How to Clean Fabric Kitchen Chairs Step by Step Guide

Fabric kitchen chairs are available in different colors, styles, and textures. Regular use, kitchen room/Dining room fabric upholstered chairs can attract dirt and food spills.

Especially if you have kids or pets your fabric kitchen chairs will get dirt quick and fast. May you thought about how to clean fabric kitchen chairs or dining chairs easily and fast at home?

In this article, you will learn how to clean a fabric kitchen room chair or dining  chair easy and fast at home.

How to clean fabric kitchen chairs

Check your fabric kitchen or dining chair cleaning codes:

When you wanna start, check the chair cleaning code. Most of the manufacturer's are marked upholstered fabric furniture with one of the following four code.

So. before you start cleaning your chair fabric find out cleaning code.

A. W (Water):

W(water) means that the fabric on your kitchen chairs can be clean with water-based cleaning products only.

B. S (Solvent):

When you see your fabric kitchen room chairs marked with S(solvent), This means your kitchen chairs fabric should be clean up with solvents only.

C. W/S Or S/W (Water Or Solvent):

If you see your fabric chairs marked with this code, that means you can clean with both water or solvent-based cleaning products.

D. X (Vacuum):

If your kitchen chair marked with this code, means your kitchen chairs fabric should be clean with a Vacuum.

Learn more about how to clean fabric kitchen chairs or dining chairs

Fabric upholstered kitchen or dining chairs cleaning methods:

There are three basic methods and four stain removal methods available for cleaning chair fabrics.

You should choose the perfect method for your chairs fabric by keeping in mind the chairs fabric cleaning code.

Basic cleaning methods for cleaning kitchen or dining room chair cushions:

The Basic methods are done at regular intervals will prevent the build-up of tough old stains that are a pain to tackle.

How often you need to clean your kitchen fabric chairs depends on how frequently they get dirty. 

Three-way you can clean your fabric kitchen chairs fabric by following basic method,

The first method using a vacuum cleaner, the second method using a steam cleaner and the last method using a soap solution to clean your kitchen fabric chairs.

Method number one: use a vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming is the first method to go on when it comes to cleaning your fabric kitchen chair fabrics. kitchen chairs fabric with any cleaning code can be clean a vacuum.

You will be surprised after you clean up your fabric chairs. Because it will not only clean up the dust, also you will notice that the most stains will become visibly lighter.

Thoroughly vacuum the chair fabric:

Step 1 

To get deep clean your fabric kitchen chair, use the brush attachment that comes with vacuum cleaners.

Step 2

If your chair fabric is delicate, use the upholstery attachment. If your vacuum did not come with this option,

You can brush fabric with an upholstery brush and pick the dust with your vacuum cleaner.

Step 3

You can vacuum in even, overlapping strokes to clean the entire surface areas. You must use right to left overlapping strokes nappy materials.

Step 4

Now you use the crevice tool to clean the seams and crevices.

Method number two: use a Steam Cleaner

You could use a steam cleaner or steamer to get deep clean your fabric kitchen room chair fabric, before you start cleaning your chair fabric you should check your kitchen room fabric chairs that the fabrics cleaning code is W or S/W.

Unlike the water and other liquid cleaning up solutions, a steam cleaner can penetrate and loosen stain without saturating the area.

After that, the stain can be easily clean up with a little spot cleaning.

Use a steam cleaner to get deep clean:

Step number 1

Run the steam over your kitchen chairs fabric in overlapping horizontal strokes. It is the grid-like manner will ensure that you cover the entire surface.

Step number 2

For stains, steam your chair fabric once before spot cleaning and once again after to you finish the job.

Step number 3

You should allow the chairs to completely dry before, you using them. It should not take a long time, as steam evaporates readily.

Method number three: using a soap solution

Even if you don't have a steam cleaner or vacuum cleaner and you do not have access to retain one, a soap solution can restore your fabric chairs.

Making a hot mild soap solution will clean up your fabric kitchen chairs.

Things you'll needed:

A- Liquid dish soap

B- A spray bottle

C- Hot water

D- Household sponge

E- Soft towel

Make some dish soap solution in a spray bottle:

Step number 1

Put three cups of hot water into a spray bottle

Step number 2

Add three teaspoons of liquid dish soap

Step number 3

Put the spray nozzle back on and close it nicely, now you must shake it well to dissolve the soap.

Clean your chair fabric:

Step number 1

Spray the hot dish soap over the dirty surfaces on your kitchen chair upholstery fabric 

Step number 2

Scrub out the dirt and stains from your kitchen fabric chairs with a household sponge.

Step number 3

Now Soak up as much moisture as you can with the towel.

Step number 4

If you see there is some excess soap on the chairs, take it off with a towel before it becomes dry.

Step number 5

Allow them to completely dry.

Stain Removal methods for cleaning fabric upholstered dining or kitchen chairs:

If you spilled food or beverages on your fabric kitchen chairs or your pets has made a mess, always it is good to have some stain removal tips to clean up your fabric dining room chairs.

Method one: Use Hydrogen peroxide

While it isn't working on oil and grease stains on kitchen chair fabric upholstery, but hydrogen peroxide can work on organic stains like blood, urine, food, tea or coffee. Hydrogen peroxide,

This is quite perfect for spot cleaning. before you start this method, you must check the chairs to make sure your chair marked with W or W/S.

Things you'll needed:

A- Water

B- Hydrogen peroxide

C- A spray bottle

D- Towel

Dilute hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle

Step 1

Fill up a spray bottle two-thirds of the water.

Step 2

Now fill up the remaining one-third of the spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide.

Step 3

Put nozzle back to spray bottle and shake it well.

clean the chair Fabric with diluted hydrogen peroxide:

Step 1

Cover the stained areas of your fabric covered kitchen chairs with diluted hydrogen peroxide.

Step 2

Let the solution sit for 20 to 25 minutes.

Step 3

Soak up with a towel.

Step 4

If it is not done repeat the process a couple more times.

Step 5

Now you can let the chairs to dry completely before using it again.

Method two: use white vinegar

White vinegar can help you to clean up the oil and grease stains on your fabric chairs. before you clean your kitchen chair seats with vinegar check the cleaning codes.

If your chairs mark with W or S/W, then you can clean with vinegar.

Things you'll needed:

A- Water

B- White vinegar

C- A spray bottle

D- Towel

Dilute vinegar in the spray bottle

Step 1

Put 1 cup of water in the spray bottle.

Step 2

Put a half cup of white vinegar in the spray bottle.

Step 3

You should Put back the nozzle on the spray bottle and shake it well.

Clean the Fabric covered seat with diluted white vinegar

Step 1

Spray the diluted white vinegar on the spot.

Step 2

Soak the areas with the towel.

Step 3

Repeat the process if it's needed.

Step 4

Put your chairs to dry completely before you using it back.

Method three: use rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can help you to clean up based stains like chocolate, tea, coffee, fruit, grass, wine or blood from your fabric kitchen chairs.

Before you use this method make sure your fabric kitchen chair mark with cleaning code S or S/W.

Things you'll needed:

A- Water

B- Rubbing alcohol

C- Small Spray bottle

D- Towel

Dilute rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle

Step 1:

Fill the spray bottle halfway with water.

Step 2:

Fill the spray bottle remaining halfway with rubbing alcohol.

Step 3:

Put the nozzle back on the spray bottle and shake it well.

Clean the fabric spot stains with diluted rubbing alcohol

Step 1:

Spray the diluted rubbing alcohol on the spot stain.

Step 2:

Soak up with the towel.

Step 3:

Repeat it again if it's needed.

Step 4:

Now Put it for dry until your chairs completely dry.

Method four: use baking soda

Baking soda is good for cleaning fabric/cloth chairs. Make sure your chairs mark with W or W/S cleaning code.

Things you'll needed:

A- Baking soda

B- Water

C- A spray bottle

D- Old toothbrush

E- Vacuum cleaner

Cover the chair dirty surface with baking soda

Step 1:

Put and sprinkle baking soda on the fabric chairs stains area.

Step 2:

Now you should wait 20 minutes.

Step 3:

If the dirt is too deep you must wait longer.

Vacuum the baking soda

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda from your fabric kitchen chairs.

Now Scrub the stain

Step 1:

Throw a little water over the remaining baking soda on the kitchen chair fabric seat.

Step 2:

Scrub out the stain with the old toothbrush.

Finish vacuuming your chair seat

Step 1:

You can thoroughly vacuum the remainder of baking soda using the brush attachment.

Step 2:

Now let your chairs to completely dry.


If you have fabric chairs in your kitchen room you need to clean them. Dining room upholstery fabric chairs and kitchen fabric chairs are the same, so you can clean both dining room chair fabric and kitchen chair fabric, even you can able to clean all types of fabric chairs by following this article. 

Hope now you know how to clean fabric dining chairs & kitchen chairs. Before you start cleaning your Chair fabric seats, you must check carefully your chairs fabric cleaning codes. Then, you choose a method which is perfect for your chairs after that move forward to clean up your fabric kitchen chairs.

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