The 10 Best Fabric for Pillow Cases (Buying Guide in 2020)

A good mattress and pillow bring a good night’s sleep. When you good sleep at night, your body and mind keep refreshed. But we need to know what is the best fabric for pillow cases on the market.

If you can choosing great best fabric pillow cases, you'll get a good sleep and rest your head in a soft tender embrace.

best fabric for pillow cases

If you have a soft bed, you need a soft pillowcases and trying to process the shapes, size, and preferences. A soft pillowcase is very comfortable and good for health.

The often the fun part of bed shopping and you get to match your bed décor and you are sleeping on a comfortable fabric which you choose and relax every night.

To be honest a good investment pillowcases bring a good night sleep and you would surely give you best luxury pillow cases and here you find what is the luxury pillowcases for fabric that’s a high-quality fabric to make a great pillow.

Hope this content will help you a lot on choosing the right pillowcases and it will save your time & money as well.

Our top 5 best pillowcases

Top 10 best fabric pillow cases reviews and buying guide

1. HC collection 1500 thread count 2 pc fabric pillow cases

If you want to a great night’s sleep then you definitely need to invest in a good pair of best pillow cases.

The HC collection 1500 thread count Egyptian 2pc pillowcases you get the whole package which is a comfort, softness, easy to maintenance and perfect for all.

It is highly durable microfiber fabric like 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton and fits perfectly on your pillow.

The pillow material lets the moisture dry of fast hence leaving room for any dust and dust mites. It is the great combination of your best pillows.

When buying sheets and pillowcases, always look for thread count up to 200. Why? Well above 200 because the higher threads count materials are softer.

The HC collection 1500 thread count Egyptian quality 2pc set pillowcases are made from a microfiber material that’s double brushed from both sides. It is very cool and airy.

The HC collection pillowcases are a working mom and living in the dorms, you don’t worry about cleaning, ironing, and bleaching.

The pillowcases only require a cold machine wash and easy to wrinkles free and you ensure that the pillowcases always look prim and perfect.

The HC Collection 1500 thread Egyptian quality 2pc set of pillow cases are a perfect fit all pillow sizes and the capacity to adequately envelop around the pillow insert and put throughout the whole night.


  • The HC Collection manufacturers ensure quality and a full 30 days refund policy
  • Made from soft and durable material that feels airy like Egyptian cotton bed linen
  • Wrinkle-free that’s a dry cleaner
  • Machine washable, no ironing necessary
  • 100% double brushed microfiber fabric


  • The fabric may feel thin and hence become misshaped after washing

2. Royal’s solid white 600 thread count 2 pc queen size pillowcases 

If you are looking a luxury hotel bedroom pillowcase, the Royal’s solid white 600-thread-count 2pc queen size pillowcases are one of them.

These pillow cases are high thread count due to the long staple combed cotton feel luxury of a hotel bedroom.

They are guaranteed product with luxury and comfort.

These are made from 100% cotton fiber which long lasting and ensure comfort, value and resilience. The 600 thread count is slow wearing but extra softness with passing time. Most of the users get a sleeping experience which matches a hotel bedroom.

The pillow cases come in standard sizes and sturdy 4 inches thick hemline. The sturdy hemline ensures that the pillowcases help multiple washes and tumbling drying sprees.

The Royal’s 600-thread-count pillowcases have gotten some great customer reviews based on deep and thick hemline and it ensures longevity.

The Royal’s solid white pillowcases are very well priced for its quality. Moreover, you can wash them easily in the washing machine with cold water.

When it maintenance you don’t have to spend extra time and money. It is great for college students that don’t have the spare time nor cash to spend on dry cleaning and ironing after washing.


  • The Royal’s solid white 600-thread count make the pillowcases very soft and airy
  • It can be easily washed in the washing machine with cold water
  • Don’t any requirement much maintenance
  • Luxury bedding at a wholesale price to the public
  • Perfect for world-class hotels bedroom


  • You want strict laundry instructions to need spending extra time and money
  • It will not fit therapeutic pillow inserts

3. Harmony sweet sheets pillowcase set

You have a harmony linens sweet sheets pillowcase, you can get a good sleep at night.

If you are looking a silky smooth comfortable and quiet sleep, you definitely need to harmony sweet pillowcase set.

It’s soft, durable, smooth, wrinkle free and hypoallergenic. If you are already dealing with an allergy of your life, the harmony linens pillowcase set will save you the trouble and help your good sleep all night.

It is very breathable that means no dust mites and mold because the pillowcase material doesn’t retain moisture. The luxury harmony pillowcase set is made of 100% polyester fabric that’s looking great and high comfort and long life.

The manufacturers of the harmony sweet sheets set give all users lifetime guarantee because these pillowcases are built to last. Harmony linens pillowcase is smooth, silky, strong and sturdy.

These pillowcases set are made of 1800 double-brushed microfiber that provides the ultimate thin and feels comfortable.

The best material using double-brushed microfiber that it has the ability to hold dyes strong and various color combination. These are user-friendly maintenance and having to user-friendly laundry is a big relief indeed.

This is the polyester fabric that’s can be easily machine washed in cold water. This is a great point for student and working people who are always busy and don’t enough time to wash.


  • Easy machine washing in cold water and drying
  • Wouldn’t lose this softness and smoothness after multiple washes
  • Don’t wrinkle and hypoallergenic
  • 100% polyester fabric that’s perfect for bedroom, guest room, and kids room
  • Super silky, long lasting with great color selection to match any bedroom


  • Pillowcase material is too thin and may slip off the mattress
  • The polyester fabric is not breathable as cotton

4. eLuxury supply 1000 thread count fabric pillowcases

Good sleeping helps our good health. When you want a good sleeping need to sleeping pillow, comfort bed.

But when you ware to pillow cover, you need soft, comfort and new look of your pillow.

The eLuxury supply 1000 thread count pillowcases are one of them.

These pillowcase made from best materials to go for in the cotton section when buying pillow covers.

This sheet looking nice, feel extreme comfort and very luxury. Moreover, the manufacturers are great for the pillow cover. They are crisp but soft but hold their place on the mattress.

When it is coming from the market the highest quality fabric in making bed linen, Egyptian cotton beats all. The Egyptian cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and breathable that’s good for health.

Therefore, the material is so luxury and elegant that looks very nice and have elegant in a number of a setting. Egyptian cotton bed linen sheet is very low maintenance.

They are easy to wash in cold water and it is machine washable on a gentle cycle. If you follow the directions properly, the pillowcases hold on sheen for longer.


  • It is very breathable and doesn’t retain moisture nor heat
  • It is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Egyptian cotton can be purchased beautiful and it is the sturdy and piping outline
  • Set includes 2 king pillowcases
  • Customer satisfaction money back guarantee


  • If you do not follow directions properly may feel scratchy after washing
  • May wrinkle after washing

5. Utopia bedding cotton fabric sateen zippered pillow cases

If you find a good night’s sleeping pillowcases, you need utopia bedding cotton sateen zippered pillow case.

This pillowcases 200 thread count make sure to cases that are very soft and smooth while the double hemmed stitching and good quality zipper.

This pillowcase overall construction is strong and long-lasting.

These are making a great option for people who are light, airy and hypoallergenic in nature suffering from allergies.

When it comes on the market, 100% quality cotton fabric used in bed linen which is very lustrous and soft. The utopia cotton sateen zippered pillowcases are very hypoallergenic.

These are a very big investment for people who are suffering from allergies and very breathable, they are little no heat and moisture retention that means like dust mites or mold will get formed.

The cotton sateen zippered pillowcases are 100% cotton bed linen and it is very durable and extremely sturdy. These are high-quality pillowcases that are inserted and stop it from tumbling out.

The manufacturer made ensure to add hemmed stitching that helps hold the pillow cover and you can multiple washes.

These pillow covers are made from intricately woven long fiber cotton threads that are overall softness and durability. This pillow covers are very lightweight and airy hence and don’t retain moisture.


  • High-quality zip and double hems make sure and give us multiple washes
  • East to maintenance and easily washed in the washing machine
  • The cotton doesn’t loss after washes
  • Pillow cover is sold separately, not in a set
  • Requires occasional cleaning to remove dust, oil, and stain


  • Not wrinkle free entirely
  • Maybe thin to some people

6. Mellanni Luxury pillowcase set, stain resistant- hypoallergenic 

The Mellanni Luxury pillowcase set is 1800 thread count that is surely going to feel like you are sleeping on a bed.

This pillowcase set is made from high-quality microfiber material that stands true to word.

It is not just wrinkle free and fade resistant but it is also hypoallergenic and very lightweight.

The higher 1800 thread count is softer material and it is the most comfortable pillow cover set on the market. These are luxury and feel silky soft of the most comfortable pillow cover set and gives a very regal and lavish feel.

The higher thread pillow cover makes a great cover these are considered some of the high quality and heavy on the pockets product,

However, this is a reasonable price and make great giveaways to family and everybody loved.

In fact, no matter how much time one has its maintenance and cleaning trips and laundry instructions. The Mellanni Luxury pillowcases set is not only fade and stain resistant but it is wrinkle free even after washed in a washing machine.

The manufacturer only asks that it wash in cold water and tumble dry on low. These cover are hypoallergenic and doesn’t attract dust mites and mold.

The 1800 thread count high-quality material is extremely durable and long lasting that is weaved strongly together and given multiple washes.

You don’t have to worry about the hems coming and they are very strong stitched in place. This pillowcase is high-quality double-brushed microfiber which may be thin but very strong.


  • 1800 thread count pillowcases one of the most comfortable
  • Wrinkle-free after washes
  • This pillow cover fade resistant
  • These are hypoallergenic and natural microfiber
  • Two standard size pillowcases set


  • This is thin but very strong
  • Limited warranty

7. Elegant comfort luxurious 1500 thread count wrinkle, fade and stain resistant pillowcases

Pillowcase is an essential accessory one must never compromise on especially and it comes to comfort and good quality.

However, the elegant comfort luxury 1500 thread count pillow covers are wrinkle-free, fade and stain resistant and you don’t have to worry about the quality.

The 1500 thread count microfiber material is super soft and luxurious. It has great draping capabilities and looking nice.

The 1500 thread count elegant comfort luxury pillowcases are the most comfortable, lightweight.

This microfiber material makes sure strong and durable. The high thread count pillowcases are airy and there is no change of heat and moisture retention.

The microfiber material is washable in cold water. The elegant comfort 1500 thread counts are wrinkle and stain resistant pillowcases are made from a ventilated weave and this material airy hence hypoallergenic. It ensures a good long night’s sleep.


  • Super soft and comfortable like sleeping
  • Don’t require too much hassle and time maintenance
  • Don’t wrinkle and lose their shape after multiple washed
  • Elegant comfort provides super performance and luxury feel
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • The product is thin but properly sewed together

8. Pizuna 400 thread count cotton standard pillow cases for pillow

The pizuna 400 thread count pillow covers are 100% cotton fiber and provide a tight enough weave for a smoother, more luxurious feel and open enough for good airflow. The long staple cotton fiber to ensure fewer loose fiber and decreased pilling.

Pizuna 400 thread count cotton pillowcases are a bag style pillowcases and have 4 inches hem with a satin weave for both styles for pillow protection. They have various colors and helps to your bedroom décor.

This cotton is excellent for airflow and skin protection. They wash easy and provide a gentle and cooling comfort. These are giving you fresh, breathable and 1005 long staple cotton bed linen and naturally cool.

The pizuna linens bedding set is luxury and keeping you best mood all day long. This pillow covers exceptionally smooth and silky and luxurious feel of a premium quality pillow and brings comfort pizuna linens sheet set.

They are super soft, durable and easy to sustain easily and washing to give to clean hygienic and comfortable experience.

We use a special cotton fiber which makes them naturally breathable and wicks moisture to keep cool all night.

By using this cloth, we achieve a desired density and softness and it gives us skin adequate space and balanced temperature need to stay relaxed throughout all night.

If you are looking a great, reasonably priced and soft pillowcases the weave pizuna linens pillowcase made for you.


  • Authenticated long staple cotton
  • Beautifully designed and virtuously made
  • Soft and breathable combed cotton pillowcases
  • Five-star hotel quality pillowcases an affordable price
  • 400 thread count cotton pillowcases


  • The fit is excellent but washes well with slight wrinkles
  • Odd sizing but nice color

9. NTBAY 100% Brushed Microfiber Pillowcase Set

NTBAY Company is a home textile company that integrates design, development, and protection of your product.

NTBAY provide high-class service and gives natural design concept. The NTBAY 100% brushed microfiber pillowcases set is soft and cozy.

These pillowcases can cover and protect your pillow and being dirty and decorate your bedroom. Which it is bed product that’s you can use all in seasons.

NTBAY comes a variety of colors for you choose and perfect dark color for autumn and winter and bright color perfect for spring and summer.

You can choose the color on the list and like match your room and furniture. NTBAY manufacturer used top quality microfiber fabric is breathable, stain and wrinkle resistant.

The pillowcases are easy to care but no zipper, so it is very easy to put. These are more convenient, simple design and stylish that’s washable. 100% brushed microfiber pillowcases set is more skin friendly and fade resistant. Smooth feel, super soft and comfortable.

So, these high-quality pillowcases will give you peaceful and good sleeping nights.


  • 100% brushed microfiber cotton fabric
  • Package includes 4 queen size pillowcases
  • Top premium quality microfiber fabric is breathable, stain and wrinkle resistant
  • These are hypoallergenic and super soft
  • Machine washable in cold water and dry at low temperature
  • We are so confident in the quality that we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • The pillowcases thread count 205 that low thread
  • Size standard and queen

10. SLPBABY silk fabric pillowcase for hair and skin

Silk is a natural thread spun by the mulberry silkworm. These are super quality thread is very strong and durable and woven tightly or luxury smooth fabrics.

This fabric considered amino acids that are an excellent choice for skin and hair and provide a wrinkle-free.

They have available color and patterns so, you can sure to find something that matches your linens and décor. They have a hidden zipper which keeps your pillow from slipping.

SLPBABY silk pillowcases are made from top grade pure silk. This silk is a luxurious thread that’s could be creating an unparalleled and create the blissful sleeping environment.

It is a very silky surface which helps your sleep well overnight and enjoys the night.

Mulberry silk is very breathable and hypoallergenic and natural. It can reduce the friction between the hair and it's great help to people with curly hair and fragile hair.

Silk is naturally controlling temperature and hypoallergenic. It was homemade and making them perfect for a friend and loved yourself.


  • Naturally temperature regulating and hypoallergenic
  • Mulberry silk is naturally breathable
  • Good for skin and hair
  • Reduce acne and wrinkle, hidden zipper
  • 100% mulberry silk
  • Silk is very soft but the zipper broke sometime
  • These are quite slippery

What are the materials used in pillowcase?

Do everybody questions ask how to make a pillowcase? And what are the materials used in pillowcases? There are many materials used in pillowcases for construction.

Cotton and cotton fabric is the most popular choices which due to increased breathability and comfort but there are many options in nature to ensure you lay your head upon the material of your choice each night. A few materials are the most popular:

Polyester: Polyester is a common fabric on the market. This is a common material to make a pillowcase and it is very durable and long lasting. It can provide good comfort and airflow as well.

Cotton: Cotton fabric is the favorite material of bedding fabrics. Cotton fabric made a natural fiber that’s both absorbent and breathable. It is a popular fabric & and it brings a comfortable and gets luxury sleeping.

Flannel: Flannel fabric is a type of cotton weave fabric which is more rough in appearance but it is thicker and softer than others. It is generally great warm and helps hold heat.

Winceyette: Winceyette is a type of cotton weave that’s made of double napped. It is similar to flannel fabric that is lighter and cooler. These are very durable and due to being a comfort and double-sided so it can be reversed.

Silk: Silk is a natural material and it is very smooth and durable. It is highly recommended and bring good sleep which as cool as other choices. Silk cotton to create a more breathable surface.

Satin: Satin is very gentle on both skin and hair. It is very smooth and soft but it doesn’t bunch up easily. So it doesn’t create crease marks. This is a dense material and not breathe well.

Linen: Linen fabric is a natural product which comes from the flax plant. It is durable, great quality fabric, soft and breathable. Linen is another choice and very popular.

How to make pillowcases

Pillowcases are elements that can add a special level of aesthetics and personalization to your room. However, it is often difficult to find a design or adequate measures in stores.

The good thing is that they are very easy to make so that, if you find yourself in this situation, today we will teach you how to make pillowcases in both basic and decorative style.

For a pillow of simple design, the most important step is, without a doubt, to choose the fabric. In it will reside all the magic of the case, either by its touch, its comfort and, of course, its color.

Regarding the latter, it is best to choose in relation to the colors of the room and also the bedding.

We do not want a pillow that does not match. You'll also have to make sure it's an easy-to-wash cloth, at least if you're going to use it to sleep.

To make the pillow, we will need about two meters of fabric. Once we have it, the first step is to cut it to the extent we want. It depends mainly on the size of our bed, but for a pillowcase, a piece of 115 × 90 centimeters is useful.

Cut the fabric of the right size. When making the cut, make sure to respect the texture and pattern of the fabric, if it has any pattern.

The second step is to fold the fabric in half lengthwise so that the back, the unfinished part, is facing outward. Now we will harvest for the longest side and then for one of the shorts.

To sew it we can do it by hand how to use a sewing machine and remember to use a thread that is discreet so that it does not look on the fabric.

We will have one of the sides open, in it, we will have to make a hem. Starting with a fold of an inch and a half to then iron it and, well, leave the mark.

Then we make a second fold, this time of eight centimeters, and iron again. Now it will be the turn of sewing the base of the hem by hand or machine.

If you want to add other details to your pillow case, you can add decorative elements. Ties, borders or small fabric ornaments, to highlight on it.

How to decorate pillowcases

A pillowcase is going to decorate your function, but we need better pillows. Firstly, we should choose the fabric for pillows. As it is a pillow for aesthetic purposes, take the opportunity to choose a design with different patterns create your own.

For example, you can choose fabric for the main section of the cover, another to make a curb in the openings and last add decorative elements.

This is last one idea that you want to pillow, then the best thing is that your fabrics need solid color that combines or that the prints are not excessive.

Very carefully, we will take the opposite end of the main fabric and start to roll until it is an inch of our needles.

Without letting go, we will fold the medium fabric over that "roll" and until we reach the edge. Now, we will hold everything with more needles.

It is time to sew this edge we have made. We can do it both by machine and by hand, the important thing is that the seam is a centimeter and a half from the edge of the fabric.

You will also have to make sure that we sew all the layers of fabric and that the seam is as straight as possible.

We go back very carefully to undo the roll of cloth. The idea is to turn it around so that the inner fabric, the big one, comes out.

We stretch gently and iron the sheath so that all pieces of cloth are smooth and without needles. If we have done well so far, we can begin to appreciate the finish of our design.

Now we only have to have our fabric decorated, all finished making the case. To do this we will fold the fabric inwards, with the back facing out, and we will sew one of the edges corresponding to the length and another of the width.

The edge on which is the beautifully decorated hem we have made is the one that should remain open. For the final, we just have to go back to the case and iron it for the last time, that's it!

The Original pillowcases

Do you need ideas for the design of a pillowcase? The main thing is to determine what type of room you will be in. For a children's room, the best are brightly colored covers or bright prints. Stars, animals or flowers are good starting points.

Although what any child will surely appreciate is a cover of his favorite fictional characters. In a room of more neutral colors teenagers is already more usual.

The same with the prints, which become more discreet. Although few teenagers will say no to a Star Wars or Pokemon pillow.

And the most daring adults can risk decorating their room with covers in the shape of macaron, fruit (plus colors) or emoticons. If not, minimalist prints and symmetrical is the most sober alternative.

3 Recommendations to choose the best pillowcase

Pillow cases and protective covers are two basic aspects for a good night's sleep. A good pillow cover not only carries your pillow but also fulfills other secondary functions, but necessary:

1. They prevent the penetration of mites

2. They become a decorative element of your bedroom

We share the basics to evaluate when you are looking for a suitable pillowcase for you.

Do I really need pillowcases?

Although some people completely cover the pillows with the quilt or blankets, it is recommended that the pillows are protected, covered.

A case not only increases the life of the pillows but also improves comfort and cleanliness during your sleep.

One of the most important aspects of pillowcases is that they provide a healthier sleep environment by blocking fluids, moisture, dust mites, and preventing stains from entering the pillow.

Imagine for a moment that you have to wear the same clothes for 3 months. I assure you that it would be a very uncomfortable experience.

In the same way that we need to change our clothes, the pillows also need a change of cover every so often. Pillow covers are easy to remove and wash.

Normally the pillowcases are available in different sizes, fabrics, materials, colors and with different protection benefits.

How to select a good pillowcase?

When you are selecting pillowcases, you will find that there is a wide range of options. 

But sometimes having too many options is counterproductive because it takes us longer to select, and we probably will not be satisfied. 

When buying a pillow protector, consider the following characteristics:


This seems an obvious aspect, but it is very common for people to buy bags larger than their pillow requires. 

When left unadjusted, the case does not fulfill 100% of the main function of protecting the pillow. Measure the pillow first, then buy a protector that better covers the pillow without excess.


Consider features such as waterproofing, cooling fabrics, protection against mites and other insects, and preventing wear. 

There are also hypoallergenic pillowcases for people who manifest allergies to certain fabrics, dust mites or chemicals.


Pillow covers with thick or layered fabrics can add comfort and a feeling of softness to the surface of your pillow.

Get to know TEMPUR pillowcases

Enjoy the softness offered by TEMPUR Pillow cases, the ideal accessories, and the highest quality.

Made with a fresh and soft touch material specially designed for TEMPUR pillows, so they become an ideal complement for your rest.

Give your pillow additional protection against stains and dust thanks to this useful accessory. Among its main characteristics, we can mention that they are made with satin cotton.

Since they are specially designed for TEMPUR pillows, they adapt perfectly to the contour of the pillow. Inside, it has a flap to prevent the pillow from getting out.

I could order it in the following sizes:

  • Girl
  • Half
  • High
  • Essential
  • Travel Cervical
  • Queen Size
  • King Size
  • Body


Enjoy all the comfort, protection and elegance that TEMPUR puts at your disposal, using this cover for your pillow. We are sure that it will improve the quality of your sleep!


The best fabric pillowcase gives a good night’s sleep. So, we need a good pillow case for your bedroom.

The best pillowcase fabric is entirely up to your own personal needs but the cotton and cotton blends are the top amongst pillowcase fabric. 

The natural fibers of cotton fabric are long lasting and very durable and provide an amazing night’s sleep.

Cotton fiber is also very washable and most feature definitely wants an intimate product to help your complexion clear and skin care through the night.

If you looking for a great pillow case for cotton fabrics, you can be buying anyone to the products list.

You don’t have to worry about this product because they have customer service and satisfaction warranty. So, you can buy this pillowcase and enjoy your good night’s sleep.

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