Best scissors for fabric reviews in 2019

Hey, how are you? And I am also fine. Today I am introducing the best fabric scissors for you because of one of my community members asked FAQ which was: what are the best scissors for fabric?

The day is mine. I am passing a free time today and give you some guideline for selecting fabric cutting scissors. I hope these guidelines will be a piece of cake for you. Now I am introducing the best 10 fabric scissors for you. These scissors (products) come with a soft grip handle, durable construction, and sharp blade.

Gingher Fabric Scissors

If you want to use the proper tools are essential for any sewing project, you should choose the best fabric cutting scissors. Any craftsman and artisan know that the proper and right tools need mandatory also.

If you have without any doubt, this article reads easier for you and learn more deal out there top 10 best scissors for fabric reviews and from here you can pick one and get pleasure from excellent performance any pair of fabric sewing scissors. So if you're looking for good fabric or sewing scissors just get one from here.

Here I am going to write a small review on best 10 fabric scissors in the market and affordable price.

top 5 best fabric scissors

Top 10 best fabric scissors reviews write down below

1. Gingher 8 inches knife edge fabric scissors

Ginger has a quiet reputation for producing cutting tools. This is a sentiment that ginger 8 inches knife edge dressmaker scissors.

These scissors have a 4.8/5 rating from more 1k customer reviews. It is easy to understand why is the most popular and durable scissors on the market.

Gingher Fabric Scissors

Despite a comparatively high price, these scissors have a great feature combination. They have gold color handles that are greater comfort and ensure a good grip. These handles make it easy to grip and make effortless cuts fabric layers on a horizontal surface.

I know that the ginger 8 inches knife edge scissors also feature long powerful blades, which cuts through layers of fabric easily and sharp edges made clean.

Ginger did a great job of coating the blades with double plated chrome-over nickel finish. These scissors improve the visual appeal and overall quality is good.

Overall, this is the best scissors for cutting thick fabric. So, if you're looking for this type of scissors, just purchase this one.

Highlighted Features:

  • check
    Ideal for trimming seams, cutting patterns and cutting long swaths of fabric.
  • check
    Nylon sheath for blade protection when not in use.
  • check
    Bent handle design holds fabric flat.
  • check
    These blades are versatile and precision.
  • check
    8” long blades which good retention.
  • check
    These scissors too heavy.
  • check
    Horrible and heavy hard to handle.

2. Westcott 13901 8 inches straight titanium bonded scissors

This set of fabric scissors is simply divine. These a pack of two scissors, they do a great job of cutting fabric without scotch them. The pack comes in three color, which is popularity by each customer.

Westcott 13901 8 Inches Scissors

Westcott 13901 is a highlight of sharp blades with great edge retention. These blades are made by titanium bonded but making them three times harder than stainless steel blades. Additionally, this also means that they stay sharp longer than stainless steel blades.

The Westcott 13901 doesn’t pull any stops when it comes very comfort. These scissors have grip handles that give you control and precise cutting. Scissors help us cutting fabric, paper, light line cardboard and other materials.

These scissors are designed lightweight and durable. It works very comfortable for use at any time. These scissors handle help prevent hand fatigue when working.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Soft grip handles for added control and hand fatigue
  • check
    You can be used cutting all materials
  • check
    Edge retention and titanium bonding
  • check
    Sold as a pack of two scissors
  • check
    Lightweight, strong and sharp
  • check
    Blade snapped in half on first
  • check
    The screw is held in by plastic

3. Clear cuts best titanium scissors 3 shears in one pack

The clear cuts best titanium scissors are among the best for you on the market. These scissors are the best rated scissors for sewing and embroidery.

Since they come as a pack of three scissors in different size on is small, medium and large. This small scissors size is 5.5”, medium size one 8.5”, and largest one 10”.

Clear Cuts Best Titanium Scissors

Three shears are incredibly comfortable to use and thanks to the lightweight design, which handles with soft grips. These scissors are professional and lightweight that can be used in office, home and other places.

The blades made from titanium bonded that cut through multiple layers of fabric. It makes clean cuts and the top choice for sewing and embroidery.

Additionally, the titanium bonding is three times harder than stainless steel. You can use a long time and the scissors also have excellent edge retention.

All in all, this product comes with 3 scissors, and these are the great scissors that you can use for cutting fabrics. If you think this pack perfect for you then just buy it.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    3 times harder than stainless steel
  • check
    Set the three different size scissors
  • check
    Titanium bonded blades are three times stronger than stainless steel
  • check
    Excellent performance on long time cuts.
  • check
    Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • check
    Comfortable and soft grip handles
  • check
    Sometimes these scissors are terrible
  • check
    The handle is cheap but cut great

4. Singer 8.5 inches fabric scissors with comfort grip handle

The singer is an industry leader in the world for sewing and producing from cutting tools. The brand is famous with quality and functionality.

The singer fabric scissors size 8.5” is a great feature combination that includes rubber handles for soft grip.

Singer 8.5 Inches Fabric Scissors

The scissors are designed to be soft on the hands and tough on the fabrics. You don’t worry about hand fatigue and comes with stainless steel blades that cutting three layers of fabric. The handles easier to moving and comfort grip handling.

These singer 8.5 inches fabric scissors designed works from right and left handed user. They can be used for cutting three layers of fabric, multiple sheets of cardboard or eight layers of paper easily.

If you purchase paper cutting scissors and using fabric cutting, these scissors make edges a little blunter.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Rubberized comfort grip handles
  • check
    Stainless steel blades with great edge retention
  • check
    Designed for both handed users
  • check
    Cutting fabric, paper and cardboard
  • check
    Expensive price
  • check
    Scissors not sharp enough to cut cardboard
  • check
    These are lousy fabric scissors but durable
  • check
    Flimsy handle and weak metal cutting blades

5. Singer 3404 fabric scissors, red & white

We are back with the famous singer brand which is affordable and high-quality scissors set. The singer sewing fabric scissors set is the perfect scissors for any sewing kit.

The small scissors for precision in detail work and large scissors to glide any fabric with ease. The first scissors are 8.5” and the small scissors are 4.5”. Both scissors have stainless steel blades, which makes them admirably durable.

Singer 3404 Fabric Scissors

The larger and small scissors both come with soft rubberized white and pink handle. When you work extended periods of time which the use of rubber provides increased very comfort. That time helps minimize hand fatigue when cutting fabric.

You don’t worry about sharpening your scissors since the edge retention is good. Other hands, both scissors blades make sharp and precise cuts on all kinds of materials. A welcome feature and these scissors lightweight and portable design.

These scissors work great left and right-handed users. I love the white and pink color scissors and it is very attractive look. So, if you're searching for the best left handed scissors for cutting fabric, you can go for it.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Scissors made with ultra-durable stainless steel
  • check
    Rubber grip handle for comfort and manipulation
  • check
    Sharp and precise cuts all material
  • check
    Lightweight and portable design
  • check
    Suitable for both handed users
  • check
    Not comfortable for cutting lots of fabric
  • check
    Two scissors are made in China and quality is poor

6. Galadim dressmaking 10” scissors right-handed

Galadim is not a very popular brand in the world and many people hesitate the buying them. However, this scissors 10” will change your mind about a little-known brand. But they are very great for someone functionality and quality.

Galadim Dressmaking 10” Scissors

These scissors are designed for right-handed users. They are very sharp and precise and cutting all kinds of material in home and office. However, fabric or leather to the plastic bag and packaging materials, these scissors quite versatile.

The handles made from plastic that allow for comfortable grip and precise cutting. You don’t worry about hand fatigue when used a long time. The blades quite sharp and its work properly.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Heavy duty scissors for cutting all kinds of materials
  • check
    Provided with thread snippers
  • check
    30 days satisfaction guarantee and 18-month worry-free warranty.
  • check
    Comfortable and use for extra periods of time
  • check
    Ideal for personal and professional scissors
  • check
    Only right individuals scissors
  • check
    Doesn’t slack on style with plastic handles

7. Fiskars 8” 01-005437 heritage seamstress fabric scissors

Fiskars seamstress scissors are the perfect cutter for all kinds of materials. These scissors will provide smooth action of these premium seamstress scissors, crisp cuts every time and even through multiple layers of fabric.

These Fiskars brand reputation of sharpness, functionality, and longevity when it comes cutting tools in the market. They are heavy and comfortable, there is no compromise in making them of the user as possible.

Fiskars 8” 01-005437 Heritage Seamstress Fabric Scissors

They are soft grip handle that you can be used long periods of time without any experiencing hand fatigue. Fiskars brand incorporates a proprietary blade are lasting sharp edge. These scissors will cuts fabrics all the way.

Additionally, the Fiskars 8” seamstress are made from Swedish specially formulated stainless steel. I know that the scissors don’t rust and don’t have to worry about sharpening your scissors and excellent edge retention.

Another thing, we love the Fiskars 8” heritage seamstress scissors which are a long time warranty. These scissors bent design of the handles and hence precision cutting.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Razor sharp blades that can be cutting multiple layers of fabrics
  • check
    Plenty of control with soft grip handles
  • check
    Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • check
    Sturdy construction and Swedish stainless steel
  • check
    Both handed scissors
  • check
    No bad customer review and any complain

8. Handi stitch 9” tailor scissors stainless steel fabric shears

Handi stitch 9 inches scissors are the best cutting tools. These scissors features are a lightweight and ergonomic design which makes cutting fabric easily. We know that they are very sharp and straight cuts.

These super sharp scissors are perfect for cutting fabrics. The steel 65MN is 4.7” long and razor sharp making cutting effortless.

Handi stitch providing the best craft accessories. We know how important it has high-quality craft items that can last for years to come.

Handi Stitch 9” Tailor Scissors

Our product is made from high-quality materials and ensures our products to be useful and easy to maintain. These fabric scissors are precision ground knife edge for smooth cutting.

The bent handles provide very comfortable, smooth cutting and easy to maintain. I believe that perfect for cutting fabric, dresses, carpet, sewing, tailoring and raw materials.

These fabric scissors are excellent and user-friendly that they like cuts fabric. These fabric scissors made well and very sharp blades. We will highly be recommended these scissors and I am astonished by the quality as well.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Tailoring scissors feature a lightweight and ergonomic design
  • check
    Precision ground knife edge for smooth cutting
  • check
    Bent handles provide comfortable and easy to cuts
  • check
    Shears effectively and safely
  • check
    Risk-free and 100% money back guarantee

9. Scissors 9” professional heavy duty high carbon steel tailor scissors

One squares professional fabric scissors are heavy duty black industrial carbon steel anti-rust 9” bent handle scissors. Firstly, these scissors are right handed and 3.5” precision razor sharp blades.

Tailor Scissors

We know especially this item is perfect for sewing besides that dressmaking, tailoring, quilting cutting patterns, alteration, art project and use home and office.

When you are using these scissors are feels evenly balanced. The handles made from stainless steel are very comfortable and blades are sharp enough. These scissors are various color, but the black color of this item looks really cool.

Additionally, the item comes with right-handed and weight are very comfortable. I always love the scissors. We also told you before using your scissors make sure to wipe them down clean and dry cloth. They are quality made and we recommended using the sewing project in the future.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Heavy duty right-handed high carbon steel construction
  • check
    Razor sharp precision ground cutting scissors come lightly oiled long lasting
  • check
    Pain-free cutting with rubberized ergonomic comfort grip bent handles
  • check
    Cutting multiple layers of fabric, vinyl, denim and plastic materials
  • check
    These scissors used dressmaking, cutting patterns and home and office
  • check
    Arrive extremely oily and dirty

10. BIHRTC vintage European style scissors

If you want to purchase fabric scissors, the BIHRTC are good for us. These all-around scissors that can be used for craft work sewing embroidery and more.

These scissors available in 23 color and designed to cater to the needs of most users. High-quality stainless steel blades with alloy processing. This scissors helps cutting fabric easy.

BIHRTC Vintage European Style Scissors

The handles made from textured material which feel quite comfortable and it’s can be used a long time with fatiguing. We love them and these shears are there vintage look, which made European style copper plated metal.

The BIHRTC vintage scissors are designed to be lightweight and comfortable. They have pointed edge and sharp blades that cut multiple layers of fabric.

I know that they are quite beautiful design and unique handles that are very comfortable which recommend.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    European style copper plated metal
  • check
    Ergonomic handles for increased comfort
  • check
    Suitable for embroidery, sewing, crafting and more
  • check
    23 available color
  • check
    Ideal gift for friends who like DIY

Best fabric cutting scissors for editor’s choice

If you want to the success of your fabric project, you need to perform your fabric scissors works well.

Now I speaking honestly and frankly, that is what you expert, you will get good advantages from these scissors and you won’t regret buying the scissors. In this section, we discuss a few factors to consider during your purchasing.

How much should you spend?

When you purchase fabric scissors, the first decision you should make the amount of money you are willing to spend. If you want to buy cheap scissors, these scissors quickly lose their edge.

Having them re-sharpened can cost you more in a long time. But expensive fabric scissors are generally great quality including good edge and good ability to cut through multiple layers of fabric.

Size and weight

You remember that the sewing scissors aren’t heavy because you don’t want your scissors to be too heavy. The blade size should also match the work you will be doing. Keep in mind that the shears are generally larger in length than regular scissors.

We know that shears come with blades at least seven inches but the regular fabric scissors have blades are six inches or less.

Consult with friends

When you choosing best scissors, you should consult your family and friends making an important decision. 

They will give you good review of real-life experiences on which models are best. An online customer review is the best source of information on fabric scissors.

Construction material

There are two types of scissors when it comes to construction of stainless steel and carbon steel. Both are a good option but carbon steel is stronger. 

Stainless steel is premium quality and corrosion resistance. It manufacturers use titanium bonding. This bonding is three times stronger than stainless steel.


When you work, you want your scissors to be very comfortable during use. Most models are soft grip handle made from plastic or rubber. These scissors allows for minimal hand fatigue and increased cutting precision.


I always recommended that one brand you choose which is trust. Some of the most reliable ones include Singer, Fiskars, Gingher and kai. These brands are the best quality product and more excellent online customer reviews.

How give I done my research?

At first, tell you may know a little bit about me. I am a David Johnny, I am a textile engineer and I always prefer researching before when I write any single line for you. When I am free that time I research fabric projects. For every sewing project, must assist a single or a pair of scissors.

After 48 hours research on fabric scissors more than 95 models. Which consulting with fabric scissors experts, consulting with forum members and cutting cardboard, cable ties, paper, fabric, duct tape, chicken bones, wire, and string.

Types of fabric sewing scissors

Maybe you know that fabric scissors are more essential to any trailers but all scissors are not best and created equal. So I enter the main part include this article before let’s talk about fabric sewing scissors.

When you understanding the job of each type of scissors, then you make your purchasing system easily and make your sewing project complete successfully.

I know that typically sewing scissors comes with four types. Now they are the following:

1. Fabric scissors:

Normally they come with long angled handles and long blades. These sewing scissors help cutting fabric much easier.

These scissors have a main or convenient point for notching curves or clipping. Long blades have a knife edge are helps top blades cut the fabric at a sensitive angle which permits to cut fabric easily. I know that they are also perfect for cutting more layers of fabric at a time

2. Pinking scissors:

Pinking scissors is one kind of fabric scissors but these scissors blades serrated that make a zig zagged edge as the fabric is cut.

Pinking scissors confine the fabric unraveling or fraying along the seams. These types of pinking scissors are also useful for creating a best decorative edge on ribbons or non-fraying fabrics.

However, you might require being more accurate pinking scissors because they mesh together cleanly to cut fabrics.

3. Embroidery scissors

They are mostly used these scissors for embroidery project. These types of scissors are very lightweight, user-friendly, compact design, durable and slip easily over fingers to make quick, very precise and small cuts.

The small yet greatly sharp blades also make this type of fabric scissors project for applique work.

4. Tailors scissors

Tailor’s scissors are very important for scissors projects. These scissors are usually shorter in length. The shorter length makes them portable and easy to slip. These scissors cutting fabric easily.

There are many types of scissors but I have just mentioned about four types of scissors. They are mostly use and well known and make any kinds of sewing job by using these scissors.

How to choose the best fabric sewing scissors?

Personally, I believe that selecting the best sewing scissors is always difficult because if you are not aware of selecting the technique of best fabric cutting scissors. So how do you selecting good quality fabric scissors these are long-lasting and serve you best.

Here are some critical tips which you should consider before you make your purchase:

  • 1
    At first think, how much should you spend and purchase fabric scissors that you can afford. The cheap scissors are sharp, when you first use but rapidly lose their edge and sharpened more charge purchase the fabric scissors.
  • 2
    Shears and scissors are same types but shears are generally larger than fabric scissors. So you might be differences between scissors and shears. Shears have blades that are normally seven inches but fabric scissors blades are six inches.
  • 3
    You should be aware to know how to protect your scissors perfectly. You sure its make will come with a case at least.
  • 4
    You should consider how many times a day using the scissors.
  • 5
    Look for more suggestion from other scissors.
  • 6
    It is useful to buy a quality store or fabric scissors not an office supply place.
  • 7
    Anatomy factor is one of them. Your anatomy factor should be consider before you go. If you are right handed, you use right-handed scissors but if you are left handed, use left-handed scissors. So You should remember this factor.
  • 8
    When you purchase the best fabric scissors always come with a smooth handle which fits your hand perfectly. If you wants user-friendly scissors that you need a user-friendly handle which are make sure very comfortable and smooth.
  • 9
    Consider the types of scissors you most prefer.
  • 10
    You have two choices. Which is the best scissors for cutting fabric for you? Stainless steel or carbon. It is consider this matter before you make final decision. But I always recommended to go for stainless steel option.
  • 11
    The main consideration and lastly choose scissors from a brand you can trust and your well know.

Final verdict:

Hey, I am on the last position of this article. I hope that you have enjoyed my full article. If you any mistake please pray for me.

Using the incorrect fabric scissors can make your hard work, damage your scissors and destroy your job plan are working on to come less than perfect. They are sharp, durable and excellent quality and most important they won’t disappoint you.

Well, they are always looking many scissors on the market from many brands. But to be honest that, the highlighted models of scissors are good quality and terms of comfort when using. And these scissors is good performance, durability and safety even after long time use.

Before I write down, these  best scissors for fabric have a lot of advantages that are popular with most of the customer. If you are looking good scissors at your home, office, and any other place, these 10 lists will offer you best quality always. 

Today bye, as a fantastic day of learning about best fabric scissors brand. I would be glad to hear from you and if you any problem or looking any suggestion then let me know. I will come back soon and have a nice sewing journey and I will come with other important topics soon.

Now you can happy shopping and make sure sewing journey more comfortable. Thanks, happy shopping and take care of yourself.

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