What is a fabric marker? Some tips for using fabric markers

Painting with fabric paint marker easier than painting with fabric liquid paint or spray paints, Particularly it is very useful when it comes to painting thin lines. When you want to write your name or you want to write some words on your fabric, paint pen and marker is a great solution. You can easily write on your fabric or shirts with a fabric marker.

tips for using fabric markers

Also, when decorating your fabric with fabric marker pens, you don't have to use a paintbrush, so there is no paintbrush to wash after your project. You can easily learn how to use fabric markers it is not a hard task to do. I'll make sure to give you some tips for using fabric markers, that you can do it perfectly.

What is a fabric marker?

Fabric marker is a marking pen that you can use for paint or write on your fabric. It's very effective for writing/lettering on fabric. The fabric markers contain dye, paint or ink. It's designed to not wash out from clothes or fade with washing.

Tips for using fabric markers:

You can paint on fabric with fabric marker by making your own design. Also, you can lettering on fabric with fabric markers, Stamping with fabric markers, or Stenciling.

1. Pick The fabric to decorate:

Grain of the fabric has an impact on how good fabric markers works. Coarse Grain or rough texture to fabric means, there are lumps and bumps, the fabric marker pens have to go over. Smooth fabric or a fine grain fabric is easier to work on it. But if you have any doubt, before you start test markers, just find an old piece of similar fabric that you want to decorate and test it.

2. Clean your fabric  for painting:

After you select fabric then clean it, I mean wash it to clean any dust or chemicals from it. And dry it to make ready for painting on it.

3. Thick lines and thin lines:

With a fabric marker, you will be able to make a thin line and thick line on your fabric. Fabric markers come with various sizes and shape. You can get them from thin to thick to brush style tips. If you would like to get a wider line from fabric markers, do not press down on the tip, Because if you press it can damage it.

4. using fabric markers for lettering:

May you like to write some words and numbers on fabric, I mean if you want to decorate a sports t-shirt or any special day t-shirt fabric markers will be the first choice to do it. Lettering is very easy with fabric markers rather than using a paintbrush Before you start a project, practice it. Practice will help you to make neater letters

5. Painting large areas:

If you want to paint a large area by fabric marker paint, you can do it, But it will finish up your markers fast. I recommend you to use fabric liquid or spray paint when it comes to painting a large area. It is cheaper to use fabric paint rather than a fabric marker for a large area.

6. use fabric markers for Stenciling:

You could stencil with a fabric marker easily it is not a difficult work to stencil with a fabric marker. Fabric marker works very good with stencils. Make a stencil design and paint your fabric with fabric markers.

7. use fabric marker for stamping :

Stamping is another great way to paint a piece of fabric with fabric markers. Here also fabric markers work very well, you can use a rubber stamp or any flattish stamps or non-absorbent stamps. The technique is very simple and easy. Simply add color to the stamp by running your fabric marker over it, then take the stamp and put it on the fabric where you want to design and press down firmly, you will see color comes off from the stamp onto the fabric.

If you want to paint fabric with a stamp, you have to work fast because if you take longer to paint your paint will dry on the stamp. You can test it on an old fabric to see how does it work, then start your real project.

8. Allow the fabric marker paint to dry completely:

After you have done the painting, You should allow the fabric marker paint to dry completely (you can dry it for three to five days). But if you use dryer it's not going to take a long time. Better to test it to ensure it is dry.

9. Heat setting fabric marker paint:

This is the last step for painting on fabric with fabric markers. Plug in your iron to heat set. Heat up your iron to a medium temperature. Lay your painted fabric in a clean place and put towel or cloth over it, And iron it with your heated iron evenly,
Apply heat for 15 to 20 seconds.

Last words: I hope you will be able to decorate your fabric with fabric markers at home. And try to make a different design, And show your creativity. Before you start painting, Shake the fabric marker.

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