The 7 Best Fabric Disinfectant Spray Reviews for 2023

Every day we come close to dust, debris, and germs; and we also try to stay healthy. In this case, staying neat and keeping our clothes clean is the key step. To keep our fabric free of contaminants, it’s important to use disinfectant spray. Though many options are available, the disinfectant will combat viruses more efficiently, even to stop spreading Covid-19.

Best Fabric Disinfectant Spray

There are many fabric disinfectant sprays obtainable in the market, but what to choose. Well, this guide will help you find the best fabric disinfectant spray to remove harmful contaminants as well as odor from the fabric.

We hope these products will never disappoint you: let’s get into the product list:

Top 7 Best Fabric Disinfectant Spray Reviews

From a large variety of selections, we have selected only the 7 most efficient disinfectant sprays so that you can pick the right one without being puzzled.

1. LYSOL Laundry Sanitizer for Fabric & Clothes

[amazon box=”B07263L4NY”]

Formulated with a bleach-free method, this LYSOL sanitizer is best for fabric disinfecting and removing odor. Its composition elements are more natural than chemicals. So, it’s safer for your sensitive clothes.

This fabric sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. You can sanitize any type of fabric (white & colored) with this fabric disinfectant. The packaging is very handy that ensures ease of use. It can be stored for a long-time. Simply make sure the bottle is air-tight.

Odors are a great source of bacteria growth. So, preventing it is important to stay healthy. This one is specially created among a few fabric sanitizers that prevent odors. The price is also reasonable and on the whole, it has all good features to be the top pick of fabric disinfectants.


  • Ideal for any type of clothes.
  • Works as cleaner and sanitizer.
  • Affordable fabric sanitizer.


  • Not an FDA evaluated product.

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2. Professional Microban Aerosol Disinfectant Spray- Fabric & Upholstery Sanitizing and Antibacterial Spray

[amazon box=”B086RLYB2H”]

This Microban disinfectant spray features exclusive antimicrobial technology that kills 99.9% of germs. This is not only for a short time; your clothes will be free of bacteria for about 24 hours. Even multiple touches don’t allow the growth of bacteria in this duration.

This fabric sanitizer is one of the multipurpose products that sanitize and disinfect fabric at the same time. Your next 28 days are safe and keep you risk-free as the treated fabric with this sanitizer prevents mold, mildew, and fungal growth strongly.

You will receive 6 bottles in the pack. After cleaning fabric with this spray, a citrus scent will offer you a pleasant feeling. This professional-quality disinfectant works on soft and hard surfaces. You can sanitize your regular clothing and other things including upholstery, throw rugs, carpet, curtains, backpacks, and so on.


  • 24 hours protection against bacteria.
  • Prevents spreading flu and cold viruses.
  • Sanitizes all fabric items professionally.


  • Spraying can be hampered due to its nozzle design.

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3. Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray for Clothes

[amazon box=”B07NM12KHY”]

If you’re looking for an antibacterial spray for everyday use, pick this Tide Fabric Spray. With its 99.9% bacteria-killing capacity, it keeps your clothes safe to wear and safe to touch. It works on both soft and hard surfaces.

While using properly on a soft surface, removes Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacter aerogenes. On the contrary, it eliminates Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica, Proteus mirabilis, and Staphylococcus aureus from a hard surface.

The disinfectant spray sanitizes your fabrics and adds a fresh smell to them. Next time when you wear the clothes, enjoy peace of mind! Not only on your clothes, but you can also apply this spray on car seats, dog beds, bedding, sofas, towels, and so on.

The 3 spray bottles in the package are really handy to use. When you first see them, you will feel okay with the design they come. Convenient design ensures easy spraying. It’s fast-working and easy to apply to sanitize each part of your targeted fabric.


  • Kills microorganisms that cause health issues.
  • Refreshes clothes by removing odors.
  • Convenient design for easy spraying.


  • Some users found nozzle issues while spraying.

4. Febreze Fabric Antimicrobial Spray

[amazon box=”B071WKMW4M”]

It’s always important to pick a fabric spray that will sanitize but will not damage your clothes. We like Febreze antimicrobial spray; it disinfects your clothes properly and maintains their original quality. Besides killing bacteria, it also stops harmful bacteria growth.

It comes with an effective formula to eliminate all odors and add a light scent to the fabric as well as surroundings. This is a twin pack that includes 800 ml bottles. It lasts longer as the little spray can do more sanitizing. With simple and mess-free cleaning, it can sanitize fabrics like bedding, upholstery, carpets, and more.

The Febreze spray comes with a significant bottle design. You can hold it easily and spray on hard-to-reach area. The spray liquid dries quickly, so, you can touch the surface right after spraying.


  • Freshens up the clothes and air also.
  • Easy to use trigger spray can.
  • Works on any type of fabric.


  • A little bit expensive disinfectant spray.

5. Lysol Crisp Linen Disinfectant Spray for Fabric Furniture, Couch, Coats, Sports Bags, Strollers and Backpacks

[amazon box=”B01LOC9N9G”]

This is another selection from Lysol. Like many other Lysol fabric cleaners, this one is also a top-rated product and efficient cleaner for all fabric items including coats, sofa, furniture upholstery, sports bags, and more.

The manufacturing process of this disinfectant spray is very scientific and controlled. It’s proven in the lab that it can kill up to 99.9% of germs including viruses and bacteria. If you can use it according to the instruction, the spray also works to prevent Covid-19.

This EPA-registered fabric disinfectant ensures mess-free clean-up. It eliminates various germs and flu viruses that cause more than 100 health issues. Moreover, it’s easy to use and it can reach any corner of the upholstery. One more thing worth mentioning is its bleach-free feature. It’s safe for the skin and keeps your clothes also safe from damage.


  • Antibacterial and bleach-free spray for clothes.
  • Removes odors, kills contaminants.
  • Safe for health, ensures convenient clean-up.


  • The food preparation surface needs to clean after spraying.

6. GG GARMAGUARD – On-The-Go Clothing Spray for Clothes, Furniture, Shoes, Uniforms, Bedding, Car Seats, Sofas

[amazon box=”B08K1SJCKG”]

Doing less laundry means saving your clothes and money as well. This GG GARMAGUARD is an eco-friendly spray that freshens up your clothes, removes sweat and smoke odor quickly. It effectively works for a longer time, so, sanitizing with it noticeably cuts your expenses and keeps you risk-free of illnesses.

However, remember that this spray is mostly freshener than a cleaner. Citric acid is used as the key ingredient in this clothing spray. The ingredient is also known to any household because of its huge uses in cleaning products. It is safe for health and works great to remove pesky odors.

This strong odor remover is easy to apply. You can keep the spray bottle always with you and refresh your clothes when need. It is versatile and besides clothes, it can also be used on many other items including couches, bags, uniforms, shoes, towels, and more.


  • One spray for total odor removal.
  • Eco-friendly, safe for humans and animals.
  • Free of harsh chemicals.


  • Over spraying can damage the mild colors.

7. Clorox Fabric Sanitizer- Bleach-Free

[amazon box=”B07PDJ322V”]

Clorox clothing sanitizer is our last selection but it has so many things to offer for your clothes. This specially designed laundry sanitizer kills almost 100% bacteria. It also removes tough odors that can cause a few health issues.

This color-safe disinfectant is also bleach-free. While cleaning workout clothes and removing stinky loads, it adds a nice smell to the fabric. Clean cloth means peace of your mind and in your every cleaning journey, this spray can be your great companion.

Lastly, the fabric sanitizer comes in a user-friendly spray bottle. You can hold the bottle easily and spray the fabric with ease. With convenient control and better coverage, this fabric spray is an excellent option for cleaning fabric.


  • Best for sanitizing and odor removing.
  • Bleach-free and color-safe spray.
  • Smart spraying technology, easy application.


It can irritate your sensitive skin.

Final Words

A powerful fabric disinfectant can save you from lots of hazards and expenses also. When you have clean clothes, you will be safe from flu and other health issues. The above-reviewed disinfectant sprays are some of the great choices. Pick any of the sprays and ensure your safe health.

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