10 best fabric paint & fabric spray paint reviews 2019

We independently research, test and recommend you the High Quality cloth & fabric liquid paints and spray fabric paint, you can learn more about best fabric paint reviews here. We spend more than 7 days to pick these best 10 fabric paint for you.

Hope this Article will make much easier for you to Choose the best high-quality fabric and clothes paint for your next project.

Of all fabrics paints are different types on the market and we have selected the best Quality paints and paired them with a guide to fabric paints which help you choose the right option for your next painting project. 

If you wanna paint your clothes, shoes, furniture fabric or any other fabric, And you wanna buy clothes, fabric, or upholstery fabric paint then you're in the right place.

jacquard spray cloth paint

If you're interested in fabric painting it's an excellent way to transfer better design into your fabric.

These fabric or clothing paints can be applied to any types of fabric including synthetics as well. Another method of artistic designs into fabric if you like.

Take any DIY project involving fabric to the next level with any project form fabric/cloth paints. You want to add a colorful design, tasteful embellishment or custom lettering to your creation, these paint is easy to use and fun way to exercise your creativity.

Our Top 5 Best fabric paint

Top 10 best fabric paint & Spray Fabric Paint reviews

Now we write down a complete list of the best top rated paints available. We have included every single type of paint which should provide unlimited possibilities when you painting on fabric and other fabrics painting materials.

If you find out acrylic paint on fabric without medium based paint to alcohol-based ink you will find out this list. If you going to the local craft store, the best fabric paint brands are going to be Tulip, Liquitex and Jacquard.

1. Jacquard JA9908 Dye-Na-Flow Exciter 9 colors

Dye-Na-Flow fabrics paint is a highly recommended acrylic fabric paint by Jacquard. Jacquard textile color acrylic being so thin is also transparent and the way to reacts with porous and semi-porous fibers is very similar to that are the true fabric dye paints

This paints characteristics make it great for silk. On the other hand, Europe Pebeo setacolor light paint is another great fabric paint too much like Dye-na-flow.

When dye-na-flow is incredibly saturated and produces vibrant color to much transparent natural color but it will not perform as well as dark colors. If you want lighter colors, you will be amazed at the intense colors produced in the fabric.

While you feel of dried Dye-Na-Flow on t-shirts is very lightweight and not very noticeable at all especially, when you compared with heavier bodied paints.

Another attribute is how to paint are long lasting wash-fast and durable this line of the paint.

Finally, you can also run it through air paint-brush systems without issue and adding to the versatility of this line.

Key features:

  • 1
     These paints bodiless acrylic based
  • 2
     Transparent colors
  • 3
     You can be used in airbrush systems
  • 4
    Dye-Na-Flow is a free flowing concentrated liquid color
  • 5
     Your product washable and dry-cleanable
  • 6
     Ideal for use on swimsuits, ballet gear and t-shirts

2. Jacquard Product, Textile Color Fabric Paint  

The standard professionals jacquard textile paints are one of the great fabric and clothing paint, which due to all-around performance on a variety of substrates.

These semi-opaque fabric liquid paints perform moderately well dark colors and leave the soft fabric to many touches.

These paint great thing about textile color is the ability to both color and achieve more viscosity and added extended color to increase the color transparency without any affecting viscosity.

Additionally, you can make textile color with many other jacquard paint lines colors and effects.

If you want to have a paint that paint more versatile and not so specialized like the Dye-Na-flow, the textile color is a great option that performs well any surface. You can expect great paint design that is washable and very soft colorfast.

Key features:

  • 1
    The paint color is intense and semi-opaque body acrylic
  • 2
  • 3
    Natural and synthetic fabric, leather, wood and paper paint
  • 4
    This color leaves your fabric as soft as possible

3. Jacquard Neopaque acrylic paint

For Painting on dark fabrics, Jacquard’s Neopaque is one of the best quality fabric liquid paints for the project.

It’s highly pigmented paint is fully opaque giving the full coverage on the fabric without dark fabric saturating through into the color.

These opaque qualities of the great fabric liquid paint are heavy bodied paint. At full strength that the paint slightly heavier than Dye-Na-Flow and textile color but overall soft.

These paint can be also thinned with water somewhat this paint achieve a slightly lighter body if you want.

When you want to choose the Neopaque line paint if you are either painting on dark colors and feel of heavy-bodied paint. I know that this paintwork easier to a different line as some feel the lighter bodied paints.

Key features:

  • 1
    Designed to cover a dark background with light application
  • 2
    Consistency similar to Lumiere but are not metallic
  • 3
    Neopaque paints are flexible and soft on a variety of surface
  • 4
    Available in any color
  • 5
    Perfect for dark fabric
  • 6
    Highly pigmented

4. Tulip 41438 dimensional, tulip fabric paint spray

Tulip best fabric spray paint spray is a paint party for a bunch of people or having a children’s party, this paint is an excellent choice.

Tulip fabric paint is designed to lay the paint down directly from the paint bottle.

So you won’t need to worry about supplying the paint and needing to small-time spend on cleanup.

The tulip party paint is also a great choice for any types of the party because it comes with a variety of color options in the package.

Tulip is looking great color and inexpensive line of paint that is durable and offers a great selection of paint color.

These paint use all-around people and grip to the bottom of socks or gloves and read more tulip fabric paint spray review and tulip paint for fabric instructions.

Key features:

  • 1
    All the paint comes in easy-squeeze bottles and used all age people
  • 2
    Prewash paint before remove sizing and painting but not use fabric softener
  • 3
    Available in 4oz bottle
  • 4
    Great for most fabric
  • 5
    Very affordable and softer
  • 6
    Natural and synthetic fabric, leather, wood and paper paint

5. Jacquard Lumiere fabric and clothes paint Jar: pearlescent magenta 

If you're looking shine and sparkle to piece of fabric, the Lumiere Jacquard provides the high-quality result with metallic and pearlescent effect.

Your next project looking beautiful creation you need semi-opaque light-body line paints. One the other great thing about lumiere line is mix with Jacquard’s other line create custom colors and makes transparency if you desire.

Lumiere is a very great paint for fabric, which is durable and makes the custom color on dark fabric and achieves a more opaque result that really stands out. They are especially useful for wood, leather and fabric result very well.

If you want to look for the metallic and pearlescent effect, lumiere is another good quality fabrics & clothes paint on the market.

Finally, The lumiere 3D fabric and cloth paint, which is the dimensional version of the lumiere line.

Key features:

  • 1
    Light-bodied metallic and pearlescent paint
  • 2
    Exhibit unparalleled adhesive paint
  • 3
    Weather resistant and lightweight
  • 4
    2.25oz jar of pearl magenta
  • 5
    Made in the USA
  • 6
    Medium body acrylic paint

6. Jacquard piñata color exciter pack fabric, cloth paint

If you want the more different translucent effect on fabric, alcohol-based inks are great to paint and piñata ink is the best quality pigments.

Alcohol-based fabric & clothing paint more dye paint. The other facility or benefit of ink alcohol paint is the ability to apply quickly and easily modify the color.

These paint other benefits for working with alcohol-based inks using them airbrush. Pinata inks will spray incredible easy through an airbrush.

These types of product work best on certain synthetic fabric and non-porous surfaces. These paints are very lightweight and vibrant and clean up with alcohol.

The most benefit is the ability to blend colors into remarkable line effects. As a result, alcohol-based inks fabric & clothing paint should usually be considered and provides great results.

Key features:

  • 1
    Great alternative to acrylic paint
  • 2
    Metallic colors available
  • 3
    Surfaces of glass, plastic, ceramic, stone, leather and fabric
  • 4
    Works freely on just about any oil-free surface
  • 5
    Great alcohol based transparent inks
  • 6
    Made in the USA

7. Crafts 4 all 3D permanent 24 colors fabric paint

Are you looking great paint for fabric or inexpensive paint that’s the set for you. This set 24 color paint set and you really can’t beat the value of this fabric paints.

These paint looking to provide a fun activity for kids to enjoy and it is non-toxic paint.

This paint quality is good and inexpensive and it’s surprisingly durable and comes with satisfaction guarantee.

When getting 24 colors in the set, the quality of each color is small. Take care not to use expensive amounts and should last for several projects.

Key features:

  • 1
    3D paint set comprises of 24 color shiny and attractive shades
  • 2
    3D or 2D highly pigmented quick dry
  • 3
    Not only for fabric but also paper, ceramic, glass paints
  • 4
    These non-toxic paints make it safe for everyone
  • 5
    We are so confident that you are giving a lifetime guarantee

8. Liquitex professional fabric effects medium, 4-oz

Liquitex fabric paint is a stock acrylic based paint and formulated for fabric. This paint is a wonderful option.

When it is formulated for this branded paints, I have tested it but it is the success of other brands as well.

These fabric/cloth paints create more lightweight and work great. Existing acrylic paints more workable when you applied to the fabric.

Another great benefit of this Liquitex paints brands need not heat set. A great Non-toxic fabric paints get instantly transparent color into the fabric.

You tested other fabric paints you may already have to see if you may be compatible.

Key features:

  • 1
    Enhances the work ability of acrylic paint on fabric
  • 2
    Controls bleeding of colors thinned with water
  • 3
    Dye cotton, silk, wool, rayon, nylon, linen and more
  • 4
    Simple dye process
  • 5
    Ultimate flexibility and adhesion

9. Delta creative ceramcoat acrylic paint, textile medium

Delta textile fabric acrylic paint is one of the best upholstery paint for furniture. You can use almost any acrylic paint, but it's highly recommended that mix it with textile medium first.

Delta creative is popular and affordable paint for fabric and it keeps your fabric softer.

Keep in mind that this is a textile medium only and you must mix it with acrylic paint. The paint recommended paint to medium and you may need multiple bottles of medium depending on the size.

People use a textile medium with great success when using paint on clothes, cushions and chairs. It helps to maintain a soft feel to the fabric but the end result depends on the fiber content, weave and other factors of fabric.

These textile medium paint useful on the dark fabric which can be notoriously hard to use fabric paint on.

Overall, this textile medium helps to provide a good feeling of fabric and also helps paint smooth and more opaque.

Key features:

  • 1
    Delta ceramcoat textile medium can be mixed acrylic paint a flexible, washable paint
  • 2
    It penetrates fabric fiber
  • 3
    Easy cleanup and low odor and non-toxic
  • 4
    Acrylic fabric paints

10. Neon Night UV Black Light Fluorescent Glow Fabric And Textile Paint

Neon night UV black fabric paint from day to night with textile paint that glows in the dark. These paint hit with kids and adults alike.

This glow paint for fabric comes in a set of eight colors that are bright and bold on their own but fluorescent in the dark.

If you want you can change the color with sunlight, UV and black light but don’t work effectively LED lighting.

When you want to apply this paint on your fabric, you will need a brush or other applicator added the paint comes packaged in a jar.

These color are rather sheer, so you may be applied several coats with dark colors. When properly applied people say that it glows bright and looks great.

key features:

  • 1
    Not only UV light and black lights, but it is also neon paint in daylight
  • 2
    These cloth paint are superior product can be used dark fabric
  • 3
    Perfect for everyone to customize festival or party outfits
  • 4
    Superior quality and washable and water resistant
  • 5
    Made from a German product

How To Choose Your best Paint for fabric

When you searching for fabric or clothes paint, we also referred to as textile paint. You don’t worry too about what type of paint choose. Usually, It is more important to pick the paint that is very usable.

There are many ways to paint in the fabric, such as brush painting, spraying paint, as well as paint markers.

You should choose any types of fabric paint that will work best. Lastly, dye paint is another method that can technically be used for coloring fabric but it is less popular.

Textile paint can also be used any mediums like leather, wood and any material just as well.

You understand the different types of fabric paint and they can apply you will able to choose the right fabric paint brand for any craft project and fabric you have in mind.

Types Of Fabric Paints

At first, do you know that what is fabric paint or textile paint? The fabric or textile paint typically consists of color pigment that can be delivered to paint medium which for this fabric and create artistic fabric painting designs.

What is the difference between fabric paint, fabric dye paint and textile paint and fabric paint, it is quite simple. Fabric dye paint aims to bond the pigment molecules with fiber molecules of fabric.

The problem of different types of fabric require different dye types, which you can read more about fabric dye paint guide.

However, fabric paint only aims to bond the paint to the fabric, which eliminates the fabric issue about with fabric type you are working. Each will ultimately achieve a different look and different effect.

Read more to find out some fabric painting techniques

Acrylic Based Paint for fabric

Acrylic based paint is the most popular dye fabric paint, which achieves the best result. These paint added color pigment the acrylic polymer and then emulsified with the water to create the fabric paint.

Acrylic paint is typically able to best bond with fabric, which is also durable, under repeated washing, holding up and resisting fading from light exposure.

The other benefit is the ability to change the viscosity of fabric paint without any color saturation. You can change transparency without changing consistency.

Finally, the acrylic paint is the best choice for painting project your garments or textiles. Acrylic based textile paint can be used sprayed, brushed on, as well as paint markers.

Alcohol-Based Fabric Paint

Alcohol-based paints for fabrics are commonly less used for fabric painting project because of mostly due to a fabrics porous surface but it can create beautiful designs.

You want to achieve the best result on non-porous material as the pigment can bond directly into the surface giving the best appearance.

If you used alcohol fabric porous surface, alcohol pigment will have a more transparent look and not have to color saturation of acrylic. You will need rich color you achieve the alcohol paint.

It is also important that this paint will not always achieve a great result on darker fabric. Lastly, alcohol-based fabric paint are not nearly as wash fast unless you short.

Dye Fabric

Dye fabric can also be used as paints but these result will often different than fabric paint. Sometimes the alcohol-based paint than acrylic paints. The paint setup and process can be much involved than your fabric paints.

Liquid Fabric Paint

Liquid paint for fabric is the most popular fabric paint and it can be found any craft store. It is readily available in many different consistencies and many additives to change both transparencies to better suit your needs.

Liquid textile paint is the most popular and is used for brushing, spraying and airbrush system into fabrics and textiles. Most crafters choice liquid textile paint.

The most fabric liquid paint is available in both acrylic and alcohol-based paints.

Fabric Markers

Fabric markers can be more limited in the artistic designs they can achieve compared with liquid paint and markers paint but they certainly can be used their place.

These paints are very convenient and portable. Paint marker is the great choice for kids because they don’t any require special setup and cleanup.

If you are interested in learning more about fabric markers read our fabric marker buyer’s guide.

Fabric Paint Spray

There are few options available to crafters that can be sprayed any fabric. They can be used regular spray paint but they are specifically made to be applied to the fabric.

Some Consideration To Selecting Fabric Paint

When you selecting fabric paint have a few other characteristics one should consider in addition to the paint type and method.

These paints are other attributes that will also affect both the final appearance and application in the fabric paint.

Fabric Paint Opacity

A fabric paint opacity refers to transparent a paint when you applied to the fabric. These can produce both designs as well as determine how will color shows up on the fabric.

Dark color fabrics and material you will always need to go opaque paint, so the color is more visible on top of the dark color.

These paints are transparent on the lighter color. The lighter colored fabric is not affected by the opacity of paint but if you are painting lighter paint color on light fabric. I recommended better to use more opaque paint.

Consistency And Paint Body

The body paint and consistency of fabric paint affect both fabrics once dried and the application of the paint.

When you work a thin or body less paint you will use an airbrush system or someone who desires a more watercolor-like consistency when painting.

On the other hand end of the spectrum, heavy body paint is how paints are able to achieve textured when you dried. That you can achieve virtually any desired consistency using different additives when you simply adding a little water and make the paint more flow.

Heat Setting Fabric Paint

When you set fabric acrylic paints, you should set with heat to make them permanently set into the fabric. If you are painting any fabric heat sensitive is the main fact and the heat setting control by the fabric.

If you are not able to heat set properly you will not be durable and long lasting. If you are using acrylic paint you can try using air set product when heat setting isn't metering.

Since you have a better understanding of what is great fabric paint you can set out to find one that works great you need. We have also provided the most popular choices of the best spray fabric paints and fabric paints given below into the list now.

Frequently Asked Questions and answer

1. How to paint fabric?

answer: Before you start painting your fabric, prepare it. Once you've prepared your fabric, place your cardboard under the fabric. After that, pin your fabric to the cardboard with pins to make sure that the fabric stays in the place perfectly.

Make a design on your fabric with a pencil, when you think you've made a perfect design simply start painting your fabric. To do this, you can use traditional fabric paints with a paint-brush or you can use fabric paint pens.

2. How long does fabric paint take to dry?

Answer: It depends on what type of paint you used! There are different types of fabric paints available on the market, some paints may take about an hour to dry. On the other hand, some paints will take a full day to dry or even longer to dry completely.

You can speed up this drying process by laying your painted fabric in the sunlight, or you can use a hairdryer on a low setting (don't use high setting).

3. How to get paint out of fabric?

Answer: Accidentally if you get paint on your clothes and you need to wash it out, do the job as soon as possible. To do this, you can use a wet cloth and we the area thoroughly, don't soak the area completely.

After that, take a brush and then scrub the painted area until it fully off. For harder stains, you can use rubbing alcohol or paint stain remover on the stained area while you scrubbing with your brush.

Final Word

I spent 24 hours researching the most popular paint for fabrics on the market. I research 18 different fabric paints and fabric spray paint from 13 different branded and manufacturers. I create a short list of fabric & clothes paint which is great all user.

The maximum customer recommended and great reviews top 10 branded fabric paint. And all of this research and recommendation you can trust and buy the products.

Hope now you can easily buy the best fabric paint & best fabric spray paint to decorate your t-shirts, shoes, upholstery fabric and many more.. Also, Hope my effort will save your time and money too.

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