the hypoallergenic seal because this means that’s they are quality softeners that can be used even with people who have the most sensitive skin, such as babies. If the product indicates "dermatologically tested", better than better because it will have many more quality guarantees.

You can also consider some extras when selecting the perfect softener. For example, at present, there are some softeners that incorporate different active components in their composition that will help to drastically reduce the electricity in clothes making it much easier to iron.

Finally, we recommend that when selecting the perfect fabric softener, keep in mind that the packaging is quite practical.

Although it is not the most important thing, without a doubt a good and good quality package that has an ergonomic design will make the application and use of the product much more practical without wasting any softener when we are going to use it.

How to make a homemade fabric softener that smells good

To make fabric softener you need ingredients such as vinegar, mentioned above, baking soda or hair conditioner. In theory, mixing the first two, or vinegar and hair softener along with water you will have the desired mixture.

The bad thing is that the homemade softener without vinegar would not have the same affections, and it is possible that, if you don't add a bit of your favorite cologne or essential oil, you will get that unpleasant smell of vinegar in your clothes.

Law there is even that they prepare their own homemade softener with Thermomix, a little exaggerated since to prepare homemade softener it only consists of mixing the ingredients that we have explained.

If you don't want to do experiments with a washing machine softener substitute, and risk damaging your clothes, and even your washing machine, it will always be better to buy one of those recommended by consumers.

Softener comparison: which one the best choice?

After tests on different fabrics and with the same button or washing machine softener indicated by each of the manufacturers analyzed, we have found that there are differences in both prices and results.

From the Vernal fabric softener around 5 cents per wash to approximately ten cents per wash of the Mimosín fabric softener, we have analyzed them all to find the best fabric softener on the market.

As for the price, Lenor softener is one of the cheapest on the market, with a price of about five cents per wash, and therefore is ranked among the best in relation to price-quality.

In this same line, we find the softener of the Mercadona, of the white brand Bosque Verde, and with a price that does not reach three cents per wash.

What is the fabric softener that smells better?

The softening San Essences is one of the most highly valued for its fresh fragrance, while the range of the Seville company Person has won the Product of the Year 2019, thanks to the direct vote of more than 10,000 consumers.

Another of the fabric softeners that best smell according to users is the Flor softener, which acts on both normal and delicate clothing.

Among all these is the best softener according to Oct, although the best-updated consumer ratings will always be found in the 5 out of 5.

Active matter

The main component of a softener is water, and when it is removed what is left is the so-called active matter. In the case of Vernel fabric softener and easy-ironing memesin fabric softener, its percentage of active material is one of the highest in the market, exceeding 7%.

These don't mean that they are the softeners that leave the softest clothes since in this active matter there are also different chemical components such as mineral salts.

Therefore, what we have to look at this the amount or percentage of concentration of the softening substances, and so we find that Vernal or Lenor is the softeners with the highest concentration.


Although it may seem a lie, a vicious and therefore more concentrated softener doesn't have to be better. In fact, a less viscous one is diluted better in water and prevents the washer pipes from getting stuck.

Remember that from time to time it doesn't hurt to clean the washing machine inside and remove that dirt that accumulates and make the appliance doesn't work like the first day.

Softeners with good smell

The fragrance is another element that we look at when buying a fabric softener for the washing machine. As we have already mentioned, Softeners San, Flor, Mimosín or Vernal are some of the brands of softeners whose products contain a more detectable odor.

However, surely there are some that you love and that your family is used to, or you are one of those who have been smelling softeners until you find your favorite. If you have discovered that you like florals or neutral ones, go ahead! For tastes, smells.

Easy ironing in softeners

It is another feature that we consider when buying a fabric softener. Since today, virtually all brands that produce cleaning products have this type of easy-to-iron fabric softener range.

Buy the best fabric softeners

In the best fabric softener, the only intelligent recommender of Internet products, we want to make your life easier. Therefore, and because we know how important the opinions of other customers are

when buying a product, we have created a technology that helps us save time and money in online shopping.

How do we do it? It is an algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and big data to gather information and read the opinions about softeners that hundreds of users have left on the network after the purchase and testing of one of them, to translate it into a  price comparator.

In this way, we can collect which are the best softeners most valued by consumers to offer you a comparison. In addition, we also indicate the best qualified in relation to quality price, as well as online stores where you can get them at the best price.

Do not forget these tips and choose the best fabric conditioner/softener according to the ratings of the customers themselves, the best softener, we show them to you. And you, what are you waiting for to be an intelligent customer?

Advantages and disadvantages of using fabric softener

The goal of using fabric softener is to make the clothes soft, fluffy and fragrant. But it is everything that the fabric softener contributes to clothing and our body positive? Does using fabric softener make clothes cleaner? Does the fabric softener contain toxic elements?

The softener is a variety of detergent. The difference is that it contains cationic surfactants, which adhere to the surface of the clothing to give it softness. They are substances that are also used in other hygiene products such as softeners to detangle hair.


One of the reasons why softener is used most is because it perfumes clothes. Many like the feeling of changing the sheets and they smell like flowers, fresh cologne or any of the multitude of aromas that we can find in the market.


Softness is another reason why many people use fabric softener. There are those who don't as clothes washed only with soap because they consider that it is scratchy and it is not comfortable to wear it or, in the case of towels, dry with them.

Ease of ironing and folding

Softeners are useful to facilitate the task of ironing and folding clothes. Some of them help fight the natural wrinkle that results from the washing machine and leave the clothes quite smooth.

Disadvantages of using fabric softener

The fabric softener has components that, in small doses, are not harmful. But its constant use means that they end up coming into contact with the organism and, in the long run, can cause us severe damage.

Harmful fabric softener components


It is a colorless and combustible liquid with a lilac aroma that is used to provide fragrance to softeners.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, its use can cause depression and anxiety, hypothermia, headaches, imbalances in the central nervous system and loss of muscle coordination.

Benzyl alcohol

It is also colorless and has a very pleasant aroma from plants and flowers.

Its contact with the organism, according to the same entity, is related to headaches, vomiting and nausea, irritation of the upper respiratory tract and disorders of the central nervous system.


It is a colorless, dense and sweet-smelling liquid that is used in softeners as solvent and aromatic.

According to a report on carcinogens published by the United States National Toxicology Program, this compound may be carcinogenic.


It is a colorless liquid that gives many cleaning products a citrus aroma. We can find it in softeners, soaps, shaving creams, and many other hygiene products.

This element is listed as a possible carcinogen that can increase the chances of having malignant cells in the bladder and kidneys. And it is related to ailments such as eye irritation, throat discomfort, and skin disorders.


My intention in writing this guide was to simplify the work for the selection of best fabric softeners that you were looking for and to be able to select the best of the market and very well valued by users.

I can’t recommend one in particular because each one has different characteristics, although they all have the same objective, Smoothing Liquid normal and hypoallergenic liquid - Softeners in normal sheets and hypoallergenic sheets.

Thank you for visiting my humble guide, if you have any question I would like to help you.

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