The 7 Best Sectional Sofas Under 1000 Reviews for 2023

A sectional sofa set offers you the utmost benefit of a regular couch, with the extra plus point of more space for your family. Sectionals are different from the sofa as it’s in sections and has the mobility to form several layouts. Here, you’ll get to know the top 7 best sectional sofas under 1000 that will give you the premium feel.

Best Sectional Sofas Under 1000

Under this price tag, you can get sectionals that can form customized layouts like a bed, a single seating tool, or a center table. Some ottoman also comes with hidden space to hold small items.

Let’s get roll into the review section, and in the end, you’ll get a full package of buying outlines with small tips to follow. I also tried to answer some well-known common questions of the buyers hoping that it may also help you.

Top 7 Sectionals Under $1000

Top 7 Best Sectional Sofas Under 1000 Dollars

1. FDW Sofa Sectional Sofa for Living Room

With years of longevity & durability, the FDW sectional sofa under 1000 offers you a solid frame with PU leather for enjoying a high-quality lifestyle.

The super softness and smoothness of the sofa comfort you while lounging with a book or watching TV series. The consisting elastic sponge gives you hours of plushness at a time that is quite pleasurable. Moreover, the ingredients had proved themselves to be quite long-lasting.

The sofa also contains padding and cushioned back for which the company’s strong call regarding the sofa’s softness, seems quite reasonable.

FDW Sofa Sectional Sofa for Living Room

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After buying a sofa, the fact that it creates a headache is a suitable place. Most people seem quite confused regarding a suitable place for their sofa.

This masterpiece has a sleek design making any room aesthetic. So, don’t worry, this sofa will create any of the room’s center eye-catchy.

The designed section has a more extended chaise allowing you to relax with your loved ones in a full reclined position. The sectional sofa-bed, which is like California-King in size, can be formed within seconds. Two or more people can fit over it.

You can also have a seating position for several hours without having any neck strain for the adjustable headrest.

The sofa makes you free from water-spilling headaches as it contains PU leather upholstery. As for the warranty, you have 6-months.

You can simply term this fantastic product into a budget-range item and assemble it within 15 or fewer minutes.

For your knowledge, let me mention that the stuff comes in 2 pieces. And you’ll also have to match two pillows with the product.

Overall, it’s one of the best sectional sofas under $1,000, so if you want to buy a sectional sofa, and if you have 1000$ budget, then you can check this one.

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2. Poundex Bobkona Viola Sectional Set Sofa with Ottoman

Poundex sofa has bonded leather upholstery for a luxurious feel and comfortable at the same time, and it’s yet another great sectional sofa under $1 000. The bounciness of the cushion seat comes from the innerspring and high-quality foam.

There’s a reversible chaise on the sectional part, so you can have a customized experience by placing the position of the chaise on either the right or left side.

Poundex-Bobkona-Viola Sectional Set Sofa With Ottoman

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When we sit on the sofa with family or friends, we need a table or something to hold food or material at the center.

This product provides a separate ottoman, which can be that alternative center table or an extra seat. As for an area, a total of 6 persons can comfortably accommodate this stuff.

The tufted back & seat offer plusher and delightful accent at the same time for you to have a pleasing time indeed.

There’s a silver nail-head stud accent with the sofa, chaise, and ottoman for an eye-catchy contrast layer.

The sectional’s overall formation is durable with a 6-month warranty. For your knowledge, let me tell you that the sectional comes in 3 pieces.

3. Rivet Goodwin Modern Sectional Light Gray

The Rivet sectionals have a robust wood framework, with a cover of the full percentage of polyester.

The manufacturer focuses on the modern days while picking the style. Many users look for something apart from aesthetic style, more of modern, classy, and fanciness. They’ll be amazed by its view.

Rivet-Goodwin Modern-Sectional Light-Gray

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The chaise is reversible so that you can take several forms of the layout.

4. Lifestyle Furniture 3-Piece Black Contemporary Leather Sectional Sofa

The sofa set gives customized elegancy to your living room. In another way, you can term it as a bold design.

The stuff comes in a 4-seat sofa, one ottoman and 2-pillows. Some customers claim it as noisy where others don’t. You better check it while purchasing.

Lifestyle Furniture 3-Piece Black Contemporary Leather Sectional Sofa

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5. Poundex Bobkona Adolph upholstered sectional sofa

Wood materials have been the most ancient way of living, and this one has a wooden frame that confirms several years of durability and strength.

The unique poly fabric gives a linen feel and appearance for the utmost pleasure. The foam & the inner spring of the cushion seat offers the most exceptional support with comfort for a long time.

The sectional size is US parented which allows you to reverse the chaise portion. As a result, your living room can achieve several views on several occasions, and you can get rid of boredom.

Poundex Bobkona Adolph Upholstered Sectional Sofa

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There’s an ottoman for using at the center place as holding material or an additional seat. The shade of the upholstery material is refreshing citrus that brightens the room. The legs come in a dark color that creates an excellent contrast for the bright citrus color.

What makes the sofa look more aesthetic and comfortable is the tufted design of the back & seat. The poly fabric material is much durable to protect and maintain the quality of the inner cushion. You will have 6-months as a warranty.

As additional info.: For setting up the sofa quickly, you need instruction, and the product comes with that paper. 

Overall, this particular sectional sofa is one of the best living room packages under 1000 right now on the market.

6. Merax Sectional Sofa with Ottoman and Chaise

The framework is of durable hardwood that ensures an item of solid furniture for upcoming years.

Merax Sectional Sofa With ottoman and chaise

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The cushion hinders the discomfort and ensures hours of pleasurable moments at a time as it contains innerspring & thick foam. The foams are thick enough to cradle your body gently and supportively. The luxurious feel and the ultra-softness come due to suede-fabric upholstery.

There’s a 3-seater sofa, a chaise, an ottoman with hidden space compartment, & 6 pillows for accommodating seven persons at a maximum at a pleasuring position.

The wide backrest allows you to have the utmost comfort for hours. The ottoman can alternatively be your center table or additional seat with a hidden space compartment to keep small items.

Both the pillows & cushions give a plush view and ensure top-level comfort by exuding air as soon as you press or sit.

The cleaning and maintenance of this product are more straightforward than any other of the above as the suede-fabric upholstery is dirt-proof. Congo! Now you can enjoy the pleasuring premium features.

You’ll have an entire year for the warranty. Additional info.: All the necessary tools come with the product.

7. Beverly Fine-Furniture Sectional Sofa Set Under 1000

The seats are firm enough to spend time with your loving person, and the wood frame is durable enough to provide support.

You should have known that it has long-lasting faux leather that makes your cleaning easy.

Beverly Fine-Furniture Sectional Sofa Set

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Sectional Sofas Under 1000$ Buying Guide:

The basic things you must know before you get the idea of purchasing a sectional sofa set under $1000:



Under this price tag, the U-shaped sofas have curved counterparts, but they’re more rounded silhouettes in the latter option.

It comes with more space for relaxing and for seating for several people. Comparing to any other shape, this one has a more rounded silhouette and is a suitable choice for spacious living-room layouts.


This type of sectional provides room for extra people within speaking distances. The spacious rooms that can fit the curving silhouette should have this kind of curved furniture.


L-shaped sofas in this budget will have a chaise as a seat perpendicular to the main sofa. L-shaped under this price tag is fantastic as it takes less space to give its best.



As the name states, this type of sofa isn’t mobile and remains in one shape. This design is the most common form under 1000 dollars.

The quality one provides with unobtrusive lines will stabilize as they’ve to remain in one place permanently. Most of them have attached pillows.


This type of sofa is my favorite as it gives the most beautiful view of the living room. You can relax in a reclined position with the utmost comfort level.

Several styles come under this type, including the portable chair. In an unfolded position, it engulfs extra space than any traditional sofa.


This type of sofas offers you two options- one is for seating, and the other is for laying if you’re having guests to stay overnight. The bedding system of the sofa is as comfortable as the sitting.

This sofa is more cumbersome due to having a hidden mattress. Some also come in low-profile silhouettes that need small space to fit.


The 3-5 individual set of this type of sofa allows you to set several layouts by simply pushing.

The pieces are light enough to migrate and stable enough to provide exact seating support & durability.


For experiencing customized layouts, convertible sofas under the price tag come in several pieces. It also has hidden space for towels, pillows, blankets, and any other small things.

It’s fantastic, as you can hold all the pieces in one place and individually in several rooms or place according to your need.


The main reason to choose these seven items at the top of the list is these features.

Quality of the materials:

The materials of the above furniture are highly qualified, which will eventually reflect on their appearance, feel, & function.

You can fully enjoy the premium quality of a sectional sofa at this price.

Comfort level:

The highly qualified materials will eventually affect the comfort level. Within 1000 dollars, you can have the cushion having exact support as well as plushness. Even the most appreciating texture can come under this price level.


It doesn’t matter if the sofa is an elegant silhouette or a sleek one; the style will always be immaculate under this price tag. Regardless of style, sofas under 1000 dollars will always have a flawless look.


You should have all the premium services of a sofa under this price tag. Like the rectilinear, sofas should recline without more than necessary effort.

A high-quality sleeper needs to get converted into the bed easily.


The warranty also plays a significant role in product quality. Right products come with a great warranty by which you can assure your mind that the manufacturers are confident about their stuff’s quality and ready to back it up with the guarantee.

Must follow tips before buying any sectional sofas under 100:

Go for a Sturdy Frame:

The hardwood framework is the most sturdy one. These woods include Kiln-dried oak, ash, beech, etc. They’re durable & long-lasting. These are expensive but best.

Wood-like pine is softer, accessible, and affordable to purchase, but it will get buckled and wrapped after some years.

Check The Springs:

Hand-tied ones are the best as springs, and eight-way hand-tied is the best of them. Though serpentine springs are less costly, avoid the cheap ones. They can press upon the frame or can sag.

Have your valuable faith in quality fillings

Polyurethane is an excellent cushion filling which durable & easy-to-care at the same time. Too dense or too soft foams are bad for regular use. Firm foam like HR (high-resilient) wrapped in polyester-batting would be top-of-the-line.

Go for The Durable Fabrics:

Leather sofas, linen fabrics, and cotton fabrics are classy upholstery & worth investing your money in. Micro-fiber kind of synthetic fabrics or others of it’s easy-to-maintain & long-lasting.

Plain linen kind of smooth fabric can’t hide dirt and wear well, whereas fabrics having irregularities on the exterior surface are good at such hiding. Irregularities mean small-scale patterns, woven textures, etc.

Make a Checking on The Measurements:

As the sectional sofas come in two or three pieces, you don’t have to worry about the measurement to pass through the doors and hallways.

But measure your room to check that whether the sectional will fit or not. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money.


How About an L-shaped Sofa?

Though the L-shaped sofas’ appearance is bulky, they’re the most suitable sofas for small living-rooms. It’s like, more seats within limited space.

The staff is economical at the same time. The bulky appearance doesn’t even hinder the beauty, rather than giving a modern look.

Which One is Better Between Sectionals and Sofas?

The better one depends on your need. Unlike sofas, sectionals are more versatile, and you can eventually customize them. Whereas, sofas need small space compared to sectionals.

If you have space for sectionals, then go for it. You can increase and decrease the using space by customizing the parts.

What is The Suitable Time for Buying a Sofa?

The time around the end of summer & winter, new sofas get to enter the showrooms. These times retailers need rooms for new season’s products.

As a result, you’ll eventually get a better discount and dealing. So, plan set purchasing plan for around February & August.

How Much Can I Expect for a Sofa to Last?

The average sofas must last from seven to fifteen years. Then you may come to visualize the wearing & tearing of your sofas.

But, there’re lots of ways to maintain them and return to its’ newly-bought view. After all, people don’t want to buy furniture again and again.


The article Top 7 sectional sofas under 1000 provides you reviews of the high-quality stuff and full guidance so that you don’t get stuck while choosing one best sectional under 1000 from the market.

As for a shortlist: I would pick the FDW sectional-futon sofa bed as the editor’s choice. It feels like a premium to me.

Rivet-Goodwin Modern-Sectional Light-Gray would be the best pick according to the customer’s rating.

Merax Sectional-Sofa with Chaise-&-Ottoman is an L-shaped sectional giving you the best used within a small space.

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