How to Make Fabric Softener at Home Step by Step

May you buy fabric softener and use fabric softener, but have you ever tried natural fabric softener?. Hello everyone! I’m David johnny, and today I’m going to show you how to make fabric softener at home step by step.

how to make fabric softener

If you want to make your own fabric softener for clothes and fabrics and saving money as well, definitely you have to find a good DIY homemade fabric softener recipe.

In this article, I’m going to share with you some natural fabric softener recipes that you can try at home, hope you’ll love those recipes.

These are very easy to make and inexpensive as well. So, read the full content to learn more about how to make fabric conditioners or softeners.

Learn More About How to Make Fabric Softener: Different Ways

Recipe Number 1: Making Fabric Softeners with Baking Soda & Vinegar:

Things Needed:

  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Cup
  • Essential oil or scent booster(If you want)
  • Bucket or container
  • Metal Spoon

Step 1: Combine Baking Soda & Warm Water:

Pour 500 ml to 550 ml warm water in your bucket or container. Add 250 ml to 260 ml baking soda into 500 ml to 550 ml warm water.

Stir it with your spoon until well combined. Baking soda not going to be dissolved but should be soaked completely.

Step 2: Gently Add The Vinegar:

Gently add 250 to 300 ml distilled white vinegar to the mixture and then stir it again with your spoon. You must stir slowly and gently until the baking soda dissolved completely.

Step 3: Add Essential Oil or Scent Booster (If Desired):

If you want to make your softener scented, you can add the essential oil or scent booster to your homemade softener. If you want to add essential oil, add 30 to 35 drops of your favorite essential oil.

But if you want to add scent booster, you can add 65 to 130 ml scent booster to the mixture. Once you’ve added the essential oil or scent booster, stir the mixture again until dissolved.

After that pour your homemade softener into a container and store it in a safe place or you can keep it in your laundry space. Before each use shake the container or stir for a few minutes and then you can use.

Step 4: Use Your Fabric Conditioner/Softener:

For normal loads add 50 to 60 ml of your homemade fabric softener to your washer just before the rinse cycle begins, and then washing machine will do the rest ( You don’t need to do anything).

Recipe Number 2: Making Softener with Vinegar:

Supplies Needed:

1. White distilled vinegar

2. Essential oil or any scent booster

Step 1: Buy White Distilled Vinegar:

If you want to make fabric conditioner with vinegar, at first buy white distilled vinegar( Don’t buy black vinegar).

You can buy 4 or 5 litters distilled vinegar, to buy distilled white vinegar, you can visit your nearest grocery store or you can order it online.

Step 2: Add Essential Oil Into The Vinegar:

Directly add 30 to 35 drops of essential oil into the vinegar bottle (4 litters of distilled white vinegar).

Step 3: Combine Vinegar with Essential Oil:

Once you’ve added essential oil into the vinegar, You have to combine vinegar with essential oil.

You can use a stick to stir, or you can shake (close the bottle with a lid before you shake the bottle) the bottle for few minutes to make sure that the two liquids (Essential oil & Vinegar) combine well.

Step 4: Use Your Natural Fabric Softener:

You can add 50 to 60 ml of your homemade fabric softener to the rinse cycle (for normal loads). And then you don’t need to do anything your washing machine will do the rest.

Always add this fabric softener solution to the washer just before the rinse cycle beings.

Some Important Tips:

Tip 1: Don’t just add the softener solution to the washing machine before its primary cycle.

Tip 2: Once you’ve made this softener, label it and then store it in a safe place (You can keep it in your laundry room). Make sure you labeled the bottle, otherwise accidentally you can use it for another propose.

Tip 3: Before each use, shake or stir to make sure that the two liquids combine well.

Recipe Number 3: Hair Conditioner, Warm Water & Vinegar:

Stuff Needed:

  • Hair conditioner
  • Spoon
  • Warm water 
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Bucket or container

Step One: Combine Warm Water and Hair Conditioner:

Take your bucket, add 500 ml (2 cups of hair conditioner) hair conditioner & 1500 ml (6 cups of warm water) of warm water into your bucket, and then stir it with your spoon for a few minutes.

Step Two: Now Add Vinegar:

Add 750 ml (3 cups) of white distilled vinegar into the bucket (Mixture), and once again stir it (Now stir until water, conditioner & vinegar combined well).

Step Three: Store in a Container:

Pour your fabric softener in a container, and keep it in your laundry room or store in a safe place.

Step Four: Use Your Homemade Fabric Softener:

You can add 60 ml to 120 ml of this fabric softener to your washing machine just before the rinse cycle begins and then let your washing machine to finish the rinse cycle.

Before each time use shake the container well or you can stir well.

Recipe Number 4: Epsom Salt or Coarse Salt, Essential Oil & Baking Soda:

Some Stuff You Needed:

  • Epsom salt or coarse salt
  • Baking soda
  • Container or bowl
  • Spoon
  • Cup

Step Number 1: 

Add 500 ml (two cups) of Coarse salt or Epsom in a container or bowl, and then add 25 to 35 drops essential oil into the Epsom or coarse salt.

After that mix well, to do this stir well with your spoon until the essential oil has been spread over and absorbed by the Epsom or coarse salt.

Step Number 2: 

Now you have to add baking soda. Add half a cup (125 ml of baking soda) of baking soda to the container or bowl.

Mix up well with your spoon until baking soda, Epsom or coarse salt and essential oil well combined.

Step Number 3: 

Add 30 to 45 ml (Two to three Tbsp) of this fabric softener solution directly to the water in the washing machine before the machine enters a rinse cycle.

Don’t use more than 30 to 45 ml, only use 30 to 45 ml for each time use.Once you’ve added the fabric softener solution into the washing machine, you don’t need to do anything, your washing machine will do the rest.

Step Number 4:

If you make this natural fabric softener on a bowl, jut put into a container and store it in a cool, and safe place. Or you can store it in your laundry room(Space).

Recipe Number 5: Fabric Softener Sheets (Cotton Fabric, Vinegar & Essential Oil):

Some Supplies You Needed:

A. Some cotton fabric

B. White vinegar

C. Fabric cutting scissors

D. Spray bottle

E. Essential oil

Step Number One: Buy Some Cotton Fabric & Prewash The Fabric:

You can visit your nearest fabric store, or you can buy fabric from online. Once you’ve got the fabric, wash and dry it (Don’t use fabric softener).Also, you can use your old cotton fabric. But before use, you must make sure to clean the fabric.

Step Number Two: Cut Your Cotton Fabric in Small Squares:

Cut your clean cotton fabric into squares with your fabric scissors, that are at least 6 inches along each side.

Step Number Three: Add Vinegar Into The Spray Bottle:

You have to spray all the cotton squares with vinegar, that’s why fill up your spray bottle with white distilled vinegar.

Step Number Four: Spray Your Cotton Squares with Vinegar:

Gently spray both sides of your each cotton fabric square until you get moist to the touch.

After that, let your cotton squares to dry slightly. These cotton squares could be moist but shouldn’t be dripping wet when you add it to the dryer.

Step Number Five: Add Essential Oil Onto The Cotton Squares:

Add 4 to 6 drops of essential oil onto a fabric square.

Step Number Six: Use Your Fabric Softener Sheet:

You can place your one homemade fabric softener sheet directly into the dryer machine as always you prepare to dry a load of your clothes. After that run a standard drying cycle, from here you don’t need to do anything.

You can use each dryer sheet for 2 to 3 loads. Before each use check your softener sheet if your softener sheet needs essential oil or vinegar, simply add vinegar and essential oil.

In Conclusion:

These Homemade Diy natural fabric softener recipes are very easy to make, inexpensive, and they’ll leave your clothes soft and smelling lovely as well. And also, now you know how to make fabric softener at home.

So, why don’t do you try? you can try all of 5 recipes and the select one what you love, and then continue that what you love. I hope you’ll love these DIY natural fabric softener recipes. Stay safe! See you soon.

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