The 7 Best Landscape Staples Reviews for 2023

We can’t finish the list once we start to point out the usability of landscape staples. Even it’s something related to day-to-day groundwork; you can’t ignore the need for quality configurations.

Best Landscape Staples

Along with picking up the seven best landscape staples, I tried to provide a full guide packed with the utmost knowledge to help you figure your need.

So, let’s get started:

Top 7 Best Landscape Staples Reviews 

1. AMAGABEL 6-inch Garden Stakes Galvanized Landscape Fabric Staples

The ultimate 6-inch staples are pro in terms of quality. A pack consists of 500 staples being 1-inch in width and heavy-duty performing one.

The galvanized steel of the staples is compatible with household projects. The dimension is perfect for your outdoor work like a patio, yard, lawn, garden, landscaping projects, etc. You can proceed with the project without being tensed about rust.

AMAGABEL 6-Inch Garden Stakes Galvanized Landscape Staples

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The 11 gauge thicker staples are steady with sharp ends that cause a better insertion and perfect grip to the soil. Edging, chain linking, plastic, electric wires, lighting, invisible pet fences, underground and in-ground will be your advantages.

The durability makes the usability versatile that allows you to use multiple indoor and outdoor projects like raised beds, vegetable gardens, flower garden projects, etc.

The box with the staples is reusable, easy for portability and storing needs. Portability is indeed an important feature to look at when it comes to outdoor projects, and that’s where this staple will help you a lot.

You can do the work of covering ground and tubing while dripping irrigation, or if you want to hold down the garden fabric, or even working with artificial turf grasses.

The staples will work for fencing for domestic animals, decoration wire for holidays, geotextile, weed barrier fabric, tarp, soaker hose, frost cloth, wire mesh, hardware cloth, and hundreds of other works.

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2. Sandbaggy 200-Pack 6 inch Landscape Staples- Best Landscape Fabric Staples

The lawn pin by the SANDBAGGY is well-known across America used in multiple sites like in the job site, in the airport, or maybe in the national park and so on.

This brand is a trusted company, both governmental, non-governmental contractors, and different forest and national park services. Over the past few decades, the manufacturer has been installing more than 25 million pins.

Sandbaggy 200-Pack 6 Inch Landscape Staples- Best Landscape Fabric Staples

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From the customers’ perspective, this product is the one they were searching for and can’t go on without it. A package contains 200 pins where 100 pins are sub-packaged for easy use. The packaging may change from time to time for reducing package waste.

With steel containing low carbon as the construction material, the staples don’t compromise durability. The 6-inch length, 1-inch width, 11-gauge thickness with the sharp tips allows the peg to go through the compact rocky soil even with little effort.

You’ll use the pins for commercial and residential projects, including drip irrigation & weed-barrier fabric installation. The tools which will help you along the process are a rubber mallet/hammer and gloves.

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3. The 200 Anti-Rust Anchoring Staples by PINNACLE MERCANTILE- Best Garden Staples

The anti-rust 11-gauge staples are metal body staples that will stay for a long time. The 1-inch square-shaped top with a 6-inch length is great for soil penetration.

Go for the product for outdoor uses like lawn decoration, vegetable or fruit garden fencing, drip irrigation, artificial turf, bird netting, chicken wire, and much more. The 200 pins in a re-closable container will help you out with the large land projects.

The 200 Anti-Rust Anchoring Staples by PINNACLE MERCANTILE- Best Garden Staples

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The satisfactory guarantee gives you the privilege of getting a refund in case of dissatisfaction with the stuff. Choose one staple per foot for soft soil and one pin every 3 feet in normal soil; one staple every 5 feet will do for compact soil.

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4. Heavy-Duty Rust-Resistant Stake by Ashman- Best Landscape Stakes

The Ashman-Online professional 11-gauge staple with 6-inch length is a rust-resistant and heavy-duty performing material that will not bend easily.

The versatile and uncountable usage will let you work on holding down fabrics, fencing for animals, erosion-resisting fabrics, garden fences, weed barriers, floral décor, cages for vegetables, square footage, raising bed, and many more.

Heavy-Duty Rust-Resistant Stake by Ashman- Best Landscape Stakes

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As the stuff is for heavy-duty, so it’s obvious that the construction body is rugged metal, allowing you to accomplish multiple purposes like edging, lighting, electric wire, chain link, pet, invisible, etc.

5. (6 x 1)- Inch Landscape and Garden Fabric Anchor Pins by Quality Knobs & Hardware

The pro-grade pins with the mandatory features like the best 6-inch length and 11-gauge thickness by the Quality Knobs & Hardware are out there.

These reusable stakes have pointed ends for easy penetration and anchoring the fabrics properly with the ground. The package will contain 200 pegs, which will be worth your penny.

(6 X 1)- Inch Landscape and Garden Fabric Anchor Pins by Quality Knobs & Hardware

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The pegs are suitable for indoor and outdoor chores, far better than most of the big box of pegs out there.

6. Ecogardener Premium Heavy Duty Galvanized Landscaping Staples

The 100 staples per bag of Ecogardener offers you long-life anti-rust steel, which is 6”, 1”, and 8 in length, width, and thickness. The chisel tip expands the usability field, and the extra heavy-duty feature with the U-shaped top gives the project perfect output.

The gauge is eight, which is thicker than the most 11-gauge staples out there by 40%. So, you can choose the pro-grade premium stuff for the toughest and challenging projects.

Ecogardener Premium Heavy Duty Galvanized Landscaping Staples

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Like all the staples in this list, this one is 6-inch as well, as the 6-inch gives a better performance than the 4-inch. So, we didn’t choose the one that gives you hardship. With the 100% money-back guarantee, you can buy the stuff with ease of mind.

7. 100 Pack 6-inch Best Landscape Stake by AAGUT

Per pack of staples by AAGUT contains 100-staples, including around plastic-pad. The floor mat’s diameter is 2.35” with a thickness of 2mm and 1” pitch installation; pore diameter of 6mm. Be free to dive the pins into the ground that is gravel-covered, dirt, sand, or clay.

100 Pack 6-Inch Best Landscape Stake by AAGUT

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With multiple usability of the staples, expand your work fields and experience. The thicker coating is given by the premium method of hot-dipping instead of the thin regular coating by electro-galvanizing.

Best Landscape Stakes, Pin, Staples Buying Guide:

The landscape staples are meant to be up to date and durable of all times as you’re going to accomplish pretty harsh outdoor projects. So, you cannot avoid some critical information.

The Thickness of Gauge:

The standard thickness of the gauge ranges from 1 to 40. Well, the concept varies according to work, but the fact is that with the increasing number of the gauge, the wire tends to get thinner.

Staple Generously:

While providing a weed controlling fabric or a secured fence, you have to fight against the skimping temptation, which you have to do with the staples that can grip the soil generously.

If you use pins that are too wide in space, then encountering storms would be a nightmare for you as lifting and ripping of gap fabric would occur. Moreover, weeds can easily exploit the gaps between fabrics.

You have to be generous with the seam overlapping as well. According to experts, 8-12-inches of seam overlap is a better safeguard depending on the project size, though 3-inches will work.

It’s good to maintain a specific interval of the gap between the staples on the landscaping fabric, depending on the soil type. For most jobs, the interval ranges from 12 to 16 inches.

Staggering staples will provide extra stability. Instead of securing the edges only, secure the seams as well.

For the medium soils, a perimeter ranging from 8 to 10-inches for the staples will work along with the measurement of 12-inches at the centerline. Whereas, tighter spacing is obligatory for loose or uneven ground.

For working on hard or rocky soil, use the hand to spot the accurate position for the staple and then push it all the way using a rubber mallet or foot.

Always overestimate instead of underestimate. Calculate the overlapping number to find out the ballpark value of the staples.

Follow The Procedure to Find Out The Breakage-

I. Note down the project perimeter in ft., meter, or whatever unit it has and turn into inches. Like, for length and width given in feet, multiply with 12. For example, 5feet length and 5feet width= (5 x 12) + (5 x 12).

II. For having the accurate overlapping, calculate the seam’s number.

III. Calculate the pin intervals, and it depends on the soil type- 24 to 36-inches for compact or hard soil, 12 to 16-inches for moderate or average soil, and 6 to 6 to 10-inches for soft soil.

IV. Summation of all inches- {(2) x (width in inches)} + {(2 + no. of seams) x (length in inches)}

V. To find out the number of pins, divide the summation of total inches by interval inches.


Suppose you have a project of 5 x 10 feet with seam-1 and an overlap of 12-inches.

Width = 5 x 12 = 60 inches

Length = 10 x 12 = 120 inches

Summation of inches= (60 x 2) + (120 x 3) = 120 + 360 = 480 inches

For a 12-inches spacing the staple calculation- 480/12 = 40 staples

So, the project would need staples around 40 and 70 staples for slightly bigger projects like 5 x 20.

Purchasing a pack of 50 would because of shortage even for the first example and far less than a shortage for the second example, which merely big.

For The Circular Area, Do The Following Math-

I. Have the note of diameter in inches and then multiply with 3 for circumference.

II. Measure the number of seams.

III. Summation of total inches- (the circumference in inches) + (diameter in ‘inches’ x no. of seams)

IV. Now dividing the total inches by length interval, find out the essential staple’s number.


Suppose you have a diameter of 6-feet for a circular area with seam- 1 and 8-inch of intervals.

Diameter in inch = (6 x 12) = 72”

Circumference = (72 x 3) = 216”

Total = (216) + (72 x 1) = 288” [where seam = 1]

No. of staples = 288” / 8” = 36 staples

you should consider some extra staples with this answer as the number of staples we got here is a rough estimate

You need to understand the soil density like the soft soil needs closer spacing.

In case of doubt, be practical to buy a big package instead of buying a small one.

Galvanize vs. Non-Galvanize: Which One is The Best Landscape Staples?

For resisting rust, a coating of zinc is given over the iron and steel, termed as galvanization. However, there’re few processes of providing coating over metal like hot dipping. Whatever the process is, the purpose remains the same, that is, rust prevention. 

But it doesn’t eliminate the natural process of rusting by 100%. The purpose is to slow down the rusting process through the zinc layer.

The thickness of the zinc layer determines how much time the metal will take to rust. Another factor that controls the rusting process is the element’s speed of degradation.

Other than the inner components, the external factors accelerating the process are the metal’s exposure towards the moisture, winter road salting, soil, and proximity to the sea-water.

A reaction process occurs between certain acidic and salty conditions that transform the zinc layer into another form, which is pretty easy to wash away.

Galvanized metals are seemed to last longer in the inland areas where the weather has calmer conditions.

If you are planning to have degradable staples and saving the stakes isn’t your goal at all, then the not galvanized one is there for you. You don’t have to pull the staples out of the soil as they’ll breakdown over time. If you are about to re-till or replace an area after years, choose the degradable thin wires.

The Varieties in Shape Isn’t a Style; it Does Matter: 

The squares or rounded staples are for landscape purposes. The staples with square tops are for fabric/ plastic and sod projects, as the plane top results in small bunches at the contact point that resists wind tearing. Due to the stakes’ better-sinking capability in the soil, this shape also works well on the ground. 

When the staples keep the tarp or the fabric connected to the ground without any gap, it becomes hard for the wind to tear the fabric from underneath. Moreover, it’s less work and faster deceleration of the weeds for which proper installation stands.

Although staples creating good ground contact allow the weeds to sprout above the fabric, it controls weeds from growing between seams. It’s easier to pull plants out from the surface layer than pulling from underneath an unsecured soil gap.

Roundtop staples are like an arch that is more suitable for drip hoses, rounded wire fencing, narrow PVC pipes, and irrigation tubes.

What is The Point?

First-&-foremost, the staples have to meet your project requirements. Then it should be able to last longer on the soil without bending easily and has a tip that is like a sharp chisel. Consider buying the stakes having less leftover lubricant.

Too much use of grease or industrial oil can harm your lawn soil, especially if you own an edible garden. If you buy the quality product stored with the company’s ultimate care, you won’t have to worry about excess additives.

For a workout or loose soil, consider pegs more than four-inch, but it’s good for mild weather. For deep penetration through the soft soil, buy stakes of 9-12-inches. For windy areas, consider 6-inches of pegs for a solid grip.

Longer pegs work for deep penetrating projects like holding pots, tents, arbors, etc. and holiday decorations, which give a good profile. In terms of easy installation, blunt ends wouldn’t be a worry if the soil is soft. However, for rocky or compact soil, you will need pegs with chisel tips. 

It’s cost-effective to buy landscape staples by the box rather than 25-50 pegs of packaging. When you consider buying in higher quantities, you can have the 6-inch long good quality pins in between 5 to 10-cents; for a square foot of project, target to add about 50 cents.

Galvanized metals will comparatively cost you more than the untreated ones. Treated metals slow down the rusting process but can’t eliminate it. However, rust isn’t extremely undesired in a fabric staple.

The last piece of advice I want to give is to prefer buying the big box of staples as it has versatile uses. Also, it will save you money and save you from a shortage while working.


1. What is landscape staples?

The staples are used on the ground for holding fabrics, lawn products, plastic netting or other things down to the earth.

2. How many numbers of staples will be enough for my project?

It’s not something to guess. For the answer, you need to have a rough calculation, and the process is given in the buying guide section.

3. Are galvanized staples ever-lasting?

The answer is: “NO.” Metal will rust, and it’s a universal truth. However, the galvanization slows down the rusting process, where the thickness of the coating defines the speed of the deceleration. 


The chosen best landscape stakes or staples in this list have a similar configuration with a little difference, as those are the standard configurations for the best output. All the brands are quality products and have got more than 4.5 ratings from the customers.

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