How to Cover A Headboard With Fabric: Step by Step

Do you know you can Cover or reupholster your headboard with fabric to make different looks in your bedroom? The task is simple and inexpensive, You can do it in your free time or on a holiday. I will make sure to give you all the details about how to cover a headboard with fabric at home step by step.

If you have a fabric-covered headboard and you want to decorate your headboard at home read this full article.

How to cover a headboard with fabric

I hope you will be able to make your own fabric upholstered headboard or you can cover/ recover an existing headboard with fabric at home.

Learn How to Cover A Headboard with Fabric at Home

Materials and Tools Needed for Covering A Headboard with Fabric:

Some tools and materials you will need to cover your headboard. Before you start, gather all the materials and tools to start on. So, at first, gather all those tools & materials and then start step by step.

  1. Fabric
  2. Foam
  3. Batting
  4. Screwdriver [Purchase]
  5. Tape measure [Buy It]
  6. Fabric pen /marking pen
  7. Large shears
  8. Staple gun [Check price]
  9. Staples
  10. Fabric rotary cutter

1. Choosing The Fabric for Headboards:

You can easily decorate your headboard with fabric. But when it comes to recovering/reupholstering a headboard, you may think about how to select the perfect fabric or which fabrics are best for headboards.

Here are some important tips for choosing a good fabric for your headboard:

Comfort of Fabrics

If you like to seat in the bed, select the fabric that is soft, You can buy a chenille, polyester, or velvet fabric. But if you like a tighter weave fabric for your headboard, buy a polyester, cotton, or linen fabric. In this case, extra pillows can enhance your comfort.

Color Choices

I don’t want to force you on color, You can choose which color you like, Or you can choose a graphic print or bold color for your upholstered headboard.

If You Have Pets, Consider for Pets

May you have a cat that might want to sharpen its claws on your fabric-covered headboard, So if you have pets choose velvet or a very tight weave to discourage scratching.

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2. Purchase Fabric, Foam, and Batting:

Foam comes in different thicknesses, decide how thick you want your headboard. Purchase enough foam, batting, and fabric to cover your headboard.

Tips for Choosing Fabric:

1. If you like to seat in the bed, you can choose fabric for your headboard that is soft like chenille, polyester or velvet.

2. If you prefer tighter weave fabric for your headboard, then process polyester, cotton or linen fabric.

3. Recover A Headboard Step by Step:

If you planning to make or recover/re-upholster your headboards at first gather all the materials and tools you needed, then start step by step. 

Step Number 1

At first, you have to remove the headboard from your bed. So, remove your headboard from the bed frame with a screwdriver and put it on the floor. And then measure the length and width of the headboard with a tape measure.

Step Number 2

In this step, you must be careful because if you cut it the wrong way, It’s not gonna work for your headboard.

Cut the foam to the size of the headboard. If you have curves for cut, trace the outline of your headboard onto the foam. Now cut the foam with large shears.

Step Number 3

This is also an important step for covering, making, or reupholstering a headboard. Cut the batting to the size of your headboard,

You can use a tape measure to measure then add some extra inches and mark with a fabric marking pen and then cut the batting. Don’t forget to add some extra inches because You have to staple it to the back of your headboard.

Step Number 4

Now you have to cut the fabric, you can use the old fabric that you removed from your headboard or use the tape measure to measure your headboard and add some extra inches all around and then cut your fabric with a fabric rotary cutter.

Step Number 5

It’s time to Lay the foam on top of your headboard and cover it with batting. Take time and do it gently, don’t be hurry.

Step Number 6

Lift your headboard up and pull the batting to the back of your headboard. Now staple the top of the batting to the back. You can find a second person to hold the foam to your headboard while you staple.

Step Number 7

Now move to the sides of your headboard and pull the batting to the back. It’s time to staple each side in place. Pull tightly, so batting holds the foam in place.

Step Number 8

Pull the batting on the bottom of your headboard to the back and staple it in place. If the headboard has legs where it attaches to the bed frame wrap the batting around the area carefully. If it helps make slits near the legs to secure it to the back.

Step Number 9

It’s time to cover the batting with fabric. Cover the batting with fabric carefully and staple it to your headboard in the same way as the batting.

Step Number 10

Finally, you finished the job. Now reattach your headboard to the bed frame with a screwdriver, the same way you remove it. This is how you can decorate your upholstered headboard at home.

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Final Words

When you cover or make a headboard take enough time to do it nicely, don’t be hurry. If you want to use fabric spray glue to hold the foam in the place to your headboard,

I don’t recommend you to use glue because may you want to uncover the headboard sometimes. Hope now you have a full idea about covering a headboard with fabric at home.

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