The 9 Best Fabric Paint & Fabric Spray Paint for 2021

We independently research, test, and recommend the best fabric spray paint & fabric liquid paints. We spent more than 7 days, and we select the 9 best fabric paint for you.

If you want to paint your clothes, shoes, furniture fabric, or any other fabric, and you want to purchase fabric paint, then you’re in the right place.

best fabric paint

We hope this article will make it much easier for you to choose high-quality fabric and clothes paint for your next project.

Top 9 Best Fabric Paint & Fabric Spray Paint Reviews

1. Jacquard JA9908 Dye-Na-Flow Exciter 9 Colors Fabric Paint

This Dye-Na-Flow fabric paint is high-quality acrylic paint from the brand Jacquard that is recommended for clothes & fabrics, and it is our first pick.

The pack comes with nine 0.5 ounce bottles, and these bottles contain different color paints: chartreuse, turquoise, periwinkle, violet, magenta, scarlet, bright orange, golden yellow, and sun yellow.

jacquard spray paint

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These paints are perfect for synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, acrylic, and spandex. When dye-na-flow is incredibly saturated and produces vibrant color to much transparent natural color, but it will not perform well on dark colors.

Therefore, these colors are vibrant and colorfast, and they don’t change the original feel of the fabric. With this paint set, you can paint your fabric by following brush painting, airbrushing, and stenciling techniques.

However, it requires a heat-set to make it colorfast. This paint set has 400+ reviews on Amazon, and it is made in the USA.

Final Verdict:

Overall, it’s one of the high-quality products from Jacquard. Jacquard JA9908 Dye-Na-Flow Exciter 9 Colors paint set is an acrylic-based paint for fabric & clothing. So, if you’re looking for acrylic-based high-quality paint, just buy this one without worry.

Key Features:

  • These paints bodiless acrylic based
  • Transparent colors
  • You can be used in airbrush systems
  • Dye-Na-Flow is a free-flowing concentrated liquid color
  • Your product washable and dry-cleanable
  • Ideal for use on swimsuits, ballet gear, and t-shirts

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2. Tulip 31653 Soft Fabric Paint Kits

This tulip soft fabric paint kit includes ten one oz paint bottles. The paint pack can be used on different types of fabrics because these paints are not the same color.

This best paint for fabric pack comes with ten different colors of paint bottles, including black, leaf green, yellow, white, orange, pink rose, royal blue, purple, brown, and red. That’s why this package is perfect for all types of fabric.

Tulip soft paint for fabric

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The set has almost 150 reviews, and more than 70% are positive. Most of the users are happy with these paints’ results, and they’re satisfied with the price as well. Overall, these fabric paints are one of the perfect paint t use on fabric.

Final Verdict

The set has almost 150 reviews, and more than 70% are positive. Most of the users are happy with these paints’ results, and they’re satisfied with the price as well.

Overall, these paints are one of the perfect paint to use on fabric, so, if you want high-quality pants for clothes then try this set.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for all type of fabric
  • The package includes ten bottles
  • Ten different colors
  • Users are happy

3. Tulip 29025 Dimensional 6-Pack Best Glow in The Dark Fabric Paint

Tulip 29025 Dimensional Glow Fabric Paint is one of the top-rated glow paint available on the market for fabric. It comes with six-pack glow paints.

And these paints are the perfect option for those people who wants to purchase glow paints for their textiles or fabric. The glow in the dark paint set comes with six bottles for light up with fun, and these paints are non-toxic, so this set is safe for everyone.

If you want fabric glow paint for you or your kids and family members, you can purchase this set, because it’s safe to use for everyone.

tulip fabric glow paints

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These paints dry permanently, and won’t peel or crack, and these paints are even machine washable paints. Therefore, the product is affordable, and it has almost one thousand reviews.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for glow-in-the-dark paint for your fabric or clothing items, then this item is one of the perfect for you. So, if you need glow-in-the-dark paint, then you can purchase it.

Key Features:

  • These glow paints are toxic-free
  • One of the popular glow paint for clothing
  • The set is inexpensive
  • It has lots of customer reviews

4. Tulip 41438 Dimensional, Tulip Fabric Paint

This Tulip 41438 Dimensional, Tulip Fabric Paint comes in an easy-squeeze bottle that is user-friendly and ideal for both kids and adults. It is perfect for all age people party or children’s birthday party.

This Tulip fabric paint can be used directly from the bottle, which means if you select this paint, you don’t have to buy a paintbrush to use it. This Tulip paint is a red color paint that is durable and provides perfect results.

Tulip 41438 fabric paint

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However, the paint is very cheap: It costs under $10. Therefore, this tulip has more than 4k customer reviews on Amazon, and over 70% of customer reviews are five out of five. So, if you’re looking for rad fabric paint, then you can purchase this affordable cloth paint.

Final Verdict:

Tulip 41438 Dimensional fabric Paint Spray is a good-looking paint for your fabric that provides the good looking color.

It’s inexpensive & easy to use, and one of the best spray paint for clothes & fabric. The paint can be an excellent option for those people who want inexpensive, and easy-to-use paint for their next projects.

Key Features:

  • All the paint comes in easy-squeeze bottles and used for all age people
  • Prewash paint before remove sizing and painting but not use fabric softeners on your painted items
  • Available in 4oz bottle
  • Great for most fabric
  • Very affordable and softer
  • Natural and synthetic fabric, leather, wood, and paper paint
  • It’s one of the best spray paint for clothes
  • Perfect & best spray paint for shirts

5. Tulip 3D Silk Paint Set for Fabric

The Tulip 3D Silk Paint Set For Fabric is one of the great 3D silk paint set for fabrics. It comes with six different color paint bottles.

Typically, the Tulip brand is one of the well-known fabric & textile paint brands, and the provides a wide assortment of fabric paints and is one of the most popular as well.

Therefore, these paint bottles have a fine tip for the flow of paint easy to control, and this feature allows users to draw intricate details like lettering and flowers on their fabrics. But if you’d like to paint large areas with this paint, you can do that, but it may take a little bit longer.

Tulip 3D Silk Paint Set For Fabric

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And then, these paints are toxic-free, that’s why safe for everyone. And these paints are washable. If you use this set to decorate your items, you’ll be able to wash your items anytime you want, but you must make sure to set the paint after you’ve done the painting. Also, this paint set is budget-friendly as well.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly paint set for you or your kids, you can purchase this one without worry. Lots of customers are happy with this product, and we hope you’ll be happy as well.

Key Features:

  • It’s budget-friendly
  • Perfect for writing & painting on fabric
  • It comes from the most popular brand
  • Non-toxic fabric paint
  • Perfect for both adults and kids

6. Jacquard Lumiere Fabric Paint and Clothes Paint Jar: Pearlescent Magenta 

If you’re looking for shine and sparkle paint for your fabric & clothes, then here’s the Jacquard Lumiere paint that provides a high-quality result with a metallic and pearlescent effect.

One the other great thing about the Lumiere line is you can mix it with another Jacquard’s paint to create custom colors for your clothes & fabrics if needed.

Jacquard Lumiere fabric paint

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Lumiere is a very good fabric paint that is durable and makes the custom color on dark fabric and achieves a more opaque result that really stands out. The paint is especially useful for wood, leather, and fabric.

If you want to look for metallic and pearlescent effect paint for fabric, Lumiere is a good quality paint on the market. Finally, The Lumiere 3D paint is the dimensional version of the Lumiere line.

Final Verdict:

This Liquid paint is another great option when it comes to painting on fabric & clothing items. It’s durable & can be used on leather, fabric, and wood as well. Overall, this one is another best paint for clothes & fabrics

Key Features:

  • Light-bodied metallic and pearlescent paint
  • Exhibit unparalleled adhesive paint
  • Weather-resistant and lightweight
  • 2.25oz jar of pearl magenta
  • Made in the USA
  • Medium body acrylic paint

7. Simply Spray Fabric Paint- Perfect Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint

We add and review this paint for those people who looking for indoor or outdoor fabric spray paint.

This simply spray fabric paint review will tell you it’s perfect for whom. This Simply Spray Paint is one of the best upholstery paints. The package comes with three 8oz upholstery fabric spray paint can.

These outdoor fabric paints are non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-odor as well. Additionally, these paints are Permanent aerosol (fabric) paint.

Simply Spray Fabric Paint- best fabric spray paint

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However, with this spray paint set, you can use it for absorbent materials only for the perfect result. The upholstery spray paint won’t peel or crack.

Therefore, this best spray paint for fabric dries super faster (in about 30 minutes), and it doesn’t need a heat setting, the paint will be permanent after 72 hours. So, if you use this paint on your fabric, just wait about 72 hours before you use your item.

Final Verdict:

All in one, if you’re looking for the best fabric spray paint, outdoor cushion, or any other outdoor fabric items, then this product can be an ideal option for you. So, if you need paints for upholstery, then you can go for this fabric spray paint without worries. 

Key Features:

  • It doesn’t contain Toxic
  • A great one for upholstery
  • Dries in about 30 minutes
  • Non-odor
  • Non-flammable
  • Permanent aerosol best spray paint for fabric
  • One of the perfect furniture paint

8. Crafts 4 All 3D Permanent 24 Colors Paint for Fabric and Cloth

If you’re looking for versatile & inexpensive fabric paint, then this Crafts 4 All 3D Permanent 24 Colors Paint set is an ideal pick for you.

These permanent fabric paints are non-toxic, odorless, and safe for all ages people. And these Crafts 4 All 3D Permanent cloth paints don’t require heat to set, and they will not crack or peel.

Crafts 4 all 3D permanent 24 colors fabric paint

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These paints come in a squeeze-bottle container and narrow tip applicator: super easy to use. This  Crafts 4 All 3D Permanent 24 Colors Paint set is an ideal option for the lettering or outlining shapes on many types of fabric.

However, the paint set is not only perfect for fabric also an ideal option for wood, paper, glass, canvas, ceramic. As these paints come in a squeeze bottle, you can apply them directly from the bottle, but also you can use the brush to apply them to your fabric.

Final Verdict:

Crafts 4 all is a well-known fabric & other paint pen brand. This paint set comes in 24 different colors, and it’s inexpensive. So, if you’re searching for a paint set that includes different colors, you can try this one.

Key Features:

  • 3D paint set comprises of 24 color shiny and attractive shades
  • 3D or 2D highly pigmented quick dry
  • Not only for fabric but also paper, ceramic, glass paints
  • These non-toxic paints make it safe for everyone
  • We are so confident that you’re giving a lifetime guarantee

9. GenCrafts Watercolor Paint Set for Fabric, Canvas, Crafts

We have added one watercolor fabric paint set to our list. Because maybe some of our visitors need watercolor paint.

The paint set includes 50 Unique and vibrant colors of paint. These watercolor paints are toxic-free and safe for both adults and kids.

Therefore, these high-quality Non-Toxic Pigment Paints are suitable for fabrics, canvas, crafts, and much more as well.

Watercolor paint for fabric

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All in all, this is one of the best and most popular watercolor paint set for fabric, clothes, and more. So, if you need watercolor paint for your fabric and more, then it can be an ideal option for you.

Final Verdict:

We have seen, there’re lots of people looking for watercolor fabric paint for clothes or fabric, that’s why we’ve added this item.

So, if you’re looking for watercolor paint, you can give it a try to this set. We hope, the paint set will provide you great results.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for different types of materials
  • Toxic-free paint
  • It’s set of 50 premium vibrant colors
  • Suitable for all age people

Fabric Paint & Fabric Spray Paint Buying Guide:

We have made the top-rated 9 fabric paint and we also review these paints. Here, we are going to share some information about fabric paint. So continue reading.

Types of fabric Paints

Here in this section, we are going to talk about different types of fabric or clothes paint. So, if you want to know what type of paint is perfect for fabric painting, then carefully read this section.

Acrylic-Based Fabric Paint

Acrylic-based fabric paints are the most popular option because they provide the best results. When this type of fabric or clothes paint dries, doesn’t wash off from fabric easily. Also, they are fade-resistant as well.

Usually, acrylic-based fabric paints are available in liquid paint, markers, or spray form. They are widely available on the market: you can found them in a craft store or online.

Finally, acrylic-based paint is the perfect choice for painting your garments or textiles. Acrylic-based textile paint can be used sprayed, brushed on, as well as paint markers.

Alcohol-Based Fabric Paint

Alcohol-based fabric paints are not popular like acrylic-based fabric paint. If you use alcohol-based paint on your fabric, you need to use more paint to get the perfect result. Also, it’s not a good option for darker fabric.

Therefore, if you decorate your fabric with alcohol-based paint, your fabrics are not washable unless you are sealed with a protective finish.

Fabric Dye

Fabric dye also can be used as fabric paints but the results will often be different than paint. Usually, fabric dyes are designed for specific types of fabrics. They are ideal for changing the whole color of a garment or tie-dye.

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Types of Applications:

Liquid Paint:

Liquid fabric paints are the most popular paint and they are widely available. Liquid fabric or textile paint is perfect for brushing, spraying, and airbrush systems.

Most crafters choose liquid textile paint. Most of the fabric liquid paints are available in both acrylic and alcohol-based.


Fabric markers are the perfect option for less elaborate design & finer detail. Usually, these markers look like regular markers but are made out for use on fabrics.

Fabric paint markers are super convenient and portable. They are a great choice for kids because they don’t require any special setup and cleanup. 

If you’re interested in learning more about fabric markers read our fabric marker buyer’s guide.

Fabric Paint Spray:

There’re few spray paint options available for crafters that can be sprayed on fabric. These fabric spray paints look like regular spray paint, but they’re specifically made for applying on fabric. Also, they are super easy to use and provides great results.

Dimensional Paint:

Usually, dimensional fabric paints are also known as puff paint, and they are acrylic-based paint that provides great results.

Frequently Asked Questions and answer

1. How to Paint Fabric?

Answer: Before you start painting your fabric, prepare it. Once you’ve prepared your fabric, place your cardboard under the fabric.

After that, pin your fabric to the cardboard with pins to make sure that the fabric stays in place perfectly.

Make a design on your fabric with a pencil, when you think you’ve made a perfect design simply start painting your fabric.

To do this, you can use traditional fabric paints with a paint-brush or you can use fabric/cloth paint pens.

2. How Long Does Fabric or Clothes Paint Take to Dry?

Answer: It depends on what type of paint you used! There’re different types of fabric or clothes paints available on the market, some paints may take about an hour to dry.

On the other hand, some paints will take a full day to dry or even longer to dry completely. You can speed up this drying process by laying your painted fabric in the sunlight, or you can use a hairdryer on a low setting (don’t use a high setting).

3. How to Get Paint Out of Fabric?

Answer: Accidentally if you get paint on your fabric & clothes and you need to wash it out, do the job as soon as possible.

To do this, you can use a wet cloth and we the area thoroughly, don’t soak the area completely.

After that, take a brush and then scrub the painted area until it is fully off. For harder stains, you can use rubbing alcohol or paint stain remover on the stained area while you scrubbing with your brush.

Final Words:

We spent 7 days: we have checked 28 different fabric paints from 13 different brands, and then, we create a shortlist.

We hope now you can easily purchase the perfect fabric paint & fabric spray paint for t-shirts, shoes, upholstery fabric, and more. Also, we hope our effort will save you time and money.

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