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Are you searching for the best fabric tea towels, and you don't know where to buy the best tea towels?. If your answer is "yes" then right now you are in the right place.

Fabric tea towels are also known as a dish drying cloth, dish towel, dishcloths, kitchen towels. Tea towels can be used for a variety of propose: from drying dishes to warp your baked goods.

Tea towels are very useful, and unsung heroes of the kitchen. Doesn't matter, whether you need to pull out hot dishes from your oven or you want to dry your dishes, tea towels are always ready to keep the heart of your kitchen tidy, neat, and clean.

Utopia kitchen towels, 12 pieces

Tea towels come in different sizes, designs, colors, thickness, tea towels specially made out of linen, cotton fabric or a combination of both.

But choosing the best tea towels for your needs seems simple and easy, but it will be a little bit hard for you because there are so many brands and types of tea towels available on the market.

We spent more than seven days to pick the top 10 best high-quality tea towels for our readers so that our readers can have an easier time to select the right one to buy and getting the best value of their money.

What are the best kitchen dish or tea towels to buy?

When you choosing and buying a set of tea/dish towels, most important and the first thing you have to think about is material.

There are so many microfiber towels available on the market, but cotton made towels are the best because they're soft, more durable, and don't have the lint problem like what other materials did.

top-rated  5 best tea or dish towels to buy:

Top 10 fabric tea towels reviews 2019

1. Harringdons Kitchen dish towels, Tea towels 12 pieces 28x20" best dishcloths

Harringdons best dish cloths set is one of the best tea towel set for your kitchen and home uses that you can find on the market. This towel set comes with 12 towels, each towel size is 20x28" these towels have a flour sack towel feel, you'll find four towels have a blue stripe, four towels have a red stripe, and four towels have a green stripe.

These towels made from 100% cotton fabric "which make them super soft" and they're eco-friendly. These towels are a great alternative to paper towels. And also they're environment-friendly, they're chemicals free, they absorb a lot and dry quickly. 

You can wash them in your washing machine because they're machine washable. To keep nice and safe these towels, make sure you don't use fabric softener and try to dry them naturally or at low heat. Also, these towels are lint free.

These towels can be used for drying dishes, warping your bread & baked goods, drying your fresh fruit, and much more. These commercial grade tea towels are suitable for your home, kitchen, and also they are suitable for hotels.

And they have a hanging loop in the corner that you can hang them up easily for drying. Overall this dish/tea or kitchen towel set is the best one for homes, kitchen, and hotels that you can buy without any doubt. This product got thousands of positive customer reviews.

final word

This towel set will be ideal for those people who want a high-quality quite best large size tea towels, kitchen towels, and dish towels.

This towel set quite expensive but works a lot, and they last for a long time.

Key features and benefits:

1- Made from 100% natural cotton

2- They are Eco-friendly

3- Comes with 12 high-quality towels

4- They propose multiple uses

5- Towels are Very absorbent

6- Lasting a long time

7- They are totally lint free

8- These towels are machine washable

2. Fecido Classic, Best Kitchen Dish Towels Set Of Four

This Fecido classic best kitchen towels set comes with 4 colorful towels, and with some great features. These towels are 19 inches by 27 inches that's why they are perfect for everyday uses. They're one of the best classic kitchen dish towels available on the market. These towels have a unique and classic checkered pattern that will look great in your kitchen.

The product made from 100% cotton fabric, and they are europian made. These commercial professional grade tea towels are heavy duty and absorbent.

These high-quality tea towels are soft, and they will become softer after every wash. They will last for a long time in your kitchen, and you will be happy with their performance.

You can use these tea towels to dry your cookware, glassware, and much more. And they won't leave lint over your cookware and glassware.

Additionally, these towels will add style in your kitchen, and available in 12 colors, such as blue, light green, brown, black, beige, red, peach, dark green, silver gray, white, and purple.

final word

All in all, if you're like someone who uses kitchen dish towels a lot and need the best quality kitchen towels, this set will be the perfect one for you.

These towels are good and decorative, and very attractive as well. So, if you are looking for a large size colorful decorative kitchen towel set you can purchase this towel seat.

Key features and benefits:

1- They are long lasting

2- These towels are perfect for everyday uses

3- Made from 100% cotton

4- They won't leave lint on your glasses or cookware

5- Large enough size

6- Thick and very absorbent

7- Decorative and functional

3. Bamboo tea towels, Brooklyn bamboo kitchen dish towels pack of Three

Bamboo is another great material for tea towels. This tea towel set from Brooklyn bamboo made from organic bamboo fabric. They are soft, super absorbent, and durable. These tea towels are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and dry very fast.

This best kitchen towel set comes with three towels. these towels are best for kitchen and hands. Also, you can use them as a bar towel, for shaving, and as a gym towel as well. They will look great in your kitchen, and also feel luxurious on your hands as well.

These dish/tea towels are machine washable and get softer after each wash and company says that you'll never find these tea/dish towels to be stiff or abrasive

final word

Overall, this is a great kitchen dish towel set that you can buy. Customers are very happy with these towels. So, if you like the bamboo fabric, you can buy this Brooklyn bamboo dish towel set.

Key features and benefits:

1- Towels are large

2- More absorbent

3- These towels are soft and durable

4- Towels are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

5- They dry quickly

4. Utopia kitchen towels, 12 pieces, 15x25" Best bar, and tea towels

This Utopia tea towel set comes with a set of 12 towels and they are15x25" and these towels has a blue stripe on them. If you're looking for a set of tea towels, those can dry dishes when you needed. But they also can be used as a hot pad, basket liner, napkins, and more.

These towels made from strong enough durable fibers and these tea towels last longer they won't scratch our cookware, pans, and plates. Utopia tea towel set can work all over your home with their cotton construction.

These towels are lightweight, may seem thin at first, but these towels are very highly absorbent, and they dry very fast that's why you don't have to worry about bacteria lingering around.

These towels are machine washable, but you must wash them separately, and recommended to dry them on low.

This utopia towel set harmful chemicals free that makes these towels safe for us. This towel set is a good option for those who need a long lasting kitchen tea towel set.

final word

Utopia kitchen towels, 12 tea towel set is one of the best kitchen tea towel set out there on the market.

So, if you want a high-quality tea towel set which is inexpensive and safe for you and your family, you can buy this towel set for your kitchen and home.

Key features and benefits:

1- Comes with 12 towels

2- This towel set inexpensive

3- They absorb a lot and dry fast

4- They're machine washable

5- These towels are safe for us

6- They can be last a long time

5. Bumblebee linens, linen tea towels 4 pack, 14x22"

This Bumblebee tea towel set is perfect for the guest bathroom and kitchen. This towel set comes with 4 tea towels, they made from 60% linen and 40% cotton blend fabric. They come in 14 inches by 22 inches in size.

These tea towels will add a class to your guest bathroom and kitchen. They're lightweight, crisp and elegant with great exquisite feel as well, and their classic design never goes out of style.

These towels are machine washable, and they're very easy to clean up. Sometimes you can iron them if needed.

Also, these tea towels are perfect for embroidery projects. Most of the reviewers say that they're good enough for embroidery.

final word

Overall, this is a great tea towel set that you can use in your guest bathroom and your kitchen. If you want to have a tea towel set for your embroidery project, you can go for it without any doubts.

Key features and benefits:

1- Best tea towels for a guest bathroom

2- Perfect for embroidery projects

3- These linen/cotton blend tea towels are machine washable

4- Very easy to clean them

6. Liliane Collection 13 pack cotton tea towels 14x27"

The Liliane collection tea towel is another great commercial grade tea towel set out there on the market. This towel set comes with 13 towels, and these are 14 inches by 27 inches in size.

These best fabric tea towels made from 100% two-ply cotton and a herringbone weave. The company of this product is very confident with their towels that's why they offer us a money back guarantee. So, if you don't happy with this product you will get your money back.

These Liliane collection tea towels are soft and super absorbent. This tea towel set is a great option for those people who want professional and heavier workload tea towels.

You can use these tea towels to warp your bread and some other baked goods, drying your dishes, you can handle your hot pans and pots, and many more.

final word

This Liliane collection tea towel set is very good and perfect for your kitchen works. And this product got almost 2000 positive reviews.

Also, the company gives you a money back guarantee so you can buy this product without any worry.

Key features and benefits:

1- The product is bleach safe

2- Towels are lint-free

3- Made from cotton and herringbone weave

4- Super Absorbent

5- Towels are drying fast

6- Towels are super soft

7- Comes with money back guarantee

7. The best microfiber kitchen tea towels, set of 8 Towels, gray

This product with 400+ reviews, set comes with 8 towels. These towels are soft and thick, and they're gray which is great. You'll love the size as well. These microfiber heavy duty kitchen towels are perfect for drying dishes and cleaning your kitchen.

These microfiber tea towels absorb a lot and dry fast, which will do a lot in your kitchen. If you are looking for a microfiber kitchen dish towel set, this is the one you can buy.

final word

If you want to try new kitchen tea towels, you can try this set. Overall this is one of the best microfiber dish towels set out there on the market.

Key features and benefits:

1- Soft and thick

2- Measured 18x28 inches

3- Machine washable and dry

4- Durable & lint free

5- Absorb a lot & dry fast

8. Aunt Martha's Flour sack Kitchen Dishtowels set, Set of 7 and 28x28 Inches

This Aunt Martha's kitchen dishcloths set comes with Seven towels. These towels are thickest and good quality flour sack towels. They're quite large in size 28x28" inches which make them perfect for those who need a big one, lint-free, finely woven, and absorbent a lot as well.

Additionally, their absorbency and their thickness make these dishcloths ideal and great for delicate works like excess moisture from tender herbs, berries, lettuces, etc. Also, you can dry your dishes, and clean up spills ( but they can't mop up spills as fast as our other picks do) also you can use these towels for your next embroidery project.

Our team has looked at a few other flour sack towels, but they found this is one of the best flour sack tea towel set available on the market.

This towel set made from 100% cotton, each dishcloth is a 130 thread count and also hammed on all four sides.

final word

This flour sack towel set is not perfect who want to have a colorful or decorative kitchen towel set.

Because of this flour sack towel set available only in white color. But if you want a towel set for your next embroidery project you can go for it.

Key features and benefits:

1- 100 percent cotton

2- Dries fast

3- Big in size

4- Towels are hammed on all four sides

5- Very good for an embroidery project

9. Tiny break vintage striped tea towels, dish kitchen towels 6 pack, 20x28"

If you are looking for reliable tea towels for upgrading your kitchen, you can look at in this tea towels set. The Tiny Break vintage dish tea towels for the kitchen will make your job very smooth.

This Tiny Break tea towel set for kitchen comes with six towels, these towels made out of 100% cotton fabric. These dish/tea kitchen towels are made from cotton, and the Set comes with 6 towels.

Each towel measuring is 20 inches by 28 inches. And they nicely finished with a hanging loop which will help you to hang them for drying and make them ready for the next job.

These towels are long-lasting, Eco friendly, and lint-free. Also, these towels are lightweight, super absorbent, and they dry so fast as well.

If you wish to have some tea towels that don't wrinkle and scratch your cookware and glassware this towel set can be a great option for you.

final word

Our researching team found that this towel set earned 83% positive customers reviews. I forgot to tell you something about these towels "you can use them in your kitchen, also you can clean your windows, mirror, and pc as well" also when you wash them don't use fabric softener and use cold water to wash, and then dry them in low heat.

Key Features and benefits:

1- This towel set inexpensive

2- Made out from pure cotton

3- Absorbs a lot

4- Easy to clean

5- Dries very fast

6- Reviewers love this product

7- Can be wash and dry in a machine

10. the Classic Tea towels, dish towels, commercial kitchen towels, 12 pack set

This classic tea towel set comes with 12 high-quality towels. If you are looking for a long lasting kitchen dish towels, then you can look out on this towel set, hope it will be a great choice option for your home, and kitchen.

These classic tea towels made out of cotton and herringbone weave, which is super absorbent, drying fast, and produce minimal lint, also they are bleach safe. These tea/dish kitchen towels are lightweight.

Really, you can trust this towel set, because these towels won't scratch your cookware, glassware, plates, pans or your cutlery.

This towel set is perfect for kitchen and home uses, but also these towels can be used in restaurants, offices, bars, and hotels as well.

These kitchen tea towels are a great alternative to paper towels, and they also lint-free, and chemicals free also they dry very quickly and avoid any bacterial build up as well, which means those towels are very safe for your home, and family members.

final word

This is another high-quality, long-lasting, safe towel set in our list. If you're looking for tea towel set that is lint-free, anti-bacterial, highly absorbent lightweight, then this towel set will be a great solution for you.

Key features and benefits:

1- Set comes with 12 towels

2- Towels are highly absorbent

3- Low Lint

4- Also, Can be used in restaurants, bars, offices

5- They are chemicals and bleach free

6- Dry fast and quickly

7- Made out from 100% cotton herringbone weave

Final verdict:

At least we've done it, now it's your time to have a good quality tea towel set for your kitchen, home, and your guest bathroom.

It wasn't easy to pick the top 10 best kitchen towels for our readers, because there are so many kitchen tea towels brand available on the market. It seems very easy to choose a best fabric tea towels or kitchen towels set, but I'm telling you it's very hard. 

But now we're so happy because our little effort will help our readers to have a good product. Keep well, we will see you soon with another buying guide.

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