Top 10 Best Fabric Outdoor Curtains in 2020 (Buying Guide)

Best Fabric outdoor curtains can help you to improve the elegance & the functionality on the patio, balcony, pool & and some other outdoor spaces as well.

Typically, you can block sunlight, rain, and dust from your outdoor surfaces with fabric outdoor curtains, also, curtains will improve your privacy as well.

But selecting the best fabric outdoor curtains is a little bit hard task because there are many brands & many types of fabric outdoor curtains available on the market.

Exclusive Home Curtains, best for Indoor & Outdoor

our Top 5 best outdoor curtains

Top 10 best fabric outdoor curtains reviews & buying guide:

1. ChadMade fabric outdoor Curtain for patio & beach home

ChadMade Curtain is one of the best fabric outdoor curtains right now on the market, but also it is a perfect option for front porch, pergola, cabana, covered patio, gazebo, dock, beach home as well.

The curtain made out of 100% polyester fabric, which makes these curtains very strong.

And the curtain comes with rustproof aluminum grommet hole diameter 1.6″, but with this curtain, curtain rod not included.

It is 100″W x 84″ in size. It is a chocolate color curtain, but it’s available in 13 different colors, such as wheat, black, beige, burgundy, chocolate, grey, navy, olive, red, gray-white, sky blue, turquoise, and yellow.

The curtain is waterproof, and it blocks 95-99% sunlight, and it has UV ray protection as well.

This ChadMade Curtain is machine washable, and you can iron it or steam it with your fabric or garment steamers it needed. And the product comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

Also, this product has almost 80% positive customer reviews. Overall, it is one of the high quality curtains set.

Some Great Features:

  • It is perfect for all outdoor areas
  • This curtain can block sun almost 100%
  • It is waterproof
  • The curtain is large enough
  • It has UV ray protection
  • Available in different colors
  • Comes with 30 days money-back guarantee
  • It is machine washable, and easy to care

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for a curtain for your patio area or beach home, you can buy this one without worry, because it is an excellent and perfect option for beach home & patio.

The product has 75% positive reviews, which means users are happy with it.

2. Exclusive Home outdoor Curtains for Indoor & Outdoor

The Exclusive Home Curtains, perfect for Outdoor or indoor, and the curtain comes with a variety of sizes & colors as well.

The product has four different sizes and available in 14 colors.

It made from water-repellent, mildew-resistant 100% polyester fabric. That’s why this curtain is a perfect option for both indoor and outdoor as well.

therefore, These curtains are suitable for any pergola, gazebo, dock, cabana, covered patio, beach home, or any outdoor areas.

Also, these curtains are perfect for indoor as well any living room, bedroom, family room, office, dining room, and bathroom.

The product includes two panel curtains, these outdoor & indoor curtains are cheaper than the others.

The product has more than 80% 5 star(5 out of 5) customer reviews. If you think it needs to straighten, you can use your iron over it on low heat.

These curtains are easy to care & clean. If needed, you can spot clean them, or you can clean them by hand wash.

Some Great Features:

  • It made out from the water-repellent & mildew-resistant polyester fabric
  • Perfect for indoor & outdoor areas
  • Easy to clean & care
  • It is affordable
  • Comes in 14 different colors

Final Thoughts:

All in all, this curtain set is another top-rated curtain, which is the excellent option  for both indoor and outdoor areas.

These curtains have more than 80% positive online reviews, so if you’re searching for an outdoor or indoor curtain, you can check this product.

3. NICETOWN Patio Door Curtain, fabric Outdoor Curtains for Front Porch

NICETOWN Patio Door Curtain is one of the best curtains for the front porch right now on the market.

The package includes only one-panel curtain, and it is suitable for your porch, balcony, patio, cabana, garden, and other outdoor areas.

With this curtain, you will be able to change your outdoor areas into an outdoor room with privacy, safety, and casual.

These curtains are not like the other curtains, these curtains are more fashionable, elegant, and unique than the other one.

This curtain package includes “w52 by l95” inches one curtain. But these products are available in six different sizes, and available in six different colors as well.

These curtains are machine washable (they are machine washable with water temperature below 86F), and you can use iron-on them if needed.

Some Great Features:

  • It is affordable
  • The curtain increase your privacy and safety
  • Available in six different size & colors
  • Very easy to wash & care
  • Easy to install

Final Thoughts:

NICETOWN Patio Door Curtain one panel curtain is perfect for both indoor and outdoor, but this curtain is the right one for the front porch.

So, if you want to buy a curtain for your front porch, you can buy this product without worry, promise you, you’ll love the curtain.

4. Macochico fabric Outdoor Windproof Curtains

Are you looking for the windproof curtains for outdoor? If you are looking for outdoor windproof curtains, Macochico Outdoor Windproof Curtains can be a perfect option for you.

The Macochico outdoor curtains windproof comes with 12 different colors, including Beige, Wheat, Burgundy, Black, Chocolate, Gray, Navy, Olive, Red, Sky Blue, Turquoise, and Greyish White & 15 different sizes.

These curtains are waterproof, and the same color from the front & back.

These curtains can block-out up to 90-95% of sunlight and UV rays, and also they are efficient in noise reducing.

The curtain will provide you great privacy, very easy to install, and it will fit with any standards curtain rods.

The product is an ideal option for perfect for front porch, pergola, covered patio, gazebo, dock, beach home, cabana as well.

Some Great Features:

  • Perfect for front porch, pergola, covered patio, gazebo, dock, beach home, cabana
  • Very easy to install
  • Fits perfectly with standards rods
  • Provides great privacy
  • Block out up to 90-95% sunlight & UV rays

Final Thoughts:

All in in, if you’re searching for a curtain that is windproof & suitable for outdoor, you can just have a look at this curtain.

Because almost 100% of the users are happy with this curtain. We hope you’ll also love this one as well.

5. RYB HOME Indoor and fabric Outdoor Deck Curtain, Outdoor Patio Curtain Waterproof & Windproof

This curtain is one of the top rated deck curtains. The RYB HOME Indoor And Outdoor Deck Curtain, Outdoor Patio Curtain package come with one panel.

It is 100×80 inches and made from 100% polyester.

Additionally, this curtain available in 8 different sizes, and available in five colors such as Biscotti Beige, Brown, Gray, Mocha, and Greyish White.

The curtain is waterproof, and it can block 85-95% sunlight. Also, these curtains will protect your privacy.

This curtain is machine washable, and you can steam clean it or use an iron over it.

Another great thing about this product is, it comes with 30 days return policy.

Also, RYB HOME Indoor And Outdoor Deck Curtain, Outdoor Patio Curtain has lots of positive user reviews as well.

Some Great Features:

  • Comes with 30 days return policy
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor
  • It is waterproof and windproof
  • It can save you from summer sunlight & winter clod
  • Can be iron, and easy to clean (machine washable)

Final Thoughts:

Overall, RYB HOME Indoor And Outdoor Deck Curtain, Outdoor Patio Curtain is a perfect choice and ideal option for those people who looking for windproof and waterproof outdoor fabric curtains.

It is a little bit expensive than our other pick but very good in quality, that’s why we recommend this product.

6. Sun Zero Valencia UV Protectant outdoor & indoor Curtain

The Sun Zero Valencia UV Protectant Curtain is one of the cheapest fabric outdoor curtains that you can buy right now.

The curtain will block sunlight with UPF 50+ UV Protection, and it is fade-resistant as well.

This product is available in three different colors & three different sizes.

These Sun Zero Valencia curtains are made from 100% polyester fabric. Also, they are Stain and water-resistant as well.

Lots of people use this curtain on their patio area, and the Curtin has more than 70+ positive feedback.

One of the users said I’ve been using this curtain in my patio area for a long time, this curtain is fade proof and great in color, and also it is long-lasting as well.

Some Great Features:

  • The curtain is fade resistant
  • The great option for patio areas
  • Last for a long time
  • The product is inexpensive
  • It has lots of positive feedback

Final Thoughts:

We’ve checked customer feedback, and we’ve found that users are happy with its quality and performance as well. It will last for a long time, and then it is fade-resistant as well.

So, if you looking for a long-lasting, fade-resistant, this type of curtain for your patio areas, just check this one.

7. Sunbrella fabric Outdoor curtain for Porch, Patio, Gazebo, Pergola

Sunbrella fabric Outdoor curtains are perfect option for Porch, Patio, Gazebo, Pergola is a little bit expensive one, but with this curtain, you can make your patio & garden area beautiful. It will cost you more than $100 dollars.

The curtain is good enough & perfect for your patio, porch, gazebo, pergola, and more outdoor areas.

This Curtain is made from top-quality Sunbrella fabric, it is Water repellent, fade-resistant, and mildew-resistant as well.

However, The curtain pack comes with 100 inches length x 50 inches wide one curtain panel, but also it is available in 4 sizes and available in different colors.

It is an ideal curtain for patio, garden, pergola, gazebo, cabana. But also, it is a perfect choice for home, hotel, restaurant, bar and more.

Therefore, These curtains are machine washable, and they are easy to hang.

The price is a little bit expensive. Otherwise, this is the curtain that you can buy for your indoor or outdoor surfaces.

Some Great Features:

  • Made from high-quality Sunbrella fabric
  • A good option for indoor and outdoor
  • It is Water repellent
  • The curtain is fade-resistant and mildew-resistant
  • Easy to hang
  • Very easy to care

Final Thoughts:

If the price was cheaper than the current price, we could have put this one on our top five list, but it is very good in quality and perfect for different areas.

So, if you have enough budget, then you can buy this one, we promise you, you’ll not going to disappoint with this curtain. You’ll love its performance & quality as well.

8. RHF Outdoor Blackout Curtains, 2 panels curtains for light block

RHF Outdoor Blackout Curtain comes with 2 Panels, and this product is the perfect curtains for the light block.

It is a 100% blackout heavy-duty curtain panel, which will protect your family and you from UV rays.

These curtains are high-quality, and they are very thick outdoor & indoor curtains. Because, they made from high-quality waterproof fabric.

These curtains panel will fit and perfect for patio, porch, pergola, balcony, sunroom, etc.

Additionally, these curtains will provide you privacy, and protect you from sunlight, and make your place much beautiful as well.

And these curtains also includes rustproof grommets, like our other picks. And these RHF Outdoor Blackout Curtains are inexpensive, wrinkle-free, and machine washable as well.

Some Great Features:

  • These curtains are machine washable
  • They are wrinkle-free
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor
  • Comes at a cheap price
  • Very easy to wash, care, and hang

Final Thoughts:

This RHF Outdoor Blackout curtain comes with two panels, and this is inexpensive.

If you don’t like our other picks, you can check this RHF Outdoor Blackout Curtain. You may like this curtain package.

9. Cololeaf curtain, Waterproof curtains for patio

With this one, you don’t have to worry about your privacy, it will provide you high-quality privacy.

The Cololeaf curtain is waterproof, and it is one of the perfect waterproof outdoor curtains for patio.

This outdoor curtain is a perfect & ideal option for front porch, pergola, cabana, covered patio, gazebo, dock, beach home, and much more.

Therefore, it is available in different colors & sizes, and it is cheap.

Additionally, it is a machine washable curtain, and also you can steam clean it with your clothing steamer.

overall, it is another top-rated high-quality waterproof outdoor curtains which is perfect for outdoor.

Some Great Features:

  • It can be machine washed
  • One of the top rated waterproof outdoor curtains
  • Perfect for all outdoor areas
  • Very cheap
  • Very easy to care & handle

Final Thoughts:

Just think yourself, if you are looking for a waterproof outdoor curtain, you can check this Cololeaf Patio area waterproof curtains. Who knows, you may like it.

10. Elrene Home Fashions Matine Indoor or Outdoor Curtain Drape

This Curtain Drape is our last pick, but not bad in quality, it is also a high-quality outdoor area curtain, that you can purchase without worry.

It can be used in your dining room, living room, gazebo, sunroom, sliding doors, porch, or balcony as well.

The pack includes a one-panel curtain, which is 52×84″ in size.

But this dining room, living room, gazebo, sunroom, sliding doors, porch, or balcony curtains are available in three different sizes and nine different colors.

This product comes with a return policy, so after buying it, if you’re not satisfied with it, you can return it. This curtain also machine washable, very easy to handle, hang, and care.

It has UV protection, and it is water repellent, waterproof, fade-resistant and mildew resistant, that’s why this curtain is suitable for your Indoor or Outdoor area.

Thanks to this curtain, because lots of users are happy with its performance and it has lots of good feedback.

Some Great Features:

  • It is waterproof, fade-resistant and mildew resistant
  • The curtain has UV protection
  • Great for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Very easy to hang, wash, and maintain
  • Can be washed in Machine

Final Thoughts:

The Elrene Home Fashions Matine Curtain Drape is the last one in our list, we don’t recommend you to purchase it, but it is also a high-quality curtain for indoor or outdoor. So, if you want to check or purchase it, you can select it.

Final Words:

In this review content, we’ve reviewed 10 fabric outdoor curtains, all of them are good & high-quality, and you can purchase.

But we recommend you to select number one, two, three, four, or five.

After publishing this article, we hope now you know which is the perfect outdoor living areas curtain to buy.

And also we hope this review content will save your time, money, and make it much easier for you to choose the right product.

Thank you so much for visiting us! Keep well! See you soon with another review guide!

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