The 3 Best Fabric Stiffeners in 2020 (Buying Guide)

If you are making a fabric box, hat, basket and some other thing that needs soft material and you will need to treat the fabric with stiffener solution. In the market, commercial fabric stiffener are available but 20th century there are also a number of people makes home recipes which are still effective.

Before start your project decide if your fabric requires permanent or temporary stiffening and according to choose the solution.

If you want stiffener for fabric you can purchase any one from this list. These best fabric stiffener works great and they has good reviews too.

fabric stiffener

Top 3 best fabric stiffeners reviews and buyer guide.

1. Aleene's commercial Stiffeners And Draping Liquid for clothes & fabrics

The allene’s fabric stiffeners and draping liquid is a synthetic substitute for starch or sugar – water stiffeners, which is suitable for fabrics and trim.

These use to crocheted fabric, ribbons, doilies, lace and appliques.

When dry, it is water resistant and very thinnable and tintable.

These fabric stiffener are non toxic. Which is nontoxic formula is safe and easy to use. 

You use these stiffener damp cloth for cleanup and available size in 16 oz bottle.


  • Damp cloths for cleanup
  • Size 10 oz or 16 oz
  • Item package quantity 1
  • Nontoxic formula use


  • This stiffeners very thick
  • Sometime color missing

2. Plaid Stiffy permanent Fabric Stiffener (16 Ounce)

Plaid stiffy fabric stiffener is great. We recommended these stiffener because we research and read social media top five star reviews.

This fabric stiffener is an easy to use and it is water based formula that works great for cotton synthetic fabric. When you home décor and homemade gift you can use very easily. 

These fabric stiffener made in USA. This package contains one 16 oz/472ml bottle.


  • Easy to use water based formula
  • Seasonal for homemade gifts
  • Made in USA


  • Messy to use
  • Bottle arrived broken and cracked

3. Crafter39’s Pick professional Fabric Stiffener

This is Crafter39’s pick fabric stiffener is an amazing product.

This fabric stiffener is an easy to used water based formula and works great. This is a new product in amazon.

These product easy to use and arts & crafts project.

Overall, this is another great stiffener, that you can buy. we hope this product will never disappoint you.


  • Crafter’s pick brand
  • High quality stiffener
  • Size 236ml/ 8 oz


  • There is no bad information

What are fabric stiffeners?

Fabric stiffeners is a chemical concoctions that , when added to your laundry your cloths and fabric to makes the fabric fibers feel slipperier and stand more upright and making your clothes fluffier and softer and reducing cling.

Commercial fabric stiffeners

Commercial fabric stiffeners contain chemical which make the fabric harder and mostly used in place of liquid starch when you make final project permanent stiffness.

The commercial stiffeners are basically liquid and dry, leaving no traces on the fabric. When you apply the liquid with a brush and take your time to dry for 45 minutes.

Now depending on you final project, you can iron the fabric on the low setting before its dries.

Non permanent fabric stiffeners

If you wants temporary stiffening, you can use a water and sugar solution. This solution are making dolls, book signs, tablecloths, plush animals and other project which only require non-permanent stiffening.

When you mix sugar with water in equal proportions and boil. The solution can be allow to cool and dip.

Embrace out the superfluous water but avoid squeezing the fabric. Alternatively, you can use Epsom salt or liquid starch in the same proportions


Interfacing is a one kind of fairly stiff material that can be sandwiched two layers fabric and is invisible.

It comes verity in weight and can be ironed on. Now, you can choose between woven or non-woven and knit one of them.

The woven has grain and cut the same way as the fabric, while non-woven has no grain.

The knit has a high elasticity and is suitable for knit fabric. And popular types of interfacing you can include pollen and buckram.

Substitute for fabric stiffener

Fabric stiffener is a common thing for crochet, applique, jewelry arts and crafts project. It use craft makers to manipulate fabric. 

If you do not have any fabric stiffener, you can also use substitute solution that make the same hardening effect.

Sugar and water solution

Mix water and sugar make a syrup that helps us build the shape of fabric when it dry.

Now heat the mixture equal parts of white sugar and water over the stove. Bring the sugar water to thicken and slight boil until reaches the desired firmness.

Whatever, a thicker syrup will provide a harder finish. These mixtures very stiffen fabric but should be used carefully because it can attract pests.

Starch water solution

Starch is the main material in the commercial fabric spray starch, which used to iron clothing. Combine for a homemade version ¼ cup starch and ½ cups of water.

Now make water and starch mixture and cook over a medium heat until it is translucent. This time you can use any kind of starch powder to make the mixture and including potato, wheat, corn and rice.

Diluted glue

Maximum fabric dipped on painted with diluted glue. Mix equal parts of clear drying white fabric glue and water.

The mixture requires drying long time since the fabric glue penetrates the fiber of the fabric but it will provide long-lasting finish.


Hairspray is an effective substitute and inexpensive for fabric stiffener.

If you can use any kind of hair spray on fabric but aerosol rather than a spray pump will more distribute the hairspray across the fabric. 

You should use an alcohol free hair spray because it cause discoloration the fabric.


We know that you confused what are the quality fabric stiffeners. I hope that you read the review and you can easily choose what you need.

You can compare the three stiffener and purchase the items. 

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