The 10 Best Fabric Waterproofing Sprays for 2021 (Updated Info)

The best fabric waterproofing sprays have always been a vital tool in any outdoor activities. These sprayers are usually fluoropolymer coating based spray that works hard to prevent any fabric from saturated water.

When it comes to outdoor gear and camping, the waterproof spray delivers the great protection.

While some gear comes with waterproofing and water-resistant. A fabric waterproofing spray is the great way to add a layer of your gear.

Never Wet Waterproofing spray for outdoor fabric

But waterproofing and water-resistant what’s different and you need to know to bump up your protection level? This spray is a solution that can be applied to a variety of outdoor gear that are help discoloration, stains, and water damage.

A waterproof spray is a great protection that keeps you dry and turns. There're many different types of waterproof spray on the market that can be used on different fabrics and gear. The sprayers would make your gear water repellent without damage.

Our research team researched 50+ of waterproof spray. After that, we made a list of the 10 best waterproofing sprays in 2021 to help you which product would suit your needs.

As well as, we've written down a buying guide that making a purchase. We're trying hard to provide you a few frequently asked questions with answers. So don’t be worry making purchase suit your needs.

Our Top 5 best waterproofing spray

Top 10 Best Fabric Waterproofing Sprays Reviews

1. RUST-OLEUM 280886 Never Wet Waterproofing spray

The RUST-OLEUM is a top-rated water repellent spray that can protect your fabrics like fabric boots and shoes from damage by water.

This spray is a crystal clear and silicone-free solution so that it isn’t any change the appearance of your gear.

This spray comes for shoes used on leather, suede, canvas and natural materials. The bottle sprayers are a waterproof spray that has a single step trigger application.

The waterproof spray keeps them gear crystal clean from the start. You can use this product any hesitation in your boat shoes.

These are specifically designed for shoes. It can be applied to any kind of shoes which protect it against water, ice, and any stains. The regular use of footwear can greatly be a coating to extend life.

The RUST-OLEUM is very competitively priced compared to most of the other waterproofing product that is currently available.

The lower price can perhaps be attributed to the fact that it's great protecting footwear.


  • RUST-OLEUM designed to protect footwear made out of any textile.
  • Crystal clear formula that’s scent-free and free from harmful chemical
  • This spray is a wide variety of liquids like water, mud, ice, and other stains
  • It enhances the longevity of your footwear and keeps it looking good
  • The product manufactured in the USA
  • Repels and protect from water damage that easy and simple use kit


  • Footwear can take 24 hours to dry after application

2. 303 Fabric Guard waterproofing spray

303 Fabric guard spray is one of the most unique and available products on the market.

This isn’t only powerful spray but also protects a wide variety of textiles and fabric against a waterproofing solution but it works great fabric itself.

Thanks to the excellent performance and it's only products that we recommended to our customers that are trusted, manufacturer.

It protects your fabric rainy conditions for an extended period of time loses some of its shine or vibrancy in the process.

The 303 fabric guard not only works to protect your garments but also protect your vibrancy and color damage.

These are made of unique chemical composition to work on various levels to protect your fabric against water and oil-based liquids.

It’s can successfully repel a huge variety of liquids and giving you more protection against everyday spills.

This product may be higher priced than the other similar sprays which currently available.

By the way, it’s a trusted brand name and it still offers incredible value for money. A single bottle lasts for a long time and it’s safe for use.


  • These are protected garments product against water solution that restoring vibrancy
  • You can be used on a wide variety of fabrics and textiles
  • This spray in entirely unscented and visible marks on your garment
  • protects the fabric against water or oil-based liquids
  • Safe for natural and synthetic fibers
  • Prevents mold and fungus that is maintain color fixation


  • Needs to dry for up to 12 hours after application

3. Scotchgard water and sun screen waterproofing sprays

The Scotchgard water & sunscreen helps protect the fabric from color fading by blocking out harmful UVA and UVB rays.

It’s a super water repellency to your outdoor fabrics and natural fabrics as well as preventing stains.

If your shoes protect water top-up, this spray can do the job properly. It’s a one-step application process. It will also resist over time.

These can be protection for 60 square feet of space on light fabrics and it gives us 20 square feet of space on heavy fabrics.

It repels easily liquid and stains, so you don’t worry about spilling on the fabrics as it will wipe.

Most importantly, this spray maintains the breathability of the fabric and it will create a waterproofing barrier between you and elements so you can stay dry.

It doesn’t any change the feel of the fabric. Sure, you can test the spray on a small piece of fabric before applying it to the garment.

It assures that it remains as effective as possible. When apply the product in a well-ventilated area, this product results in very strong fumes.

This product is inexpensive then another spray and if a particular product isn’t designed for heavy-duty waterproofing. So it's making one of the best water repellent spray for fabric on the market.


  • Useful on all types of fabric
  • It maintains breathability
  • One coat application and water-based formula
  • Protects against color fading and UVA & UVB rays
  • Resists yellowing
  • It doesn’t a long time to dry


  • If over-applied may leave both stains
  • Slight darkening effect

4. Star Brite Waterproofing spray

If you are looking for a variety of materials and fabric waterproofing spray, you can be used Star Brite waterproofing.

It’s top-rated water repellent spray that can be used on boat covers, car covers, sail covers, tents, jackets, patio cover, backpack, and shoes.

It’s safe for all outdoor gear and marine fabrics.

These are not changing the breathability, color, and feel of the fabric while still offering marine grade spray.

It will make your gear deliver top performance and gives us extra longevity. It can cover the protection of 465 square feet in the 1-gallon solution.

This spray is truly a unique product that it also protects any textile against any harmful chemicals or UV rays.

It’s frequent exposure to the sun manages any fabric over time. However, it operates by protecting against fabric but it also restoring some vibrancy.

This solution gives us powerful performance and dedication to making any fabric waterproof, it's ideal for outdoor junkies. The Star Brite gives you a moderate price that is definitely inexpensive on the market.


  • It protects fabrics against water, oil, stains, and protection against UV rays
  • This product works on multiple levels while protecting fabrics and restoring color vibrancy
  • It's breathability or flammability in any way
  • Ideal for use on outdoor fabrics and safe to use
  • A single bottle lasts a long time and provides up to 465 square feet of coverage
  • Marine-grade waterproofing


  • Not suitable for all fabrics and may be aggressive to use on natural fibers

5. Atsko Silicone water-guard spray

The Silicone water-guard spray by Atsko is called the best waterproof spray. It has no finish and can be used on natural fibers like canvas.

When used a canvas garment bag, it could deliver extra protection. It does need multiple coats and properly dries before can be used again but it will keep dry your feet and happier on the trail.

This spray repellent isn’t recommended for light-color fabric or anything because you want to maintain the color of its stain.

Particularly on white items, you may see yellowish tint after us. It's very heavy-duty and has polymers that are waterproofing and durability from a single application.

It has water vapor to escape and added UV block to protect the sun damage that is a really great option and it's very breathability.

It has also contained a fungicide which stops the waterproof coating from developing mold over time. One issue that maintains it's how difficult to apply.


  • Heavy-duty for outdoor garments
  • Maintains breathability and added UV block protection
  • Restores old damage and back to their former factory water vibrancy and repellency
  • Can be used on canvas
  • Multiple coats needed


  • A single coat takes up to 48 hours to dry

6. Kiwi camp dry heavy duty water repellent

The Kiwi camp dries heavy duty water repellent is a top-rated fabric waterproofing spray on the market.

It can be used on natural and synthetic materials. Kiwi camp is safe to use on leather shoes and perfect sprayed on boat shoes.

It may multiple used to provide protection but it's once applied and dried it ensures heavy-duty protection.

The waterproofing spray haven’t any negatives reviews. It's ideal for hunting coats, boots and boat covers. This product very breathability to allow from your sweat to the air.

A painter’s recommended this spray and the garment should be kept away from heat and flame while drying.

After the spray has fully dried and made it ideal for spraying on our fishing bibs and the fabric will be completely odor-free. When repellent, it must be clean and dry prior to application.

Our team testing a small patch and consider if you are concerned about the potential color change.

For added protection, apply a second coat after 4 hours but wearable items should be applying for dry for a minimum 24 hours before wearing.


  • Heavy-duty and designed for outdoors
  • Perfectly used on leather
  • Maintains breathability and long-lasting
  • Create a tough barrier to repel water
  • Ideal for tent, tarpaulins, boots, boat covers, clothing, and outdoor furniture
  • Natural and synthetic materials


  • Darken certain fabrics
  • Must stay ventilated from fumes

7. KIWI Boot Protector Waterproofing spray

KIWI Boot waterproofing protector is a silicone-based spray for outdoor boots.

They can say that it’s good for all types of footwear, leather, and fabric. It’s also said that before using, you need to test a small area.

This fabric waterproofing spray is ideal for work, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor boots. When it's dried and cured, the footwear odorless.

They still have that it will allow the breathable material that means your footwear isn’t drenched in sweat and keep still comfortable.

If you are waiting four hours between coats and give the shoes a full drying then after 24 hours. When you put the boots beneath her kitchen faucet.

This spray also turned a pair of three-season boat shoes. It will use in a well-ventilated area of heat and flame. Please don’t use it while smoking.


  • Exclusive silicone formula spray that extremely resistant barrier
  • Ideal for work, hunting, hiking, and boots
  • No smell when dry and cure
  • Still allows the material to breathe
  • Bonds to leather


  • Darken certain leather

8. Simple shine premium water spray repellent

Simple shine is a luxury waterproofing spray specifically formulated and good for leather.

It will protect against water damage and keep safe stain that your fabric looking fantastic. You can safely use all colors but it will not darken the product.

If you want you can quickly add this layer of protection to leather and fabrics. This spray will go on clear and dries residue-free that free from harmful chemicals.

Simple shine is a top-rated water repellent spray that damage from water, salt, oil, rain, and mud.

It's perfect for adding a layer of protection to your messenger bags. It gives their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This spray is the latest invention of dyes, clean and safe to use. It will protect all smooth finish of skin, reptile and toxic skins.

The water repellent is not returning stain dry without motorhome skin and still allow breathing.


  • It will go on clear and dries without residue-free
  • Made for premium leather products
  • Don’t change after applying product color
  • Complete waterproof solution and stain repellent
  • First quality materials that aren’t found other brands.


  • Poor quality and don’t work perfectly

9. Nikwax TX.Direct waterproofing spray

If you are looking for water repellency or water repellent gear, the Nikwax is restoring DWR water repellency.

It's safe for use on all types of fabric, out-wear jackets, ski jackets, and synthetic sleeping bags.

It's perfect for Gore-tex materials. These are the water-based solution and it contains no PFCs or VOCs. It can be easily used and spray on application.

This formula works every single fiber of your garment with durable water repellency. It makes a much more protective layer that effectively prevents water from penetrating the fabric.

It can be an impressive performance and it's very competitively priced. When you need a single application per garment that long-lasting protection and makes the bottle last a long time.


  • This product is more effective than the other similar products
  • These are environmentally friendly
  • Perfect for outwear garments by keeping it clean and protect the elements
  • Recommended product for a variety of synthetic fabrics
  • Making water-based formula and easy to use at home


  • Pungent immediately after application

10. Bickmore Gard-More tabric waterproof spray

Our next addition is Bickmore Gard-more fabric waterproofing spray that is incredibly simple to use. It can evenly distribute on your item of choice and there's no heat activation.

This spray can be used on any materials that can imagine. After it's applied, it quickly dries and protects any water splashes.

This product protects your items from water, stains, and dirt. It's easy to use and it can get an even coat.

After application, you just wait for a few hours and it’s ready to use.

It also works well on colorfast leather, felt and suede. It's a light spray that disperses and dries quickly.

It's a great product that uses many items than clothes, hats, boots, car upholstery and luggage as well.

Bickmore is silicone-free aerosol that isn’t side effects. It's recommended always for a small test patch before using on your item.

It's the best product that makes sure the item is clean but not use on unfinished leather. Afterward, this spray doesn’t affect natural breathability.


  • Protect from water, dirt, and stains
  • Easy to use and maintains breathability
  • The bottle comes with a non-aerosol spray application
  • The light spray dries quickly for use in a variety of products
  • Making a unique protective layer any scuffs or rub-offs


  • Somewhat more expensive than other repelling products

best fabric waterproof sprays – Buying Guide

The fabric waterproofing spray can guarantee the purchase you make, we've compiled a series of criteria that will help you during your buying experience.

Therefore, it will help you to be much more informed about the waterproofing spray you are looking for.

Later we can say that the waterproofing spray can be evaluated very well or very badly.

In both cases, we can give an idea of how the product is presented. Due to numerous positive evaluations, we can say that waterproofing spray has a very high quality.

On the other hand, in the opposite case, we can say that few evaluations lead to think that a product is of poor quality.

It must be said that it's not always the case for all products, many will have little feedback means that you are in the market for a short time and then buyers have not yet expressed their own opinion if they had bought.

Amazon makes life easier to determine if a product is worth the money or not because sellers have to list every single detail regarding the products for sale. This will help you make an appropriate decision to buy the best waterproof spray.

How often is it necessary to use the best waterproof spray?

Daily Use: There're many gear that we wear every day, either for work reasons or because they're simply our favorites and it's necessary to protect them from rain, sun and discoloration.

For them, it's ideal to have a long-acting spray which instead of applying daily, you only have to retouch the protective layer every two weeks or even longer depending on its formula.

Special Occasions: Be your winter boots or shoes that only use on rare occasions, these also require protection to preserve them in time.

It's advisable to apply this spray 48 hours before use. It will give you two or three days of a footwear protected against water, sun and stains that may damage them.

Work Shoes: In different work areas it's necessary to have a special safety equipment, among which you can’t miss good boots or shoes that you must use every day.

So it’s advisable to have a routine of care where you apply a spray layer on its surface, leaving them ready for a new week.

Type of water protection

Waterproofing: Imagine having totally dry shoes all the time, even in rainy climates, this is something you can get with a spray that has waterproofing, which will create a protective layer that will insulate the fabric from water.

Resistance: In addition to waterproofing, many formulas of these sprays are designed to provide extra protection to your shoes, preventing moisture from accumulating on its surface and keeping your feet dry, even in extreme situations of rain and snow.

Liquid Repellent: Most shoe sprays have this level of protection, where they'll prevent different liquids from entering the interior of the shoe, but it will not have the same functionality in more extreme climates.

Type of water protection

Water: Water can become a destructive element and your shoes are not left out of this since it can damage them, fade their color and compromise the health of your feet as it's the perfect place for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, so it's essential to have a protective spray that waterproofs.

Salt: If you live near the sea, you will have noticed the negative effect of this on different surfaces and your shoes can become the following of not applying a spray that protects them, especially footwear made of leather.

Stains: Stains on fabrics and clear materials are a real nightmare, as they can permanently damage your favorite pair of sneakers and a spray that protects your surface from dirt will be perfect so they're always clean, prolonging their useful life.

Oil: Another of the elements that can damage your footwear is oil since it's very difficult to remove, but, this is a situation that you can avoid by having a protective spray.

What you should consider?

Material: You should always take into account the material of your shoes since the wrong spray could damage it, stain it or discolor it.

Odor: If you are not fans of too strong odors, it's important that you do a little research on the spray you want to use, since some formulas may have intense odors.

Discoloration: Different types of materials may have a different response to the spray formulation, so it's convenient that you do a small test before using it on the shoe and thus avoid discoloration.

Visibility: Depending on the product formula, these can leave a glossy finish on the surface of the shoe, as is the case with silicone or wax-based sprays.

Breathability: You should look at the spray that doesn't affect the breathability of your shoes since it can end up affecting the health of your feet, allowing the formation of bacteria due to the humid environment inside the footwear.

Flexibility: The comfort of a shoe is reflected in how flexible it's and there're sprays that, due to its formulation, can affect the mobility you will have in these, which you should avoid.

Toxicity: If you have pets or children at home, it's important that the spray is not toxic or that, if it poses a threat to them, it's stored in a place where they don't have access.

Biodegradable: When choosing your protective spray don't forget about the environment, since many sprays can be polluting and if you are worried about nature, you can look for a formula that is friendly with it.

Ease and frequency of use

The use of these sprays doesn't represent a great challenge since it's something that the whole family can do without problems, you must ensure that the surface of your shoe is clean and apply a uniform a layer of the product on it.

Make sure that at the time of application these don't have their laces and you should let them dry completely.

The frequency of use will depend on the type of spray, the material of the shoes and the conditions in which you use them.

Frequently question answer:

What about specific climates and conditions?

In the summer, the sun and heat make the liquids evaporate much faster, so the effect of your sprays can last less and you will have to reapply it shortly.

In very rainy climates, its application is recommended at least twice a week.

Who can benefit from the use of these sprays?

The use of a protective shoe spray is not intended for a single type of footwear, so it can be used by anyone who wants to keep them preserved.

However, there're people who can find greater benefit in the use of protective sprays and are those who live in humid places, where it rains too much and in places where it snows during the winter.

What should you look for?

Materials such as suede and other delicate fabrics will have better protection with a spray that is specially formulated to treat them since they help preserve their softness.

In the case of leather, you will have to give it a special treatment, where the wax or silicone sprays will be your good friends.

What should you avoid?

It's important that you always use the right type of spray for your footwear, since, in the case of leather, this could be damaged by waterproofing liquids and for this case, it's better to use silicone or wax-based sprays.

Will my shoes be waterproof after using the protective spray?

Not completely. Protective shoe sprays will achieve a layer that repels water from its surface, but it won’t last forever and has to be retouched from time to time.

How long should I wait after applying the spray to wear my shoes?

It's important that the shoe is completely dry for use, so letting them dry overnight should be sufficient time.

Do I need to use an applicator brush?

Not necessarily, but it's something that can depend on the spray formula and how dirty the shoes are.

Why you should buy waterproofing spray?

If you want to buy any item online, you have to know some points:

1. Don't waste time waiting in queues at stores and buy whenever you want. It's not mandatory to buy during business hours, you can buy whenever you want, you can make purchases, take advantage of any time, as you want.

Not only can you buy when you want, but you can also do it without having to wait to be attended or first pay the 6 clients you have in front of the queue.

2. Another thing is that not all stores or companies offer guarantees. Although the law requires that returns of the items can be made, a few days after receiving the purchase, and not all companies do.

All the products that you will find on, have links to online stores that have this guarantee and offer more reliability.

3. In the third point, we want to highlight the issue of online security. It's also true that previously the Internet was one of the places where more scams are made, especially in fake stores.

But we've to say, it's not so usual anymore. Right now buying is much safer, despite this there're still some fraudulent websites, but you can have confidence in the websites that we suggest here since they're 100% secure websites, in which the data will be safe and always they send you the products with full guarantees.

4. The fourth thing, one of the worst experiences that a buyer can have when making a purchase in a store, find the same product, on another platform, with better sales conditions: Superior quality at a better price, cheaper, better performance, the superior guarantee.

We can assure you that this will not happen to you if you choose any of the products from the catalog that we gather here.

Since we use a complex computer program that categorizes, tracks and analyzes the best selling products currently.

5. The fifth thing we want to comment on, when you buy on a page that offers you the articles in photographs, so when you've received the products you've purchased, it may happen that you don't like it.

That’s why at, we think that one of the great ways to know if the product you plan to buy is the great option, is to trust the opinions of other customers who have already bought it.

So the catalog with the most sold and the reviews and opinions section, which will be really useful.

Ranking Update

The main ranking is updated daily to always have consistent prices and information.

All this helps to compare products in a professional manner. Customer ratings and reviews allow fast conclusions; quality, transport, delivery time and possible advantages or defects of certain products.

The following list, to keep prices, current information, is meticulously updated every day.

In fact, before comparing the fabric waterproofing spray variants with others in its category, you should know the details and the various revisions of that fabric waterproofing spray.

The first results of fabric waterproofing spray that you will find are high in the range, which is products that are bought very frequently and get excellent ratings and classifications.

This article allows you to compare different products and the various characteristics they possess.


Finally, if you've bought the best fabric waterproofing Spray, we would like you to leave us your opinion, leave us a comment or a review, about your experience.

And you will contribute to having more information on each of the fabric Waterproofing spray, which we propose in the compilation.

However, if you don't already have an online fabric Waterproofing spray, we suggest you be attentive to the conclusions of other visitors, before deciding to buy one.

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