How to Use Fabric Softener | Step by Step Guide!

If you use fabric softeners on your fabrics and clothes (softener for fabric also known as a fabric conditioner) softener bring a softness, and freshness on your clothes and fabrics. Using softener is an easy task, not hard work, but so many people searching for how to use fabric softener.

In this blog post, I will show you how and when to use fabric conditioner/softener, and why you should use softener.

using fabric softener

So, If you wanna learn more about softener please read this full content, it might help you a lot. Hope you'll enjoy the content.

Fabric softener is a liquid (conditioner) that is typically applied when washing clothes, and any other laundry to soften the fabric.

Softener softens and conditions our clothes and fabrics. And making it less rough and scratchy against our skin.

Also, softener makes our clothing smelling nice and fresh. Additionally,  softener for fabric has some other benefits.

A- It cares and protects our clothes:

Our clothes can experience lots of tears and wear over time, but softener lightly conditions and softens each of the fibers.

And helping them to smooth each one and keep our clothing items looking good as new for a long time. The smoothing process even helps to reduce static clinginess on our clothes.

B- Softener is a great time saver:

Especially, if we’ve normally got a pile of ironing as high as the ceiling, softener can be our new good friend. 

Clothing items that have been washed out with fabric or clothes softener, generally they come out from washing machine with less creased. Which makes our ironing a whole lot faster for us!

Why should you use fabric softener?

Here I write down some reasons why you should use softeners:

Number One:

Softeners keeps our clothing items looking new for a long time.

Fibers in items like wool can tangle and bobble when you washed without softener, which can start making pilling on your clothes. To avoid this problem, you can use softener.

Number Two:

Fabric conditioner or softener lightly softens and conditions each of the fibers.

And it helps our items to remain smooth and retain their natural elasticity.

Number Three:

If you use fabric or cloth softener on your clothes, you don’t have to spend more on the ironing, fabric or clothing softener will make your ironing much easier, and faster as well.

Number Four:

If you use softener on your clothes, it will add a fresh and lovely scent to your clothes.

Number Five:

You or if someone in your family has sensitive skin. Fabric conditioner will be a great option for you.

Because it helps to protect sensitive skin by softening fibers in clothing that could irritate delicate skin.

Can softener be used on all types of laundry?

I’ve heard this question lots of time, can I use softener on my towels?. Fabric or clothes softener is totally safe to use on all types of clothing items.

So, you can use softener on your any types of clothing items. But there are some clothing items that may perform better and more effectively if washed without softener.

Because of softener leaves a silky film on the surface of clothes, that gives it the smooth feel, so they can affect a material’s ability to absorb.

Your clothing item that is intended to absorb such as fabric tea towels, bath/hand towels and also microfiber cloths that are specially designed to absorb water dry-quick sportswear which absorbs sweat. This types of items should be treated with care.

To keep your towels fluffy and soft, and yet still absorbent, you can wash alternately with and without softener.

You must always make sure to read the care label of towels, fabric for your napkins and other fabric items. And also you must read the label on the softener, as well.

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Step by step guide on how to use fabric softener:

It’s so easy! using fabric conditioner/softener, not a hard task, using softener is so quick and easy.

In most cases, all you’ve to do is, simply you’ve to add softener into your washing machine and then leave the machine to do all the hard work for you.

Always make sure to read the directions label of your fabric freshener and the care labels of your clothing before you use softener. Here’s step by step guide on using softener for you:

Method 1: Using fabric softener on a fully automatic washing machine:

Step 1:

At first, read the care labels of your clothing items to make sure that they’re machine washable.

But if your items are not machine washable, then you can jump to method 3.

Step 2:

Most of the softeners for fabrics come with a measuring cup or in a sachet, so measure out the softener with the cup.

Most of the softeners can be used 30/35 ml per 4/5 kg load. You must make sure to check the softener instructions on the ladle.

Step 3:

Put the softener into the detergent drawer before beginning your wash cycle at the same time as you add detergent in your machine.

In most of the automatic washing machines, softener should be added to the drawer where we add detergent.

But the softener adding location may vary in different machines, so make sure to check your washing machine manually.

The softener always needs to be diluted, so you must never add fabric conditioner/softener directly to the drum.

Step 4:

Now your washing machine will take over from here and release the softener during the final rinse cycle. And do the hard work for you.

Safety tips: Always you must make sure to wash your hands after you handle fabric conditioner/softeners.

Method 2: Using softener on a semi-automatic washing machine:

If you’ve got a semi-automatic washing machine. Then you just need to add the correct amount of softener to the last rinse, and your machine will do the job.

Safety tips: Make sure to wash your hand after you handle fabric conditioner/softener.

Method 3: Guide for using fabric conditioner/softener on hand wash:

If you don’t have a washing machine, and you’re washing by hand, still you can use softener at the end of your washing process.

You can use 18 ml to 20 ml softener per 10 litter bucket. Or you can read the label of your fabric conditioner/softener to find out how much softener you can use.

Add your softener into a bucket of clean water for the final rinse, after that put your clothes into the bucket and let your items in the bucket for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Once you’ve waited for 5/20 minutes, remove your clothes and then hang them to dry.

What to avoid when you use fabric conditioners or softeners?

Some people, they just add fabric conditioner or softener how much they want. This is not a good idea for using softener.

Always it’s important to check the directions on the label when you use softener. If you do this you’ll get the better result.

You must not let your fabric conditioner or softener come directly into contact with your clothes. If you put softener directly to your clothes, it can leave a stain to your clothes and spot them.

After you handle your fabric conditioner or softener always make sure to wash your hand perfectly, don’t avoid this.

Final verdict:

Now you get all the answer about fabric/clothing softener. And now you know how to use fabric or cloth softener, hope now you get a better result when you use conditioner/softener on your clothes.

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