Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent Review in 2021

The Coleman 6 person instant tent review will lead you towards purchasing the tent & why you should consider buying this instant cabin. Because of adequate space and other privileges, this tent has become the best pick among adventurous campers.

The features that will blow your mind are the premium weather tech system, inner and outer design, huge windows for maximum ventilation, quality, still being the best while comparing with an expensive one, and affordability.

Let’s break the facts down.

Coleman 6 person instant tent review

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Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent Review

Before I get into a brief review of the product, let’s talk about its description to bring you some ideas about what you’re looking for.


As for the building, the coated fabric is of 1500D polyester, and due to the seam-sealed design, the tent provides reliable performance. The structure maintains a standard height of 6ft from the center bottom.

Adequate Space:

Adequate space makes the journey of nature lovers and campers comfortable and peaceful, where you can rest and take a breath of relief. As a tour-loving person, I know that feels, and this tent will give you the option without any compromise.


The Weather Tech premium system is one of the most critical reasons you should consider buying the stuff to keep you dry. Along with that, the patented-welded floors & inverted seams will elevate the level of dryness.

The product does well while it comes to withstanding heavy rain and wind.

The Dark-Room Tech:

The cabin is a dark-room tent blocking 90 percent of the direct sunlight and reducing heat temperature up to 10 percent.

Inner Pockets:

The tent’s internal design contains two pockets ensuring quality storage, and now you’re free from missing the small essential instruments. I was pretty much frustrated with my cutting appliances, whether I kept that on a bag, floor, or anywhere else, and lucky, now I’m free from it.

The Within-Minute Setup:

This stuff is said to be the most easy-setup instant cabin, and the pre-attached poles are what make the process easy. No one likes to spend hours setting tents after long-way hiking on the journey.

Guide to Setting-Up:

The traveler will get the process once they see the tent. Still going to write the process down for anyone who doesn’t know or going to need it:

  • First of all, open the tent box & you get to see the tent folded
  • Get the folded tent out, & remove all the straps. Then, take the foam out at-the-top
  • Hold the center hub and at the same time, let the tent fabric fall on the floor along with your poles
  • Start pulling the rod towards you at a slow-motion while holding the hub and let the tent expand. A single person can accomplish the work, though it’ll be fast if two people work on it.
  • Then you’ll get to see all the extended poles
  • While holding the little rod, keep extending till you listen to a click sound. The click ensures it’s locked, just like an umbrella. Follow this clicking step for all the 4-poles
  • Hold the hub-section, pull-up the bottom part till you hear the locking click sound, and then follow this for all the 6-poles. After the 6x-times, & this is it.
  • The tent is all set right after you stake it.

Ready to Transform:

The tent’s fascinating thing is the quick transformation into an expandable and portable carry bag with a rip strip. You’re not going to worry about the bag anymore until you plan for the next escapade.

The process:

You bring the poles down and pull them in. After you see the tent collapses, holding the center, take sides up. Now save them all together & roll up the tent. And you’re done.


Some maintenance will make your stuff last for decades. Like every other thing, this one has some instruction as well.

  • Use the tent on even surfaces for avoiding surface destruction.
  • Though the stuff is easily washable, still excess dirt can reduce the fabric’s durability
  • Don’t wet out the inner space
  • Keep clean as you’re treating the tent as your second home
  • Seems repetitive still worth mentioning: lookout for pointed objects; after-all it’s a fabric

The product is standard in terms of quality and much better than many expensive ones out there. Still, one is ought to perform his/her role and take care of their stuff.


As for such large and adequate space, sometimes buyers have to compromise when it comes to budget. But luckily, not in this case. It’s the most affordable with the best features and sometimes better than some expensive tents.

But on Amazon, you may see different colors of tents have a pricing difference due to coming out in other years. In my verdict, the functionality shouldn’t have any difference, still have a check for your convenience.


Color: Black/Brown

Material: Fabric- 150D/150D- Polyester/taped- seams

Weather-Proof: Water can’t get in due to inverted seams & welded cornersIntegrated rainfly will offer additional weather protection Heavy-duty with 2x-thicker fabric

Interior space: Equivalent to 2- queen size beds, (10 x 9) ft. footprint that is, (3.05m x 2.74m), 6ft. 2-inches height at the center; adequate for six individuals5ft. 11- inches height other than the center, freestanding illuminated reflective ray lines for impressive visibility at night-times

Warranty: One-year

For Whom:

Groups of campers or families having six members must consider the product for their camping. Outdoor enthusiasts need more room, and this one fulfills the requirement. Usually, the tent is three-seasonal.

However, most campers agree that the tent is suitable for clear weather and camping in the campgrounds. And this review agrees with that.

People tired of cramped and stifling tents and disgusted by getting choked should have their look at this tent as well. I’m pretty much sure you’re going to have a different experience.

User’s Comments:

The Coleman tent is popular in the market for at least 6-years with many reports on the model. Amazon alone has 3500 plus stories on the stuff, including all the sellers and colors with a high production rate. This remarkable model is highly acceptable among travelers and campers out there.


  • With adequate space for the six-person, the product allows well-ventilation with its four windows and more 2-windows positioned at the front and back-side.
  • The rear windows mainly provide adequate ventilation for large even if the tent is houseful with half-a-dozen peoples & the height is 6ft. 2inches that is 1.88m
  • The roof has two vents with zippers
  • The frame is specially designed and can withstand wind and rain
  • The tent’s seams give a total protection
  • For holding the items and gears, you’ll have inner pockets with enough storage
  • The internal space is equal to two queen-size beds, which is quickly adequate for six peoples
  • The tent is from 2X duo-thick fabric, three seasonal, and water-proof

Pros & Cons of This Coleman Tent


  • Easy assembling (even one person will take five minutes to set it up all alone)
  • Great portability (will quickly get into your car’s trunk)
  • Large windows for adequate ventilation
  • Freestanding with a standard height
  • Perfect for summer seasons
  • Flexible enough to keep you dry while raining
  • Fabric is water-proof
  • Well indoor and outdoor design that can even withstand regular use


  • The two inner pockets have enough storage but might not be ample for six persons
  • The 2-zippers seem to leave a small gap so have a check while purchasing

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At the bottom, I guess the review has helped you out will all the queries and confusion, and the must-know fact while making a wise purchase on an instant cabin tent. So, if you’re having a six members camping group, go to the Coleman tent, and you won’t regret it.

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