How to Make Fabric Stiffener Step by Step at Home

A stiffener makes fabric strong and rigid for craft project. When you purchase a fabric stiffener that will be less expensive.

However, commercial stiffeners are sold in craft stores but if you try, you can make it very easily at home.

How to make a fabric stiffener at home

The homemade fabric stiffener can be used to make fabric flowers and some other things. In this blog post I'm going to show you how to make fabric stiffener

When I made a stiffener with burlap, I used fusible website to stiffen sides. And I used some formulas when I these  make stiffeners.

But I wanted to know that what fabric stiffener would be like. So I use three stiffening formulas using common household materials.

When I read and watching the YouTube video tutorials that about making a stiffener at home. Then I wondered if I could modify the three methods to make a fabric stiffener.

lean how to Make fabric stiffener step by step at home

Things you will need:

1. Large bottle of white glue.

2. Measuring cup.

3. Large bowl.

4. Wooden spoon.

Step 1: Elmer’s glue natural stiffeners.

At first, you check equal parts of glue and water. Elmer’s glue listed for non-toxic and safe on its label on the material safety data sheet. But these material is a type of plastic polyvinyl acetate.

So, it is labeled for being safe, because I don’t think I had eating. When mix the solution, I used a glass bowl and wooden spoon.

Now I would make these mixture is solid white and dried as clear strongly. This is the fast method for making homemade stiffener at home.

Step 2: Cornstarch fabric stiffener.

It is our second method, when you want to make cornstarch natural stiffener, you needs 1 Tbsp cornstarch, 1/4C cold water, and 1/4 C boiling water. At first, mix 1 Tbsp cornstarch in cold water by using your wooden spoon.

Now take the 1/4C boil water and cornstarch solution, and then add slowly the cornstarch solution to boiling water, and mix it once more time with you wooden spoon. Now take the solution off the heat and before using cool down the room temperature.

The firmness is thick like as tapioca pudding. That is dries clear and translucent. You remember that make this solution you did not have to use separate bowls or pots.

After done, you washed theme the water bowl and wooden spoon they were safe to cook with afterwards.

Step 3: Flour starch natural homemade fabric stiffener

This is our third and last method to make stiffener. Here in this method you'll need  1Tbsp flour, ½ C cold water, and 1/2C boil water.

Mix 1Tbsp flour with ½ C cold water and 1/2C boil water in a small bowl. The flour mixture into the boiling water by wooden spoon.

When the mixture looking thick, like gravy take off the heat and let it cool room temperature.

If you need to large stiffener piece and make a bigger batch using these ratio. If you need a thinner fabric you can add more water.

At this time, the mixture becomes more goopey. But the mixture color is linen white not selling white. Remember that, if you are stiffening white fabric, it may not bright white after dries.

Final words

As a result, we learn three different types of natural fabric stiffeners from this: Elmer’s glue/water, cornstarch stiffeners and flour starch.

When you see the resulted in three different colors. If you want to stiffen white fabric, you try Elmer’s glue starch, fabric starch or cornstarch methods might be the best whiteness.

But, if you want to make your stiffeners more vintage-y looking? The flour method is fine.

Other hand, Elmer’s glue is not natural, it need separate equipment to use these method. These method are long lasting and gets soft before washings.

However, the Elmer’s glue is best but cornstarch and flour starch method wash of easier and long lasting not as making stiffness.

I hope now you can make stiffener at home, also I think this content will save your money as well. Keep well! Take Care! Bye Bye.

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