How to Clean Fabric Car Seats at Home: 5 Ways

Spills happen on our car seats, but it happens our car seats become messy and stained. Especially if you have kids, your car seats will get stained and dirt twice faster. In this article,

I’ll show you how to clean fabric car seats step by step, that you can keep clean and mess-free your car seat.

how to clean fabric car seats

When your car seat got dirt and stained, don’t be worry, you can easily clean it up yourself. To clean dirty car seats, vacuum the car seats, use a cleaning solution, use a brush on your car seats to scrub the stain.

After that, wipe away the excess water and suds with a clean towel. And if you want to learn more about how to clean car fabric seats or how to clean cloth car seats, then read the full content.

How to Clean Fabric Car Seats at Home: Different Ways

1. Clean Fabric Car Seats with Cleaning Products:

Things Needed:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Interior brush
  • Car fabric cleaner spray
  • Microfiber towel

Step One: Vacuum The Car Seats:

In this method, we’re going to use a car seat cleaning machine (Vacuum cleaner) and car fabric cleaner spray.

Before you use car fabric cleaner spray on your car seats, you have to remove all the debris, crumbs, and dirt from your fabric seats.

That’s why you have to vacuum your car seats well. And make sure to get into the seams.

Also, you must use your fingers to separate the seams and stick the nozzle of your vacuum into the seams to remove any loose debris as well.

Step Two: Spray a Light Coat of Cleaning Product on Your Car Seats:

This is the best way to clean car seats, first, take your car fabric cleaner spray bottle and then lightly spray the cleaning product over the area where you want to clean.

You should try to spray three to five-time over the area where you want to clean. But you have to make sure that, you don’t spray too much that you saturate the area. If you spray too much on your car seats, it can lead to mold and smell on the cushion underneath the fabric.

Step Three: Use a Car Interior Brush on The Area:

Before you spray on a new area, work and finished the area where you’ve sprayed. You must work on one area at a time, so immediately brush the area after spraying.

To do this, you must use a soft or a medium-stiff car interior brush to scrub the car fabric seats.

Note: While you get stains out of car seats, you must not use a stiff carpet cleaning brush on your car seats. If you use a carpet cleaning brush, this can mess up your car fabric fibers on the car fabric seats.

Step Four: Wipe Away The Dirty Suds with a Clean Microfiber Towel:

When you scrub the car seat, it helps to bring dirt to the surface. So, when the suds start to gather with the dirt in them.

You can take your towel and then use your towel to wipe away the dirty suds. You must make sure to wipe before it dries.

Step Five: Repeat The Process Until Clean:

Just repeat the same process, spraying car seat cleaner product, scrubbing, and wiping, until the car seat area becomes clean.

Keep on your mind, the key is to light coats before you brush the area instead of saturating the car seat fabric with a cleaning product.

I think it might take 4 to 6 coats to remove the stain.

Step Six: Once Again Vacuum The Car Seats:

Once you finished removing the stain from your car seats, take your vacuum, and use your vacuum on the area once again.

If you do this, it will help dry up any wet saturation that has accumulated and also dry the car seat fabric.

Step Seven: Let The Car Seat to Dry:

You’ve done the job, now just let your car seats finish drying before you drive it again.

2. How to Clean Car Seats with Household Items:

In this method, we’ll use household items to clean our car seats. Do you know how to clean car upholstery with baking soda?

If you don’t know, here you’ll learn about it.

Method 1. Use Baking Soda to Clean Car Seats:

Things You Needed:

Make a Cleaning Solution and Clean Your Car Seats:

This method is one of the great household car seat cleaning methods. Really baking soda can be used as a cleanser and help get rid of the unpleasant smells on car fabric seats.

Just mix 65 ml of baking soda with 300 ml of warm water in a spray bottle. And then mix it gently, after that spray a light layer of solution on your car seats where you want to clean.

Take your toothbrush and use it to work over the sprayed area. This solution can help you to clean the difficult stains. You can on for half an hour for tough stains that are stuck in the fabric.

Once you’ve waited 30 minutes, take your towel and blot away the area with your towel.

Method 2. Use Club Soda to Clean Car seats:

Things needed:

  • Club soda
  • Spray bottle
  • Car Cleaning Brush
  • Clean towel

Clean Car Seat with Club Soda:

Also, club soda can be used to get rid of stains on car fabric seats. Put some club soda in a spray bottle and then spray a light layer of club soda on the car seat’s stained area and use a brush to remove the stains.

Repeat the process if needed. And make sure to use a towel to wipe the excess as it comes off to the surface. This method is perfect for vomit stains.

Method 3. Use Laundry Detergent for Cleaning Car Seats:

Things Needed:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Warm water
  • Spray bottle
  • Sponge
  • Clean microfiber towel

Clean Car Fabric Seats with Laundry Detergent:

Laundry detergent is another household item that can be used on car fabric seats to clean.

If you want to use something from your home before you buy a specific car fabric cleaner, you can try out laundry detergent.

Simply mix laundry detergent with warm water, and then place it into a spray bottle or you can dampen the car seats with your solution with a sponge.

To rinse the laundry detergent, take your microfiber towel and wet it with cold water. And then, squeeze out the excess water and scrub the seat to remove all the dirt and detergent.

Method 4. Use Vinegar to Clean Car Seats:

Things You Needed:

  • White vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Little dish soap
  • A bowl or bucket
  • Sponge
  • Car Seats Cleaning Brush
  • Clean microfiber towel

Clean Your Car Seat with Vinegar:

White distilled vinegar can be used to clean car fabric seats. At first, you have to make the cleaning solution.

To do this, mix 250/260 ml of distilled white vinegar, few drops of dish soap, and 4 liters of warm water in a bowl or bucket.

After that, dab this solution onto the car seat with your sponge and use your car cleaning brush to clean the car fabric seat area.

Now use clean cold water to rinse the solution. And then take your towel and use it to remove the dirt and suds from your car seat.

Fabric Car Seats Maintaining Tips:

Tip One: Vacuum Your car Seats Often:

You must vacuum your car seats often, vacuuming can keep your car seats clean.

To keep clean your car fabric, consider getting vacuum your car seats every one to two weeks.

Tip Two: Clean up Spills as Soon as Possible:

This is another great way to keep your car seats stains free. You should always clean up any spills as soon as possible.

When a spill occurs on your car seats, use a clean towel to soak up the mess. And also, something like food, mud, or makeup gets on your car seat fabric, use a car fabric cleaner product to clean it as soon as possible.

Tip Three: Put Setting Rules:

If you don’t like to have a spill on your car seats, make car setting rules about what you allow in your car.

For example, you may not allow people to eat in when they set in your car. And also, you may not allow drink beverages that don’t have a lid.

Cleaning Tips for Your Leather Car Seat:

1. Use Nail Polish Remover or Rubbing Alcohol:

You can use nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to clean your car leather seats.

To do this, blot the stained area with a cotton ball that dipped in the rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover, it will slowly lift the mess from your car leather. Once the stain is lifted, you must clean the alcohol or nail polish remover from the seats with dish soap and hot water.

2. Use Non-Gel Toothpaste and Toothbrush:

This is a new unique technique to clean leather car seat stains. Just dab a bit of non-gel toothpaste on the stained area and use a clean toothbrush to scrub the stain. After that, clean it up with warm water and dish soap by using a microfiber towel.

Final verdict:

Hope now you know about the right ways to clean car fabric seats at home. This content will save you time and money when it comes to clean your car fabric.

When your car seats get spills, always you must try to clean your car fabric as soon as possible.

I hope now you have an idea about how to remove stains from car seats, how to clean car upholstery, how to clean cloth car seats, so don’t leave your car seat dirty, always clean them.

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