How to make fabric paint from acrylic paint

May you know about fabric paint, Fabric paint is one of the most useful tools for customizing your clothes, shoes, sheets, bags and more. Most fabric paint only is used on a single type of fabric that's why it is quite difficult to find what you want. if you have a question! Can I make fabric paint at home? Yes! if you want, you can make it from acrylic paint. Do you want to know about how to make fabric paint from acrylic paint and how to set acrylic paint on fabric? Read this article.

In this article, I'm going to show you how to turn acrylic paint into fabric paint at home. You can easily customize it yourself by colors, fabric type, etc. It will work for whatever you want.

how to make fabric paint with acrylic paint

Things what you will needed:

* Acrylic medium
* Acrylic paints
* Container with Lid

* Piece of fabric / Old fabric shirt
* Painting brush/ Foam brush
* Iron

Mixing your paint in the container:

Main and The biggest difference between basic fabric paints are thin and acrylic paints are thick. It can cause flaking of the paint and also an uncomfortable stiffness to the fabric.

You can thin it with water or rubbing alcohol, but it can cause it to seep through the fabrics instead of staying on the outside.

The easiest way to make great paint for fabric from acrylic paint is to thin it by using an acrylic medium for fabrics. Also if you want you can use a fabric paint medium.

Put acrylic paint and acrylic medium equally in the container and mix it up. You can make it thin or thick. If you want thin paint put more acrylic medium. And if you want more thick paint put more acrylic medium.

Test your paint:

Now you have to use a piece of same or similar fabric that you plan to paint on using your paint on it to test. Or if you have similar type of old t-shirt or shirt, just paint on t-shirt to see how does it work.

All the acrylic paints are not the same. Also, it depends on what fabric you want to paint, on the paint might need to be thinner or thicker to get the right look.

If paint soaks through the fabric, you may need some more fabric paint on it. Other hands if it dries to an uncomfortable stiffness, then you may need some more acrylic medium on it.

Heat setting you paint:

When the paint has completely dried, you can heat set it with Iron. At first, set your iron on a medium temperature and iron your testing fabric for 6-7 minutes.

Once your fabric heat set, wash it with the same detergent you want to use on painted items. For the wash, you can use a washing machine, or you can wash it with hand.

*Tips 1: do not use steam for heat set

*Tips 2: If you see your paint is still thick after washing your sample, then add a bit more medium and test it until you get the perfect paint.

Now use your paint:

Well done! You just made your paint for fabrics. Now you can customize your clothes, sheets, pillows, etc. Now you can make countless colors and now you are not limited to the colors at the store.

At first, you can start by just creating pillows or a basic t-shirt, but there are endless possibilities.

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