Best Electric Scissors For Fabric Reviews | For 2020

Scissors are one of the most uses tools for cutting fabric, scrapbooking, and crafts. Typically, electric scissors for cutting fabric are not popular like handheld fabric scissors, but electric fabric cutting Scissors are faster than handheld scissors. Especially, finding the best electric scissors for fabric is a hard task for you, because there are different types of electric scissors available on the market.

pink power electric scissors for fabric

But our product research team did the hard job for our readers. At first, they pick 15 scissors, after that they research & test, and now recommend eight electric fabric cutting Scissors for our visitors. So, if you want to buy electric scissors for cutting fabric, sewing projects, crafts, or scrapbooking, you can buy one from our list.

Top 4 commercial Electric Scissors For Sewing, Dressmaking, Crafts, And Fabrics

Top 8 best electric scissors for fabric reviews for 2020

1. Pink Power Electric Fabric Scissors- Best for Crafts, Sewing, Cardboard, Scrapbooking

Pink power scissor is a scissor that comes with one lithium-ion rechargeable battery, extra one blade, and one charger. Its battery allows you to cut up to two hours after a full charge.

With this scissor, you can easily cut your leather, fabric, paper, metal, carpet, paper, corrugated cardboard, wrapping paper, plastic, and many more items.

If you often use cutting tools for cutting fabric, plastic, paper, or other materials, you can use this scissor. We think this cutting tool is better than some rotary cutters, and sewing scissors & other cutting tools for sewing. So, if you want, you can replace your other material cutting tools with this battery powered scissor.

Its soft-grip handle will provide you comfortable & convenient cutting. On the other hand, its blade is replaceable and very easy to do it, which makes this electric cutter the most popular one.

So, when its blade doesn’t work properly, you can change the blade only, you don’t have to buy a new scissor. Also, this item comes with a one-year warranty, so if you want to buy electric sewing scissors, you can buy this one without any doubt.

key features:

  • It is 1 pound in weight
  • It has a lock & safety button
  • The scissors can cut up to 2 hours
  • Comes with extra blade
  • It powered by 6v Lithium-ion Battery
  • Very easy to use
  • Works well on different types of materials

final words:

Overall, this Pink Power Scissors is one of the best & most popular right now on the market, and lots of users of this tool are happy with it. So, if you want to buy electric scissors for cutting your different types of fabrics, you can purchase this product.

2. Dr. Snipper All-Purpose cordless Electric Cutter for Fabric, Paper, Cardboard

The Dr. Snipper All-Purpose cordless Electric Cutter(Scissors) is the second one on our list.

The scissor is an 8.4 Volt Cordless Scissors, which is all-purpose.

This cordless scissor is Apple Green in color, but it available in four different colors, such as bubble gum pink, office gray, vibrant red, and apple green.

By using this cutter, you can cut different types of fabric, cloth, paper, cardboard, gift wrap, plastic, and some other materials as well.

key features:

  • It is Cheaper than other
  • The product is All-purpose
  • Perfect for cutting different types of materials
  • Easy to use

final words:

These scissors are great! If you do a lot of arts & crafts, sewing, and use many different types of materials, you can buy this cutting tool. With this cutter, you’ll never get trouble when cutting through your thicker materials, fabric, leather, and many other items.

Its quality is much better than other cutters. So, if you want to buy an electric power scissor for your next sewing or crafts projects, check this product, you may like its quality.

3. Hawkforce 4V Li-Ion rechargeable battery cordless Power Scissors for cutting leather, fabric, carpet and cardboard

Hawkforce 4V Li-Ion rechargeable battery cordless Power Scissors takes one hour for a full charge, and it works up to one hour.

It comes with two cutting blades, It includes tow type head blades “O” & “D”, “O” Head Blades for cutting materials like felt, leather and carpet, fabric. On the other hand, “D” Head Blades for cutting harder materials like plastic, vinyl, tin sheets, etc.

If you like to do home DIY or crafting projects, or sewing, then this tool might be a great option for you. You can cut various types of materials with this cordless cutting tool. The cutting tool is easy to use & very easy to carry.

With this electric cordless scissors, you can cut through your felt, paper, canvas, carpets, cardboard, corrugate, denim, fabrics, leather, plastics, tarps, wallpaper, vinyl, packages, and cardboard as well. That’s why the tool is perfect & suitable for craft, cutting fabric, dressmaking, sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, and more.

key features:

  • Very easy to use & carry
  • Perfect for different types of projects
  • Comes with two blades
  • Easy to replace the blade

final words:

It has almost 80% positive reviews, and users are happy with its performance. So, If you don’t like the other products, and if you want, you can try this cordless electric cutting tool.

4. DWZ8 TaiWang battery operated scissors for Cutting Cardboard, Fabric, Paper

The DWZ8 TaiWang electric cordless battery operated scissor is another high-quality scissors, that you can use for cutting fabric, it is not bad in quality but a little bit expensive than others.

You can easily cut your different kinds of cloth, leather, paper, rubber, plastics & fabrics with this battery operated scissors. It comes with blade & charger.

key features:

  • It works long time
  • It is battery operated
  • Easy to use & handle
  • Comes with rechargeable battery

final words:

If you want to try new products, and also if you want to buy high-quality battery-operated scissors, and you’ve enough budget, then you can check this scissor. We hope you’ll love these scissors.

5. Stalwart Cordless battery Powered Scissors With Two Blades – Fabric, Leather, Carpet and Cardboard Cutter

Stalwart Pink Cordless Power Scissors is a battery powered scissors, it comes with two blades and powered by a lithium-ion battery & it rechargeable.

This fabric cutting electric scissor is one of the heavy duty electric scissors, it can cut through felt, fabric, paper, and also it is suitable for cutting packages, carpet and cardboard as well.

That means this electric cutting tool suitable & perfect for both hard and soft materials. The cutter is red but also it’s available in pink color. Overall, this cordless electric cutting tool is another great scissors for sewing & fabric. It has more than 60% positive online customer reviews.

key features:

  • Unique design
  • It is quite cheaper than others
  • It can cut through both hard & soft materials

final words:

All in all, this is another high-quality scissor that is perfect & ideal option for different types of projects. So, if you are looking for a cheap & high-quality scissor that is powered by battery, you can try this one.

6. Hi-Spec DT30325 cordless Electric Scissors with 2 Extra Cutting Blades

The Hi-Spec DT30325 cordless Scissors also comes with two blades. This pack includes two scissor head blades and two 1300 mAh battery.

The scissor powered by 1300mAh Lithium-Ion battery battery-operated, it is lightweight and easy-to-use. This cutting tool is an ideal option for cutting carpet, vinyl flooring, cardboard, fabric and more.

Its battery takes three to five hours for a full charge & its battery lasts up to 70 minutes, and you can able to cut up to 240 meters of cardboard or 150 meters of carpet.

key features:

  • The scissor Comes with 2 scissor head
  • Pack Includes Double battery
  • It is inexpensive
  • Works great on several types of materials

final words:

Overall, this is a great cordless scissor for cutting denim, fabrics, leather, plastics, tarps, wallpaper, vinyl, canvas, carpets, cardboard, corrugate.

7. black and decker electric scissors- cordless scissors

This Black & Decker NiCad Cordless Scissors is almost the last one on our list, but it is also a top-quality scissor. It is a little bit expensive, but the pack includes several blades & chargers.

The product is perfect for cutting different types of materials, such as vinyl, fabrics, upholstering fabrics, tarp and many other more.

The company provides two years warranty for this product, so if you want you can try this cutting tool, you may like this tool.

key features:

  • Comes with several cutting blades
  • It can easily cut through different types of materials
  • It has more than 500 online reviews

final words:

This is the last product on our list, but not a bad one. If you want to speed up cutting, you can try this cutting tool. We hope this product will work well and you’ll love it.

8. Keedil Cordless Electric Cutting Scissors for cardboard Fabric, Sewing, Paper, Crafts, Leather, Cloth, and more

Keedil Cordless Cutting Scissors is our last one, but it is yet another great one in the quality. The pack comes with scissors, battery, charger, two blades as well.

This cutting scissors perfect for different types of materials such as cardboard Fabric, Sewing, Paper, Crafts, Leather, Cloth, and more. It is powered by a 3.6v 1300mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and with this tool, you'll be able to cut up to up to 2-3 hours

Keedil Cordless Electric Cutting Scissors has a push button and this feature makes this tool very easy to use. And its blades are O & D, O for cutting through leather, felt, paper, and the blade D for cutting through cardboard and metal.

key features:

  • It comes with two cutting blades
  • Perfect for lots of items
  • It Provides long cutting
  • It is easy usable

final words:

If you're searching for power cutting scissors for cutting cardboard Fabric, Sewing, Paper, Crafts, Leather, Cloth, and more, and you don't like our other picks, then you can purchase this one.

final verdict:

We hope this electric scissors for fabric reviews content will help you a lot in finding high-quality electric sewing scissors for your next, sewing, dressmaking, crafts projects.

We add eight scissors on our list but we recommend you to buy Pink Power Electric Fabric Scissors, Dr. Snipper All-Purpose cordless Electric Cutter, and Hawkforce 4V Li-Ion rechargeable battery cordless Power Scissors.

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