Coleman Highline 4-Person Dome Tent Review in 2020

I wonder if ever any camper or adventure explorer had made their plan without mentioning camping or if they had indeed enjoyed the tour by deducting it. c

A camp under the vast sky is the second home that keeps you down to earth and let nature entertain you. That’s a moment you take a long deep breath, emptying the mind and relieving the soul.

Coleman Highline 4-Person Dome Tent

So, in your journey, the tent in the most critical stuff shouldn’t lack in any aspect, whether it is quality or comfort.

Let’s break down the review section with pretty much every mandatory information and personal verdict on it. You will also get to know the views of other customers out there.


  • Great portability
  • Well ventilated
  • Good for dry and clean weather
  • Design is more of a summer tour, keeping the tent cool
  • Weather tech system
  • Extra door awning doesn’t let water enter the room


  • The tent got a silly problem with the fly, but you can handle it with proper technique
  • Assembling is easy but takes time like 10 minutes, which is more compared to many other tents out there

Coleman Highline 4-person Dome Tent review:

Why don't we briefly describe all the benefits and faults about the stuff and the process of handling it before we get specifications?


The 9' x 7' dimension of the tent is too perfect for four individuals. Unlike some tents, this model comes with a rainfly. Though the fly doesn't reach the whole tent to protect, it shields the door by an extra awning. The interior is spacy enough with a proper ventilation system. The durability is up to quality with nylon fabric as a construction material.

The D-shaped door is user-friendly, making the moving easy. The model is more of warm weather than the rainy. The mesh section on the roof takes the hot air out of the tent-making a comfort zone inside the dome.


The dome’s fabric is nylon, a synthetic fabric piece, and well-versed in resisting moisture absorption and drying quickly. Such a perfect fabric for the job.


For a rough idea, I instead say you can fit a queen-sized bed inside the tent. Using sleeping bags can offer you extra space for storing other stuff.


It is known that Coleman offers a Weather-Tech system to keep you dry at its best though the fly doesn’t keep the weather-effect out. A fly is a curvy substance to protect you from rainwater, and it is positioned over the tent.

Wonder what weather-tech is? It’s a combination of patented corner-welds, covered zipper, and protected seams used with a tub-like floor to keep you water-free. The door awning gives a helping hand to the process.

With a withstand of 35+ MPH of winds, the tent is genuinely protective.


To keep the small appliances off the floor, you will have pockets with adequate space inside the tent. Say bye to missing objects.


The set-up is pretty straightforward and total fun. Due to the snag-free & continuous-poles, users are thankful to have this stuff.

Other than that, the ring-&-pin system, which is parented slip-proof, will reduce your required energy for setting the tent up. The instant-clip is an excellent feature securing the pole & providing tension for a perfect blend of stability.

This typical dome acts like a freestanding as soon as the main 2-poles are set-up. You can be done with the task within a short period of ten minutes.

Again, the tent will fit into an expandable bag with a rip strip for additional storage for easy back-up. So, you can avoid any extra work while heading towards home.


It doesn't matter how expensive or quality you buy; you got to play your maintenance role. These are so simple and the same as any other tents.

  1. 1
    Look for a straight, even surface to set the dome up
  2. 2
    The fabric is nylon, and it could damage if you don't follow the exact method of washing it.
  3. 3
    Avoid your tent from getting excess dirt
  4. 4
    Look out for sharp or pointed stuff to avoid external damage of the fabric
  5. 5
    Avoid wetting the inner space and keep clean


The price isn’t fixed and varies depending on the seller. But they shouldn’t differ much. So, have your research done regarding the price. I have seen different prices, and it is likely to range between 40$ to 60$ on amazon. The price seems reasonable to me. But you got to consider your budget as well.


  • Dimension: 9’ X 7’
  • Brand: Coleman
  • Model: Highline four-person dome
  • Color: Multi
  • Material: Nylon fabric
  • Included components: Tent, Entry Mat, Poles, Tent Stakes, Rainfly, Instruction
  • Withstand of wind: 35+ MPH
  • Warranty: 1 year

User’s Comment:

The fact isn’t with the tech system but the fly. Not the fly is of cheap quality or something; it’s the position that is not in place. The fly must have to be far enough from the tent to keep the wind and rain away, but it is not in reality.

Otherwise, the Weather-Tech is at its best to serve you. So, most reviewers prefer the dome during clear sunny weather. As for space and set-up, viewers compliment the stuff. The roof mesh does keep the tent cool during summer, making it more of a summer model.


  • Great portability
  • Well ventilated
  • Good for dry and clean weather
  • Design is more of a summer tour, keeping the tent cool
  • Weather tech system
  • Extra door awning doesn’t let water enter the room

final verdict:

Coleman Highline 4-person Dome tent review tried its best to guide you by providing authentic comments and information.

You can’t compromise with the quality of the product that will shelter you on your journey. Again maintaining the stuff in proper enhance the life span of the product. So, don’t forget to play your role correctly.

Be free to query if you need to know anything else.

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