The 10 Best Black Fabric Dye Reviews for 2023

Dyeing your fabric helps to transform its original look. This is a cost-effective way to get back your favorite clothing without damaging its quality. However, black fabric dye is used on denim, especially on jeans. The jeans lose their black color after a certain time. Using black dye helps to rejuvenate these fabrics.

Best Black Fabric Dye

This guide will help you find the best black fabric dye that will transform stained or faded jeans most efficiently. Remember that the wrong dye color and low-quality composition can damage your denim fabric. Our reviewed products are something that will be very handy while dyeing fabric with authentic black.

let’s get into the product list:

Top 10 Best Black Fabric Dye Reviews

  • Rit Dye Powder Dye, 1-1/8 oz, Black
  • Rit Dye Liquid Dye, 8 fl oz, Black, 2-Pack
  • Rit All-Purpose Liquid Dye, 8 Ounce, Black
  • Tulip Permanent Fabric Dye- Black
  • Jacquard Products Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow Liquid
  • Dritz 87012 Permanent Dye
  • Jacquard Procion Mx Dye Jet Black
  • Dylon Hand Fabric Dye Velvet Black
  • S·E·I Charcoal Tie Dye, Dye
  • TINTEX Lot of 1 Brand Fabric Dye

Selecting your desired black fabric dye from a wide variety of choices is not so easy. Here are the black fabric dye reviews for giving you an effortless option to pick the right one.

1. Rit Dye Powder Dye, 1-1/8 oz, Black

[amazon box=”B00F3T2BEQ”]

Here is our top pick for the best black fabric dyes, the Rit dye powder can be used as a multipurpose black powder. You can apply it to clothing, old garments, accessories, and other fabric items to dye and rejuvenate them.

This USA-made product comes with high-quality ingredients. It dyes fabrics without doing any significant damage. Moreover, it’s easy to use. One pack is enough to dye 1 pound dry weight fabric and medium weight fabric 3 yards long.

It doesn’t matter what fabric you choose to dye with this black tint as it works great on most of the washable natural fibers and synthetics. And finally, it’s best and affordable as well.

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2. Rit Dye Liquid Fabric Dye, 8 fl oz, Black, 2-Pack

[amazon box=”B00K1QKS0K”]

Though Rit offers hundreds of top-quality dyeing products, this liquid fabric dye is exclusive because of its versatility. It can dye clothes, furniture, and accessories. Its top-quality composition allows it to work on dried floral, silk, plastic, nylon, and more.

This is a pre-dissolved black liquid dye. You can apply it easily and directly as it is water-based. Let the fabric dry properly after applying the dye. Removing the runny paint by rinsing it with water is also necessary. It’s permanent and lasts longer with authentic black.

One more thing to mention is that it can also be used as a durable stain for wicker and unfinished wood. This is ultimately an effective solution to attain old black color back.

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3. Rit All-Purpose Liquid Dye, 8 Ounce, Black

[amazon box=”B08157KGN6″]

As a liquid black dye, this one is one of the top-rated products from Rit. If you want to dye different types of fabrics, this liquid dye will do the job more efficiently. It is best for jeans but also better for natural fabric like cotton and synthetic fabric such as nylon.

You can use this dye on polyester also but remember that it will not work on 100% polyester. Make sure the fabric is a polyester blend that contains a maximum of 35% polyester.

This dye is ideal for beginners as it doesn’t require expert knowledge for using it. The applying process is straightforward and the result will be always at the desired level. Plus, it is good to use in the washing machine.

4. Tulip Permanent Fabric Dye- Black

[amazon box=”B007WA83QO”]

When finding the permanent black fabric dye that is also fade-resistant, we recommend buying Tulip Black Dye. A top-quality dye should work on most fabric types, function quickly, and last for an extended period. This product is made keeping all these things in mind and customers get always the best black dye for fabric.

This is a permanent dye and the application is versatile. You can dye cotton, ramie, linen, wool, and silk. It doesn’t work well on 100% polyester, nylon, and other man-made fabrics.

However, dyeing any polyester blend gives a light black shade. The packet has all the easy instructions to dye so that you can easily use it.

5. Jacquard Products Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow Liquid Color 8oz-Black

[amazon box=”B00A6WGR0E”]

If you want to work less and enjoy the satisfying dyeing, try Jacquard liquid black dye. It comes with easy application. So, you can enjoy the best result by maintaining a few simple steps.

The dye is designed to serve the clothes for a longer time. It works like thicker inks that quickly sink into the fabric. The bottle is 8 oz; relatively a little amount of dye paints more items. The liquid can work on both natural fabrics and synthetic blends.

Overall, this black fabric dye can be your favorite choice to re-dye, fix bleach spots, and add an elegant black tone to your garments. A small expense can save you more while using this top-quality liquid black dye.

6. Dritz 87012 Permanent Fabric Dye, 1.75-Ounce, Velvet Black

[amazon box=”B004BQ5SAQ”]

Dritz permanent dye helps to boost your creativity on fabric items. This hand-dye provides a few more options to choose your desired black shade. It can be used to dye and refresh your garments, cushions, gloves, and more.

This black dye is very convenient to use and it’s permanent. So, your carefulness is necessary while dyeing any fabric and it will serve you for a longer period with its velvet black color.

Apply different techniques like ice-dye, tie-dye, paint-dye, or dip-dye and achieve an amazing change in your clothes. The pack comes with very clear instructions; make sure to follow that properly for the best result.

7. Jacquard Procion Mx Dye Jet Black .75Oz

[amazon box=”B001I117EI”]

If you are looking for an easy-to-use dye for natural fibers, this Procion Jet Black Dye is recommended for you. This dye is a cold water concentrated dye that requires adding to regular tap water.

It allows you to dye a wide range of fabrics from cotton to paper. You can even use it for tie-dyeing, screen printing, batik, and more. Another amazing thing is that the brand promises the dye to be permanent.

One 2/3 oz bottle of this dye is enough for more than 1 pound of clothes. Plus this dye is washable. And don’t worry about messing things up, to fix things using soda ash.

8. Dylon Hand Fabric Dye Velvet Black

[amazon box=”B01B33TMV0″]

When need to dye small fabric items with black color, this Dylon velvet black will be the best option. Dyeing some types of clothes in the washing machine will end up with faded results. So, hand fabric dye is important in that case.

Dylon black dye is the solution for hand dyeing. It’s affordable and you can save your money as well as your favorite clothes from wasting. It revives your clothes and the new color lasts very long.

One packet of velvet black can dye approximately 250g of natural fabrics. It’s very effective on cotton, linen, and viscose. You can use it on a polyester blend if you’re happy with a lighter black hue.

9. S·E·I Charcoal Tie Dye, Fabric Dye, 1-Quart-32 Ounces

[amazon box=”B00ICC6Y80″]

This is our favorite choice for tie-dyeing fabrics. It’s simple to use and doesn’t create any mess while applying. It’s water-based and clean-up is straightforward. Plus, its non-toxic feature is not harmful to your skin.

The spray bottle is easy to hold. It contains 32-ounce fluid which is ideal for dyeing up to 32 shirts. However, the amount can be changed depending on your dye methods.

The vibrant black color is long-lasting and it’s suitable for dipping, spraying, or stenciling. It works great on t-shirts. You can also use it on shoes, pillowcases, blankets, and sheets.

10. TINTEX Lot of 1 Brand Black Fabric Dye 44

[amazon box=”B00863JFUY”]

TINTEX Black Fabric Dye made dyeing a lot easier. It allows you to use it on both a washing machine and manually by hand to dye most washable fabric types.

You can use the dye in different materials from fabric to unfinished wicker. But don’t use it on 100% polyester or acrylics, and clothes containing special finishes. The application is versatile and user-friendly.

1 package is enough for 1lb of viscose, silk, cotton, and the likes. And for 1lb of nylon, wool, and the likes use 2 packages of the dye. You can take double quantities to achieve bright or dark colors.

Final Words

Black color is timeless and chic. When painting your clothing with it, you add something captivating that lasts for long and continues blowing your mind. Our selected black dyes are incredible with all excellent qualities. So, you can choose any of these for your next denim dyeing project.

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