The 7 Best Jeans for Tall Skinny Little Girl Reviews 2021

A good pair of jeans is a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe. But finding the right jeans can be tough, especially if you’re looking for a pair for a child who is tall and skinny.

While things were harder in the past, brands are now accommodating to more body types and heights. So although you might have to look for them for a while, the right pair of jeans is not impossible to find.

Best Jeans for Tall Skinny Little Girl

Today we are here to help you get your hands on the best jeans for tall skinny little girl. Starting from different styles, brands to different colors, we’ve got it all listed for you. So without further ado, let’s get into these jeans reviews!

The 7 Best Jeans for Tall Skinny Little Girl Reviews

Going crazy while searching for a good pair of jeans for your child? No need to worry, we’ve listed down all the best jeans for you.

1. GUESS Girls’ Big Stretch Denim Skinny Fit Jeans

One of the main things that you have to look for in jeans after the style is comfort. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable pair of jeans. Made with the perfect blend of materials, this is one of the best jeans for tall skinny little girl money can buy.

GUESS Girls’ Big Stretch Denim Skinny Fit Jeans

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The construction includes 1% spandex for flexibility, 18% polyester for durability, and 81% cotton as the base. Stretch denim as such are great for regular wear.

Heat-sealed rhinestones at the back create a small little logo. This logo adds just the right amount of dazzle to these plain jeans without being overwhelming. To keep the clothing clean, just machine wash it. No need to pay for the dry cleaner.

Added five large pockets to help with storage. Finally, a pair of jeans for women that have decent pockets!


  • Polyester added in the blend for flexibility
  • Can be machine washed at home
  • Comfortable and made for regular wear
  • 5 large pockets for storage
  • Heat-sealed Rhinestone styling at the back


  • Short and low-quality zip

Verdict: A classic well-fitted pair of jeans that you can be worn for all kinds of occasions. Not only does the pair look amazing with a variety of top options, but it is also comfortable to wear.

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2. Levi’s Girls’ 710 Super Skinny Fit Jeans

Levi’s is known for making jeans with the perfect fit. And this model does not disappoint either. Made with a super skinny style fitting, these hug your hips and legs just right.

Levi’s Girls' 710 Super Skinny Fit Jeans

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They don’t look baggy on you, which adds a nice coherence to an outfit. The fit has 1% elastane in it, which makes the skinny jeans less suffocating.

Besides that, there is a 74% cotton blend for comfort. There is also 5% viscose and 20% polyester in the material. As the blend suggests, this pair will last you a long time. High-quality zips in the clothing do not break easily.


  • Skinny fit on the hips and legs
  • Fitting gives you better posture
  • 1% elastane makes the jeans comfortable to wear
  • Zips do not break even with regular use
  • 6 colors are available with different patterns and washes


  • Tight fits as such can be uncomfortable for some users

Verdict: Your child is going to love these jeans if they love a good fit. Its high-quality zip and durable making make these the perfect jeans for regular wear.

3. Calvin Klein Girls’ Ultimate Skinny Jean

Variety in styles is something that we all appreciate in clothing. The Calvin Klein line holds many different options in color, washes, and textures. Button closure with the zip is safe and durable.

Calvin Klein Girls' Ultimate Skinny Jean

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It won’t break easily. Extra buttons with the brand logo have been added inside, in case they need to be replaced. With 2% spandex, these jeans are stretchy. So the tight fit is great for skinny people, but it’s comfortable and easy to get into. Imported jeans as such often have a good balance between the polyester and cotton blend.

So does this one. 72% cotton means the pair will be breathable, and 26% polyester ensures permanence. Wash the unit as much as you want without worrying about the color fading.


  • Stretchy 2% spandex material
  • Button closure and zip are strong and durable
  • 72% cotton breathable material
  • Color does not wash away even with frequent cleaning
  • Extra replacement buttons included


  • Length is a bit short

Verdict: 2% spandex means that the jeans are stretchy and easy to wear. Unique color options like pink and light grey make these jeans stand out in the crowd.

4. Celebrity Pink Girls’ Infinite Stretch Super Soft Denim Skinny Jean

Mid-rise jeans never go out of fashion. It’s a safe option that you can rely on when no other outfit is working for you. These pants are great for people who are on the skinnier side. Because there is 1% spandex in the material, the pants can shapeshift according to your body type.

Celebrity Pink Girls' Infinite Stretch Super Soft Denim Skinny Jean

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We especially recommend this for taller people as well, as the length of these pants is 27 inches. Jeans that are shorter and cut off at a weird length can make you look like you have bad posture. Also, the material is soft and does not itch.


  • 27 inch long; great for tall girls
  • Classic mid-rise waist Budget-friendly
  • Soft jeggings like heavy-duty material
  • Does not make skin itch


  • Their size chart is a bit off
  • Sizing is smaller compared to most other brands

Verdict: When buying this pair, you need to go one size up. Because they are tighter, the fitting might feel too stiff otherwise. Other than that, this is a great easy-to-wash and good-looking pair.

5. DKNY Girls’ Jeans – 5 Pocket Button Fly Stretch Denim Jeans

Keeping children’s wear clean is quite a hassle. They tend to get their jeans dirty very easily. Thankfully, these can be washed and dried at home. Machine wash the jeans to get rid of dirt and stain and tumble dry to soak out moisture.

DKNY Girls' Jeans - 5 Pocket Button Fly Stretch Denim Jeans

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Tapered leg styles as such as quite in at the moment. These are easy to style and flattering on the body as well. The ends of the jeans do not crumble up.

You get a nice clean cut, so the pants look like they’ve been made for you. Breathable material is designed in a way to keep you warm in winter but sweat-free in summer.


  • Can be tumble dried
  • Tapered design that is easy to pair and style
  • Cuffed ends give a cleaner look
  • Can keep you warm in winter
  • Three-button closure with wide waistband


  • Basic colors, no fun varieties

Verdict: Easy to wash and clean jeans like this DKNY one is like a dream come true. The pants won’t fray and can keep you warm and cozy in the winter as well.

6. Real Love Girls’ 5 Pocket Vintage Denim Skinny Jeans

This Real Love pair is very versatile. It can be dressed up or down depending on how you style the pants. Basic styles like these can be worn with any color and pattern.

Real Love Girls’ 5 Pocket Vintage Denim Skinny Jeans

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Although the pants are general button and zip closure type, these are easier to wear. The material is stretchy, and so the unit can be pull-on pants.

Contrast stitching is what makes the pants so unique. And you get five roomy pockets. Because the pants are so lightweight, you don’t feel too hot or cramped. The fit is tapered to fit skinny legs better. There is no bagginess, so there is no chafing.


  • Can be dressed up or down
  • No bagginess, no chafing
  • Contrast stitching to add a pop of color
  • Sturdy belt loops
  • Stretchy fabric so the jeans can be a pull-on system


  • Only has pants in the color blue

Verdict: Made with convenience in mind, these pants are great for teenagers who are always in a hurry. The fabric has a lot of giving but is quite resistant.

7. Lee Skinny Jeans for Teen Girls

Skinny jeans don’t always have to be so suffocating. If you’re looking for something in a different cut, this one can be a great option. Unlike most other skinny jeans, the model has a distinctive straight-cut ending.

Lee Skinny Jeans for Teen Girls

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These are similar to cigarette pants. High-waisted pans as such are all the rage right now. Plus, the fit gives you a better stance.

The sturdy fabric can hold its shape even without ironing. Be sure to wash this inside out, and the pants won’t shrink. If the right size is selected, the pair will fit like a glove. The pant stays in place so that there is no chafing but does not restrict movement.


  • Straight cut skinny jeans
  • Trendy high waisted fit
  • No need to iron
  • Does not shrink in the washer
  • Stays put but allow free and easy movement


  • Smaller sizes, not preferable for teens

Verdict: High-waisted pants have made a comeback into the fashion world. This pair will surely zhoosh up your closet!

Final words:

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can take a while. And with so many options available, the selection process can be daunting. We get your struggle. Not only do the pants have to look cool, but they have to be sturdy as well.

Thankfully we are here to save the day. Choose any pair from our list, and we’re sure you will be satisfied. With the variety in cut styles, colors, and fades, there is something here for everyone.

Just take some time to assess the fit of the pants, and you will find the best jeans for a tall skinny little girl with ease.

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